Thursday, December 31, 2009

That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!

Gossip Girl on Tuesday means love! But isn't it sad that we're stuck in Season 2? I think Blair has got the most awesome lines this season. Like the title of this entry.

And a few others, lets have a snicker...

The part where S called B for help after she realised she got scammed by Gabriel. N was having a talk with B at that time, something about asking her to move in with him? I missed last episode. So, B went off to see S.

Serena: You brought Nate?
Blair: I'm just as flummoxed as you are. I got out at 53rd and made a run for it but he is faster than he looks.

Lol. Nate's facial expression was priceless! Ok, and then S started to tell B her woes and she concluded by saying...

Serena: It doesn't make sense!
Blair: Feelings never do. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.

Let me repeat... Nate's facial expression here was priceless, too! Hahaha!

OMG, last day of 2009! I tried to think of some resolutions, but it's becoming more and more like a shopping list. Fml.

Anyhow. It seems that I have never blogged about this bit of info before, thought I'd link it up for reference but apparently, there's no such post. Lol.

Sometime middle of this year, possibly before second term break, I took Mira out from her kindy. I feel there was no improvement in her at all. I don't like to think we get no benefits from paying a hefty sum. I don't mean to say because I paid so much, therefore my daughter needs to be a genius.

She's been attending the same school since she's 3, so taking that into consideration her progress this year was dismal. The thing is, when we have a parent-teacher meeting the last progress report session, she'll tell me how Mira can write her As, Hs and what not. However, when I do homework with her, she just can't do it.

The teacher, on her failure to get my daughter to be as bright as her other peers, likes to put the blame on me for not monitoring and pushing her enough. Wtf.

See y'all, this is not a free school here. I pay for them to teach because I'm not good (and no patience) at it. If I have to work much as hard, then I might as well send her to a smaller kindy. Her past teachers cares and were attentive enough to make sure she learn something at the end of the day.

Dah la class teacher dia tu selalu on leave, apakes?

So, Mira has not been going to school for the past six months. It was a blessing in disguise because a month later... AH1N1 broke out.

Next, my plan was to enroll her into a non-brand kindy next year. But late last month, I decided to just send her to the national school's pre-school class. The same school she'll be attending standard one the year after.

When we went to register her for 2011 session, I noticed they've pre-school classes as well. Probably this will be a good transition for her, too.

We were rather late in submitting her application forms, but she managed to get a place anyway. We received the acceptance letter and a notice re: school fees earlier this month. I was shocked to see the amount -- RM135 sajork uols! I'm not sure if this is a year's worth or termly, but still.

Compared to what I had to fork out before, it gave me a funny feeling in my tummy. Could be glee ^_^

We are to attend her registration and introduction day this Saturday morning to pay the fees, collect books, uniforms, et al.

As for her ballet class, before they went off for a 2-weeks holiday, her ballet teacher came to see me after class. You remembered how the school recommended I enrolled Mira for an additional class on top of her double classes? So she came to see me to report on Mira's progress.

Said Mira has improved a lot, but she still needs to work and practise on her point. Apparently, it is not sharp enough. Thus, she needs to do her 'point-and-flat' exercises diligently over the holidays.

I sometime try to get a peek into her class through the fancy laced curtains doors, I can see she has learnt a lot more steps compared to when she first started. And this coming February will mark her 1st anniversary in dance school.

She loves ballet, I can tell you that now. Eventhough sometime when she get the other teacher who's PMS-ing and started to be tough on the kids, she still comes out from the class all smiley.

As they're on term break now, the last class she attended was on the 19th. I think she's been wondering how come we never go there anymore so she asked me about it over the weekend. Last Sunday night she was so upset that she cried; said she missed dancing very much.

Well my girl, starting this Sunday we shall resume our weekend madness, no worries :-p


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Striding Cloud and Whispering Wind

Note: I have updated the Roast Chicken recipe in this entry.

In the Malay version of the comic, they are called Penjejak Awan and Penjejak Badai. And the comic's name was Pedang Setiawan (Storm Rider). I was introduced to it by DH a long time ago, he was an avid collector (I was a collector too... of Doreamon comics. Lol)

My favourite character harus la si Cloud ittew. Coz in the comics, he's a bit notty uols. Hehe. You know how we love our bad boys ;)

There was this other comic, Pendekar Laut, with two major characters in it too -- Zonan and Xinan. I can't remember which is which, but my favourite was the one with three stripe on his forehead. Hehe.

We first saw the Storm Riders ten years ago in Sg. Wang, just the two of us.Those days, tak kosser la your usual movie theaters will show Chinese movies in theirs.

On Monday night, he took me to GSC Alamanda to see the Storm Warriors with Mira in tow. Mira was bored, but she didn't sleep, watched it through the end.

The movie was... ok lah. They try to make it look just like the comics, so there was so much of CGI and slow motion involved. Come to think of it, there weren't much dialogue. Lots of fighting, pouting and stationary poses.

I just like to see Cloud (Aaron Kwok omg), and all was ok in my world.

Dunno... could be spoilers ahead.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekly Twitter Update - 27 Dec 2009

  • 'Why should I listen to you anyway? You're a virgin who can't drive.' - RIP Brittany Murphy. #
  • The blog's updated: Weekly Twitter Update - 20 Dec 2009 -- just so you know. #
  • Guess where boss will be going for his YE family holiday? ... Sunway. Lol. #
  • Pleaseeee. Stop forcing your music on me when I visit your website. Give me an option to switch it off at least. Haih! So 1990 la. #
  • Got open letter pulak. Maybe she wants to fashion herself ala Candy Spelling? But I thot it is already a police case, no? #
  • - My very own black panther-wannabe, Mort. Looking nonchalant and bored. #
  • The blog's updated: A kiss is still a kiss -- just so you know. #
  • Creating an event to-do list. #
  • To go or not to go... uih, dilemma ni. #
  • わたし は たいくつ しています #
  • Oh. Wrong translation. Lol! #
  • Watashi wa sangat boring desu #
  • My SG friend invited me to stay with her if I want to next week. Ooooh, so tempted! #
  • Imma be lame playing trending word game! ^-^ Here goes... #
  • Merry Christmas Santa #youknowyourfat #ifthesexisgood #nowplaying Avatar #factsaboutme #

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sometimes, you just have to get away with the girls.

OMG!!! First poster.

First teaser trailer.

Or go here for the HD version.

Can't wait for May 2010. Woohoo! :)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Long Weekend Cooking Marathon Part 3

After the roast chicken do the night before, I thought I'd just make something simple next. I love Margherita (fond of spelling it as Margarita, though. Lol!) Pizza, so I went to look for the recipe.

It is, like the most simplest form of pizza, yea. It's just basically tomatoes and a dash of basil with cheese.

You can make your own pizza dough. For me, I just use ready made naan bread. I suppose you can use pita or even Arab bread (think Nong used it for her pizza base before).

So, the how to:
  • Cover you pizza base with tomato sauce. I used the canned tomato puree.
  • Arrange your sliced tomatoes on top however you want it.
  • Cover generously with mozzarella cheese.
  • Sprinkle dried basil and drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil on top of that.
  • Toast at 250C for 10 minutes.

That's it. Easy innit?

LWB via N82

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long Weekend Cooking Marathon Part 2

Lets try submit an entry by email today. Yesterday's was sent via MMS and a lot of nonsense was added to the message by the network operator. Perlu ke?

This one is sent using my phone's email client. Hope it'll work.

For dinner last night, pot roast was next on the list. However, I couldn't find any nice chunk of beef in the supermarkets. As an alternative, I prepared roast chicken instead.

Followed Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Roast Chicken recipe I found on someone's blog. I'll include the link here when I get to use the computer later. Here's the link to the recipe. Good luck!

The roast was oh-so-yummy! The skin nice and crispy; the meat tender. There was no leftovers that I can reheat for lunch today. Lol.

I made the brown sauce using the recipe given by the blog owner. It complemented the roast nicely.

Just that next time, I'll only use the juice from half the lemon. I used two halves last night. It tasted too tangy at first; I had to modify it a bit.

And to also include broccoli with the potatoes and carrots. Maybe throw in broccoli with carrots into the dish, and make mash potato instead :)

LWB via N82

Friday, December 25, 2009

Long Weekend Cooking Marathon Part 1

I made a list (and checking it twice), although I'm not sure if I'll be able to make all of them. We're not really big eaters.

The long weekend cooking marathon started with last night's dinner. I made macaroni & cheese. I used's recipe found in YouTube.

It's pretty simple.

First, cook and drain some elbow macaroni. I used 250gm of a packet only. Put it in a deep dish suitable for baking, set aside.

For the sauce, you melt 4 tablespoon of butter and then add 4 tablespoon of flour. Whisk until lumps are removed. Then pour in 2.5 cups of milk, whisk for a few minutes until thickened.

I added a cup of chopped button mushrooms right about now. Just because I like it. Lol.

Then you add some spices, i.e. 1 teaspoon of mustard (the recipe calls for dry, but you can use wet ones too), 1 teaspoon of Worchestershire sauce as well as salt and pepper to taste. Whisk for a bit and then add 2.5 cups of shredded cheddar cheese to the mix, whisk some more until it all melted.

Now you can pour it into your macaroni dish; smother every inch of it. Sprinkle about half cup of shredded cheddar cheese and about a tablespoon of bread crumbs on top.

Bake in 375F / 190C for 35 minutes and ... Voilá!

DH likes it, Mira not quite. She prefers tomato base pasta. I like it fine, but next time I'm going to use more spices to give it more taste. Probably should have used Cukup Rasa kot.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Haven't I use that quote before?

I can accept the getting older part. Really, I've learned to embrace it. In fact, I am looking forward to becoming 40 (insyallah, semoga di panjangkan umur, amin). It's a milestone, no? I *should* be graduating that year, too.

I think I wanna plan a birthday party to celebrate it. I haven't a birthday party for ages, so shall plan for one. We'll have a kenduri kesyukuran in the AM and party in the PM. Schweet!

Let's revisit that thought in about 4 years from now :-)

What I worry more is the process of aging. I would like to look a little bit younger. Or at least to age gracefully, please. I DO NOT want to look older than my age, thank you very much!

I hope I don't look too shabby now, though *emememe*

How this thought came about? I've been reunited with some of my high school friends recently, and saw photos of them posted in their FB. A few of them looks hot (ok, all 3 of them) or better compared to when they were in their teens. Some of them looks like they haven't change their style much (ok, just that one, haha!), like as if they've been stuck in the 1980s.

But most of them look OLDER than their six and thirty (oh I so write like Jane Austen, haha!).

They look tired, worn out and mostly dress up like aunties --ok, no offence to aunties everywhere but you know what I mean. WTF? And most of them in that category are married, with kids of course. But kids shouldn't be an excuse for you not to look good. Even if they want to look like aunties, can't they at least glam it up a bit?

Ni tak. Dah la tudung selebet, pastu tak match with their clothes. And then, tak nak pakai makeup can see how tired their eyes look like, with black rings and all. Or those yang pakai makeup macam tak reti pakai pulak. Haih!

Now, eventhough you wear a hijab doesn't mean you have to look so unattractive, right? I mean, one of my used-to-be-hotter friends wears a hijab now, but she still look hot and younger to boot compared to these group of people.

So yeah, that scares me. I need to reassess myself to avoid looking like them. Sometime you forget these things because you are too comfortable in your own skin. Not that it is wrong (to be comfortable) but you don't have to look like shit IMO.

This is like a new year's resolution pulak, eh? Lol.

Wahhh.. daily entries. For real? Just goes to show how slow it is in the office this week. And I bet next week too seeing the boss will be away Tuesday onwards.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Memories, like the corners of my mind

Someone on Twitter recently (can't remember who now) lamented on how long he/she has kept a blog. I think I've written since the birth of blogs, those long long ago. Before it became a popular venue for Malaysians to bitch about things and it started to feel crowded ;-p

I remembered I first started with Geocities (more like an online diary come to think of it), and then Blogger, and then Xanga (because you can post pictures there) before I went back to Blogger again. I even paid for a Blogspot account. It was darn expensive yo'.

Also, back then Blogger features were very basic compared to now. After about a year with them, I ventured out on my own; got my own server space, bought my own domain and use Movable Type as my publishing tool.

The fun was all in teaching myself how to code in HTML. The pain was all in paying for its upkeep.

After awhile, like 3 years ago looking at my first entry in this blog here, managing the blog felt rather tedius. The constant server space upgrading and MT modul upgrading -- I ain't have all the time y'all. And with each upgrade there'll be new things to learn.

Now I've decided to leave it to the experts to worry about it. Besides, I felt my writing has stop being as interesting and carefree as when I first started.

Except for GeoCities because it's gone now and the time when I hosted my own blog (archiving WIP -- for the past 3 years! Lol!), the blogs are all still there. I thought maybe I'll pick a few of them old entries for y'all to read here sometime so we can reminisce it together. Coz you know, I'm getting old. Lol.

Well, maybe lah. If I'm bored enough, I'll cut-and-paste it here.

So how long it has been for me? Well, if my memory serves me right, I joined M-net in mid-2000, so since then la more or less. At that time, a vendor gave us a free domain name each. I pointed it to GeoCities and voilà!, my first website was born :)

Lama tak? Lol.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A kiss is still a kiss

... in Casablanca.

Just testing to see if this work. I realise I haven't used my desktop for a while now. It needs to be upgraded a little and also, I need to exchange the CRT with an LCD.

The 'home office upgrade' project which I started earlier this year, has still a long way to go. I hope it'll be finished before March.

If only money grows on trees, I can just commission some one else to do it :-p Alas, I don't even own a garden to grow any tree to start with.

LWB via N82

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Twitter Update - 20 Dec 2009

  • Snickers now or keropok lekor later? #
  • Well, I bought chips instead. Hehe. Fickle! #
  • The blog's updated: Weekly Twitter Update - 13 Dec 2009 -- just so you know. #
  • Is it raining or snowing outside? So tiny the rain. #
  • At the station today I saw this jerk cleaning his dirty nails with ... HIS TRAIN TICKET. Ew! Thk goodness I dont use those tickets anymore. #
  • I wanted to curse him w swine flu but on 2nd thot, maybe not. We'll get infected instead because of him. FML. Tak skolah punya orang! #
  • I am stalling. Just staring at the text but not comprehending anything. #
  • Im reading Reader, emails, check FB, tweeting, etc. If I fail this paper I've no one else to blame but myself ;-p #
  • OMG but how to study MATH? Boring gila. #
  • Yikes #
  • I think I'm going to throw up #
  • Major signs I'm going to fail math... #
  • THE PAPER IS ON TUESDAY NOT WEDNESDAY! OMGFML! How did I get the date mixed up? T_T #

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

Oh hai!

Exams are ovah! But before that, there was drama.

. . . .

I nearly missed the last paper. For some reason, I managed to convinced myself that it is today when in reality it was due yesterday. On Monday, there I was thinking I have two days to do revisions. And still procrastinated -- I checked FB, I read blogs, I tweet-ed, anything but.

And when I looked at my phone to check the time...

I wondered why the date for schedule I set for the exam was missing. I suspect there's something wrong with my phone, like, I think I need to reinstall the OS.

But upon closer inspection (when I clicked on the said event) it appeared without a date because the event has changed to show current day.

! ! !

Panic okeh. Mengelupur pun ada. Haha. Mrasa lah!

I quickly do a condensed and quick revision and then went off to bed. The exam was in the morning at 9 and there's really nothing much I can do. I don't believe in reading my notes right until the time I have to enter the exam hall. I doubt I can remember much.

Unless you have some super power / computer chip for a brain that can absorb information AND keep it in tact within a short span of time. Like Vicki in Small Wonder. Remember that show? I've always wanted to be Vicki! ;-p

Anyhow, I survived. I think. Haha. As long as I pass ok lah, coz the paper doesn't really do much to my overall GPA. The subject was to help us refresh our memory about mathematic before we have to sit for the real deal -- Management Math.

I'm on leave tomorrow for some appointments that I have to keep. Have a good one uols!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Twitter Update - 13 Dec 2009

  • Wow! The smell's so appetizing. Making me HUNGRY. Oh noooeesss. #
  • Train announcer-thingy got confused, gave us wrong info. I thot I took the Sri Petaling train but it says we're heading to Ampang pulak. #
  • We all looked at each other, puzzled. Should have seen it. Lol. Later the train handler made an announcement to correct the mistake. #
  • There's this young woman talking rather childishly. She may think she's being cute, but oy she squeek! NOT sexy. #
  • Twitter is a buzz! Congrats on your engagement @Xiaxue. Many happiness to you & Mike :) #
  • The blog's updated: Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas. -- just so you know. #
  • Spotted: New WTH car reg plate. Twice! And both on a Vios - a black and a silver car. I only saw WTF once so far. So unlucky -_- #
  • Ugh. Have to wake up early tomorrow. On a Saturday :( Just for 1 paper. Woe! #
  • Just finished a paper. Waiting for the others now. Sigh. #
  • The paper's for 3 hrs, but I completed it within 2. Is that good or bad? But I've answered all questions. What else is there to write? #
  • I'm hungry... My train buddy just ditched me, her hubs picked her up. Should I just head on or still wait for the others? Hmm... #
  • Hungry and bored, not a good combination, yes? #
  • Lovely sunny day. A bit hot but lovely warmth nonetheless. Good day for laundry too. #
  • Im pretty contend to just stay home today. Think I'll reschedule Mira's class this PM to next week. Yup. Will do just that. #
  • Had lunch, will now read 2-3 chapters of New Moon, then will give some love & attention to Booboo :) #
  • Mira got the latest Toys R Us promo catalog. She's been picking and choosing, making a list of what she like. 8 items on last count. Masak! #
  • Would Superman let anything harm Lois? 'course not. #
  • Heading out to Lot 10 in a few. #
  • Aw. A friendly neighbour dropped us off at the bus hub. I expect we'll be so early, there'll be no need to stress to be on time. Lol. #
  • There's this girl in FB who befriended me recently. Most of the time her status are about her love life. Written in bad English ;) #
  • So drama -_- #
  • Heavy traffic going in and out of the Golden Triangle. #
  • Nuggets and a cup of tea. Shiok! #
  • Watching Star Trek. #
  • Weekend, why you end so fast? #


Friday, December 11, 2009

Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas.

Although I am fond of the previous blog's template, I thought of changing it as I'm not quite happy with how it blew up the photos I posted. I know, I know, it's all in the CSS. Just too lazy to sift through it, you know? The codes are really long.

Also, I don't like how I'm not able to insert 'jump break' when the feature is already there. So, I went back to btemplate and whad'ya know, there was a new version for the same one. 

I am pretty happy with it now. I can now insert 'lompat istirehat' in an entry like so...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist.

Oh well, tried to insert 'jump break' in the last two entries but I think the current blog template does not support said feature. Bummer.

Also tried looking for ways to post a digest of my tweets as a blog post. But so far, they're all for Wordpress. Blogger takde ke?

Should I enable Geo-tagging? But why would you wanna know where I'm at? Unless, I'm travelling and posting an entry from there, yeah. Then, that'll be an exciting bits to share.

A year ago today, Manja left us for Cat Heaven. I have had many cats in my life, only two left lasting impressions -- the other was the first ever cat I own named Kitty. It's funny to think we have 3 cats and a guinea pig living with us now in order to fill the hole that Manja left behind.

Imagine that.

I am lameting because I miss her, every day since she's gone. How not to when she's always been there for me. The countless time she lulled me to sleep with her soft coat and purr. I'd like to think we have a special bond between us.

You know how I adopted her from SPCA as a birthday gift to myself? And how I went back there again to adopt another cat hoping I'll find a replacement?

Well, Specky's gone. She got away the second time sometime end of October and refused to come home. I saw her around the neighbourhood one day, tried to get her back but she ran away. Domestic life doesn't suit her, huh?

DH found new homes for three out of the five kittens through his friends network. I chose the most sturdy, active and healthiest of them all to be given away. We kept the other two; one seemed to be too skinny and the other has a funny tail.

And of course, there's Mort; the stray kitten who followed Mira home. All grown up.

I am now convinced he was sent to us by Manja because he's a bit like her. Lol.

He's like my shadow, following me around everywhere I go in the house. Well, except the kitchen for some reason. But when I'm lounging at the sofa, he'll be sitting near me -- not quite beside me, but still within reach. Or if I'm in bed, he'll sleep next to me. Although, his favourite spot is right on my tummy.

He even followed me to the bathroom, sitting patiently on top of the WC waiting for me to finish whatever it it I'm doing.

The two kittens plays with Mira a lot. The one with the knotted tail is male and we named him Wiggy. The other is a female and because she's soooooooooooooo soft, we're calling her Sophie. They're quite big eaters, I must say.

Before the year ends we will have to bring all of them to the vet. I haven't got the chance to reschedule Mort for his neutering appointment yet, seeing how busy we've become these past weeks. Hopefully the vet will be opened the day after Christmas lah.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!

What team? WILDCAT! What team? WILDCAT! Am I a Wildcat? You betcha! Haha.

OMG, some time I feel as if I refuse to grow up. I dig all these 'tween things y'all. I mean, for goodness sake, I'm a fan of Twilight (well, mostly Edward Cullen, but hey...) and High School Musical. I don't know who'll be more thankful, Mira for having a mom like me, or me for Mira liking the same thing.


MC, whose Myra is also a fan of HSM, found out about this concert about a month ago. Naturally, we decided we should bring our daughters to go as a school holidays treat. When I told Mira about it, she was sooooooo excited.

I actually said to her if she wanted to go she'll have to diligently practise her ballet. And to my surprise, she took my challenge and did it every day.

The concert was just that, a concert. It's not really a play. And even though the characters aren't from the original casts, they're rather good nonetheless. They acted the characters nuances exactly. From where we sat, you wouldn't know it was not Zac Efron on stage. You see Troy Bolton.

Anyway, here are some photos.

It's my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.

I need a holiday uols. How often have I said this? The problem is, I don't have the time to go. We've been spending our weekend berkampung in Lot 10. And then on alternate weeks, I've to attend tutorials for half a day on Saturdays.

We've been doing this for a month now and I am tired plus my house is a mess! Woeeeeee.

But, all is not lost. Mira's ballet school will be on its term break for two weeks from 20th until the new year. I shall not go out, we shall just stay home and enjoy the moment not having to wake up early. I shall give some loving to Booboo, who has been some what neglected (other than seeing me replenishing his food tray and water bottle).

Ok, moving on...

Busy, busy pun sempat pegi tengok movie with the moms :)

Loved it! Of course I do, I've seen it thrice.

Idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do anything.

Ok, it is time for some update. It has been a crazy two weeks. Lol!

Coming right up:

Wait for it...


Monday, November 23, 2009

Allow me to bitch for a moment, please.

I don't really understand how my GENERAL MANAGER work, or even if he knows what he's doing (mostly ~I've worked with many GMs before, this one is not up to par). Really. Migrating without any backup plan? Has he done this before? Ikut suka-suka jek migrate.

I keep receiving notification emails now. I've accummulated 985 emails of the same thing today. WTF?

Before the server crashed, I sent an email to those involved; apparently the two IT people who are supposed to be in communication with each other, did not. And this GM gave out instruction without checking if the new email addresses have been created.

So, vendor A said 'we are in the midst of creating your email addresses', the GM send an email to IT dept asking to create a notification to let people know we've changed our email and to practically delete our old mailboxes.

Hence, our emails from the old domain trying to find the new address in B but because it has not been created couldn't find it and it bounced back and forth creating a loop!

You know, I am so glad I've worked with Mr Gadget before. At least, he's anal enough to teach me a thing or two. And one of it was not to get into shitz like above.

Tomorrow I am going to speak to boss to let me handle this. I mean, I've run an entire office before, right. This should come under my watch methink.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

It is, like, so true ok. I am depressed because the future of my next semester seems bleak at the moment.

I've been given Math for Management as one of the subjects. I am adamant not to sit for it this semester, hence I've been trying to drop it for something else. MM is like Add Math and the last time I sat for it, I got ZERO. Habis kuat pun 2% marks.

I'm saving that paper for later, thanks.

I was told Ethics was on of the subjects offered this semester, so the first time I submitted my form was to replace MM for Ethics. It was rejected; I'm told I can only pick up that subject in May and I can only replace MM with any other core subjects.

Thus, my second submission was to replace it with another HR subject (I've already one HR subject next sem). But alas, it has been rejected again because there is a prerequisite for that particular subject.


The faculty suggested I replace it with Introduction to Statistics instead. Benci lah. I want nothing to do with numbers, can or not?

I've written back asking if there is any other subject that does not involves any calculations that he can recommend. It normally takes them a day to reply, so hopefully I'll get some answer tomorrow.

Taking two subjects only is out of the question as I do not want to waste any more time. As it is, this semester I've wasted one slot as Prep Math was not part of my course structure.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

I feel like as if we're in Forks. It's been raining every day. My umbrella has not a chance to dry. The other day I actually saw someone wearing a trenchcoat near my workplace. He doesn't look local, though. Perhaps, we should start wearing one, too ;)

Because of the wet weather, I managed to catch myself a cold. Ugh! I haven't visit the doctors yet, though. Saving it for Friday (macam ni pun boleh kan?), hehe.

Being sick makes me a lil' bit moody. Not bothered to catch my usual TV series so far. Instead, I curl up in bed re-reading Twilight.

Can't wait to watch New Moon movie, which opens next week. I have gladly let myself be double-booked to watch this movie with friends - MC and IggySingh respectively.

I should start packing to go home, lest I miss the 6:45pm bus again and have to wait for an hour and a half for the next one to come.



Monday, November 16, 2009

A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.

Over the weekend, I sat for two mid-term exam papers, one of which was math. I think I've said it too often -- I HATE numbers (except money. Ha!). But, surprisingly the questions weren't that bad. I managed to work out most of them, except those 'Log' questions.

Haram jadah I ingat how to do it. Haha. So, tembak je la kan :p

And today the registration for next semester is open. I thought we'll be given a breather, but alas, there's Mathematic for Management pulak. Haih! I dunno, man, feel like dropping it but if I do, it's like admitting defeat as well as prolonging the inevitable, right?

Oh, sungguh dilemma!

Anyhow, I'm waiting what the others in my 'study group' (a term loosely used because we don't really study together) say. If all of them not picking up the subject, then I may drop it to for now. I need 'moral' support in order to get through math uols. Lol.

Moving on.

Since the parking operator at BTS Station has increased their daily parking rate by RM1, I thought it'd be best to use the feeder bus instead. Rapid KL has this pass-thingy which if you utilised it totally, was rather a good deal.

Thus, I've decided to purchase it for November and it appears to be the best investment worth RM150 ever!

They have other types of passes i.e. for LRT only, for bus only, etc. which are reasonably priced. And the best part is that over the weekend and public holidays, you're allowed to bring along an adult plus a maximum of 4 children to ride with you free!

As it turns out, now that Mira's ballet classes are scheduled at the busiest time in Bukit Bintang, I have started to rely on public transport to get us there. The pass prove to be very useful and became the cheapest way to get around. So cool, like that.

The downside of it is that we have to start our journey two hours earlier because of the waiting around, you know. Have to wait for the Tempatan bus to take us from our house to the hub, and then wait for the Utama bus to take us into BB. The journey itself only took us an hour at most.

And also when it rains, getting on and off the bus can be an arse. Like yesterday afternoon. Eventhough we had an umbrella, I was soaked (but of course, Mira was not lah)!

It was nice to play in the rain though. Hehe.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perdana Discourse Series 10

Before this news got stale...

Last week I attended the Perdana Discourse Series: The Role of Women and Youth in National Development that was held at the Perdana Leadership Foundation.

About a month ago, my Uni asked for those interested in attending this event to submit our names. I did and two weeks later, I received an official invitation to attend on behalf. There were four others students, of which satu pun mak tak jumpa kat sana, apakes? :p

So, last week Wednesday I took the day off from work and made my way to Putrajaya. Here are some photos that I managed to take of the event. Unfortunately, I sat way... way... back, so couldn't get clear ones (click on the photos to view it better).

Keynote address by YBhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Receiving a token from UiTM.

The Panel: Associate Prof. Saliha Hassan from UKM, Ms Dina Zaman and Tengku Zafrul Aziz.

This Discourse series was the final instalment of the Perdana Discourse Series jointly organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation and UiTM, hence I did not hesitate to submit my name to attend. And I'm glad I attended it, too.

I'll be sitting for my mid-term this weekend and next week I'll have to register for the next semester. How time flies!


Monday, November 2, 2009

What are you staring at? Go polish something.

My weekends used to be carefree. I always look forward to it; time for me to rest, have a sleep in, enjoy the slow pace, being lazy and spending time at home doing domestic stuff.

There were also weekends which I had nothing to do until my mind can go numb until I started to wish for Monday to come already. But from this week onwards? I think I am more relaxed during the week these days.

On Saturday, it was Mort's birthday and as I have already planned to take him to the vet, Mira and I started our day early that morning. We went to the vet that was introduced by Nong this time.

At the clinic, we discovered that the last time we took him to the (other) clinic (in March / April), the vet only took his poo sample to check for worms and flea infection. She didn't vaccinate him. So we had to do that first and thus, his operation can only be scheduled two weeks later.

I just realize I have mid-term that week, will have to push vet visit to the week after lah.

We were supposed to attend Z&Z's birthday party but DH wanted to use the car to go to work that afternoon. Thus, Mira and I stayed home, we took a nap instead.

Sunday morning, I took Mira to her ballet.

Starting from this weekend, she has to attend an extra class on Saturdays. The timeslot that was given by the school initially clashes with my fortnight tutorials, but we've sorted it out. She will have to attend Saturday afternoon for extra classes and Sunday mornings for her usual class.

Or so I thought.

On Sunday after the class, her teacher pulled me aside. She think Mira'll need another hour extra class to ensure that she'll be good and ready for the exam in April. Kesudahannya, she has been enrolled to two one-hour classes on Sunday back to back, which started yesterday itself, on top of her extra class on Saturdays.

Bontot mak stiff and flat uols by the time she finished her sessions!

And then after we had a quick lunch, we had to sit through a horrible jam that started in the parking area itself, for forty five minutes!

It's not that I dread it, any time I get to spend with Mira we had fun. It's just the waiting je yang tak larat.

Anyway, I will have to figure out how to kill 2 hours of my time. Reading at the centre itself is not advisable. Oftentimes, the place is like a nursery; with screaming kids and crying babies.

Mana lagi nak lepak (yang tak melibatkan berpuluh-puluh wang ringgit)?


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make your mark in the world. Or at least spray in each corner.

It is Halloween and since I've chosen this date to mark my very own Lord Voldemort's (aka Mort for short) birthday.... well, today is he's birthday lah. Hehe.

Happy 1st Birthday, Mort! You've come a long way, from being a famous Porn YouTube star (although shortlived, but famous nonetheless) to becoming a father to 5 all black kittens.

Your first birthday gift consist of a two days-one night all expenses paid neutering vacation package from me, yours truly. Muahahaha!

And of course, it comes with lots of special yummy (read: expensive) food to be enjoyed by you and the others for the night before your operation ;)

Long live Mort!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I was young I was called a rugged individualist.

TV advertisements can be your source of entertainment. That being when your kids try to reenact it for you, at their own expense. Especially those who loves to repeat every word said in the adverts.

For example, there was a time when Cukup Rasa / Pasti Sedap advert first came out, Mira love to parrot it whenever she can. While eating her McDonald's burger she'll tell me its, 'Hmmm... Cuuuuukup rasa!'. Or when she offer me food she'll say 'Pasti sedap, Bibu. Cuba lah!'.

Last night took the cake, though.

We were preparing for bed -- I had just took out her PJs and was about to turn down her bed whilst she was sitting atop the 'throne'. Out of the blue she said, 'Bibu, I love my age' (note: an advert with a couple of women prancing about holding numbers that denotes their age, while chiming how they love their age). I stopped what I was doing to look at her. Like, where did that come from? Lol.

After a pause I replied, 'Of course lah, you're only five!'

Eh, November's looming upon us. Last October I wrote that I may be ready to join NaNoWriMo this year. I actually have thought out of a storyline, theme and a plot (as skeletal as it appear, it is still a plot. Lol!), but....

Yes, BUT.

I don't think I have the time to do it. Mid term in 2 weeks y'all! I'm sure when I'm ready to start the project; someone else would have written the story. Haha.

Should I participate in NaBloMoPo instead, then? Hmmmm....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey, I woke up in a five-star floor coffin just like you, pal.

Money. Don't I just love to hate it. The more I try not to spend it, the more quickly the balance in my bank account shrunk it seem. WTF!

IggySingh and I plans to meet this Friday. If I can book the ticket online (yesterday the website was down, today the M2U tak function pulak. FML), then we will be watching 'This Is It'. If not, oh well... shopping je lah.

Last Friday, Mira was being so sweet to her Atuk. I didn't know he was unwell. Usually before we left for home, Mira will give her Atuk some kisses and a hug. But that night she went to him whilst calling out to me saying, 'Bibu, Atuk sick lah. Panas (while holding her hand to her Atuk's forehead).'

She told me to take her Atuk to see the doctor. Hehe.

Atuk said no need, but mak serba salah pulak, so I just make sure he has the usuals - Panadol, cough meds and cold meds, before we leave. We also checked upon him over the weekend, just to make sure he's ok. He's alone at home because Kim's at her in laws for her 'pantang' these past weeks.


Yesterday, for the first time ever, Mira got wallop by her Atuk. She took a black marker and drew on her Atuk's newly painted wall! Haha! Mrasa lah!


Monday, October 26, 2009

I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

We received news that my SIL has decided to call off her engagement over the weekend. DH was summoned to his aunt's house for a family meeting. No wonder DH had a hard time contacting her these past few weeks -- she was troubled.

I was told that the ex-fiance strangled her when they had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago. And it happened in KLCC. Hmmm...

Anyhow, she made the right choice. Bila dah kahwin nanti, it's not easy to get out of it. Trust me :p

Lets talk about Budget 2010. I couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, just looking for snippets here and there (my Google search: Budget 2010 simplified. Lol!).

These two points caught my eye:
  • PTPTN loans will be converted to scholarships for students who graduate with first class honours degree or equivalent, beginning 2010.
  • Netbook package, including free broadband service, to university students for RM50 per month for 2 years.
Can someone define 'students' and 'university students' for me, please. It's too vauge. In other words, mak included in the definition ke nok? Hehe.

And this makes me happy... a bit -- Individual taxpayers to be given tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012.

Also, the Government will issue 1Malaysia Sukuk totalling RM3 billion. If it is assessible enough (read: cheap), I'd like to take it up.

What else?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The average person lies 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation.

Documenting minutes is tedious, eh. I've been told by the GM that I will be required to travel down south with them for a meeting, but when I checked with the boss, he said he's still thinking if it is necessary. Talk about 'miscommunication' there.

And if I need to be there, the boss has offered me to drive down with him. Letih :p

So all those 'plans' you see me Tweet yesterday can go down the drain lah. I thought if I have to fly I can come back earlier or make my own plans la kan. Teehee.

After nearly 5 months working in this area, I actually ventured out for a walkabout over lunch yesterday. I walked by the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman stretch, part of Jalan Masjid India towards Semua House and back.

I walked in a bookstore, bought Add. Maths exercise books. I stopped by SSF and gosh! the place was quite intriguing. There were a lot of knick knacks i.e. vases, candle holders, frames, small things, big things, cushions, furnitures, tin cans, fake plants and flowers, etc. etc. etc.

I only went up to level four, I think. Haven't the time to go all the way up, but as I walked out I saw there were floors on curtains and wedding dias stuff as well as furniture, too. Phew!

The shop itself was compact but they have many floors and many things in it.

I plan to go into Globe Silk Store one of these days. Hehe. Relive the times when my late mom dragged me there, much to my annoyance (because it can get quite hectic in there with so many shoppers). I just want to go all the way up, to its cafeteria.

They used to serve nice dishes there, especially the creme caramel.

For now I am madly in love with having sliced turnip covered with red sauce, a dash of crushed nuts and sugar on one side of it, for lunch. Yummeh!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, a honk instead of a knock. Did someone order a townie?

Hmmm... Mid-term exam next month; the schedule's out. Good thing the two subjects involve falls on the weekend. Although, it kinda clash with Mira's ballet classes now. Starting next month she'll have to attend two classes a week to get ready for her test next year.

We can't miss more than a class, otherwise the school will not allow her to enrol for 2010 exam. Not sure yet if there're other classes she can join as a replacement that week. I wish I have a super power that allows me to be at two places at once. Sigh.

I'm bored... well, not really, just have this 'unhealthy' feeling due to the fact that I know I have work to finish but I'd rather play Farm Ville-Pet Society-Cafe World-etc. I so need to stop! Lol.

Ok, I promise not to play any games in FB for 2 days, starting tomorrow.

Speaking of work, don't you just hate it when you hear your name being mentioned when other people discussing work. I've been hearing mine pop up ever so often these days. They're not speaking bad of me, though. Just trying to tai-chi some tasks to me from the look of it.

I don't blame them. I'd blame their bosses. They haven't brief their subordinates about their new porfolio. It was never discussed between them, too. Thus, of course the first thing the staff will do is complain and try to think 1,001 kind of ways to not do the job.

Typical lah kan!

I couldn't be bothered; it's not like I can't do the work. I've done it all before (and then some) in the old office. Just that, if it's not supposed to be my responsibility, mak tak larat nak buat for other people la kan. Unless of course, they are willing pay me for it :p

I should bring this up to my boss. Muahahaha!


Friday, October 16, 2009

There are 3 flowers in a vase. The third flower is green.

It's been a busy week; had to prepare papers, presentation slides as well as arranging F&B for the Board to meet today. With that done, life can fall into its usual pace now.

We were invited to attend a Raya open house organised by the building management today. Food was ok. I only went for the lamb and some desserts. Hehe. Always the lamb.

Thus, with brunch this morning and now lunch, I think I can skip dinner.

I've a couple of engagement lined up for the weekend. Lets see if it'll all come to fruition.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mostly you want him asking, "How do I make this stop?"

After receiving the happy news about my exam results, I haven't done any studying this whole week! Lol. Tak pa lah kan, bagi chance. I will have to draw up another timetable for the next week or so. This is the only way I can make myself study in order to avoid doing things at the last minute. Call it a self-discipline method, if you like.

Anyway, I will be attending W's presentation event later tonight. Hopefully, I will be more semangat after that :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

The more studying you did for the exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want.

Today is a happy day :) If I were to update my mood status, it would be 'Happy' :) Serious, I'm blisfully happy and cannot stop smiling :) I can even sing :)


Because I got my exam results today, after waiting for 3 weeks for it. I checked every day last week to see if they've updated the system, but to no avail. However, when I went for tutorials last Saturday, most of my mates had seen theirs.

Apparently, they released the results late Friday evening. Ceh.

I am happy (haha, happy lagik) to say I passed last semester with FLYING COLOURS. Muahaha! But to be fair, two out of the three subjects I sat for last semester were easy lah. I was just worried for Management 1 because:
  1. I submitted my assignment late; and
  2. I studied last minute for both mid-term and finals.

Gila-gila procrastinate ok. You cannot imagine my relief when I saw my overall marks for the subject. Phew! That was a close call. I promised I'll never do that again. Lol.

They haven't announced the GPA, though. But should be ok lah kan. I'm just glad I managed to hit my goal for this semester. Now I need to figure out what to give myself for a job well done :)

Anyhow, we've got Maths this semester. Lets see how well I fare this time :p

Syukur alhamdullilah! Sigh.


Friday, October 2, 2009

They're called breasts, and yes, they are exceptional.

I have a new 'my favourite TV series' to add on my list -- Dollhouse! And right after Dollhouse, I'll also watch Burn Notice 2. You can watch them every Monday on 8tv from 9:30 PM onwards.

But before that, switch in to ntv7 for Lie to Me at half past eight. Hehe.

Such a slow week at the office after the Raya break. But seeing that there will be another BOD meeting in two weeks, I think next week things will start to pick up. As it is, with the announcement that was made a few days before Raya by the powers that be, we've started to get queries.

I hope this project will go well... so we can be paid BONUS from the profit. Muahahaha! Although, realistically we won't be able to see that so soon, but one must think positively, right.

I've got tutorials tomorrow morning and to drive Mira to her ballet on Sunday. The kittens (DH dubbed them 'the Jackson 5') are grown now, have started to poo-poo. They also prefer to be let out from the pen. And because we kept the pen in my den, the place is getting to stink. Ew, please!

If I'm not too lazy busy, I'll do something about it this weekend :p

May you and yours have a fantastic days ahead. Chaiyok! Chaiyok! (Lepas dah tahu meaning of this word from Wawa, baru boleh guna. Lol)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The day before Syawal, Mira and I went out for some last minute shopping. Well, we tried. We couldn't find any baju kurung for her -- all sold out, vley? We ended up in Ikea instead. I wanted to check if the new catalogue is out already. Just so you know, the staff said it should be out sometime mid October.

That afternoon, Kim called to say she's in labour. She wanted me to mind Wafi but I was half way across town. All her in laws have gone back to their hometown. Luckily though, one of the younger siblings was still in KL, so she helped took care of Wafi for a while.

Kim gave birth to a healthy baby boy later that evening. It was all pretty quick. I arrived at the hospital at about 9 PM-ish thinking the baby hasn't come out yet. Lol. It was quite comical, to tell you the truth.

Can you believe it the new parents haven't prepared any name yet? What have they been doing for the past 9 months??

I started looking for names to shortlist the moment I got to know Mira's on the way. And I have a name confirmed within 3 months after that. As soon as she came out, she's already has a name. Ni tak, when I asked for the baby's name the next day I saw them at the hospital, they haven't a clue.

They don't even have a list of possible names ready, for goodness sake. Apakah?

I made one suggestion -- Wafi Aidil. For fans of Nur Kasih, I think the name was obvious, but to Kim for some reason she thought I got the name from another Malay drama (Dayang Senandung kot?). But that was Aidid lah, not Aidil :p

Besides, Aidil tu sempena hari raya la jugak kan eventhough he's not born in Syawal. But to be fair, I also searched and suggested a few other names to pair it with 'Wafi'.

They deliberated on this... for a week! I checked with them again yesterday, and apparently they've decided to name him as per my suggestion. But because they haven't register it, we'll keep it to 99% sure lah ok.

Kesian baby tu nameless for so long. I feel it's bad for the soul to wait for a long time to be named. I dunno... but to my way of thinking, a nameless soul is akin to an unknown soul roaming around without knowing what to do.

I hope they'll firm it up once and for all. And SOON! There's a due date to register child birth too, right? A week if I'm not mistaken.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

We will be celebrating Eid in 2 days. Woot! I am jealous of those who have a kampung to go back to. Mine is just sepelaung from my office (read: Kg Baru) :p Even Dad's house is just about 5 minutes drive from where I live. Kalau nak nyanyi lagu 'Balik Kampung' pun tak sempat habis.

And probably because my mom is no longer with us, Raya never feel the same.

Well, we still have a kampung in Port Dickson, though, but the people who mattered are no longer there. Except for my aunt (Dad's elder sister), but she's really ill and wouldn't even know we're there due to alzheimer, as well as Dad's older brother and wife who have moved to live with his daughter.

If there's time, we'll drive down there for a visit. But still... the feeling is not as meriah as before. It would be fun to join DH's side of the family, but most often than not, he's not keen to.

Kim's lucky to still have that with her husband's family -- the numerous rounds of Raya visits to relatives houses. It is tiring, but fun especially for the kids. I have tried to emulate the same festive feeling we had growing up for Mira, but kalau lepas pegi 3-4 buah rumah laki mak dah mengeluh, boring la kan (read: boleh jadi gaduh) :p

So, for those who still has it, enjoy your Raya.

I'm not taking any off days (because I will not be getting any pay if I do) but the office will be relaxed next week seeing most of them will be on leave. My boss and his driver as well as the GM has taken the whole of next week off.

As it is, I am nursing a cold at the moment. Uhuks.

Anyhow, Selamat Hari Raya to all. Maaf zahir batin.


Monday, September 14, 2009

No human thing is of serious importance.

I took the day off last Friday, just for fun. Do some spring cleaning on Saturday (nak raya kan). And then Sunday, went to collect my books at Uni. Some of my friends went in the morning, thinking it'll take too long if they were to come later in the afternoon.

Alas, the whole process was quick and painless. I think the whole thing took me less than fifteen minutes from start (collecting my queue number) to finish (collecting the books).

I saw one of my coursemate, though. She told me to expect our exam results to be out within these two weeks. Yikes!

Thus officially, the new semester has arrived. I'm pretty excited, eventhough we have maths this time. Ugh!

Other than that, looks like we'll have to get Mira a new set of ballet uniform next month -- coz even the shoes are getting tighter. This time she'll be getting a pink leotards with pink skirt.

I'm thinking of getting her a set of Juicy Couture tracksuit, tapi tunggu lah :)

Dunno what to have for iftar today. Any ideas?


Friday, September 11, 2009

That '70s Show

You know what's so '70s? Eating corn flakes with full cream evaporated milk and a sprinkle of sugar. That was how my mom prepared my cereals for me growing up.

But later in my teens, I'd substitute evaporated milk and sugar with low fat milk only. Blame it on all the health junket that started to come out in the late '80s and American tv shows ;)

Since I recently bought a can of evaporated milk for my jelly dessert, I also thought I'd use it with corn flakes. Gosh, it tasted just as good as I remembered it.

I introduced it to Mira and she likes it, too. We always have a bowl for supper these days. It's like our dessert dish instead of having it for breakfast.

And I'll have another bowl for sahur, too.

Now, if only they still sell Haliborange. Hehe.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

And bring me a hard copy of the Internet so I can do some serious surfing.

Oh dear god, it's so cold in my office! My nose is runny now and I am wrapped in my pashmina. My hands are exposed, though. I wish I have gloves!!  -_-

I promise as soon as I finished writing this entry, I'll take a walk somewhere. The coldness is also giving me a headache.

Last week I spoke to my boss about my work status here because my contract was supposed to end last Tuesday. He wanted to absorb me into the company and so if everything went well, my employment term with them should start in October.

Actually, this issue was first brought up by the HR of the holding company (lets call it Port from now on). She wanted to suggest we do the migration as of 1 October. So when I already got the directives she wanted from my boss, she now act clueless as what to do next. Eh.

Now we're all playing 'passing-the-buck' -- oh, how I love this game. NOT!

Because I really want this to happen soonest possible, I took the initiative to do everything -- from making queries to people in authority, to writing the proposals on behalf of my boss (I have to show him I can do proposals, right? *wink wink*).

The only thing I did not do, but am tempted to, was to march up to the Chairman's office to speak to him directly. Why? Because it seems like these people in Port are scared shitless of him.

To tell you the truth, working in an environment with rigid protocols can be rather limiting as well as tiring.

Enough on that.

Have you watched Up? Gosh, I like the movie a lot. It's so colourful and vivid and the storyline can really warms the heart. My favourite character in this movie would be Kevin the Bird. She's the new Dory in my Pixar book of favourites. Hehe.

That's Dug the Talking Dog, Kevin the Bird, Russell who's sitting on Kevin and Carl, the old man.

I went to see it with Su last week. At first, I thought of watching Orphan but at the last minute, I changed my mind. Thinking of going for another movie (The Ugly Truth) tomorrow but... Nur Kasih how??



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.

Blogger Editor looks different today. The toolbar UI has been changed, I think. Nice, though.

Last night I watched GG and I am highly amused with what's going on between B and C. Padan dua-dua tu. They make such a cute couple, don't they? ;)

Starting from this month onwards, Mira will be taking her ballet lessons from the school's Lot 10 branch. She really likes the teacher there (she's very animated) and the group of girls in that class. And as it fall on Sundays, it worked well with my tutorial schedules this coming semester.

It also helped, a little I think, when she can see the 'seniors' prancing about in their pretty pointe shoes outside. At least, she can see what she can do in years to come and be excited about it.

I've been told by the school's admin that starting November onwards, she'll have to attend two classes per week. This is to have the kids prepared for April's exam (yikes!).

The only thing I don't quite like about this is... the shopping tempation is right there as soon as you enter the mall. Lol.

I parked the car in Sg Wang to save on parking fee (Lot 10 charges RM7 per entry), and then we walk to Lot 10. Mira saw some hair clips along the way and wanted one. Then she saw a Disney Princesses dress and wanted that, too. For the record, I didn't buy it for her because dekat pasar malam ada jual much cheaper :p

After class, we still have to walk through the mall and it is a must to stop by Famous Amos for Mira wants to buy some cookies. On top of that, on normal days, we'll have lunch at the kopitiam or somewhere.

Actually, come to think of it, when I compare this 'rituals' with the one we used to have i.e. have lunch at Secret Recipe and then go to the Gardens, this current routine is much more economical. Hehe.

I think Mira's a budding shopaholic. She likes to shop! We've the Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD and she's been watching it repeatedly. It's like her favourite movie at the moment.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't these bitches know that I'm way better than them?

Isn't this exciting? We've finished up the tub full of kurma I received complimentary from the biggest boss (so many big bosses here, you know) the day before Ramadan started.

We've two more weeks to go before Raya! I haven't prepare anything and most probably there will be nothing extravagant to do otherwise.

Anyhow, good news -- Specky has been found. Thank god!

DH saw her hiding underneath the ground floor lobby staircase last night, looking petrified. He picked her up and brought her home. Mort was so happy to see her, he's practically bouncing off the wall.

He must be saying, 'Thank goodness, my kittens are saved!' :p

I have moved all the kittens to this big cage we have, and locked the mother with them the whole night. Of course, I let Specky ate her dinner first lah. I let her out this morning, too. Hopefully DH remembered to put her back in.

So much drama in my life this week, eh? Hehe.

As planned yesterday and mentioned here, I did cook up Bubur Lambuk for iftar. I think mine tasted better than both Pak Hassan (walaupun belum rasa lagi) and Masjid Kg Baru's (in response to Mum2H's query. Lol!). Sedap weii...

But the recipe I took from Maggi's website yeilds so much that I have an overdose of bubur lambuk right now. I even got to send some to my Dad for him, Kim and my brother-in-law. So my advise is, for a small family of 3 2½ like ours, just make half from the recipe.

Unless you've already prepared the minced beef and dried prawns the night before, it took more than an hour to cook this from start to finish. It was an easy recipe to do, though.

Maggi's Bubur Lambuk Cukup Rasa (cut-n-paste saja lah)

100 gm atau ½ beras, cuci dan tos
3 camca besar minyak masak
2 liter atau 10 cawan air

Bahan A
2.5 cm halia, dihiris halus

Bahan B
200 gm daging hancur (minced meat)
30 gm udang kering, direndam dan dikisar halus
2 Kiub Rusuk Maggi
6 gm atau 1 camca besar Maggi CukupRasa
100 ml atau ½ cawan santan

Bahan Hiasan
Bawang goreng
Daun sup, dihiris

  1. Dalam periuk, panaskan minyak dan tumis A hingga kekuningan.
  2. Masukkan bahan B dan goreng hingga masak.
  3. Tambahkan air, beras, Kiub Rusuk MAGGI dan MAGGI CukupRasa. Biarkan mendidih.
  4. Masak hingga menjadi bubur, masukkan santan dan serbuk lada sulah. Reneh selama 10 minit.
  5. Hias dengan taburan bawang goreng dan daun sup.

Selamat mencuba :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look who’s getting all paternal.

Guess what? Something terrible has happened. Specky has gone AWOL!

I remembered I saw her when I got home on Tuesday evening. The cats were at the door waiting for us to come in, as usual. Then I saw her eating and then she went inside my bedroom to be with her kittens.

Then DH came back. And went out again. And came home. And went out again. Etc.

Later that night, just as I was about to retire to bed, I wondered where she was but thought she must be with her babies. I didn't checked either, was just assuming.

Next morning when I woke up, I noticed that the leftover food I left for her was untouched. And when I checked the place where she kept her babies, she wasn't with them. I called her out, but she was no where to be found!

I told DH to go find out where she's gone before I left for work, but he was half asleep. Later I found out he forgot all about it.

Anyway, DH was home first yesterday, so I asked him about our 'Specky-gone-AWOL' situation. He said he has not seen her so far since he came back (duh!). We found that the kittens have been moved to a new spot, though. So, I thought she must still be in the flat.

But where?? We went looking for her again, no corner was left unturned. The cats love to just disappear like this, out of our sight; hiding in some corner somewhere. Or high up above the kitchen cabinets. We'll be setengah gila look for them and they'll come out dengan selamba from some nooks and crannies, places I didn't know a cat could crawl in to sleep.

But Specky didn't turn up when called. DH then went to look for her outside at the common areas of our apartment building. Still no sign of her.

Sigh. Did someone tell her of my past intention to give her up? Because that subject was never discussed with anyone at home. It was something I was mulling over alone.

Poor kitties. Mort was beside himself. We later discovered that Mort was the one who moved the kittens. He was mothering them, but when the kittens started to go for his teats, he balked.

It was a sight to be seen y'all! Lol.

Anyhow. Without Specky, the chances for these kittens to live is slim to none, yes? They're all still so young! Only a week old I think. I tried to feed them some milk using a syringe last night. Don't know how well that went.

If Specky does not to come home within these 2 days, what am I to do? Pening uols.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house.

I have ran out of ideas what special dish to prepare for iftar. As I said to Wawa, I'm just going to fry (ke nak buat gulai?) chicken, vegetables and some eggs.

Today, I am also going to bring back my electric oven from dad's house that Kim borrowed two years ago (lol!). Want to do a bit of experiment on something ;)

Last night, while wallowing in self pity and what-have-yous, I had an epiphany.

You reap what you sow. You can't expect a plant to grow and flourish without any care. You can't expect it to bear fruit or bloom pretty flowers for you.

Or the best example would be of an iguana.

If you don't consistently shower love to it and care for your pet iguana on a daily basis, but instead you just kept it in its cage being ignored. Don't expect it to warmly climb onto your hand when you offered it so your pet can snuggle its' head on yours.

Instead, you have no one else to blame but yourself if it ripped your finger off in return.

I am reaping what I have been sowing since 1995, but in a different context. It was the biggest mistake of my life for allowing it to become a norm not an exception. I wished some one had advised me about its repercussion back then.

But who knew by just looking at available examples that were perfect?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Once people start throwing wet stuff, I go inside.

The rain started to pour as soon as I had left my housing area. Such lovely weather to sleep in, I was contemplating whether I should just turn back and take the day off today.

But because I can't remember if there's any important matter for me to look into in the office, I grit my teeth and drove head on to the train station. All the while wishing I can do otherwise.

By the way, I miscalculated. I do not have four black kittens but FIVE of them!

And whenever I look at Specky's face, I do not have the heart to send her back to the shelter. So I am going to keep her. I'm going to take Nong's advice to castrate Mort in the mean time first. Probably I should send him to the vet this weekend.

As for the kittens... still no idea what to do with them. Anyone willing to give them a good home? Lemme know, k.


Friday, August 28, 2009

A Tale of Four Kitties

Yes, perhaps I should start at the beginning...

When Manja left us in December last year, we were all pretty distraught for a while. But our place felt lonely without a pet. It was the longest period of time when I do not have any pet to care for. It felt weird.

Especially when I don't see anyone waiting by the door when I came back from work or any where, really. Or nothing furry to cuddle with when I'm watching TV or reading a book.

DH made a promised to himself to never get another pet, because to him, nobody can replace Manja. But I was getting a little bit paranoid about 'unseen things'.

You see, whenever I have a cat (or cats ~once I have 13 of them!) around me, I always felt safe. It was a silly notion because Manja was not a dog that can safeguard me if there was ever an intruder (God forbid). But I firmly believe she can protect me from unwelcomed 'guests' i.e. spirits and ghosts.

And it didn't help when I started seeing Mira talking to somebody after Manja left. Really, it was spooky. When I asked her who she was talking to, she look at a point behind me, smile and said 'Shhhh...'. Macam mana mak tak kalut?

Usually, I'll just leave her alone at home with Manja while I run downstairs to the trash, but since then, not anymore.

I decided that it was time to get a new pet. And because we were still mourning over our loss, and watching Bedtime Story didn't really help either, I bought a guinea pig.

A couple of days later, I saw an ad in the newspaper about SPCA adoption drive on City day. I took Mira to SPCA Ampang that day. My initial reason was to show Mira where Manja came from as well as to visit the cats pen and to give a contribution.

We ended up adopting one. My heart melted when the volunteer told me she's been there the longest and nobody seem to want her because of her ugly colouring.

Her name was Mara but we changed it to Specky.

At that same time, there was this small black stray kitten playing about at our building lobby when we got back with Specky. Mira went near it and the kitten followed her into the lift and into our home.

He's been with us since. Lol.

I wanted to call him Horus but Mira kept calling him Mort. So I officially named him Lord Voldemort and picked Halloween day as his birthday after the vet guessed him to be about four months old back then.

We planned to neuter him when he's between six to eight months old. Tapi sempat tak? Nan ado uols.

Specky got pregnant and two months later, nah kau! four black kittens. No prize for guessing who's the father :p

Specky, when I adopted her, was said to have already been spayed. She did show the usual symptoms when she was on heat, but it came and went. I assumed she could be imagining it or something.

When we found out she's pregnant, I entertained the idea of sending her back to SPCA. But my conscience held me back.

But then again, we live in an apartment. Having two cats was stretching our personal limit, one being ideal. That's why we only have one cat for years.

We don't know what to do with them at the moment.

It'd be cool though to have 5 black cats in the house. People may think I'm a witch! ;)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

This one seems to bring out bizarrely strong reactions in our kind.

Goodness, I cannot get this out of my head! Now I shall let you have the same effect. Lol.

Wae oh wah oh wah oh
Wae oh wah oh wah oh

Choco I miss you
Miss you dancing with me
Everyday-e-yeh! Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh

Choco when undercover
You give me flower when away
Everyday-e-yeh! Yeh yeh!

Let me say! .... Let me say!

Mrasa lah! Haha.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.

I love playing with quotes by using them as titles to my entries, if you haven't already notice. There are some that I got from the Quotation Page, some from books or from my favourite fictional characters and sometime from a song.

For example, today's quote was brought to you by the letter E taken from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. It was spoken by Louis (the vampire portrayed by Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire - not this pic, though).

I so love him in Legends of the Fall (as seen here). Le sigh.

There was a time when I use a word as a title and it would coincide with the blog entry. At least I learn a new word a day lah. Lol.

Anyway, yesterday after work I went straight to the supermarket as planned. I left at 5 sharp, gedebuk gedebak, I reached home half past six. Of course, my dish couldn't be ready in time for break fast.

But here it is. Nasi lemak simple with fried chicken Cukup Rasa. Haha. The sambal was really nice, though.

But, something I learned -- Cukup Rasa should not be used like your usual spices, because fact is, it is not. It's more like a replacement for salt and seasoning. I used it to fry the chicken and my goodness! It was too salty for my liking. Huhu.

So next time I'll just use the usual tumeric powder with a bit of Cukup Rasa, tqvm.

I haven't prepared my dessert, however. By the time I've finished cooking, penat tak ingat la kan.

Today we'll probably have a bit of Bubur Lambuk for iftar. I heard someone in this office is planning to get a few packet for us from Kg Baru. Woohoo! Mak rindu bubur lambuk Kg Baru uols.

Thus, I shall just prepare a quick pasta dish for our main course with the help from Prego :p

For weeks now I've been watching tv series that, usually, I won't be bothered with. Suddenly I'm following shows such as ANTM, Project Runway and Gossip Girl for instance.

I used to, by way of looking-and-picking, like Nate Archibald cause he's pretty to look at. But I think I like Dan Humphrey better now. He seem normal compared to the others. Lol.

And I can't decide who is bitchier -- Serena or Blair... or Chuck Bass? Haha!

You know you love me ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When they say every flavor, they mean every flavour!

I have decided to prepare Nasi Lemak for breaking fast today. Later after work I'll drop by the Supermarket to get some provisions - like onions, garlic, old ginger, pandan leaves perhaps, some anchovies and cucumber.

I also hope they have either Cukup Rasa or Pasti Sedap, for I want to try to fry chicken with it. And also Maggi's Perencah Nasi Beriyani kot-kot nak buat pulak one of these days kan. Hehe.

I'm resorting to cooking the dishes myself (as usual) because the Pasar Ramadan near where I live are rather 'blah'. The selection for desserts were uninteresting whereas the dishes looked unappetizing.

Like yesterday, I bought us grilled fish. Tasted as if it was fried instead :p

What's for dessert? I think I shall follow my own suggestion to Wawa -- simple jelly with fruit cocktail (or french vanilla ice cream?)! Lol.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweetheart, I don't do shorts.

TV3's so cruel! They have changed Sunday night's slots but never informed me (berlagak!). WTH lah kan.

For two weeks already they showed these two different dramas (sempena Ramadan, probably) with Umie and Fahrin as husband and wife.

Last Monday I checked the showtime schedule for yesterday from their website, it showed the supposed usual schedule -- Smallville at 9pm, Supernatural at 10pm, but alas, no such thing occured last night. Apakah??

Today I checked again for this Sunday's schedule with Smallville and Supernatural in their usual timeslot, but wanna bet there will be another drama showing at 9pm and then Smallville pushed to 10:30pm and no Supernatural again?



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Highly Suspect

Nong, MC, Lah and I met up last night before Ramadan kicks in.

The Smoked Salmon Crepe above and the Club Sandwiches were two of my favourites out of the four dishes we ordered at Pastis yesterday. Katanya to meet for tea, but we ended up having a quick dinner.

Good thinking though because I was hungry ;p

Wonderful company + great laughter + yummy food = WIN.

And thanks to MC for the Amsterdam fridge magnet and Twirl :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

One does not need to have cancer to analyze its symptoms

TV3 rearranged their Sunday night's shows and thus, there was no Supernatural yesterday :(

On Friday, after being 'chatised' by a colleague, I decided to wear a mask on my trip back home. Gosh uols, I nearly died of suffocation! I couldn't breathe. Once I reached the station, I took it off to catch my breath.

And then in the train, I had to take off my glasses because it started to get foggy -- what with me breathing really hard in the mask and the very cold aircond in the train.

Today, I decided to forgo it altogether.

I think the ones who should wear a mask are those who are sick, to prevent their virus to spread to us. The others should just practise good hygiene only lah.

But then again, it also depends on what type of mask you have.

Over lunch today I sat with the Finance SM, whose wife is a doctor. He said the ones that we received from the building management (remember, 1st death happened at my office building?) *that nearly suffocated me, I might add* won't help in preventing the virus from us because it is the type that will prevent stuff you exhale 'be distributed' to the public but not things that you inhale.

He said the ones that can protect YOU from inhaling unwanted particles are the other type that is called 'respirator mask'. It's the white coloured one that looks like a crotch protector tu.

It do concerned me whatever virus I am exposed to on the train because I do not want to expose Mira to it. So on Saturday after her class we went to have our usual kopitiam session at Tesco Midah, I dropped by Watsons to look for those alcohol-based hand cleaner.

You know, all these while I see bottles upon bottles of those little Dettol hand sanitizers, untouched at Watsons or Guardian. This time however, you won't see even a glimpse of it! All sold out. Lol.

Kaya la Dettol this year ek :p

Dettol is not the only brand of hand sanitizer out there y'all. I got the other one -- Eskulin brand with Disney's Pooh characters on the bottle... Eh-eh, I suddenly realize I took the one with Piglet on it. At that time, I chose it because it was pink. How ironic!

Anyhow, with so many people telling you what is 'the best thing to do', I think we should just heed the advise from CDC. Check out this link to learn more. But the gist of it are...

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand cleaner if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your arm when you cough and sneeze.
  • Stay away from other people if you are ill.
  • Avoid crowded places and large gatherings as much as possible.

It is good to note that you can consider to wear a facemask if:

  • You are sick with the flu and think you might have close contact with other people.
  • You live with someone who has the flu (you therefore might be in the early stages of infection) and need to be in a crowded place. Limit the amount of time you spend in these crowded places and wear a facemask while you are there.
  • You are well and do not expect to be in close contact with a sick person but need to be in a crowded place. Limit the amount of time you spend in these crowded places and wear a facemask while you are there.

Consider wearing a respirator if you are well and you expect to be in close contact with people who are known or thought to be sick with pandemic flu. Limit the amount of time you are in close contact with these people and wear a respirator during this time. These recommendations apply if you must take care of a sick person at home.

So there you have it.

The CDC's page on H1N1-specific link is here. The WHO GAR's page is here.

We all have to do our part now folks. No more finger pointing, please.

Take care, peeps.