New Beginnings... Not Quite, Actually

This is like the return of the "prodigal blogger", isn't it? I started with Blogger after trying to do it 'free-hand' with a Geocities homepage (both free), and then decided that it's too simple for me thus I 'flown' out to greener pastures (paid services, which was really quite a sum in the beginning as everything was charged in US dollars).

Now, I'm back here.

Truth be told, I made a conscious decision to move back to Blogger about a year ago. That was partly the reason behind breaking the previous blog into two -- current and the archives. Plus the on-going work of preserving the old posts here.


*shrugs* I don't need that much space anymore. I have lost the interest to design my own blog or tinkering it to suit my personal taste/agenda. I still like writing nonsense though. Just not as often or as invested as before.

While sorting through all the 800 or so entries recently, I discovered a few that I really liked and proud of. Especially those that was written circa 2003 - 2004. I wrote what I felt. I write because I want to be heard. Nothing political, just my naked opinion, y'know.

I don't know what or how it changes after that period.

I also discovered something else, but this is rather personal. I discovered what once was, which now no longer exist. But based on what I discovered, I'm thinking if I should reconcile. However, sometime when I muse it over with our current circumstances in mind, I don't know if it will work out if we pick up where we left off. We have both grown to be a different person, have gone through changes to become what we are now.

Ah well, I suppose only time will tell...

Anyhow, I am currently facing a little snafu with my domain DNS transfer. The name is still active under my name but the reseller, for some reason, is reluctant to change the DNS to point to Blogger. Some time I wish they don't assume their customers are naive users coz really, the reason they gave me is mind boggling. I'm no n00b, please!

So yeah, and the fight continues...


endroo G said…
Even though I don't see the reason, i hope you are happy with switching back to Blogspot.
Wawa said…
i am no smart-mouth.

anyway, i kinda miss something that we had in common in year 2004.
Larawannabe said…
endroo g: blogspot = free. in that sense, i am happy. LOL!

wawa: what is that? the conferences ke?
Wawa said…
yup. the conferences, the company.

wonder what had gone wrong.

amreeth said…
like i understood 20%(??) percent?
but blogspot=free=good call!