Movie Nights: Coming-Soons For July

Last month, I've made a list of movies to see in June. I managed to watched only one out of the listed four at this point. I'm still holding out for Wanted though. Most probably I'll go catch it with Daisy this Wednesday.

We can forget all about Kungfu Panda as well as Made of Honour. I'm a bit turned off to know the latter was very much the guy version of 'My Bestfriend's Wedding'. I'll wait for their DVD to come out later in the year.

July movies look promising... other than Hancock.
  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth, starting 10 July - I'm so gonna watch this on 3D
  2. Hellboy 2, also 10 July
  3. The Dark Knight, 17 July
  4. The X-Files, 24 July
  5. Sex & The City, also 24 July - I'm thinking of skipping this, to watch it on DVD instead
  6. The Mummy 3, 31 July - two Brendan Fraser movies in a month. Woohoo!

What shall we watch this week? Journey or Hellboy?? Hmm... I'll let Signature decide for me then. Lol.



Wawa said…
wah, i can expect to get more late nite sms-es from you in july eh.

thank god my husband never asks me who gave me sms at 12 midnite.

Larawannabe said…
hehe. of course. it's my own little after-movie ritual ;)