Monday, November 23, 2009

Allow me to bitch for a moment, please.

I don't really understand how my GENERAL MANAGER work, or even if he knows what he's doing (mostly ~I've worked with many GMs before, this one is not up to par). Really. Migrating without any backup plan? Has he done this before? Ikut suka-suka jek migrate.

I keep receiving notification emails now. I've accummulated 985 emails of the same thing today. WTF?

Before the server crashed, I sent an email to those involved; apparently the two IT people who are supposed to be in communication with each other, did not. And this GM gave out instruction without checking if the new email addresses have been created.

So, vendor A said 'we are in the midst of creating your email addresses', the GM send an email to IT dept asking to create a notification to let people know we've changed our email and to practically delete our old mailboxes.

Hence, our emails from the old domain trying to find the new address in B but because it has not been created couldn't find it and it bounced back and forth creating a loop!

You know, I am so glad I've worked with Mr Gadget before. At least, he's anal enough to teach me a thing or two. And one of it was not to get into shitz like above.

Tomorrow I am going to speak to boss to let me handle this. I mean, I've run an entire office before, right. This should come under my watch methink.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

It is, like, so true ok. I am depressed because the future of my next semester seems bleak at the moment.

I've been given Math for Management as one of the subjects. I am adamant not to sit for it this semester, hence I've been trying to drop it for something else. MM is like Add Math and the last time I sat for it, I got ZERO. Habis kuat pun 2% marks.

I'm saving that paper for later, thanks.

I was told Ethics was on of the subjects offered this semester, so the first time I submitted my form was to replace MM for Ethics. It was rejected; I'm told I can only pick up that subject in May and I can only replace MM with any other core subjects.

Thus, my second submission was to replace it with another HR subject (I've already one HR subject next sem). But alas, it has been rejected again because there is a prerequisite for that particular subject.


The faculty suggested I replace it with Introduction to Statistics instead. Benci lah. I want nothing to do with numbers, can or not?

I've written back asking if there is any other subject that does not involves any calculations that he can recommend. It normally takes them a day to reply, so hopefully I'll get some answer tomorrow.

Taking two subjects only is out of the question as I do not want to waste any more time. As it is, this semester I've wasted one slot as Prep Math was not part of my course structure.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

I feel like as if we're in Forks. It's been raining every day. My umbrella has not a chance to dry. The other day I actually saw someone wearing a trenchcoat near my workplace. He doesn't look local, though. Perhaps, we should start wearing one, too ;)

Because of the wet weather, I managed to catch myself a cold. Ugh! I haven't visit the doctors yet, though. Saving it for Friday (macam ni pun boleh kan?), hehe.

Being sick makes me a lil' bit moody. Not bothered to catch my usual TV series so far. Instead, I curl up in bed re-reading Twilight.

Can't wait to watch New Moon movie, which opens next week. I have gladly let myself be double-booked to watch this movie with friends - MC and IggySingh respectively.

I should start packing to go home, lest I miss the 6:45pm bus again and have to wait for an hour and a half for the next one to come.



Monday, November 16, 2009

A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.

Over the weekend, I sat for two mid-term exam papers, one of which was math. I think I've said it too often -- I HATE numbers (except money. Ha!). But, surprisingly the questions weren't that bad. I managed to work out most of them, except those 'Log' questions.

Haram jadah I ingat how to do it. Haha. So, tembak je la kan :p

And today the registration for next semester is open. I thought we'll be given a breather, but alas, there's Mathematic for Management pulak. Haih! I dunno, man, feel like dropping it but if I do, it's like admitting defeat as well as prolonging the inevitable, right?

Oh, sungguh dilemma!

Anyhow, I'm waiting what the others in my 'study group' (a term loosely used because we don't really study together) say. If all of them not picking up the subject, then I may drop it to for now. I need 'moral' support in order to get through math uols. Lol.

Moving on.

Since the parking operator at BTS Station has increased their daily parking rate by RM1, I thought it'd be best to use the feeder bus instead. Rapid KL has this pass-thingy which if you utilised it totally, was rather a good deal.

Thus, I've decided to purchase it for November and it appears to be the best investment worth RM150 ever!

They have other types of passes i.e. for LRT only, for bus only, etc. which are reasonably priced. And the best part is that over the weekend and public holidays, you're allowed to bring along an adult plus a maximum of 4 children to ride with you free!

As it turns out, now that Mira's ballet classes are scheduled at the busiest time in Bukit Bintang, I have started to rely on public transport to get us there. The pass prove to be very useful and became the cheapest way to get around. So cool, like that.

The downside of it is that we have to start our journey two hours earlier because of the waiting around, you know. Have to wait for the Tempatan bus to take us from our house to the hub, and then wait for the Utama bus to take us into BB. The journey itself only took us an hour at most.

And also when it rains, getting on and off the bus can be an arse. Like yesterday afternoon. Eventhough we had an umbrella, I was soaked (but of course, Mira was not lah)!

It was nice to play in the rain though. Hehe.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perdana Discourse Series 10

Before this news got stale...

Last week I attended the Perdana Discourse Series: The Role of Women and Youth in National Development that was held at the Perdana Leadership Foundation.

About a month ago, my Uni asked for those interested in attending this event to submit our names. I did and two weeks later, I received an official invitation to attend on behalf. There were four others students, of which satu pun mak tak jumpa kat sana, apakes? :p

So, last week Wednesday I took the day off from work and made my way to Putrajaya. Here are some photos that I managed to take of the event. Unfortunately, I sat way... way... back, so couldn't get clear ones (click on the photos to view it better).

Keynote address by YBhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Receiving a token from UiTM.

The Panel: Associate Prof. Saliha Hassan from UKM, Ms Dina Zaman and Tengku Zafrul Aziz.

This Discourse series was the final instalment of the Perdana Discourse Series jointly organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation and UiTM, hence I did not hesitate to submit my name to attend. And I'm glad I attended it, too.

I'll be sitting for my mid-term this weekend and next week I'll have to register for the next semester. How time flies!


Monday, November 2, 2009

What are you staring at? Go polish something.

My weekends used to be carefree. I always look forward to it; time for me to rest, have a sleep in, enjoy the slow pace, being lazy and spending time at home doing domestic stuff.

There were also weekends which I had nothing to do until my mind can go numb until I started to wish for Monday to come already. But from this week onwards? I think I am more relaxed during the week these days.

On Saturday, it was Mort's birthday and as I have already planned to take him to the vet, Mira and I started our day early that morning. We went to the vet that was introduced by Nong this time.

At the clinic, we discovered that the last time we took him to the (other) clinic (in March / April), the vet only took his poo sample to check for worms and flea infection. She didn't vaccinate him. So we had to do that first and thus, his operation can only be scheduled two weeks later.

I just realize I have mid-term that week, will have to push vet visit to the week after lah.

We were supposed to attend Z&Z's birthday party but DH wanted to use the car to go to work that afternoon. Thus, Mira and I stayed home, we took a nap instead.

Sunday morning, I took Mira to her ballet.

Starting from this weekend, she has to attend an extra class on Saturdays. The timeslot that was given by the school initially clashes with my fortnight tutorials, but we've sorted it out. She will have to attend Saturday afternoon for extra classes and Sunday mornings for her usual class.

Or so I thought.

On Sunday after the class, her teacher pulled me aside. She think Mira'll need another hour extra class to ensure that she'll be good and ready for the exam in April. Kesudahannya, she has been enrolled to two one-hour classes on Sunday back to back, which started yesterday itself, on top of her extra class on Saturdays.

Bontot mak stiff and flat uols by the time she finished her sessions!

And then after we had a quick lunch, we had to sit through a horrible jam that started in the parking area itself, for forty five minutes!

It's not that I dread it, any time I get to spend with Mira we had fun. It's just the waiting je yang tak larat.

Anyway, I will have to figure out how to kill 2 hours of my time. Reading at the centre itself is not advisable. Oftentimes, the place is like a nursery; with screaming kids and crying babies.

Mana lagi nak lepak (yang tak melibatkan berpuluh-puluh wang ringgit)?