Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Snapshots Moved

I've decided to use the Vox blog to post my Weekend Snapshot entries from now on. At least, there's a use for it rather than leaving it idle collecting dust. Not that you can find dusts in here. Hehe.

This link will bring you there.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Sticker Chart Can Help Modify Your Child's Behaviour

by Tammy Embrich

Are you at your wits end with cycle after cycle of bad behavior with your child? Do you raise your voice more than you'd like to?

It is true that children know exactly what buttons to push when it comes to discipline. They know when and how to test your allowances. YOU...The parent, should be in full charge. Not the other way around. A colorful sticker chart proudly displayed on your refrigerator can be of some significant assistance.

A behavior modification plan (if used properly) can successfully break through the cycles of undesirable or bad behavior. This can also be an effective learning tool to assist them in progressing to a new level of social development. Children love stickers. They make them feel special.

Present this behavior modification plan to your child with enthusiasm. Talk about it in a positive way. Let them know that you want them to learn and maintain good behavior habits and this is a really fun way of doing it. Take them shopping with you to pick out the stickers. Have your spouse join in on the excitement.

It is advised to give the plan four to six weeks to be effective. This should give your child a clear understanding of YOUR expectations for his or her behavior. These charts can also be used to assist with daily chores and homework.

Sticker charts assisted me in disciplining my own son. It worked like a charm. You can use various colors of construction paper to make these charts. I used the color blue. That is my son's favorite color. I used a black magic marker to outline the charts. But, use your can make them up however you wish. You can also use poster paper.

At the top of the chart, write your child's name. Then list the desirable behaviors that he or she need to learn. For example: honesty, cooperation, responsibility, kindness.

Making a chart up for each month is ideal. Draw lines separating the listed behaviors. Place the date on the left side of the chart...drawing lines for each day of the month. This way, you will have a square to display a sticker for good behavior for that particular day. Make sure you have bright, colorful stickers on hand at all times. They can include, smiley faces, stars, hearts...anything that you think will capture your child's attention or anything they might like.

For each day your child earns your approval on a particular behavior, place a sticker on the chart for that day. Be generous when just beginning the plan to motivate and encourage. Then adjust the amount of rewards accordingly.

Help your child understand the value behind these behavior changes...(to feel better about themselves, not just to please you.)

Here are some helpful tips:
1) Be consistent with the plan. If your child feels that you have lost interest in the charts...he or she will most likely lose interest as well.

2) Go the extra mile and really show your admiration, appreciation, and approval when they display desirable behavior.

3) Take stickers with you wherever you go. You can also reward your child with them when you're away from home. Children love to wear them on their clothes.

4) These charts are beneficial for teachers as well as parents

5) When your child completes a whole week (or month) earning stickers consequetively everyday, give them a special treat. Go out for pizza, go to the show, or let them invite a friend to stay over for the weekend.

6) (Important)...Never, ever forget to use plenty of smiles, hugs, kisses, and praise along with the rewards. Hugs and kisses go a long way. It is important to let your children know they are loved and special.

Article written by: Tammy Embrich

Tammy is an Internet Marketer and is the
Owner of:
And Owner of:
Tammy's two WAH websites focus on free telecommute job leads and more.

Article Source: WAHM Articles


Friday, July 25, 2008


\rih-NAS-uhnt\, adjective:
Springing or rising again into being; showing renewed vigor.

Hurray, Friday is here! It's appears I only live for the weekends. Lol. I suppose I do. Eventhough I hardly do anything much except read, write and do domestic stuff. I don't go out either.

At least, I watch movies at the cinema on most Fridays, so I guess I'm not that boring.

Speaking of which, I'm so excited we'll be watching The Dark Knight tonight. At midnight y'all, because Su has got a shopping list to run through later. Thus, we won't be able to fit our usual nine-ish movie time.

Why So Serious?

We've got prime seats -- middle, right at the back! I have decided that we will only sit at the back against the wall because the last time we sat one row in front of it, we've an encounter with someone's peeping foot. Very unpleasant.

So yes, the prospect of dinner, drinks, shopping and movie; as well as the company, are very much anticipated. Woohoo!

Yesterday over lunch, I dragged Cyn to Borders to find out if they've any news about Breaking Dawn. This is just as a follow up to my first enquiry last month.

You know what's annoying, though? When the Information Counter staff themselves do not have the information you asked for.

Maybe Borders should rename it to MISinformation Counter, instead?

This is my third try in getting a resolute answer from them. Two Mondays ago I called them up and the lady who answered gave me the roundabout. It's like they cannot even commit to give me any answer.

Would have been simple to just say they expect it to arrive at such and such time but best if I check back at the end of the month to be sure, or something.

The second time I checked was last Friday. The lady showed me a booking form, stated right on top the release date, in bold and all. But when I asked her to confirm, she couldn't. WTF?

So, I didn't jot down my name. I still have time to cancel my order from Amazon if need be.

Yesterday, when I walked towards the Info Counter, there's this easel with Breaking Dawn's cover poster advertising the release date as August 4th. I made an enquiry with the guy who was manning the counter. And you know what? He don't know nuts about the book.

Hahahahahahahahahaha! *died laughing out too loud and has gone to meet Edward Cullen himself for some vampire loving*

When the bloody poster was right under his nose, y'all. Even when I kept pointing at the easel, he seemed oblivious to it.

Sigh. Where have all good service gone to?

Anyway, he did gave out a satisfactory answer to my 'loaded' question. Said the books they ordered haven't arrived yet but it will be here by the release date. I asked if I should put my name to reserve a copy but he said it may not be necessary. They've ordered a plenty so it seems.

I'm sure he hasn't a clue there is a booking list/form but I couldn't be bothered to argue.

I have now canceled my pre-order from Amazon. Looks like I'll be able to get my hands on the book at the same time as the rest of the world (except US :p) after all. Another round of 'woohoo!' is in order.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Sims 2: Apartment Life

A couple of months back, when The Sims 2: FreeTime was released, EA announced their eighth, and possibly final, expansion pack for this platform -- Apartment Life. As the title suggests, it's about the Sims living in apartment complexes, having their own roomies and sharing facilities with neighbours.

I thought, 'Hmm... is it not the same as University?'. But apparently, this expansion pack is different. It'll add another pre-made neighbourhood where you'll find many apartment complex for you to choose where you'd wanna put your Sims in. As well as new communities such as libraries, coffee shops and grocery stores.

Could be interesting, no? There will be new interactions to work with too, and with it, you'll have a new game play. I'm excited! More so compared to FreeTime.

The game is schedule to be released sometime end of August.

Other features that was listed, if you were to visit the game's official website, are:
  • Move into the perfect apartment: a spacious loft, a cozy place for a young couple, or a multi-bedroom flat-share with friends.
  • Mingle with Sims from all-new social groups: stylish socialites, artsy bohemians, sports jocks, gadget-collecting techies, or edgy gearheads.
  • Take advantage of apartment life: form social networks to make new friends, advance their careers, or look for love.
  • Build your Sim's new reputation meter: with a good reputation, your Sim can find the right friends to help them achieve their goals!
  • Control multiple households: will you make your Sims live in happy harmony or comical conflict?

I've seen the video; it looks like so much fun to be had.

Should I get FreeTime, or not? I'm not really keen, but I've never missed an expansion pack before, though. If it's just so that the Sims could have hobbies... I dunno. Not like they've got a lot of time on their hands; juggling life, families, work and stuff. It's not easy being a Sims, you know. Lol.

First thing first, let's see if my PC can still run the game:
  • 1.3 Ghz processor (2.0 for Vista) - check
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB for Vista) - check
  • Windows(R) Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 2000 Operating System. - check
  • 8x or faster CD/DVD drive - check
  • At least 1.5 GB of additional hard drive space (5.0 GB total is required if installing both The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack at the same time.) - check
  • A T&L-capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM. - check

And I have the 'tested and approved' graphic card, too. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to upgrade my RAM first. Sigh. My shopping list has expanded and it's not even payday yet.

I'm not a fan of their Stuff Packs, but this latest one in particular peaked my interest -- The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff. See, when you're an IKEA freak, this is a definite must haves! Hahahahahaha.

The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff

The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff is available now at your nearest game store ;-)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Nights: The Two Movies

Yeay, it's Wednesday. If you must know, I draft this at home and post it from work. I still have no luck with home access. It's a bit annoying, actually.

Su and I are looking forward to watch The Dark Knight this Friday. Last week we saw Hellboy 2 and two weeks before that, Hancock. I enjoyed Hellboy 2 more compared to Hancock though.


We saw Hancock on the 4th of July. The movie's funny and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but after awhile it reminded me of 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'. Especially the part when the two superheros fight. The action and the way it was filmed; exactly the same y'all.

It's also irritating to have the censorship board cut out 'asshole' every. single. time! Like really, must they do that? It's not like we've never heard of it before, yeah. I think it's mild enough. By cutting it out, and if you've no clue what really was the issue about it, you'll missed the point as to why Hancock got so pissed off.

Ok, the story was about John Hancock, an alcoholic man with superhuman powers. He uses his powers to help stop criminals but his activity inadvertently causes property damage due to his constant intoxication. As a result, he got no love from the citizens. Boohoo.

One day, Hancock saved a PR person named Ray Embrey from an incoming train. As thanks, Ray offered to help improve Hancock's public image, and Hancock, after much thought, accepts. Ray convinces Hancock to surrender himself for the outstanding subpoenas he received so they can show the city how much they really needs Hancock. When the crime rate rises after Hancock's incarceration, the Chief of Police contacted him for help (mrasa lah!)

And so on, and so forth. There's a bittersweet love story intertwined in it. Sacrificial love and all that. Although, I couldn't understand the whole concept (of love).

I'd give this movie a 6 out of 10.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

I haven't seen the first movie, I must admit. I didn't know what to expect from this one. But I enjoyed Hellboy 2 immensely.

A Goblin built an unstoppable Golden Army for the King of Elves which could only be controlled by those of royal blood provided no one challenged their right to do so. The Golden Army was so tough, brutal and kills so mercilessly even the King felt remorse for the dead humans. He then forged a truce with humans to stop more bloodshed to happen.

Prince Nuada, the King's son, didn't agree with the truce, and left in exile. The crown was broken into three pieces so the Golden Army could never be raised again -- one was with the humans, one with his daughter Princess Nuala and the King kept the last piece.

Of course, after a while the exiled Prince will come back, right. And wanted to start a fight with the humans. If everything went all peachy, he wouldn't be written as such in the first place. Lol.

And the guy who played Prince Nuada? It's Luke Goss, y'all. From Bros. OMG! Bros!! Those times my cousin and I went gaga over them. Lol.

It didn't occurred to me who he was at first, I was more interested to find out who acted as Princess Nuala, it's Anna Walton btw, because she looked familiar (like Ally McBeal of the first few seasons -- when she still has some amount of fat on her body :p).

I checked IMDb first, then followed the other trails. Not until I read the Wiki for this movie I found out he was one of the twins. I also found Matt Goss. It's good to know they're still around doing their stuff.

So anyway, watch it to know the whole story but all I can say I'd give this movie an 8 out of 10.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I had been busy last week -- work's a bitch, but what's new. However, that's not a reason to not post anything. I tried, but I'm having difficulty accessing Google-related site from home.

I can't read my emails on Gmail, I can't read my feeds via Reader and I can hardly open up Blogger to post anything. WTF?

What's the problem? Is it me, my computer or Streamyx? I can surf other pages without trouble, except Google. Or is someone trying to block Blogger altogether because most Malaysian are using their platform to blog these days (apparently) :p

Enquiring mind wants to know.

But then again, I've no problem accessing it from office, though...


Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Things I Do

Have you visited website? Highly amusing. Lol! I came across it recently, although I can't remember how I got there now.

You can select your own celebrity to match with from a list of names. I first tried it out on my imaginary ex-boyfriend (yes, he's my ex now, haha) to see if we were a perfect match. See, past tense and all. This was what I got.

I knew it! I knew we'll only click intellectually because he's very smart and mature (for his age). I find that attributes very sexy. We'll surely have plenty of stuff to share and talk about.

Next, I tried to look for EC but of course, you'll never find him on the list because he's literally imaginary (ceh!). Thus, I went for the next best thing and here's our result.

Ooohhh... let's get physical, baby. I loike! I pretty much suspect it because other than he's hot, I know next to nothing about him. Lol.

Maybe I need to keep both of them -- one to feed on my intellect, another to feed on my physical needs. Yeah. That's a good imaginary idea. I am a Pisces after all ;-p

Anyway, you can also check on your best matches, where the website give you a list by calculating your biorhythm based on your birth dates. This was what given to me...

Except for Heath Ledger, the rest of the list does not amuse nor spike my interest. I've no idea who Kenny Chesney and Kip Pardue were until I Googled for them. Eric Bana and Kevin Richardson (of BSB) are so-so. They both looked alike in a way, don't they?


Go ahead, check what's yours. I know you want to ;-)


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update of Sorts

It took awhile, but the domain is now alive. Yeah, about time.

I've had it sorted out many moons ago, actually; but took my own sweet time to work on and update the index page. Thing is, I don't know exactly what to do with it. For now, it's a landing page of sort.

I seem to be leaving a lot of footprints around the interweb. I'll eventually link everything else up there.

And I have three blogs (four if you include the Myspace one). Wait, wait... five if you include the Dream Journal one. Oh! Sixth in Multiply, I just remembered. Goodness! Why do I need so many blogs?

Maybe I should transfer my creative work to Myspace's blog. That was what the profile page was for in the first place, other than connecting with other Tomb Raider's fan.

Not sure what to do with Vox, though. I opened an account there just before TextAmerica went fee-based. We're all scouring for the next moblog at that time. I've pretty much settled down at Flickr for that now.

That's all. For now.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New TV Classics, A Meme?

I saw the soon-to-be-a-new-mommy-for-the-3rd-time did this New TV Classic list thingy that was based on this EW's list, and I'm intrigued. Even if she didn't holler at me, I'd do it anyway. Lol.

Out of the 100 New TV Classics listed, these are / were my favourites:

THE SIMPSONS (1989-present)
What's not to like?

4. THE X-FILES (1993-2002)
Aaahhh... Mulder and Scully. I'd tried to never miss an episode. However, I stopped following the series after the alien abducted Mulder and we're left with Scully and Doggett.

5. SEX AND THE CITY (1998-2004)
I diligently followed the show since it's pilot. No, no. It's just not about sex. It's also about their friendship and relationship (or lack of). Oh, and fashion (ahuh).

7. THE COSBY SHOW (1984-92)
Left you feeling good at the end of every episode, doesn't it? There's another show that I like to watch side-by-side around this time. The Jeffersons, I think the name was.

9. FRIENDS (1994-2004)
They're so funny. Another show that I followed since their debut.

I'm a Buffy / Spike shipper. Sorry Angel :p

15. THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW (1986-present)
A good show to watch when you want a good cry to relief stress. Hehe.

20. BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 (1990-2000)
I went crazy over this show, that I'd taped every episode at that time! Then, I'll watch it again and again. Could never get enough. Who're my favourite? Brenda and Dylan, of course :p

21. ROSEANNE (1988-97)
I watch this mainly because of Darlene. Her sarcastic one-liners amused me much.

I think I've 'boldly go where no man has gone before' since William Shatner was the Captain! The ultimate cult TV over here, people. I find this one was to be my favourite. Maybe because I was old enough by then to have a crush on Wesley Crusher. Haha!

25. MIAMI VICE (1984-89)
Gawd. What was I thinking??? Lol.

Other than the interviews conducted by Dave, my favourite segments are 'Top Ten' and 'Sink or Float'. Haha.

32. GILMORE GIRLS (2000-07)
I like the grandmother-mother-daughter dynamics in this series.

35. CSI (2000-present)
My favourite CSI team ever!

41. FRASIER (1993-2004)
Full of lovable characters. Maybe also because it's a spin-off from Cheers. I like that show, too.

48. ALLY MCBEAL (1997-2002)
Quirky. Funny. Entertaining. Lots of awesome stars in it -- Lucy Liu, Jon Bon Jovi, Robert Downey Jr., et al.

54. MOONLIGHTING (1985-89)
There was Bruce Willis, Cybil Sheppard, drama, mystery, sexual tension. Looking back, I think I was too young to watch this show. Dunno how it got past my parents, though. Lol.

60. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (1995-2001)

62. HOUSE (2004-present)

66. GREY'S ANATOMY (2005-present)

Even though I can not stand the whiny Raymond, I'd still watch this show without fail.

77. THE GOLDEN GIRLS (1985-92)
In retrospect, I think this was like Sex and the City thirty or forty years later. Lol.

81. MURPHY BROWN (1988-98)
Gosh. Anyone remembered the controversy surrounded this show when Murphy became pregnant?

Eh. I've only started watching this since Astro brought in BBC Entertainment. But generally, I like anything with Jennifer Saunders (and Dawn French, also Catherine Tate. Love them!) in it. Hmmm... how come Little Britain was not included in this list?

OMG. The family was crazy hilarious!

89. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (1999-present)
Spongebob's house pet amuses me. A snail that meow? Awesome! Lol.

I like anything with home decoration in it. The guys were cool, too :)

98. MACGYVER (1985-1992)
Richard Dean Anderson. As well as feeling like a ms. smarty pants after each show.

There's an underlying theme here, isn't it? But what is it? I can't put my finger on it...


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


\puh-LAV-uhr; puh-LAH-vur\, noun:
1. Idle talk
2. Talk intended to beguile or deceive.
3. A parley usually between persons of different backgrounds or cultures or levels of sophistication; a talk; hence, a public conference and deliberation.

I have a new crave that started last week -- mocha latte. And I've decided I like Starbucks' the best. It doesn't help control my cravings by having to walk past the outlet every morning on my way to the office. Sigh.

This morning Peter came into the office looking very dashing, smart and handsome. I told him as much when I went to see him a while later. He said he went shopping last night. He splurged on Armani's and such. They're on sale, apparently.

Cyn and I have been wondering if we've missed the Mega Sale, but it appeared to have just started over the weekend. Or could be since last Friday? I just remembered seeing GAP's sale sign on their store window on the way to Signature. Hmmm...

I am missing my lunch partner. Maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling so down. Just tired and listless.

Speaking of work, I mentioned in passing to Jane about someone we know mutually. I am rather surprised to learn of her opinion about him as well as her observation that everything is all peachy. I wonder if the 'poison' has sunk in. Will there be no chance to remedy it? To right what is wrong?

Ugh! If it is too late, then I wouldn't want to be there when all hell break loose.

Manja the cat is in a peculiar mood these days. She likes to sit and sleep on plastic bags. She has stopped sleeping on our bed for a few weeks now. I think I've offended her some what. Maybe I have accidentally kick her or something while I'm sleeping. She just refused to sleep with me.

I did something I've never done before in my entire life. Not even when I was an impressionable teenager; at which age would be more appropriate to do this thing. I'm now feeling a little bit foolish, but it's too late to take it back.

I can't take it back. Full stop. I hope he'll find it amusing, toss it aside and forget all about it. Lol.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Movie Nights: Coming-Soons For July

Last month, I've made a list of movies to see in June. I managed to watched only one out of the listed four at this point. I'm still holding out for Wanted though. Most probably I'll go catch it with Daisy this Wednesday.

We can forget all about Kungfu Panda as well as Made of Honour. I'm a bit turned off to know the latter was very much the guy version of 'My Bestfriend's Wedding'. I'll wait for their DVD to come out later in the year.

July movies look promising... other than Hancock.
  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth, starting 10 July - I'm so gonna watch this on 3D
  2. Hellboy 2, also 10 July
  3. The Dark Knight, 17 July
  4. The X-Files, 24 July
  5. Sex & The City, also 24 July - I'm thinking of skipping this, to watch it on DVD instead
  6. The Mummy 3, 31 July - two Brendan Fraser movies in a month. Woohoo!

What shall we watch this week? Journey or Hellboy?? Hmm... I'll let Signature decide for me then. Lol.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 22

One of the best weekend of the past few weekends because I managed to complete my tasks. Teehee. I went to get the car light's fixed and was told that the gasket leaked, but nothing major. It can wait until my next oil change, so I couldn't be bothered to do anything to it.

I'm still broke from the last episode, please :p

Then, I send the car for a wash. It was pretty quick. I think I'll go for the wax and polish the next time.

Check out other Weekenders here. Have a great week ahead!


Friday, July 4, 2008


I can't wait to clock off to start my weekend. Another two more hours, more or less. To sink my butt on the cinema's comfy chair and just enjoy the remaining day with my BFF.

Not sure what I should be doing tomorrow as well as Sunday. Mira needs a haircut, maybe we'll drop by the hairdresser in the AM. May as well send the car for a wash -- it's terribly filthy. Oh! And get the left front light fixed, too.

Perhaps I'll be in the mood to clear up the bookshelves this week. It's becoming a little too crowded as well as unorganized. We'll see...

Dunno if DH has any plans, though.

What else... ?

I may be heading to KK next month for a weekend. A few of us are planning to visit JC. It'll be just me and not a family thing, I'm afraid. However, the airfare is what stalling us from confirming the exact date at the moment. Lol.

My lunch buddy will be away for the next two weeks. Boohoo. Looks like I'll be staying in with my books to entertain me. Hope she'll have a good trip.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


All alone in the moooooonlight
I can smile at the old days
I was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again

At the moment, I'm in the den typing this entry as well as listening to Britney Spears; whilst Mira is in the living room, listening to Linkin Park. Yeah... :p

My bosses are back from their long weekend today. I thought I'd be penalized for something someone else said I failed to do. However, nothing of that sort happened. We did talked about it, but The Hotness was rather cool about the whole thing. Instead of reprimanding me as what 'someone' said he'll do, we agreed to work closely together to avoid future complications.

All was well.

Memories At lunch, I went to pick up the RAMs I ordered from a shop in Megamall. We decided to just buy them ourself instead of ordering them from our IT Support Consultant. They wanted to charge us a bomb for our orders, like double the price we paid for these.

I mean, RAMs are not that expensive now, right. You should see the quote we received from Dell, too. It was exorbitant! Maybe theirs are made of gold.

But of course, I had to install them all on my own. Lol. I'm not even sure if Mr G knows how. I know the Hotness is capable, though. He's quite the geek himself.

I did nothing else but that for the whole afternoon. We upgraded everybody's RAM today. Phew! Hopefully, there'll be no more complaints from them.

Freakin' tiring, man! Those few old Dells we have were heavy. The newer models not so, thank goodness.

Anyway, everyone else has now a faster machine except moi. The IT Consultant who audited our PCs for this exercise had given us the wrong specs requirement. I now have an additional stick that cannot be used in my PC. Tomorrow I have to go down to the shop again to exchange it.

All in a day's work.

Tomorrow, Su and I will be watching Hancock. I thought it'd be cool to watch Wanted at the Gold Class (the timing thingy again), but alas, I was pressured not to waste RM60 per ticket for it. Lol. I actually had an earful from my colleague about it.

So, Hancock it is. Hopefully the movie will be as funny as its trailer ;-)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movie Nights: The Incredible Hulk

To tell you the truth, I had some reservations about this movie. Not very keen, neither am I thrilled at the prospect of watching this movie. I remembered the other Hulk movie. I don't quite like it.

Besides, seeing the CG of the Hulk from the trailers didn't help much to convince me otherwise. It looked so cartoon-ish. I prefer the old-skool human Hulk.

However, I was somewhat 'forced' to watch this movie last Friday, just because there wasn't a 9PM show for Wanted. I was in for a pleasant surprise, though.

Do not judge a movie by its trailer. Lol.

I enjoyed this version much better than the previous one. It's entertaining and engaging. Edward Norton was awesome as Bruce Banner. And Hulk was just that big massive angry green monster! Just how I like my Hulk to be.

Liv Tyler as Betty was... ok, I guess. William Hurt as General Ross was horribly loathsome! Which was good. Very in-character type thing. Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky gives you the creep, and then The Abomination was supremely evil.

The CG bits was bearable after all.

The climax of the movie; the face off between Hulk and Abomination was loud and full of rowr-ness! Which was rather ironic. You can see all these brutal scenes, but all the kissing scenes in this movie got cut. Yup, that's the Malaysian Censorship Board for you.

Anyway, watching the final battle, you can feel Hulk's pain. He's like so small compared to Abomination y'all. One backhand from Abomination can threw Hulk into and through the building and come out on the other side. Lol. Full of action. Very cool.

And even though I was looking forward to see Tony Stark's cameo, I was pleasantly surprised to see another special cameo as well.

Any one noticed Lou Ferrigno in this movie? The campus security guard? Thats the original Incredible Hulk y'all! The one that I watched growing up. Awesome!! I squee like a fangirl I am. I also learnt that Bill Bixby (original Bruce Banner from the TV series) made a cameo, too. As well as Stan Lee. But I didn't catch those. Oh well...

And then when Tony Stark actually came on screen, I totally lost the whole storyline there. I couldn't get what was exchanged between the General and him. Seriously. I think it was because when we watched Iron Man, we didn't see the ending after the credits.

M mentioned about it to me, but she didn't tell me what it was all about. There was a scene where Nick Fury came to see Tony Stark at his apartment and mentioned about joining his 'team'. If you're a follower of Marvel superheroes, you'll know he's talking about The Avengers.

However, I'm not into comics, hence I was clueless. I came home and try to Google for it. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who 'didn't get it'. Some one in that thread disdainfully said, 'Know your Marvel history!'. Lol. Here's the answer.

Therefore, in this movie, Tony Stark came looking for Bruce Banner to get him to join the 'team'. He went to see the General because he knows where to find Bruce Banner (apparently). This will eventually tie-in with the Avengers movie scheduled for release in 2011.

Exciting, yes? I feel like a superheroes geek right now. Awesomeness! Le sigh.