Monday, June 29, 2009

Since when does it have to be one or the other?

I received an email from Iggy Singh this afternoon. It was quite an eyeful of candy, a sight for sore eyes and whathaveyous.


Apparently, he's been voted as the Most Beautiful Man in the world. Meet Sakis Rouvas. He's a Greek pop singer and actor. He seem to be popular in Europe.

So, what do you think? Lets table a vote shall we! Just submit yours in the box below. Even if you've never been my reader before and just found this obscure blog by chance, please join in. Coz, you know, it's fun! =D

Silly Poll # 301
You think Savis Rouvas is...

Also because I wanna see if this Snappoll works :p


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

There's A Place In
Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could
Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You'll Find There's No Need
To Cry
In This Place You'll Feel
There's No Hurt Or Sorrow

Dearest Michael,

This is my, albeit small, tribute to you, the greatest King of Pop. You are my Idol. I still cannot believe you're no longer with us. I cannot speak, read, see or hear about you, without shedding a tear since the day of your passing.

I have known you since... well, I can't remember, I was too young! But I do remember you singing with your brothers. I wasn't a big fan until Thriller (at an appropriate age to understand all this, I was 9? 10?).

My favourite song from that album was, hands down, Billie Jean. I don't understand nuts what the song was about at that time, but I love it! As well as your other popular hits namely Beat It, Thriller and PYT. I taped your music videos so I can learn the dance steps to Beat It and Thriller. And I am surprised that I can still remember. Lol.

I also remembered your many many Grammies won that year. I was damn proud and happy of your achievements. And 'We Are The World'! It was so cool to sing that song with friends.

And then came Bad. I was 14 and had my own weekly pocket money for school. I saved it to buy your album, my first purchase ever. One song in this album Michael, made me pause and think. It made an impact and somewhat altered my world view. It also taught me; instead of complaining and whining, I should take charge of my destiny or whatever it is that I'd like to change.

That song was 'Man In The Mirror'.

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Powerful, powerful words. I held on to it's ideology until today.

At the time when Dangerous was released, I had just left school. 'Heal the World' and 'Remember the Time' became my favourite songs from that album. When HiStory came out, I was engaged to be married.

And when you came to Malaysia as part of your HiStory World Tour, I thought I'd be mad insane not to go see you perform. I dragged my cousin N and persuaded my husband (then fiance) to go with me. My cousin was game but my husband was a little bit reluctant.

I bought the 2nd most expensive tickets to see you; a decision I made at the last minute, probably after sharing the same excitement with your other fans while queuing at the ticket line. Who cares if I don't have enough for lunch or bus fare until my next pay cheque. We're talking about Michael Jackson here!

And on an impulse as well, bought one for my husband. To this day, he's so thankful I did that because your show was... AMAZING! Like I said, he would be mad insane to not have gone.

I gave your last album a pass. I don't know why. I hardly know any of the songs in that album, come to think of it. Does that make me a bad fan? ;)

And now, you're gone :'(

Thank you for the music, Michael. You are the greatest entertainer, a legend and an inspiration to others. My heartfelt condolences goes to your three children and the family you left behind.

Rest in peace now. We love you.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uh. I'm sorry. I just hallucinated.

My sleep pattern has gone haywire! I am convinced now I am not a morning person. I have to wake up so so early (oh woe is me!) nowadays, but I'm so used to sleeping late. Like 2 or 3 A.M. late.

There are just too many things to play with to do, you know :p

So generally I'll only get about 3-4 hours of sleep. And then, I'll be zonked out by 9 P.M. and if I were to lie down, I'll be asleep in two seconds. Which is bad considering I would have just had dinner about half an hour prior. However, I'll automatically wake up at about 11-ish and won't be able to sleep again until later.


Can you believe it's already the end of my third week in the new office? So fast. Next thing I know, it'll be the end of my 3-month assignment. I haven't been seeking for any new job leads either. I don't know what to expect to tell you the truth.

This project is to be based in JB. The boss is not sure what the board has in mind of the plan and as to where the corporate office for said project will be located because... well, he is to kick off this whole thing lah kan. There is a possibility of the company moving down south, though.

When I was interviewed, he did asked if I am willing to relocate if there is a need to. I have spoken to DH about this in passing back then (like 3 weeks ago la actually, haha); he said if the terms and pay is good, why not? I am content to leave it to fate and crossing the bridge when I get there and all that.

Even my boss said we won't get there so soon, to give it another six months or more.

However, I have been asked three times already since I've started here, if I would consider following my boss if the decision is to relocate him down south (bukan Down Under ya), not by my boss per se, but by the parent company's HR.

Would you move to JB? Besides the fact that Singapore is just around the corner ;)

I've asked Hermione what she thinks, seeing she's from there. She won't be moving back anytime soon. Her fun is here in KL. But I don't go out partying often enough to miss it. Give me a computer, internet and books and I'm all set. Lol.

I'm more interested to know about the standard of living there i.e. the rent, the commute to work, the schools, the extra-curriculars, the neighbourhood; before I make my decision.

Anyhow, our Operations GM will be reporting to work next week. Hopefully the path will be clearer within the month. For all I know, the corporate office will stay put for the next 4 years while the place is being developed before relocating :p

If that is the case, it would save me from making any decision because by then, I will be better equipped to move towards my career ideals.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mooning over new New Moon

Le sigh. Should I get another copy? But New Moon is not really my favourite of the four. But but but... this new cover? So pwetty! And it has an exlusive poster inside. Oohhh... should I? It will clash with the other four books, though.

Ahh.... maybe not. As I said, it'll clash with the others and I'm anal like that. Unless, the publisher has decided to change all to this movie tie-in covers, then I would probably buy it.

But so pweeeeeetty! Edward looked SO deliciously vampiric in the background.

Anyhow, I'm too engrossed with reading what I'd like to call 'the Boom Boom Pow-ed' incident that happened a day or two ago to blog properly. It's just too bizzare (and hilarious). You just Google it to see all the stuff written about it.

Team BEP all the way, though :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm so three thousand and eight, you so two thousand and late

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I recieved a surprised friend request over Facebook on Sunday. It was from my BFF's ex-boyfriend. Long long long time ago boyfriend. When we were in school until the early period of our adulthood, in fact.

It's a bit moronic he wants to befriend me now because when we all parted ways (yes, me included because I was there, lol), it was not friendly. Oh, me and BFF laughed about it now. But I don't think it's something we can or want to forgive and forget.

I also got the feeling that he wanted to add me to get to my BFF. You know, so he can snoop around her profile. Not that she allows it lah kan.

What's the proper protocol for this? If it's a request from someone I don't know in real life, it's easy to just click the 'Ignore' button. But, someone like him? Do I reply with 'get lost you moron!' or flip him and then ignore PLUS block him, too?

Or just buat dunno je. I've loads of practise by now after the psychotic replacement episodes last week.

I think I'll do just that -- ignore. I'll not click the ignore button, however. So he won't be able to resend another request. Muahaha!

Speaking of which, I received an email from psychotic replacement late Friday. She said she need me to call her back, SOS on something urgent. See, if it's so urgent, why don't she just explain it in the email. I'll answer it approriately. But she didn't and thus, I deemed that as unimportant.

She even tried to call me on Sunday. But nothing for today. I hope she 'got it' at last so I can stop writing about her ;-p



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Only his father does not shuffle for the sake of shuffling

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The next time there's a birthday or any celebration that requires me to give out a card, I am SO going to handmade them myself! Except Hari Raya because you can buy it cheaply in bulk, of course.

Yesterday, I bought my dad a Father's Day card for Gramps on behalf of Mira and Wafi. Found a simple card from Hallmark. When I turned the card over to see the pricing code, it was not listed anyway, but it did say it costs 2.29 Canadian Dollars. Roughly, that should translate to RM5, I think.

Of course, you wouldn't know how much the blasted thing costs until you're at the cashier, right. Imagine my shock when the cashier rung her register for RM SIXTEEN BLOODY FORTY SEN!!

I wish I cancelled the purchase. Really. Not that I love my dad less, you understand. It's just a rip off!

Also, because the intended gift for him costs a lot less. It just doesn't make sense. Bayangkan, I bought him half a dozen of his favourite donuts -- Semi-Glaze donuts from Big Apple that costs only RM6 for a box. And yet, the card, of which will go to the dustbin sooner or later, costs more!

LOLZ!! ~gelak kebodohan...

It was just a simple card (can I not repeat this enough?) -- it's yellow in colour, with a couple of Robins at the front. The wordings inside and outside the card were simple, too. Something about how caring and giving my Dad is and how proud the grandkids were that he's their grandfather, or something. I would have thought for the price I had to pay they'll use some long serious poem by William Blake or Shakespeare :p

Bad Hallmark!

So. From this day forth, I shall start collecting pretty papers and suitable stationery to make my own cards. It'll be a fraction of the cost, I'm sure and more of a personal gift to the receipient.

For DH, Mira made a card in school and he also got himself some donuts from moi. My husband is so fond of eating nowadays, anything to do with food will make him happy. However, he was called out to work for a bit this morning by his boss. As a token, his boss bought him nasi lemak Antarabangsa (and for me too, I might add. Hehe).

We picked him up at noon and drove around Ampang for a while. He thought he'd want to bring us to the lake but it's high noon y'all. Next time lah.

I hope it's not too late to wish Happy Father's day to all the dad and dad-to-be out there.

And to my dearest Papa...
If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That was my dad
The man
A human being so true
He could live like a king
'Cause he knew
The real pleasure in life

To be devoted to
And always stand by me
So I’d be unafraid and free

If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That was my dad
The man
A human being so true
He could live like a king
'Cause he knew
The real pleasure in life

To be devoted to
And always stand by me
So I’d be unafraid and free

If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good

That was my dad

The man, The man

Song for my father, by Horace Silver

Thank you for everything!


Friday, June 19, 2009

You're such a moral creature, Lieutenant

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Let's bitch about my 'replacement' today, shall we. Mak tengah annoyed giler nih.

As at this moment, I've lost count as to how many calls I've received from her these 2-3 days. I ignored ALL of them. I'm not being malicious by not answering her supposed SOS phone calls, but this is getting ridiculous. I've left the job a month ago for goodness sake!

Since then, she calls me a few times a week. The first week of June, she called on Monday and Wednesday as well I think. On that Wednesday, she called me a few times. After her third, I ignored all her following calls after that.

She called me again last week, too. I ignored that as well. This Monday, she rang a few times again. I thought she called for a friendly chat, so after the third call, I answered. You know what she said?

'Hey, Mr A is here today. Do you have anything to update him?'

Now, explain to me why should I have anything more to say or do with this Mr A? I've handed over his dossier to her on May 18, when I volunteered to come back to work to tie up some loose ends. I've tagged notes to everything in that folder for her reference.

If I remember correctly, there were a few things she should be following up on since that day. Apparently, she's done nothing because she asked me what's she supposed to do with a cheque from one of the shareholders (that she was supposed to banked-in two weeks ago!) and why are we still holding a vendor's payment.

Uh, hello? You're supposed to call the vendor, like, a month ago? -_-

I did help held her hand from the moment she started work. Mr G wanted her to pick up my work immediately as it is -- like hit the ground running *yea right!*. However, she focused too much on accounts, I don't think she bothered to pay attention or take notes on the other things she's supposed to do.

Probably because she thinks she can always run to me for 'assistance'. Sorry bitch, your boss didn't put me on a retainer to be your beck and call girl :p

On top of that, whenever she calls to ask me for things, she likes to also mentioned things that, according to her, I didn't do or didn't complete. It's like, in order to make what she's doing right, she put me down to make herself feel good.

And she likes to fib. I give you two instances.

The first that kinda make me think she's pyscho was when she called me the first time. Before that, I received a call from my loan officer who told me how he accidentally called my office eventhough I've informed him I'm no longer working there. He told the person who answered he was my boyfriend. Tahpape ok, nak cover line pun buat la cerita logik sikit.

Back to her, she told me she received a call from the 'ministry' asking about me -- asking for the reason why I left. She said she told them that I left to further my studies. Then she asked if I did report to the 'ministry' anything about my deal with the bosses.

She knew I called the 'retrenchment helpline', but I called for information and I called anonymously. Unless they have caller ID, they wouldn't have known who called. Besides, I didn't leave my name, so how would they know about me and my deal, eh? Tipu kan?

Then with this recent call she chastised me for putting her in another hot soup. Apparently she received a call from dunno-who about the offshore company accounts. The 'auditor' said I have not submitted any financial report since 2006. *gasp! ~roll eyes*

Please lah! It's a dormant company. The relevent reports have been submitted to the company secretary. They have, in turn, filed it every year. We don't pay RM6,500 to them blindly ok. What the fuck is she talking about?

Sigh. I malas dah nak melayan psycho bitch ni by this time. Because she insisted, I told her to go look for whatever info she needed in the company's file and call the company secretary to sort it out. As far as I know, the company secretary has kau-tim all financial YE submission for us.

On top of that, the other reason she called was to ask me... how do we TT money to a foreign account. Ko pegi pikir la sendiri mak enon!



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure

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The bad guys in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince; from the left:
Bellatrix Lestrange, Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy (so tall, dark and sexy!) and Fenrir Greyback.

Excited much?

Half-Blood Prince was one of my least favourite books in the series (no prize in guessing which one is the other). I will fall asleep whenever I read it. But the movie version looks really good. I want to see how Tom Felton plays him, because this is Draco's movie, so to speak. So, the spotlight is on him.

I look forward to watch this movie next month :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't worry there's another one just like you, standing in line

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I think I'm going to rant a bit. I'm in a sucky mood, probably because I'm too tired. I stood all the way in the train coming back from work. It was my choice, however. I thought it'd be fun, but alas, now I suffered backache :p

Something's bothering Mira since school reopens.

Yesterday, she came back wearing a spare short and her wet panty in a plastic bag. Today my dad said the back of her skirt, panty and socks were all wet and he's not sure if she'd pee-d herself or what. She wouldn't tell. I wondered if she had an accident in the school's transport van, without the driver knowing?

While we were lounging and watching TV after dinner, Mira complained she's in pain and showed me her right hand. Someone had cut her fingernails a tad too short it seem. I can see blood just at the tip of her fingers (yes, all five!). Mira has really short cuticles and I'm the only one who knows how to cut it without incident. Maybe all those training I had giving pedicure/manicure to my guinea pigs helped.

But I digress.

I asked what happened, who did that to her and why. Her nails weren't too long as far as I'm concern. Unfortunately, she can't give me a straight answer -- one time she'll say her teacher did it, another she'll say her Atuk did it. When I pressed further, she said her aunt did it. Sigh.

This is what happens when you push her, see. She'll close up and wont speak if pushed further.

I interrogated her for an hour and was getting really annoyed and angry. In the end I scolded her and punished her for not being able to tell me anything. Now that I've put this in writing, I sounded like a mafia. Heh.

Anyway, she's not allowed to watch any of her DVDs as a punishment (she found an old Vengaboys music videos and love to dance to it since).

I called dad to see if he knew anything. He didn't notice anything amiss but she did made a fuss when asked to wash her hands (mesti pedih kan). He thought she's just being difficult and moody; didn't think much about it.

When DH got back, I asked him to try his luck. Mira told him her teacher cut those nails. WTF?

Mira's been going there since she's 3, I haven't much problem with her other 2 teachers. I still attest to say that her EDP teacher's the best. Her PS1 teacher was ok, not great but not bad either. But her PS2 teacher is... I dunno... uninvolved?

I feel sometime she doesn't really pay any attention to her kids. Also, after 6 months I don't think she knows or understand her kids well. There aren't many in a class, fourteen at most and neither did she have to handle other classes.

She should know Mira's a bit timid and rather immature for her age; I have even spoken to her about this before, and I know those teachers discussed about their kids for background knowledge, etc. And yet she expect Mira to act like her peers. It's fine if it means you're trying to teach her to become independent, but without guidance? How would Mira know what she's supposed to be doing?

Or the deal is, she has no patience with my daughter because she's too slow for her, hence the lack of attention? Or someone's bullying Mira at school? But I'm told Mira mix well with her friends.

Mira on the other hand, won't tell me anything about school or her friends whenever I asked.

I'm really frustrated, you know. I spend so much and not getting my money worth, I feel. I send her to an established kindy chain but felt like as if I'm just sending her to a less popular one.

I am going to speak to the headmistress tomorrow morning, and the teacher if she's already in by then. If I'm not satisfied with the feedback I get, I'm thinking of pulling her out of school for the rest of the year. She can go learn how to read and count from SmartReaders or Enopi for all I care.

And when the new term begins next year, I'll send her to a smaller kindy.

Well, that's the plan.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was thinking about the chances of us getting out of here without any trouble

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The silliest thing happened to me on my way home yesterday.

Going to work by LRT is easy because we have one line going through from end to end. However, taking the train from work to home; there are two lines going through the same station -- Ampang and Sri Petaling lines.

This, I just learned. By accident.

Now, how many times have I taken the train from work to home before yesterday? Two. And both times I sat on the train that's going towards Sri Petaling, thus there's no need for me to switch to another. Well, I never knew there's a possibility of such thing to occur anyway.

Yesterday, for some unlucky reason, I took the train to Ampang. I didn't realize this at first. It went along the same route from Bandaraya towards Cheras. I did wonder though, why there were just too many people in the train with me than usual. But it was just in passing, I concluded it must be because the school's just opened and most people are back to work this week.

And you know how the conductor (or whatever you call the person who handles/drives the train?) mumbles? I really wonder if they ever announced the destination with enthusiasm at all. Do they ever? Why can't they annouce it 'Next! Station! Bandaraya!', instead of 'mumblemumbleBandamumble' in their bedroom voice?

Anyway, when we were about reached Chan Sow Lin, I heard 'Stesen Chan Sow Lin, mumble mumble mumble pertukaran mumble mumble Petaling mumble mumble platform mumble'. I wondered if I heard that right, do I have to get down or not. Normally I don't have to. What would I dooooo???

Initially, I thought of just sitting it through to see if I heard the announcement wrongly. But I was too lazy to go all the way to Ampang to find that out. Also, such a waste of time, you know? I asked the lady that sat beside me. She confirmed we're on the train bound for Ampang, and yes, I have get out of the train, like, NOW (coz we're already at the station by then).

Phew, luckily I sat closer to the door. I quickly got up to make my exit just as the door warning beeped. If not harus la ada news keluar hari ni: perempuan yang sungguh blur macam first time baru naik LRT tersepit diantara pintu LRT tersebut. Lol.

Next time, I'll pay close attention to the train's board. It is actually a hassle to take the wrong train because in this instance, 'my' train came not a few minutes after the Ampang line's. If I would have waited lah kan. I would have sat the whole way through instead of having suffered 'bau peluh ketiak' and cramped spaces.


Monday, June 15, 2009

You wear a weapon, I wear heels.

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Wow. We're right in the middle aren't we? Mid of the month as well as in middle of the year. I remembered scrambling around to look for a job two weeks ago. And now, a week has passed since I started in this new company.

It's been a stress-free week last week. I have started to take the LRT to work since Thursday and kinda love the hassle-free commute. And it's rather quick, too. The journey from one train station to another only took 15 minutes.

If I leave the office at half past five sharp, I can be home in an hour or less (depending on how fast I walk from door to door as well as the traffic back home).

Now, the journey it takes from home to work is a little bit longer because of the traffic. But at least, I know I'll reach office in 15 minutes from the time I board the train ;)

This morning I was late, though, but it was expected (school reopens and all). The jam queue started as soon as I dropped Mira off at school. Sigh. Think we need to get out half an hour earlier tomorrow or at least, before 7:30AM, to make some time for me to drive through the morning traffic. Kesian Mira kena bangun awal.

Alright, back to work. Have a great week ahead :)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Using someone else's shower will annoy them

Yesterday was my first day at the new work place. Nothing much to be done other than filling up forms, organizing the office, et al. It's a new division by itself, so there's a lot of setting up to do.

Today, I'm helping out my boss to write a budget proposal. Probably I shouldn't have told him how I like to write in the first place. Lol. Not helping too; my brain refuse to cooperate with me today.

I'm sooooo sleepy. I should start getting to bed earlier then I'm used.

Something's wrong with my N82 speakers. I think the top one needs to be serviced or something, it has stopped functioning. Thus, I can't really hear the timid alarm sound from the clock. Before I went to bed last night, I changed it to play Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys. Now that got me woken up real quick this morning. Haha.

I brought food from home for lunch today. Just sandwich. Yesterday, I went for a short walk to Sogo and bought kebab for lunch. The folks here buy theirs from the hawker stalls downstairs and eat it at the pantry. I'm not much for that as there aren't many choice -- rice, rice and more rice. I'd rather sit at my place quietly.

It helps that I'm very much alone at my corner ;)

Ok, back to work. Other than the proposal, I also have to draft a new appointment announcement letter for him *oh joy!*



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let There Be Sims!

With all the 'drama of my life' in the past six months, I have totally forgotten all about The Sims 3. The new release date, which by all account from reading through all the blogs, has been postponed in the first place; went over my head. Until I saw an email from EA recently to announce that the Sims 3 was already in store earlier this week.

I immediately checked my favourite online gamers store (who also happens to be EA's official distributor in Malaysia), The Software Boutique. They have it in store. It's really here! ZOMG!

How I wish I can buy it now, though. However, I don't think my computer can take it :p

Let's look at the system requirements and what I need to upgrade in order to play this game in all its glory. Coz, you know, I can play it now but I'm sure it'll lag and such. Just like when I first tried playing The Sims 2: Seasons with my older computer systems.

Btw, why is there this vast space between this para and the table below??

Systems RequirementsWhat I have / To be upgraded
2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
1.7 GHz P4 processor. I want to upgrade this to a Dual Core. Intel or AMD? I wonder if my mainboard can accommodate this or I have to get a new mainboard, too? Huh.
1 GB RAM512 MB RAM (!!) That's pretty obvious now, innit? Lol.
At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom contentWell, I have some space to accommodate this, but I really need to get a new hdd anyway.
128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0I already have NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE with 256 MB memory, which was listed as supported video card for this game. So, yeay!

And then, I also need to get a new monitor. This would become the bulk of the total cost of upgrades, probably. Sigh. I think by the time I get all these assembled, EA would have released the first expansion pack for Sims 3 already. Lol.


Friday, June 5, 2009

I'd been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar

Well folks, I have land myself a job. Not the one I was expecting, but something to be had in between now and my future dream job. Until that comes along I will just sit tightly where I'm at. Thus, the search ain't over yet.

It's a temp job anyway, for three months (for now, could be extended or absorbed altogether). I'm directly reporting to the number 1, so that shouldn't be difficult. He seemed to be look like a reasonable guy, but we'll see ;-)

After all these years, this will be my first time working right smack in the middle of the city. Oh boy, I am so looking forward to that... NOT! Parking and traffic will be a lot worse. Looks like I'll have to commute to work. I wonder how fast I can get there...

My 'holiday' is coming to an end. I shall miss not having to wake up too early, not having to wonder what to wear, no need to brace through traffic, not having to think or stress about work, having more time with Mira, spend more time lazying around with my cats, do house chores as and when I like and many many more things.

Have a great weekend and a greater week ahead! :)