Friday, January 21, 2011

I thought 'Deep Throat' was a movie about a giraffe.

Hold your horses. My week not over yet!

Two weeks ago when I took Mira to the rhythmic gymnastics class to let her test it out, I ended up signing her up for it. She wanted it, so dengan berat hati I said yes. The class was to start at half past ten, but due to the enthusiastic participation this year, the coach has decided to split Year 1 pupil from Year 2, hence, it has now been rescheduled to 9 AM. Worked for me as my tutorials for this semester starts at noon.

Nothing to stress about = all good.

She went to a 'real' session last week. They had to run around the hall for five rounds. It amuses us parents who stayed to watch when we see the kids pancit after round 2. LOL. Mira seemed to pick up her paces quite fast, thanks to her 2 years ballet training. I now contemplate to start her ballet lessons again... but... I don't think I have the time.

As for school, she still enjoys herself. So easy to wake her up at 5 AM to get ready for school. Tak liat dan tak merengek ke apa. When I pick her up from school, she'll tell me how she loves her new school. They'll start proper class next week, we'll see how she likes them then. I'm so cynical, I know. Haha! But I do hope her enthusiasm remains, though.

Speaking of school, they've reshuffled the kids into their appropriate classes since beginning of last week. Mira got herself into 1 Teratai. It hardly bugs me but some parents get offended to discover their kids didn't get into the first class. Anyhow, there'll be another test in March and this will be more proper compared to the diagnostic test. If there is a need, the kid will be moved to the appropriate class lah.

My personal challenge is to be able to teach Mira with utmost patience! I've vet through her books, think I should be able to tutor her myself. I do struggle with Agama and Bahasa Arab, though. They're all in jawi uols! I can read jawi but merangkak laaaaa. Adoi!

School will be out for the whole first week of February. My office has decided to close shop, too for the same duration. Thank goodness, I can relax! Because of that, the school has to replace a session and they'll do it this Saturday. However, Mira has Kem Solat to attend (in school) instead. I thought we'd skip gym class, but I already received a text from the coach to let us know she's moved the session to Sunday.

No rest for the wicked me :-/


Thursday, January 6, 2011

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors.

Actually, yesterday after recess, the year 1 - 3 pupils were brought to the other hall for a screening of sort. It was for rhythmic gymnastics. We were told by the PIC of ko-ko that it was for the coach to determine if the kid has the built, I think, to participate in that sport. If your kid's selected, they'll give you a form.

I saw Mira went up to them and by the looks of it, she didn't get through. After lamenting it with Merry, I thought nothing further about it. Do not assume as it'll make an ass of u and me. Looks can be deceiving, people say. After school today when I picked her up, she hand this over to me in the car...

Permission form to join

I'm happy she's given this opportunity to explore, but for now I still haven't decided what to do with it. Of course when I asked her if she'd like to join, she said 'yes!'. She missed her ballet classes as it is (pulled her out when they started to do double classes again since 3 months ago -- *I* can't cope plus the timing badly clashes with my tutorials).

I'm listing out all the pros and cons. Part of the pros are: good discipline and she'll be in the hands of one of the best. Amongst the cons are: this is a sport that demands a lot of my time, energy and moolah. Major commitment needed. The question is: can I commit?

Her dad was ecstatic, but it doesn't mean anything. When it comes to delivery, I can't count on him :-p Last-last mak jugak yang kena uruskan segala. Serious. Where Mira is concern, I'm the majordomo of her life. Based on that, I have the veto power to decide here.

If I'm sure there's no potential for her to make something out of it and were to take this on face value, I'd say 'not this time'. But I see the potential and thus, need to dig deeper. There's a lot of things to be considered.

And I have until 8:30 AM Saturday to weigh it to make my decision. No pressure -_-"


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of Day 3

We were late this morning. Har har. Reached school just as the bell rang. Gilers. I was leka, didn't realize it was already half past six. By the time we hit the main road, it was already seven and the traffic was bad -- as bad as the 8 AM traffic. I decided to use SMART because I doubt we'll make it in 30 minutes.

Another lesson learned. Nyehnyeh.

Today, the plan is to let her handle everything herself while I observe from a far. A lot of parents had the same idea, it was quite amusing to see a pack of us hiding behind pillars especially during recess, stalking our kids. But because we're late, I couldn't do it from the get go -- I waited for her at the side to hold her bag for her while she goes to assembly. However, when I passed her the bag, I specifically told her I won't be around to wait for her.

She appeared nonchalance about it but later I saw her trying to check if I'm at the hall. She sits right by the door and can see the hall as well as the canteen from her table in class. After a while, she stopped checking and just concentrated in doing class activities ;-)

During recess, I saw her came out from her class with her classmates but kinda 'lost sight' of her along the way. Took me a while to spot her sitting at the canteen table, already bought her food, sitting with a friend. Lega uols! The kids are starting to mix around and making friends.

Once she's finished, she got up to put the plate into a tub and went to wash her hands. And then I lost sight of her again. Later I found out they went back to class to store away their water bottles before heading back to the hall to wait for the bell to ring.

At the end of the school day, I saw her walked out to the hall with another friend. I didn't move from my hiding spot at first as the deal was for her to wait for me at the hall, until I saw she let her friend pull her trolley bag for her. Adoi! I went over to them quickly, kot-kot parents budak tu nampak and suspect anak mak bully anak theyols pulak kan. I asked Mira why she did that. She said her friend likes her bag and wanted to play with it, tu yang tolong pull the bag for her tu. Said friend has the same Barbie bag but without the trolley thingy.

Macam-macam hal.

Oh, and while walking towards the hall exit, she wanted to buy something from the tuck shop. I followed her there; she bought herself a packet drink.

If I ask her what are her new friends' name, she still couldn't remember them. She also couldn't recognize them outside of classroom -- like, while walking out to our car we met a few of her mates and they said 'hi / bye' to her, dia buat blur-blur sotong tak kenal siapa orang tu pulak. Tahpape ;-p

I exchanged phone numbers with two other moms of her classmates today. I thought of getting the numbers from her teachers too, but maybe later lah. Once they've all settled in and normal class schedule in place. I'll go meet them then.

And I think I wanna let her take the Art Class. I thought of sending her to one in the evenings nearby our home, but as the school has one, might as well. The class starts in February we're told... waiting for the teacher to distribute the forms.

Btw, why do they call it 'ko-ko' when the full spelling is 'ko-kurrikulum'?

Can't believe my baby has grown up. I can see how she matures these 3 days, it was so ketara ok. Sigh.

They grow up so fast, don't they?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 Update

  1. We were 10 minutes late today, going out of the house that is; and the traffic was heavier compared to yesterday. What gives? Luckily, I managed to get the same parking spot. However, someone parked too close to me that I had difficulty getting out of it later in the afternoon. Apakah?
  2. The first part of Mira's "independent license" dry run ran as smoothly as expected. She took her bag to her classroom, took out her story book and sat with her other classmates to wait for the bell. Just before the bell rang, though, she got up and moved to the back. She seemed to like lagging behind instead of being right infront. Why is that?
  3. Today's recess time, she went out with a few of her friends but still prefers to mind her own business i.e. picking up a spot by her own instead of joining people she knows. She left her water bottle at the table, then went to buy a plate of nasi lemak. After a while, she asked me if she can buy herself a bottle of Solivite. I assisted her today, but tomorrow... she'll be on her own.
  4. Oh, they kinda have a 2nd assembly after break. A short one. The hall is where they convene before going back to their classes.
  5. The rest of the day went by without much incident. I heard them recite their ABCs, sang song, drew something. She told me later that one teacher read them a story book. 
  6. At the end of her school day, I showed her where she should be waiting for me tomorrow onwards. I'll remind her again tomorrow morning.
  7. She told me her teacher's name. She can't pronounce it right, though. Hehe. Anak mak kan still pelat sikit. She also finds it fascinating that all her friends are girls. 
  8. And she forgot to bring back her story book. Pandai pulak kata tertinggal "under the table in my class". Ecewah!
  9. Tomorrow will be the last day for me to hand-hold her through school. I find I'm unwilling to let go yet. However, there's not much choice as I've to return back to work on Thursday. Sigh.
  10. I trust she'll be alright... and pray semoga Allah will help permudahkan all her urusan everyday. 


Monday, January 3, 2011

School prepares you for the real world, which also sucks.

Mira's class is somewhere over there.
We woke up at 5 AM today. While I prepare for her lunch box, she took her bath and dress for school. We took turns.

After Subuh, we left home to start our journey to school -- me with a tumbler of coffee, she with a packet of Milo. The traffic at fifteen past six wasn't that bad. There were a lot of cars already on the road, but the traffic was moving. I remembered those times my dad took me to school when I was little. We've to leave that early as well and that was in the early 80s. Some things never change.

I seemed to have also come full circle :-)

It took us half an hour to reach the area. I thought we were early, but alas, there were people that came so much earlier than us. I had to park at the road side towards the exit instead of, say, the handful of parking bays in front of SJI at least. But we're still lucky not to have to walk so much further like some who came ten minutes after us. Limited parking space for close to 200 pupils starting their 1st year in Primary school uols. Madness!

When we got there, I wasn't sure if she should go to her class according to the one she was assigned to last week or wait until they call out her name during assembly. Turned out, the kids will stick to the same class until further notice. "Further notice" being either in a week's time or a month... depending on which parents you talk to. Hehe.

The bell rang at half past seven. There was a bit of commotion when the year 1 pupil do not know which line they should be in. It was rather amusing to watch. Ada yang main join je, silap kelas and all. After that sorted out, they started their assembly with the usuals.

Seriously, mak rasa macam nak shake each one of them to wake up coz they were so... tak segar ok. Like no energy at all. Nyanyi macam tak makan sebulan, wish 'selamat pagi' in a sing song voice. Rimas mak! If Mrs Abraham was there, she would make them sit up straight, sing with gusto and no sing-songing wishes allowed.

But I digress. Haha!

We were also introduced to the new headmistress (the last retired last year). They adjourned to their classes half an hour later.

Mira seemed to have settled well in her new environment. We're all worried, especially her Atuk. Tiap-tiap hari bagi pep talk -- you have to be strong, don't be afraid, speak up, look up at your teacher, etc.

At first I saw her sitting in the front row of the middle table clusters. Later she moved behind closer to the door, but smart enough to sit facing the blackboard. Each cluster can sit 6, there were only 4 of them there. I'm not sure why she moved. I wish she had stayed where she was because...

Majority of the time? She sibuk berborak dengan kawan. Adoila. I had to keep reminding her to pay attention to the teacher. Dah la ramai orang hari ni, so you can't really hear what the teacher was saying in front. And when you sat further away, at the corner pulak tu, you tend to escape her attention la kan. At least, if she sits in front dia tak de la main-main sangat :-p

After a while, the teacher brought them some where. Possibly to the Pusat Sumber or the library perhaps? They took all the year 1 students away from the class rooms for quite some time. Then later I saw them gave a tour of the school's ground i.e. the canteen, the toilets, the field (which was small compared to my alma mater... but then we know what happened to THAT!), etc.

School 1 got to go for recess first. School 2 half an hour later. Like I mentioned earlier, I packed her a lunch box with PBJ sandwiches, a muffin and some fruits. But ada ke dia makan? Nan ado uols. She went there with her friends ahead of me and I saw them already planning to buy something. She can't decide whether she wanted to have the mee soup or nasi lemak. I kinda forced her to take the nasi lemak because soup-soup ni tumpah karang, masak.

The lunch box was set aside, untouched. So I guess, no need la mak menyusahkan diri pack lunch box lagi?

The ball rang and they all went to the 'hall' for another assembly. Actually, Mira and a few friends went to class but was instructed by the prefects to go to the hall. Prefects dia garang okeh! Haha!

I wondered if this is the usual or just for Mondays. Two assemblies in a day? We shall find out tomorrow.

Anyway, the year 1 kids had to stay back for the teachers to show them the proper way to line up and where they're supposed to stand according to their classes. See, the kids tend to berbaris in a single line and berderet-deret panjang depa beratur. LOL. They were also reminded (probably for the parents benefit, coz like, as if the kids will remember) that they're supposed to be in school by fifteen past seven, leave their bags in class, take a story book with them to the hall to read while they wait for the bell to ring.

So yeah, everyone has to have a story book to read for 10-20 minutes before the bell. This reminded me of Mira's kindy, where for half an hour each morning they've reading exercises. I've asked Mira to choose a book; she picked Peter & Jane.

Her day ended at five minutes to one today. I was queuing at the bookshop to buy a few items when they were let off. Maybe she wasn't sure what to do (the last time, masa orientation tu, she pandai-pandai leave the class to wait for me at the canteen without me knowing about it. Seriau kejap, anak hilang dalam sekolah) because the last time I scolded her to wait for me until I come to pick her up and lookie lookie... that guy (from previous entry) took her under his care, came looking for me.

Oh, yeah I tegur him first. Konon tak ingat sapa ai. Tak kuasa taww ;-p

We left soon after. I'm knackered tahap tak boleh tolong lagi dah. And it looked like it's going to rain, which it did.

Sleepy time now, early rise tomorrow for another adventure to be had!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?

Like I'd passed posting an entry on 1.1.11? I sent a new year wishes text to IggySingh, timed it so it'll reach her at 1:11pm but alas, it was 3 minutes early on her clock.

New year, huh? My only resolution would be to wear my bling ring everyday without fail. This is a somewhat promise I made with IggySingh and something I intend to keep ;-)

Yesterday, I completed all the back-to-school chores; from sewing Mira's name tag to ironing the badge (nasib iron-on je, kalau jahit sure nangis), to ironing all her uniforms for the whole week. From wrapping all the school books to packing all the needful in her bag for Monday. I've even cleaned up her school shoes, the new water bottle and lunch box.

All ready for Monday. I'm very excited about it for some reason. Even having to drive out at 6am part. Probably it's because Cin gave a Starbucks tumbler for me to bring along coffee in the car. Something new for moi, too. Woot!

Tomorrow, we shall drop by the supermarkets to buy some provisions, mainly things to fill the lunch box with.