Defying gravity

I came home without any dinner planned. Thought I'd order McDonald's but apparently the store that serves my area aren't taking any orders for delivery. Something about 'weather conditions' I'm told.

'What weather conditions?' I asked incredulously and he replied, 'It's raining ma'am'.

'Not it is not but THAT'S OK TQVM!' -- mak majuks. Huhu. Really, setitik hujan pun takde ok. Apakah?

Always my bad luck when ordering for delivery from them. I think out of 10 times, I'd only be able to order 3-4. Otherwise, it is either the store is too busy to handle orders or 'weather conditions'. And to think there are actually 2 stores that are near to where I live. Apakah?

Then I tried ordering for pizza online. I faced problems placing an online order via Pizza Hut website, what luck? Another 'weather conditions' problem, I guess.

(I prefer ordering online so I can straight away pay them via M2U, see).

So, I went to check out Domino's. Haven't ordered pizza from them for ages!

And surprise, surprise, they accepted my order. Also, ordering online from them is more fun. Check out this GPS thingy they have -- you can see your order's progress!

Cool or what? I'm so easily amused. Lol.

Oh, it now said my pizza is being delivered. Once it is at the 'Delivering' stage, you can even see who'll sending your pizza over. And there's also a timer.

Gotta go wait for it at the door then -- we're SO hungry uols.

p/s Pizza delivered ON TIME! Thanks Domino's.



nong@kween said…
I was ordering domino's the other at their outlet. the pick up time says mi order will be ready at 1712. Lo and behold, 1712, nama mak dipanggil n my pizza ready.

mmg efficient.
Larawannabe said…
kagum kan? theyols belajar 6 sigma ke apa? lol. esok lusa boleh la order lagi ;)