Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What will you do for RM35,000?

Pangkor Day 2 (yesterday)

My day ended late. Neither of us officially celebrates Christmas but we get excited about it. So we had our own gift exchange session on the eve that lasts until midnight.

The day started rather early, too. Woke up at 7AM, got ready and had breakfast at Warong Mansur. Must have nasi lemak with 'telur goyang'. It was awh-sum!

After breakfast we headed out to the beach. C took us to her 'secret' beach but we later discovered it has become not so secret any more. Lol.

There were many people with orange vests on the side she we wanted to take us. So we made do with this small cove just before it. Which was perfect! It's like we have a small private pool.

In order to get to the cove, we had to track up a trail from the temple. It took some 15-20 minutes to get to it but it was worth it. Or, you could just hire a small boat.

We just soaked ourselves for hours, utter bliss I tell you!

At about noon, maybe, we tracked back out to have lunch at the same warong. Lunchtime must have? Mee Bandung!

Back to hotel to shower a bit and back out to the beach. This time, just at the main beach. We thought of getting some hawker food for dinner that night.

There was a crowd that night, it felt pretty festive. After dinner we had a chat with the owner of the resort. Had a good laugh planning what we'd do if someone offered to rent a room for RM35k.

It was indeed a merry night :-)


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is this going to be an annual thing?

Pangkor Day 1

I vaguely remembered how this trip come about. We had one in October when we visited C in Miri. I guess that was different?

But we had planned this a while back. Because if we haven't, we'll sure not be able to secure any hotel room. The island is kinda packed today.

C and I (plus Mira) decided to try a new bus operator this time. It's a VIP coach, with 3 seats in a row. The bus was a little bit late that we reached the Lumut jetty at about 2PM. E and her boys are already waiting for us there.

Initially, we planned to have our lunch at Warong Mansur but alas, we were famished! We decided to have Nasi Beryani at Lumut waterfront.

We headed to the jetty an hour later (nasi habis, kena tunggu depa masak baru FML) and there was a loooooooooooobg queue, ohmai! We only checked in at 5PM.

Quickly changed, headed to the beach.

There goes my wish to just lay at the beach, clearing my mind whilst I soak up the sun! And no wonder I'm feeling tired right now.

There's still tomorrow, though 😊

We're planning to check out the night 'market' soon. TTFN.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Because if I look for a proper post title, this will not be published at all.

I am still ah-livvveee, people. Busy -- with work, mommy duties, driver duties, daughter yang soleha (hehe!) duties and then some. So today I have decided to quickly post something using the iPhone app. Cool stuff.

Mira was supposed to go back to her school mid September. But seeing how happy she is at DCM and also I'm not too sure if she's ready, I made the decision to let her stay until the end of school year. Thus, she'll be in standard 3 when school reopens in 2013.

Not sure how she will cope with that but such is life.

Anyhow, we stopped by her old school to submit the leave extension letter awhile back. She kinda miss the school. I guess that is a good thing.

She wanted to join taekwondo next year. I took the liberty to rearrange her daily timetable now in anticipation of next year's activities rather than procrastinate.

I moved her piano lessons to Thursday night. There's no available slots on Sunday afternoons. I thought of enrolling the both of us for tennis leasons, but now I'm not too keen pulak.

Then, I also have to move her ballet classes too as she'll continue going to DCM classes on Saturdays for 'tuition' next year. It's a half day thing and it clashes with her class.

Alas, there's no available spot during that time period. Because we have to pay fees per term, I didn't continue her classes there. I'm waiting for confirmation from one center to see if they'll open a class in November. If not, I'll have to check out nearby dance schools.

We suddenly find ourselves with free time over the weekends! Haha!

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks for brunch and for me to have some course work done. Also, because I wanted to visit Celcom branch to sort out something.

And then this morning, we went jogging at the nearby park! Ikr. DH was perplexed, too. LOL.

I think we can make this a new routine from now on. Running will be good for Mira too. She need to have stronger stamina for ballet. With all the jumping she has to do in her recent class work, we find that she tires easily.

I miss writing here. But work has been crazy. Compared to before, I don't even have time to visit my usual online jaunts. Curi-curi baca Twitter via phone je. Sigh. Now with iPhone, I find it easier to check FB, too.

Oh yeah. I got myself an iPhone 4. Actually, it was dad's. A gift he didn't want. Anak solehah kan, dapat lah preferential treatment. LOLz.

I wanna get myself an iPhone 5 for my birthday next year, insyaallah. #Secret


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Test test 1 2 3 4

Trying out the Blogger app. Actually it's made for iPhone and iPod Touch, not iPad. Typing is rather difficult.

When I have a few minutes to spare, I'd really like to write about :

1) Mira & Dyslexia.
2) Update on my job search.
3) How I failed last semester (!!).

Yeah. That is all.


Monday, May 7, 2012

What do you say? Anybody up for a hobo adventure?

It was a semi-impromptu vacation. I say 'semi' because when I tried to book train tickets a couple of days before the last weekend in March, they were fully booked. And there was no other free days for this to happen after that weekend. Maybank ran a promotion on USS entrance ticket at that time until the end of April. I thought it would be awesome to utilise it, but alas.

Also, my passport will be expiring soon. I note that there was only ONE stamp in it wtf. Thus, the itch to go somewhere was already there. I also thought it would be fun to let Mira experience taking a ride on a real train, especially the sleeper one.

Semua itu adalah alasan belaka.

Nevertheless, I have forgotten about Wesak day holiday until I saw a note posted on Mira's ballet school notice board to let us know that they're closed that Saturday. Suddenly, it gave me an idea. And it must be a sign because there were only 3 vacant spots left in the train on both return journey!

I quickly grabbed those and purchased Universal Studios Singapore tickets right after that, and we're set to go for a day trip. There's no turning back!

Universal Studios Singapore

We took the night train on Friday. I chose the Premier sleeper cabin because the first and second class was sold out. Little did I know that the cabin comes with an ensuite toilet and shower! Thank goodness, because I couldn't find any information on public showers except the one in Changi Airport and some obscure parks.

Reached Woodlands at about 7:30AM on Saturday, all freshen up and geared for what's in store for us in USS. We took a cab to Vivo City. Initial plan was to take the MRT but you need to get on a bus to the nearest MRT station and it was drizzling when we arrived.

We had breakfast at Vivo and proceeded to Level 3 to get on the Sentosa Express. DH wanted to check out the beach, so we headed straight to the Beach Station instead of disembarking at Waterfront Station. It was half past nine and nothing much to see there, really. I couldn't find a way to the beach (didn't try hard enough lah). After walking around for a bit, we went back to the station to go down to the next one, Imbiah.

That's where we took photos of the Merlion.

Kalau dah sampai Singapore tak ambik gambar dengan Merlion, mana boleh. It's like visiting KL and not taking a photo of the Petronas Twin Towers gitu kan. LOL.

Once I'm satisfied we've done the tourist thingy, we took the monorail to Waterfront Station to go to USS.

We were there from, maybe at 11AM right until 8:30PM. We rode almost all the rides and saw all the shows there. At the Hollywood Boulevard, we took photos with the Woodpeckers and Po the Kung Fu Panda. Then, instead of turning left towards Madagascar, we took on New York first. Saw Betty Boop, this lady in purple whom I don't know who she was supposed to be and Beetlejuice, took photos with all of them.

Our first ride was Transformers The Ride. I can't say enough how awesome this ride was, we rode it twice. On the first round, Mira was scared of the Decepticon. It was in 3D, everything was very real in your face kinda thing. It didn't help that we sat at the front row, so we got to 'experience' them real close.

However, she was game to go for the second round. We got the last row seat and rode with a bunch of enthusiastic teens who were also fans of Transformers I guess, so it became fun for Mira, too. Oh, she took off her 3D glasses, refused to see the Bots in 3D. Less intimidating, perhaps. LOL.

DH went on the Cylon rollercoaster alone. I refused to ride it because I can't take the loopy thingies. Tried it once at Sunway long time ago, the dizziness didn't go away until I puked. So no thanks, I know my limits. Haha. He had fun, though.

After that we joined the queue for Revenge of the Mummy ride. OMG, this ride was pretty scary! Mira waiiiiiiiled as soon as we hit the wall and the car drop backwards in high speed. But once we're out of the place, she nonchallantly walk out as if nothing happens. Can also asked me why am I laughing at her.

We headed to the Lost World after that. I wanted to ride the Canopy Flyer, but took a wrong turn and ended up queueing for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure instead. Oh my goodness, I hated that ride! It made me dizzy plus we were soaked (although, the soaking part was fun because it kinda helped freshen you up). The circular raft just berpusing-pusing macam gasing and very quickly at that. It went round and round and round and at one point, you're spinning endlessly in darkness.

Of course, it was lunch time and that doesn't help with my dizziness either -- I was hungry. We had our lunch right away at Discovery Food Court and for me to restore some balance :-p

For that reason, we also missed the Water World show, Dino-soaring and the Canopy Flyer as well. I just wanted to walk off the dizzy spell. So we adjourned to Far Far Away leisurely.

Mira loved Shrek's 4D Adventure. When we got ushered inside the auditorium, both DH and I thought we'd be able to rest our laurels for a bit... WRONG! I'm not going to spoil it here, suffice to say you were given a 3D glass and the effects made the whole experience 4D ;-)

We caught Donkey's Live show and after that, Mira wanted to ride the Enchanted Airways. It's a rollercoaster rides for kids. After the 2 massive rides, this one was pretty mild for Miss Mira, I must say.

We sat down to enjoy the scenery for abit before heading out to Madagascar. Took Mira to ride the carousel. Yes, I rode on one too. We missed a couple of rides here as well. I wanted to check out the Lights! Camera! Action! show and DH wanted to see the Monster Rock. We could have visited it after the parade, but... entah, we never did it.

We didn't wait for the fireworks at 9PM, either. We went shopping instead; bought some things for Mira and my nephews back home. It was already 8PM so we took out our bags from the locker (S$20 for 1 day and you can unlock it many times until your day is done) and headed outside to take the monorail back to Vivo City.

From there, we took a cab to Woodlands Train station. Our train departs at half past eleven from Singapore, reached KL Sentral at half past seven on Sunday.

It was a bit tiring at the end of the day, but we had lots of fun so it was worth it. If you're thinking of taking up the same day trip like this, three things I'd like to suggest:

  1. Wear comfy and airy walking shoes. Preferably one that will not soak because you're going to get wet. I wore sandals... I desperately needed a massage by the time we've done a complete round of the park  -_-'

  2. You can relax at the many benches and tables around the park. The best is to catch the Monster Rock show at the Pantages. Nice, cool, auditorium with comfy chairs. But please be aware that the show was pretty loud, you won't be able to snooze once it started. Heh heh.

  3. If you plan to take the train, just go with the Premium cabin for both ways. Why? It comes with an ensuite and it has a SHOWER stall. You need that after walking the whole day in USS. Unless you choose to fly, there's a public shower at Changi Airport. We took the 2nd class sleeper for our return trip and the 'public' toilet was... yucky!

That is all.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Take it from me: Strange is bad, dead is worse.

I feel as if I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, on a couple of occassion.

I think when a few people involved in recommending someone for hire, those in the middle shouldn't be involved in anything that happens between the employer and employee thereafter. Even just to share pertinent details of what transpired, especially in grieveance matter. Because it's all he says, she says and speculations. It may lead to misunderstanding between the two middlemen.

For example, I recommended B for a job, who is connected to my friend A, to my other friend C who was looking for a candidate to fill a vacant position in her company. B and C met and B was offered the job. All is well.... until it is not.

For some reason, B has problems with the boss (not C) and eventually the relationship doesn't work, resulted in B having to resign or being terminated.

Now, C shouldn't have told me what transpired in detail because I would probably advise A on this situation thinking I'm giving her a heads-up or advicing her. Whilst A would eventually speak to B to check what has really happened.

What if the version told to me and A differs? Wouldn't that put us in a strange place -- as in, who's telling the truth here, B or C? Both of us has strong relationships towards one of the other end, of course I wants to think C is telling the truth whereas A think B is telling the real story.

C should have just said 'I have tried to help, but it didn't work out' or something.

The above scenario is just hypothetical la ya. 'I' can be myself or I can be any of the alphabets above :p Just to point out how we should practice tact and be professional about it. Work is work in the end, and it shouldn't cloud your personal judgement.

Also, I have been exploring other options lately and am now engaged actively in two possible new opportunities -- one job I really really want, another one, not so much. However, the one that I really really want is proving to be one that I possibly shouldn't even consider seeing all the things that just raised a red flag to me. Why? Because...

  1. The hiring person spoke to me about this sometime end February (yes, FEBRUARY!) after I was first introduced to her after Chinese New Year.

  2. It took her nearly 3 weeks to get back to me to arrange for a meeting, I really thought I didn't get the chance. Then later she delegated me to meet her colleague instead because she was unavailable to meet in March.

  3. After the first meeting, she promised to arrange another one with the Ds as soon as possible and she'd like to meet me in person, too. It only happened last week. Itu pun I only managed to meet her whilst the two Ds happened to be travelling. Whaaaat? I feeling offended uols! This has been pre-arranged, how could they decided to up and travel at the last minute? I mean, what kind of impression are you giving me? Ceh!

  4. So, I am supposed to wait for the hiring person to get me another date with the Ds before they make their decision. I'm told the current employee wants to leave mid May come what may. Har har.

  5. On top of that, the management seems undecisive on what kind of package to offer for this position. They can't decide if it's going to be a permanent or contract post, they can't decide if they should offer it as a 6-month contract or a 12-month contract, etc.

See? Red flags. Undecisive and disorganize. Do I want to work for them?  -_-'

The one that I'm not so keen about is of a very good standing international company -- top 5 in the world in its industry, in fact. It gives out contractual bonus as well as performance bonus. If this is a reality game show, I am 80% sure I've secured it. I am to meet the head honcho this week to see if I pass their vigorous selection process.

The reason why I'm not so keen is because of the job itself. I feel once I'm back to that level (even though with better pay), I won't be able to paddle my way back to where I am right now. I wear many hats currently and that gives me an advantage to get to where I want to be in 18 months time. But to only wear one and one that has nothing to do with the course I'm doing now? Sigh.

A rock and a hard place. Darn it!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's dim the lights, crank up Norah Jones and get this over with.

Trying to remember what has happened within these two months...

I went to see Avril Lavigne concert last month, took Mira along and it was awesome! I missed the last time she was here, can't recall why... so this time I have to go. Can't believe that happened a month ago. Felt like it was just last week!

Then I thought I'd bring Mira to see her first MPO concert, but alas, she fell ill and it went on for two weeks (her being ill, that is). I wondered if it has something to do with her getting a year older. Demam nak membesar? Because if my memory serves me right, she always gets ill the week around her birthday.

So no MPO concert this time around.

Oh, and I bought an iPad 2 off a friend, yes I did! Eventhough I was eyeing for a Tab, I succumbed to... what? temptation? peer pressure? Possibly both and an opportunity. Said friend wanted to get rid of her iPad 2 and I'm looking for a used or el cheapo one to purchase. It was also a good deal -- 1) it's only 6 months old and 2) you know the user well enough to know she took good care of it.

Good deal all around.

I must say that I'm very pleased with it. The first day I got hold of it, I spent about RM140 on apps! But they're all useful, I promise. Haha! Mira loves the GarageBand and Drawing Pad. She just discovered Fruit Ninja sampai Angry Birds dilupakan! I have recently introduced her to a time management game, the Wedding Dash.

I am happy that I've discovered CineXplayer and of course, I use the iBook a lot. DH's trying to find his 'niche', but he's only into playing games like football, golf and the likes. However, he also likes Fruit Ninja so both of them would fight against each other for the best score.

In retrospec, I don't know why I didn't just buy a new computer first seeing that I have been wishing for one for so long. I guess because this was supposed to be Mira's birthday present, I didn't think twice when the offer came to me.

Oh well. It was a good purchase after all. Right now, because I've to lug it around wherever we go most of the time, I'm looking for a bigger bag.

Until next time. That is all.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why do you have to throw a wet blanket on my dreams?

What do you make of someone who keep on repeating the same thing at every juncture? If I were to hear it one more time, I could probably speak-a-long with. What I find strange is when that person don't seem to realize that. Or maybe they do realize it but buat muka seposen repeating it in hope you'd telan bulat-bulat.

Don't you get a sense of déjà vu? Because I surely do. I believe it is being spoken at least thrice a year!

If that person think I'd just sit and listen... again... Well, don't get your delusion bite you in the arse when you realise you're sitting there all by yourself.

There's a saying that you can't make the same mistake twice. It is definitely not a mistake when you do it multiple times now, is it? You chose to 'make' those mistakes. You know this, ya? Because each time I point it out, you ignore me. And to say that you 'dah sedar' and will 'buat betul-betul' this time -- puhlease! Don't make me laugh.

Although, I actually did LOL-ed. It was just too funny! I mean, I so expect that from you.


Akak letih la uols. Please don't say I didn't try. I think I have tried and wished and prayed so hard for it, that this failure (again) left me with a broken heart. Not emo lah, but... I dunno. Hard to explain this feeling. It's like I redha that it will just not happen as I hoped. I'm not even angry any more, just felt like being let down in a big way.

Like, major. Huge. Ginormous.

Good luck to you in finding your own way in this world.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know


I'm obsessed with this song and the band -- Walk off the Earth! Found it via Cory Monteith's tweet the other day. This is actually a cover version. Original artist was Gotye (yeah, have never heard of him before either) and you can view his very cool music video whilst listening to the original song here.

I just love this version. Simple with powerful vocals.

Now and then I think of when we were together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
I told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember
You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end
Always the end
So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over
But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I'd done
But I don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know
But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Somebody I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Somebody I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
I used to know

Awesome, right?

Thank you.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

I know I say people suck, but I didn't mean it literally.

Awesome 4-day weekend and a brand new wireless keyboard and mouse. I am thisssssss close to complete the desktop computer project. I could finish it this month but an opportunity to pay off one debt took priority.

One down, two more to go and I. am. free!

Today, I want to rant about what happened to me yesterday. Talk about sucky people customer service.

I missed the semester registration a week or two back, and seeing that the semester starting next weekend, I thought I'd go complete the registration as well as collect my manuals. I'm not sure I've stated it here before but I've taken up PTPTN loan to cover the rest of my course. By right, my status in the university system should have changed to reflect this.

So off I went after lunch, all the way from KL to Bandar Baru Bangi. And it being a Friday, the traffic was pretty heavy. The journey had never been that long and far! Sampai lutut dan pinggang ku sakit dan lenguh-lenguh. Maklum la, dah tua.... :-p

I wasted three hours of my life!

First, I couldn't complete the registration neither can I collect the books because I'm supposed to pay the minimum payment first. My status in their system has not changed and no, they can't do anything about it because it all depends on the system whether or not it can allow me to collect the books. And even though I am 'sponsored' I still need to fork out my money first.

WTF. I wasn't prepared for this, I had no cash of that amount with me. You might be wondering if I should have called the centre first. I had. But no one answers the call or my darn emails!

After that, I went to queue for the book voucher collection. Oh, you couldn't believe it because I didn't, but my name was not on the list. Why? Because I haven't registered two weeks ago, so I have to wait for the second batch.

WTF! It was never stated as such in their announcement about that. I was seeing red! They just refused to do anything and was being very condescending about it. Like, as if I'm a kid.

Hello? I may be your student but I am an adult who pays my tuition fees to you. I am still a paying customer. I wish they stop treating us like we're 19 or something.

So yeah. Three hours of nothing. I now have to sort out the fee payment thingy. Rasa macam dah tak de mood dah ni.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

I want music and dancing and secondhand smoke!

No, no. Not really. 

The first 3 days of school was taxing for me but it went as smoothly as can be. I have never felt so tired in doing the school run before. Probably I'm out of practice? On Wednesday, I walked Mira to her class and helped her locate her classmates at the hall. They've changed some things this year, thus there was a little bit of confusion.

I stayed the whole day there, lined up at the bookshop to buy some books, bought some school supplies, spoke to her teacher, chat with some mothers, enrolled her art class for this year, etc. I know she's in standard two and all, but I want to be involve and I wanted to be visible to her teachers. I want to build relationship with them and for them to know that they can approach me if there's anything a matter with my girl.

After school we rushed to Hartamas for her learning skill assessment appointment. This is a two-hour sessions broken into two parts -- one on Wednesday and another on Thursday. We'll know the result in 10 days. I'm open to anything but I pray for nothing severe.

I browse through the assessment form submitted by her tutor and I'm kinda sad to learn a few new things about her. Mostly on some of the social challenges that she has to face. I do wonder how it impact her emotionally because she has never complained or spoke to me about it. Whenever I ask, everything is well and rosy and that she likes her friends a lot.

It's sad really, how I can't protect her from it. Sometimes I'm faced with this dilemma to either cushion her all the time at all costs or allow her to deal with the situation on her own because this is real life. She needs to learn and neither can I protect her forever.


On Thursday, after making sure she has settled in, I left to run some errands. I heard a funny story how 5 standard one kids got lost and joined a standard two class. When the teacher had called all the names on the roster, these 5 young students' name weren't on the list. Lol.

There was also an incident on Wednesday, during recess. A tiny little girl trying to buy food but was so intimidated by the crowd that she cried, not knowing how or what to do. So pitiful. Kenapa la her parents tak helped guide her for at least one day. Primary school is different than a kindy la kan -- it has their own rules, protocols and procedures.

I was rather free on Friday -- just dropped Mira off in front of her school and then shoot off home (to continue sleeping). I'm so proud that she can do that now. The whole of last year, I walked with her to the front gate every day. If we're too early, I'll walk with her all the way to her class. But this year, we can do the drop-off thing. Cool!

But Friday was the first day of her new routine.

After school, I sent her to the day care/KAFA school. And then I went home. I received a call from her at half past five that she has safely arrived at her tuition centre. When I picked her up at night, in the car she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and sigh and said 'Mengaji best, Bibu!'. And she proceeded to tell me about her day.

I'm glad. Hahaha. But then again, that was only her first day. We'll see how she fare next week. Also, her gymrama and art class haven't started yet (in February, after Chinese New Year), so it's not really her full schedule until we can factor those two in.

But I think she'll be ok :-)


Monday, January 2, 2012

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Happy new year 2012!

There was a moment of worry when I suddenly wondered if I made any resolutions last year. I've checked and I can tell you that I've failed. Who am I kidding? I'll never wear them blingies unless I have to! I don't even have a wristwatch. Perhaps I should get one for my birthday?

I haven't thought of any resolution for this year.

Anyway, my lust for the Tab has been squashed and the so-called tanduk has quietly retracted into its place. How so? I had to fork out some unaccounted for incidental charges and fees. It all started with Mira's tuition and then I had to fix the car door...

When I met her class teacher in November, we had a chat about Mira's progress. I worry for a bit, pondered about it and came to a decision that we need help. I wish I can tutor her myself but really, I'm not a good teacher and neither have I the patience. So, it's either I let her be and we face the consequences of this lax later in life or I fix it now and probably make her hate me forever.

It just so happen two weeks prior Mira's BFF's mom told me about a centre she found which provides daily tuition nearby her housing area. I went to check it out and liked what I saw as well as their method. Not only the session is daily, it will help teach her studying skills and discipline. I decided we should try it to see if:

  1. she likes it; and 
  2. if she can cope with four hours of study.

I enrolled her in November to start in December. Before that, I spoke to her 'Aunty bus' to discuss about transportation if I were to let her continue once the school reopens. She said she is willing to drive her to the centre and we'll discuss the fee at the end of the next month. With that sorted out, I went ahead with the registration.

I am pleased to report that she likes going there and always look forward to spend her day there. During the school holidays, her tuition starts at 10 AM and finishes at 2 PM. I send and pick her up every day -- thanks to my flexi hours I'm able to do that. And the centre is about 15 minutes drive from my office via DUKE.

Last week, I spoke to the 'Aunty bus' again to finalise the fees and such. Unfortunately, our previous agreement fell through. She won't be able to arrange transport for Mira from her Atuk's house to the centre. She also commented on how Mira is still too young and the daily tuition will be taxing for her. I understand her concern, I wish she understood mine too! But I digress.

I was very disappointed she backed off from our agreement and it put me in a dilemma. Seeing how Mira likes the place, I want her to continue going there. But without someone to ferry her around, it is impossible to continue. I can't rush in time to pick her up from her Atuk's to drive back to KL for that. The traffic wouldn't allow it!

Then I remembered a transit house I saw nearby my cousin's which is within the centre's area AND nearby my office. If I send her there I am able to pick her up after work to send her for her tuition. So last week I made an appointment with the principal to check the place out.

Turns out, the supposed transit house is also a private KAFA school. Ada mengaji, hafazan, kelas fardhu ain, kelas jawi dan bahasa Arab. Lunch and tea included. On top of that, they provide transport to send the kids to school, kelas agama, tuition, etc. after the KAFA classes. Syukran! Allah has answered my 2-year search at last for a kelas mengaji.

I paid the registration and 1,001 kind of fees to the school. The initial fee was expensive but from next month onward it shouldn't be that much of a burden any more. I will have to drive Mira from school to the house for now until I find a suitable transport for her. Most of the bus operators out of her school send pupil to this area, so I'm not that worried. It would be cheaper compared to what I'm paying the 'Aunty bus' now, too.

So next year, Mira will no longer take the 'Aunty bus' home and neither will she spend all her days at her Atuk... which makes him sad.

I suppose her weekday will be long, hence, her Atuk's worry if she can cope. School in the early morning, KAFA from half past two to five, tuition from 6 PM to 10 PM. But the journey is short, that'll be a small relief compared to if she were to travel to/from her Atuk's. I also plan to let her take the art classes again, so she will have to skip KAFA on Wednesdays.

However, once she started to show any signs of distress, I'll think of something else. So far, she's rather tough and very resilient. I mean, she's gone through 3 ballet classes back-to-back a handful of times back then, and then pergi ukur Mid Valley and Gardens mall without a complain. LOL!