Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.

Merry had one of these way ahead of me -- mommy's network at school. Now that Mira's in primary school, I have a bunch of them myself. Other than as a point to check about school happenings and homework, we look out for each others kids.

While chatting with them yesterday morning over gimrama class, I discovered a few amusing things about Mira.

One of her classmate's mom works nearby the school, so she frequently come over to check on her daughter after school. Sometimes she'll bring over lunch as well. One day last week she offered Mira to join them as I was late. She asked in Malay if Mira would like to have some food but boleh tak her kid told the mom that 'Mira ni cakap English je, ibu. Ibu kena cakap English dengan dia.-_-"

And then another of her classmate's mom, a tiny girl that reminded me of Daria from the moment I saw her (her name memang starts with D pun) and I shall call her that in here from now on, chipped in 'Oh, ni la mak Mira yang Daria cerita cakap English je tu.'

I always assumed that was the main reason no one wanted to befriend her in that other school she went to for pre-school the first six months of last year. Apparently, it's true wtf.

The thing is kan, it's not like she converse really well in English. Basically, she doesn't really converse in any language well at all. Tak lah petah mana pun compared to her peers. Dah la masih pelat and she can't pronounce 'R' well. Somehow, she prefers to use English when communicating, and when she tries to speak in Malay bunyi dia agak kelakar. Susun atur ayat pun lintang pukang. You need to really know where she's coming from to understand her. Her ayah can hardly pick up what she's saying, but he's picking up on it after spending two weeks at home with her.

I'm trying to fix this. This worries me, and yes, as pointed out by one of the mom that it is good how she can speak English, I'd rather her be able to speak well in both language. That's the point isn't it? Of being able to speak more than one language -- that you have good command of both.

Anyway. When Daria told her mom about Mira, so the mom asked her if that bothers her. She said no because Mira is her friend and she speaks English with Mira, too. She also told her mom how there was this one day the class teacher was called to attend a meeting and asked the class monitor to look after the class. But the class monitor's a rather soft spoken girl, hence these two girls helped her in maintaining silence and order... by being loud themselves.

One will shout 'keep quiet!' whilst the other will say 'senyap la!'. LOL.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

It sended! Please come back!

Whenever I come across quotes such as above (spoken by Gloria Pritchett of Modern Family) that I think I can use for my post title, I'll stick it on a blank form to be revisited later. I have been trying to start an entry but kept putting it off. This entry originally has a picture of a cute lil' bunny with a 'Happy Chinese New Year' wish on it.

Chinese New Year dah habis dah, so it has now become irrelevant. Lol.

On Friday I told DH to drop me off at the library after we send Mira to her gimrama class on Saturday. The plan was for them to pick me up in the afternoon. I want to do some reading as well as work on my assignments. He couldn't understand why I need to go to the library, why can't I study at home instead.

Well... I haven't manage to start anything at home since the start of the semester because of daily distractions...

For one, I've to check Mira's school homework every day. If there's no homework, I'll help her do some revision or prepare for the next day or we'll do some reading exercise (she still can't read Malay well). That took a lot of my time (and patience), really.

Then, I'd spend a few minutes to gomol the cats and kittens, especially Mort and Kimot (aka Momort Kecik). Gosh, I love burying my face in their fur, smelling them, kissing them, hugging them, etc. They somehow kept me feeling relax. I'm hook to this ritual that on work days I'll be thinking of them by 5p.m. and can't wait to get home. It's like a drug, I tell ya!

Then, I'd spend HOURS minding my city in CityVille.

I love my town! I would want to live here, too!
Yeah, yeah, I could use this period to study... :-p

Then, I'd want to re-read the In Death series on my iPod. It's like I don't have any new materials, right? I keep on going back to the same. Now that I've discovered the series in iBook version, I have downloaded all of them ebooks in my iPod. It's the coolest thing in my life right now.

Then, it's time to go to bed because I've to wake up at 5 the next morning.

Tell me where got time to study?? (Totally ignoring the evident CityVille timeslot)

Unfortunately, school 1 wants to use the white hall on Saturday for their Kem Bestari Solat, so the coach had to move gimrama to Sunday. So hasrat murni mak nak study at the library terbantut. I had all the intention to follow the plan through on Sunday, but alas...

So yeah, didn't manage to study even a sentence. I didn't even lift the book ffs. Now he understood why I need to go to the library lah coz he didn't see me studying also, but too late already. There's tutorial next week anyway, and I doubt I can do any reading over the week either.

Due date to submit the assignments? 14th next month. I can do F.A. on my own because it's mostly to do with analysing public records. But for the other subject I've to ask for info from a 3rd party before I can formulate my report. I've no clue what info to ask because I have no idea what the subject is about.

Har har!

Eh. What is new there?