Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everything goes my way. You know why? Because it will.

Jom gossip, jom?

There were some dramatic suggestions on how we should have a something-something because it's an essential thing to have by some quarters. The reality is that we don't really need it and it was rather costly to procure for just us. It's not easy to maintain, too. Who knew better than me, right? I was entrusted to take care of it all by myself once upon a time!

Besides, there are other ways to overcome such 'shortcomings'.

I suggested the simplest of ways, but that seemed to flew right over everyone's head. They seek to find the answers from the 'guru' and guess what? His suggestion was exactly what I put forth in the first place. His reasoning was exactly what I said, too, word for word.

Next time, don't discount my voice too soon, yeah? It'd saved you a lot of time going back and forth. Hmph!

Today MrDJ and I managed to play catch-up online. We haven't chatted for a while. He told me an amusing story...

A friend of ours had decided to agree with his mother's wish to live with him. He'll fly back home next month for Christmas as well as to sort out the permanent move. I'm happy with his decision -- she's been wanting to come live here for ages! She lived in that faraway land, alone, while her son makes his living here (macam tak nak balik je?).

The amusing part?

You see, he had purchased a very expensive condo and the building is about to be ready. There are 2 towers, very upscale, in the middle of the city. His unit has 3 bedrooms, so immediately I thought that could be the reason why he changed his mind after all these years. But turns out, he'll be renting another unit just for her... IN THE OTHER TOWER!


The love of his life do not want to sacrifices their privacy I'm told. How could you let 'that person' treat your mother like that? How could you let 'that person' dictate how to care for your own mother? Bila nak capital pandai lak mintak dia tolong!

It just doesn't make sense lah. If said rented unit either a floor above or below or just down the corridor, boleh dimaafkan lagi la kan. Another tower? Fo' real? Might as well get her to stay in a serviced apartment then. There's one just across the road from where he'll be. She's so old, how can they let her live alone?

She's probably better off staying where she is now. At least, she's surrounded with friends and in-house care taker.

Tak masuk akal betul!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ignore her, she can’t focus on two things at once.

Hello, Blog-people! It's been awhile, huh? The usual suspects are home-life, work and traffic jam.

I've been thinking (uh-oh!) about something these past weeks, and have talked to the boss about it. He's given me an okay for it, but now I'm not too sure if I'm giving the right signal. You see, I asked if I can opt for a notebook instead of a desktop. The reason I gave was so I can leave office earlier and then continue my work at home.

By earlier I mean 6pm on the dot. I've been hanging out until seven or eight-ish to clear some work (and to let the traffic ease a bit) -- those unimportant stuff that I cannot finish between work hours due to other tasks that needs my attention more. The tasks are really petty, like profiling, writing minutes, completing weekly reports or replying to emails. So I thought wouldn't it be easier if I can bring it home to work on but because a lot of if are in my desktop...

And once the email has been downloaded into Outlook, I've no way of seeing it anymore, hence the reason why I wanted to get a Berry. By having a notebook, I suppose I don't have to get the Berry anymore, huh? Can straight go for N8. Heee!

I am in no way a workaholic. Just thought having a notebook would be handy is all. And the traffic on Fridays are a killer. Since we are allowed to leave earlier on that day, I can skip the traffic all together.

Hence, I hope by saying 'so I can work at home' does not mean I'll be working 24/7 and expected to be doing so. Maybe, I'm just over thinking this.

Oh well...


Friday, November 5, 2010

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

It is the time of the year again to list down your 'Wishlist'! ^_^ Belum apa-apa dah ada wishlist.

First on my list would be a Blackberry. It has always been in the peripheral of my mind but I don't have a need for it, until now. With work getting really crazy (and I'm loving it!), I think this device can help me a bit. A toss between Bold and Curve 3G, I'm choosing the latter because...
Blackberry Curve 9300

I wanna keep the extra moolah saved to get this!!!
Nokia N8
Nokia N8! This would be a perfect upgrade to my N82. With 12MP Carl Zeiss camera and Xenon flash... what's not to love? IggySingh has jumped into it first last week and she's loving the new phone. Can't wait to get my hands on mine. Tapi kena invest in a Berry dulu la ye. Uhuks.

One phone for work and one phone for play :-)