Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart.

Got home late, just about to settle for the night. Took half day leave today to drive Mira to her pre-rehearsal at the hall. We left just after 4pm, luckily because it rained on the way. We only got there at about 5pm!

She's supposed to report herself in at half past five. We had plenty of time to chill before that.

After I've handed her over to the chaperons, I went upstairs to wait. Took the chance to check out the seats that I bought for this Sunday. Not bad... not bad at all. I'm very happy with my choice.

I think, after numerous concert-going occasions, unless it is something that you really need to look up close, seating as high as you can is the best choice. Why? Because you want to be able to see the whole dance formation or routine. If you seat too close to the stage, you may see be able to see your kid but you wont be able to see her dance, right?

So yeah, I like my seats. Can see the whole stage from where I'm at.

After Mira's group has performed, I took her upstairs so we can change her out of her costume. That was about quarter to seven. She wanted to stay for a bit to see the others perform. We ended up staying until nine!

The first to practice was the Pre-primaries. If I remember correctly, they were dancing to Lilo & Stitch. After that there was another class from a different centre before it was Mira's turn.

You can see the higher the grade, the more polish the performance and the kids more organised. Lol.

There were the usual ballet performances, tap dance, modern, salsa and broad way styled. Not only the kids performed, but some of the teachers, too.

Oh, and if you have a son who likes to dance, get him to learn tap dance (if you think ballet is too sissy lah). There were two boys performing together in one of the tap dance routines and they looked so cool!

The show's coming along nicely, I feel. There'll be a full dress rehearsal this Friday evening before the first show on Saturday and then another on Sunday.

I am looking forward to it, actually ^_^


Monday, June 28, 2010

Waka Waka Eh Eh!

Miroslav Klose, Merry's favourite German, scored the opening goal against England.

The final score:

Four-freaking goals! Germany's going to the Quarter Finals, bay-beh. My 2 bosses must be rightly pissed.

I wonder if I have a job to go to tomorrow ;-)

TV1's showing the delayed telecast now. I find it very amusing to see them commenting like as if England's gonna win this when *we all* already know what's the score like. And talking about the 'non-goal' by Lampard. Lol.

But. It's fun to watch the match again.

Anyway, I'll try to catch ARG vs MEX later... if I'm not too sleepy lah. Need to know who's Germany facing next and what's the competition like, ya' know. Hehe.


Friday, June 25, 2010

In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.

You can't find it in this blog, but when I admin my own a few years back I followed the 2006 World Cup. I had never bothered but that year I thought it would be fun to participate.

I don't even have a team to support. I did my review while watching the group games and fell in love with Germany ever since.

Ada Michael Ballack yang hensem was an added bonus. Hehe. (However, this year he's not in the team due to some injuries.)

To make it more interesting, my two bosses are fans of England. When my team made it to the Round of 16 and now will be facing England... mayhem ensues. Lol.




Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad day...

I managed to get sick. Boss sent me home to take a rest. I think I was only in the office for two hours today. Dunno if I can come in tomorrow because as I am writing this, I think the fever has made an appearance. Sigh.

I shall persevere (to get better before dawn)!

The weather was so hot and dry over the weekend, I know I shouldn't but I succumbed to the temptation of having very cold things to cool down.  Like iced cold Coke, a large root beer float, waffles with ice cream, etc.

Mira had double classes so early in the morning and then I had to drive out to Taman Segar for Booboo's food. There are two pet stores there but the traffic, OMG! was horrendous. Just over the few strips of road. Entah apa-apa!

I even managed to get my car scratched by another. Tak sempat-sempat nak jalan. I couldn't even stop by the road side or park my car. On Sunday (Booboo direly in need of his pallets; gave him apples, alfalfa, carrots -- makan tak kenyang je), I suddenly thought of the pet store in Connaught CMC where I bought him from.

And viola! they have it on sale. Booboo only take specific brands of pallets ok, that's why I had to scout for it. Small pet shops normally doesn't carry it. I usually bought it from Pets Wonderland.

So now I'm paying for my bad judgement. Have been sneezing numerous times since Sunday. It now has some what stopped because the cold has arrived. I hate getting sick :(

To make things worst, I am having the heaviest period of my life! Like, really heavy punya ni. I've to resort to the maxi ones and I have to use 2 at one time. Even with that I've to change every hour, if not it'll leak.


To the max!

Ok, I'm going to swallow a few pills and sleep.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Movie Night: Sex and the City 2

The much awaited movie finally arrived at our shores! We've been planning to watch this together for ages. As soon as we know the movie schedules for Friday, we quickly make all our decisions.

We went to KLCC because Pavilion hasn't any show that starts at 8-ish (unless you wanna fork out moolah for Gold Class). We had dinner before that and it was good catching up and sharing life stories over dim sum :)

By 'we' I meant Nong, MC, Lah and me. Merry bailed out on us to support her World Cup team smh.

The movie was fun and hilarious! We laughed all the way through. And we had a bunch of sporting folks in the same cinema that added to the fun experience we had. I mean, they get ALL the jokes. LOL.

Oh, and Liza Minnelli singing Single Ladies?

So full of WIN uols! I felt like clapping at the end of it. It also makes me wanna learn the steps seriously now. Hahaha.

I find the movie very enjoyable to watch, especially with your girlfriends. So really, what the bad reviewers and reviews were all about?

Next stop... ECLIPSE! ^_^


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

This is like 19 years too late for me, at least. Can't really count from the exact date it was first published now. I WAS ONLY THREE! Lol.

Besides, I'm no Queen's biggest fan to actually know their whole library of songs.

But oh em gee, I can't get this song out of my head now. I'd be humming and singing every chance I got. No thanks to Glee for reintroducing this song to me.

It was performed by Vocal Adrenaline in the Regionals. It was really fantastically done.


Watch the vids -- got it via YouTube.

Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters...


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mixed emotions...

Mid term exam is just around the corner. Mine, not Mira's. Heh. I have approximately 3 weeks to prepare for it. Should be ok lah -- sup sup soi one.

The plan is to concentrate on one subject this week, another next and do revisions the week after. My first paper is on the 5th and the other is on the 7th. Also, there's a little bugger of an assignment to be completed for submission on the 11th.

Busy, busy, busy. 'Honeymoon' period is officially over. So, I'll work on the assignment starting this weekend over the next few weeks. Need to look for survey 'victim' soon-ish. Hehe. (Kawan-kawan, bersedia lah ye ;))

On that note, I got my last semester result last Friday.

You know, I've been thinking over the past few weeks, what if I didn't pass my math at all. I've concentrate too much on it and the other two important subjects got some-what sidelined.

I did revisions upon revisions, I printed all the past years exam papers I can get hold of. I practised diligently and then submit it to my tutor for feedback. I even went to the library to borrow books about math (I knowwwww, wtf right?).

And yes, I am glad to announce that I scored an A for Management Math. For realz yo. I did it my way (poyo).

In school, I merely pass cukup-cukup makan, or worst still for Add Math, nothing more than 10% marks. Lol. That's the reason why I'm so paranoid I'd fail this subject this time around. But alas, I raised above it, cewah.


The other two subjects suffered. It was very perplexing to see it. It wasn't what I aimed for. C+ and a C for HRM and Micro-Econs respectively. *sad face*

So yes, mixed feelings about last sem result. On one hand I am elated that I scored math (at last!!), but feel bummed that I couldn't even get a B for the other two. Sad sad sad.

Well, I'll try harder this sem then :)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

It was really all about wearing the tutu.

With the dance gala less than a month away, the school handed out the girls' costume to be brought home today. I understand that ballet is not all about the tutus but the tutu is all I care about. LOL.

Anyway, we're asked to complete the costumes with flowers and diamonds. Because I am in the mood to sew, I did it today itself. Knowing me, once I start procrastinating it'll not be done until the very last minute.

Here are some shots of Mira fashioning her Ballerina Princess costume...

There should be a bow on each shoes, but we'll do that closer to concert date mmm'kay.

For the next few weekends, she has to attend double classes (here we go again) to work more on the dance that they're to perform. I'll also have to take half day leaves for two days to drive her to the full dress rehearsals at the end of the month.

I was just thinking of taking the extra leave I get for yesterday's public holiday next Monday, but alas, I'll reserve that for the rehearsals lah.

For those who would like to attend the Dance Charity Gala, you can purchase the tickets (donations) from any Jean Gan Ballet school. There are two shows, 3rd and 4th July -- performance by the different branches, to be held at the PJ Civic Hall.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Defying gravity

I came home without any dinner planned. Thought I'd order McDonald's but apparently the store that serves my area aren't taking any orders for delivery. Something about 'weather conditions' I'm told.

'What weather conditions?' I asked incredulously and he replied, 'It's raining ma'am'.

'Not it is not but THAT'S OK TQVM!' -- mak majuks. Huhu. Really, setitik hujan pun takde ok. Apakah?

Always my bad luck when ordering for delivery from them. I think out of 10 times, I'd only be able to order 3-4. Otherwise, it is either the store is too busy to handle orders or 'weather conditions'. And to think there are actually 2 stores that are near to where I live. Apakah?

Then I tried ordering for pizza online. I faced problems placing an online order via Pizza Hut website, what luck? Another 'weather conditions' problem, I guess.

(I prefer ordering online so I can straight away pay them via M2U, see).

So, I went to check out Domino's. Haven't ordered pizza from them for ages!

And surprise, surprise, they accepted my order. Also, ordering online from them is more fun. Check out this GPS thingy they have -- you can see your order's progress!

Cool or what? I'm so easily amused. Lol.

Oh, it now said my pizza is being delivered. Once it is at the 'Delivering' stage, you can even see who'll sending your pizza over. And there's also a timer.

Gotta go wait for it at the door then -- we're SO hungry uols.

p/s Pizza delivered ON TIME! Thanks Domino's.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Among other things...

Anxiety attack. That's what happened to me yesterday. Well, that's what the doctor concluded because nothing was wrong with me -- blood pressure ok, blood sugar level ok, heart check pun ok.

It was scary, nonetheless.

Work is getting on well. I'm getting busier day by day. I guess that is a good thing ;)

I have decided to grant Mira's wish to be transferred back to Q-dees. She's unhappy. Nak kata dia sangat stress pegi sekolah tetiap pagi pun boleh jugak. So, after much thought (and congak-congak bajet), ok lah.

If we face the same situation at work, we'd be busy finding new place to go, trying to jump ship too, right? But she has to promise to work harder and do her homework diligently :p

Looks like the budget for my PC upgrade has to be prolonged into another month. Boohoo.

That is all for now, I think.

Oh my god!! June already????