Wednesday, January 30, 2008


stoic \STOH-ik\, noun:
1. (Capitalized). A member of a school of philosophy founded by Zeno holding that one should be free from passion, unmoved by joy or grief, and should submit without complaint to unavoidable necessity.
2. Hence, one who is apparently or professedly indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain, joy or grief.

1. Of or pertaining to the Stoics; resembling the Stoics or their doctrines.
2. Not affected by passion; being or appearing indifferent to pleasure or pain, joy or grief.

via Dictionary dot com

Indifferent to pain, I am not.

I think I've sprained my right foot toe. I think the toe got hurt last Thursday when I was stuck in the worst jam of the year. I drive a manual car, the pressure used on operating between the clutch and the accelerator that day might have been too much for my poor toe. How knows? *shrugs*

I only noticed the pain acutely over the weekend. Since Monday, whenever I walk, I limped. And today I was stuck in another traffic jam on the way home as it was raining heavily. As a result, the toe is now swollen a bit.


Yesterday I thought of going to get a masseuse to massage the foot but JC said I shouldn't do that. Not until the pain subsided. Today Mr DJ recommended a Chinese ointment to help ease the pain. It works something like your usual deep heat rub. It does help relief my discomfort.

Su, on the other hand, think I should go see a doctor and get an x-ray done in case the pain was caused by a hairline fracture.

We'll see. If the pain persisted by the weekend, I'll go have it check out next week. In the mean time.... OUCH!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Or more ass? Or just an ass??

I don't know where to start. Perhaps from the beginning...

This morning I got to know that the candidate Mr Gadget favoured most to become my assistant, has accepted another better paying job. When I relayed to him the not-so-good news, he sighed and said I should pick up my pace chasing these people before they're gone.

Hello? They met each other last Thursday. I was told about it and our next course of action (she was a little bit expensive) Friday afternoon. It doesn't matter if I call her yesterday or today or even tomorrow. She received and accepted the other offer on Friday itself. So, what do I got to do with it?


Then a client agent called want me to fax them a copy of an invoice. It's urgent, she said. Yeah, yeah. I was in the midst of calling more candidates to be interviewed, asking debtors for payment AND updating minutes of today's staff meeting. I seriously do not have a minute to spare, thank you very much.

But then, an hour later she called again. I told her I'm working on it and I'll fax it through when I get the chance. She wasn't happy about it, but said ok.

In the meantime, The Fox dumped a stack of documents on my table. I've to prepare a certificate for it. I put it aside, and jot down the task on my To-Do list. Then at half past eleven, I left to do banking errand downtown.

When I got back at lunch, the client agent called AGAIN, asking me for the fax. She asked why does it take so long for me to do it; her Singapore office was waiting for it since morning and it won't look good on me for being so slow. Like *I* care. What happened to the original copy that was sent to YOU four months before? Puh-leeseee.

I just snapped, albeit politely :p

I told her unlike her who has 3 - 4 staffs working with her, I work alone. Please back off and let me do my job. I'll fax it to her once I've completed my current task.


Then later, while trying to finish up the minutes, the fooking Fox asked about his certificate. I told him I haven't started on it yet (I actually planned to do it tomorrow, really). He went, 'Oh no! The contractors have been hounding me since Friday. I need to get it out today'.


They gave it to you last week. YOU gave the bloody thing to me today and expect me to finish it by today as well? What? I've nothing else to do meh? Go to Bagan Lalang and fly a Barbie kite, why don't you! (Note to Nong: Mak pinjam senario kejap ye!)

I take a deep deep breath and put aside my minutes (which I had to send out by end of the day, a goal set out by Mr Gadget no less), and started to work on the certs. Which I hate because it involves numbers. And when I asked him two... let me repeat, TWO! things I need clarification on, he got the gall to get short with me.

In between that, Mr Gadget called to ask for updates on our Bali Trip. How far along have I gotten to. TTTHCTFWL!

I'm supposed to find out flight fares (eh, come to think of it, I've done that in between calling interview candidates and debtors), group travel insurance fee and confirmation on certain points that we discussed on with the villa reservation staffs. The villa part is some-what done; I've shoot them an email and now waiting for their feedback.

Speaking of which, the bosses have decided to extend an invite to not only partner / spouse as initially planned, but to children as well. So my husband and Mira can come along. Yeahooo! We had to fork out the flight tickets ourselves to cover DH and Mira though but we get the villa all to ourself! Which is fantastic, because the villa is superb. And at least the two of them can enjoy it and spend time swimming in the private pool while I'm away doing work-stuff, y'know.

We're now so looking forward to that. Maybe we'll take the opportunity to visit the Immigration this Friday. Mira and DH needs to get their passport done and I need to renew mine.

Any how, that's my day. Now that I've get it out of my system I feel much better =)


Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #4

These photos were taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in March last year when my husband took us to Colmar Tropicale for the weekend.

There is another public holiday to look forward to this Friday. Maybe we should revisit the Tea Garden. It is so serene and peaceful there.

And the climate is rather cooling. I would love to go; enjoying the fresh air and to unwind. To walk slowly along its garden path, have lunch at the Japanese restaurant and maybe indulge myself at the Spa.

Le sigh. One could wish...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


She thinks the view from up here is magnificent. The city below her alighted with colourful twinkly lights. She can see the clock tower standing tall and bold in the middle of the bustling city. She could only imagined the noise because it cannot reach her from where she was.

The wind blew softly, ruffling her hair and the black satin nightdress she's wearing. The cold breeze is making her shiver a little. The wind blew again, more strongly that before. She felt as if the wind was trying to caress her and it understands her plight. She felt loved. I'm going crazy, she thought letting a deep chuckle out from her throat.

She looked down. Twenty one floors below her, she can only see tiny people walking about gaily. If only they knew about her life, would they take pity on her? If only they knew what's running through her mind at the moment, would they look up and try to save her? Or would they taunt her to just jump?

She adjusted her feet; they're getting numb from the prolonged squatting. She moved her legs one by one to sit her bum on the ledge. Her legs now dangling free below, she started to think over her predicament.

The things he said to her did not merely crush her hope for a better future, but her belief that there is a God. How could He let her life go on like this? How could He not help correct the wrong? How much longer would she have to suffer before He intervene?

And the bastard of a man, whose only purpose in life is to leech off of her. She wonders why has he not been punished as he should be. She wonders why he is still alive. She wonders what he make of her now that he knows she's incapable of giving him what he wants. Because he is still here, in their bed, sleeping peacefully. Whilst here she was; her mind numb, her eyes puffy and heart full of hate.

Suddenly, the feeling that brought her sitting on that ledge came over her. Despair. Dark, potent and gripping. She couldn't breathe. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. The pain in her chest was unbearable. The prickly feeling she felt through the veins in her left hands intensified.

She wanted to scream!

She wanted to scream at the unjust world. She wanted to scream at her unjust God. She wanted to scream at the hateful bastard sleeping on her bed. But she knew that would be useless. He would retaliate. He would knock her out unconscious just like before. Just like every time she tried to speak up to defend herself. To let go of the tight grasp he has on her life.

She wanted to die!

And with that, she abruptly stand up. On the ledge looking down, with the pain and despair engulfing her. It has to end. She do not want to have to live in this life any longer. She wants the pain to go away.

She closed her eyes and let go. She's flying now. She can feel the air slapping at her face. She can feel the wind hugging her and sings. She felt relief overcomes her entire being. She smiles.

And then every thing stops.


A picture of a woman crouching and hugging herself sitting on a ledge has been haunting me for the past few days. She wanted me to tell her story, so here it is. This is the easiest piece I've written by far. The words just flows. A bit dark though.

I hope you like it =)

And oh, this is just a work of fiction - a product of my over active imagination. Any resemblance to anything and anybody, dead or alive, is totally coincidental.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

PhotoHunt: Old-Fashioned

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, old-fashioned as an adjective can mean either 'of, relating to, or characteristic of a past era' or 'adhering to customs of a past era'. As a noun it is actually 'a cocktail usually made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, a twist of lemon peel, and a small amount of water or soda'.

I choose the adjective to present my interpretation for this week. It's easier :p

Together with a few friends, we visited Sumatra, Indonesia for a vacation a few years ago. We headed to Medan and from there we also took the tour to Bukittinggi and Lake Toba. We had loads of fun and it was an experience.

While looking for something to purchase as a souvenir in Lake Toba, a shopkeeper suggested I get this.

He said it's a calendar made and used by the Bataks a long time ago. However, he doesn't know how it actually works. I think it's just like a normal calender that denotes the 12 months of the year. What I could not decipher is what's written on each 'stick'.

Could it be the days of the month?

So there you have it, an old-fashioned calender. Check out more contributions of the same here.


The Friday Game Plan

My movie buddy and I thought of watching Gabriel last night. However, the online ticket reservation for M2U was unavailable and I couldn't book it via the usual online booking either. So we gave it a pass (not going to join in the Saturday night queue, thanks) and promised to do the movie thing for next Thursday.

Instead, we just lepak.

We first stopped by at the jewelers for Ms IggySingh aka Su wants to get herself a birthday present. I tried on a beautiful tennis bracelet that costs RM18,000. Why is it that every jewelery I like costs a bomb? But it was lovely though. I think I'll have to look for some other pattern that looks like a tennis bracelet, but won't costs as much :p

Coz seriously hunni, for RM18k? I can pay 4 terms worth of Mira's private school fee if ever I wish to send her there.

After Su's done with her shopping we headed on to BK for dinner. We spend quite sometime there; just sit, eat and talk. Then Su wanted to get a tetanus shot which she takes every 6 months. She is an iguana keeper after all.

So off we went looking for the clinic as it has moved its premises to another corner of the mall. We waited for a bit there -- the doctor is otherwise occupied. The nurse had to administer it instead. By then it was already 9 pm.

How time flies when you're with good company.

I wanted to check out the Cats Show up at the conference hall, but alas it closes at nine. After Su bought some fake green plants at the pet store and we loiter a bit at WOFS, we left for home.

Now it is already half past four on a Saturday. I'm just waiting for the TNChick to open up this week's PhotoHunt meme in about 2 ½ hours so I can post mine.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


What’s your favorite book that nobody else has heard of? You know, not Little Women or Huckleberry Finn, not the latest best-seller . . . whether they’ve read them or not, everybody “knows” those books. I’m talking about the best book that, when you tell people that you love it, they go, “Huh? Never heard of it?”

Uuhhh... This is a tough one. Not because I read a lot of unknown authors, it's because I read mainly best-sellers or known authors. Lol. Even looking at my bookshelves right now, I couldn't find anything that would be considered unknown.

But then again, depending on who I speak to regarding a particular book or author, that person may go 'Huh?' on me. And vice versa. It could be because we like different genre.

For instance, last year I asked a friend of mine if she's read P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, a best-seller at that, and she looked at me as if I'm speaking in a different language. And a year before that, when Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code became number one on the best seller's list and was all the rave, I've no clue about it. I don't know who he was or what the book is all about until my friend urged me to read it.

I prefer his Angels & Demons, by the way.

That being said, there is an author who wrote a series of book I enjoyed reading and collecting; that appears to be unknown to my circle of friends. Her name is JD Robb, and she wrote a brilliant mystery thriller series. JD Robb is a pseudonym Nora Roberts use to write these 'In Death' novels.

Whenever I mention about her books to people, most of them will go "Huh? Never heard of it?" on me.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things That Make You Go 'Hmm'

The government last Sunday decided to give us (KL & Putrajaya) the day off today to celebrate Thaipusam. All is good and well. However, the PM I feel kinda spoil the sentiment when he say the reason he approved the request was because "They said that during Thaipusam there would be traffic jams everywhere in Kuala Lumpur and it is difficult to get to work. So let it be a holiday”.

Really? That's a shame. Wouldn't it be better if he were to say 'So that everyone can share the celebration' or something along that line. You know, us, being a multi-racial country and all :p

My day was uneventful most part. I had to stand by a gang member of mine, supporting his fight on Fighters' Club that ends a few minutes to 4pm. Me being their gangster leader, of course I had to be there for my team. Lol!

We won but it was a very close match this time. This was the third fight between JC and his friend. Luckily, our strategy worked. Even though we were handicapped in a way -- Iggy got in too early, Hermione's browser hanged when she tried to put in her support, M missed the whole fight, our KDTA ally couldn't be there due to an unforeseen circumstances.

Then while laying around with my cat on my bed around 6pm, I heard a commotion from the main road. Some motorcyclist was hit by a car driven by a lady. As I didn't see that happened, I couldn't tell who was at fault.

The guy got up and started to shout at her. Obviously, she was scared, so she refused to get out from her car. He was being rather obnoxious, too. Soon after, a car stopped by the road side and a guy came out to intervene. Then two other motorcyclist drove by and stopped to also get involved. One of them wore a white shirt.

There were some heated discussions, but the lady got back in to her car and drove off. The man driver after a while, left the scene too. All in good nature from what I observe.

However, the motorcyclists, there was about 8 of them now, was still discussing in the middle of the road junction.

I think the guy who got hit was not happy about how the whole deal went (it was discussed between the guy in white shirt and the man driver), and started to shout at the guy in white shirt. A short scuffle ensued (really!); the guy who got hit tried to knock the guy in white shirt on his head with his helmet. They were held back by 2-3 of the other guys.

And then the guy who got hit's friend, who from the looks of it was drunk, tried to hit the guy in the white shirt with his bare hands. But he got knocked by the white shirt's guy helmet instead. While all this happen, a car drove by and an older man came out trying to stop the whole debacle.

I think he wasn't impressed with their behaviour and started to shout at them as well, like a father scolding his sons, you understand. I also think he asked all of them to be on their way. So, one by one of them left the scene.

So the drama.

I'm just speculating of course. I watched the whole thing by my bedroom window 7 floors high. Very kepochi (busybody) of me but I thought in case anything untoward happened, at least they got an eye witness, no?

That's how I spend my public holiday today. Lol!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #3

Nothing exciting happened over the weekend for me. We decided to just stay in and I do most of my household chores i.e. cleaning house, laundry, etc. instead. My husband brought Mira to the playground in the afternoons. We think she needs to play more outdoor instead of being cooped up at home 24/7.

In between my chores, I spent most of my free time online. On Facebook. Playing Fighters' Club :p

I was so engrossed in it, that I slept late on Friday night / Saturday morning. It was three a.m. when suddenly I see a bright light shining through my den's window (where the computer is at). I look out, and saw this...

There was even a lone star next to the moon on it's right, which we can't see here. Not in this shot anyway. The other few shots I took was all blurry, but you can see the star in it. I used natural light and program the camera to use its Night Scene mode to take this shots. Without a tripod, it's difficult to get a sharp photo out of it.

I take it as my reward for staying up so late, helping others win their fight. Lol.

I couldn't sleep much last night either. I planned to wake up early in order to give support to my gang member, whose fight ends at half past eight this morning. But because I worry I won't be able to wake up on time, I couldn't sleep a wink!

I think I may need to join an FC Anonymous group soon. Lmao.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Notebook: Almost Heaven


I love this book. I like the story, the heroin and most of all, I LOVE Ian Thornton. He is first amongst all of Judith McNaught's regency heroes. He is broody, he is gorgeous, he is terrifyingly aloof and cold if ever you cross his line and on top of that, he's a freaking genius!

Not forgetting, as Nora mentioned in a comment to one of my previous post, he's an artist too. He sketches real good, according to Elizabeth (the heroin). He has an amazing way in capturing the essence of things.

Ian is half Scot, too. According to him, Scots do fall in love (as opposed to English who doesn't wear their heart on their sleeves). And he's rather bold in declaring his love compared to the other JM heroes. He told Elizabeth he's already half in love with her on their first 'accidental' date in a small woodcutter's cottage. Isn't that sweet?

Elizabeth Cameron, The Countess of Havenhurst, first met our Mr Thornton at a ball. She was challenged by her friends to approach him and score a dance. Ian, at that time, refused. Our Mr Thornton has a reputation you see. He is known as a ruthless gambler and he's lineage is questionable (read: he could be a bastard, literally).

You do noticed that he's no title to his name?

In the mean time, Elizabeth was at a brink of being engaged to some Viscount. She's the most successful debutante of the season and hence, became an object of envy for managing to snatch one of the eligible bachelors.

A scandal ensues which tarnished her reputation and everything went downhill for her from then on. As for Ian, he left England to pursue his 'I-want-to-make-millions' dreams, ignorant of the mess he left behind.

Read more about it over at Rip My Bodice m'kay.

What I find the most poignant scene of all is when Elizabeth, who's then his wife, speak these words when he wanted to divorce her...
Elizabeth stiffened, thinking wildly for some way to reach him before he took irrevocable steps to banish her. Every fiber of her being believed he loved her. Surely, if one loved another deeply enough to be hurt like this... It hit her then, what he was doing and why, and she turned on him while the vicar's story about Ian's actions after his parents' death seared her mind. She, however, was not a Labrador retriever who could be shoved away and out of his life.

Turning, she walked over to his desk, leaning her damp palms on it, waiting until he was forced to meet her gaze. Looking like a courageous, heartbroken angel, Elizabeth faced her adversary across his desk, her voice shaking with love. "Listen carefully to me, darling, because I'm giving you fair warning that I won't let you do this to us. You gave me your love, and I will not let you take it away. The harder you try, the harder I'll fight you. I'll haunt your dreams at night, exactly the way you've haunted mine every night I was away from you. You'll lie awake in bed at night, wanting me, and you'll know I'm lying awake, wanting you. And when you cannot stand it anymore," she promised achingly, "you'll come back to me, and I'll be here, waiting for you. I'll cry in your arms, and I'll tell you I'm sorry for everything I've done, and you'll help me find a way to forgive myself--"

"Damn you!" he bit out, his face white with fury. "What does it take to make you stop?"

Elizabeth flinched from the hatred in the voice she loved and drew a shaking breath, praying she could finish without starting to cry. "I've hurt you terribly, my love, and I'll hurt you again during the next fifty years. And you are going to hurt me, Ian -- never, I hope, as much as you are hurting me now. But if that's the way it has to be, then I'll endure it, because the only alternative is to live without you, and that is no life at all. The difference is that I know it, and you don't -- not yet."

Almost Heaven, Chapter 35, page 485-486

Elizabeth disappeared after that, trying to avoid being served by Ian's divorce petition. He started to look for her 3 months later after missing her, with no avail, too. But he found her in the end, at home.

It's all very poignant, I tell you. You've got to read it to know the whole story :p

I'm currently reading Mr Manny. But I'm hardly progressing. What I want most to do right now, is to reread this story. It's like wanting to watch your favourite movie over and over again.



Saturday, January 19, 2008

PhotoHunt: Important

I missed last week's theme (skinny) as I was unwell. I tried to look around my apartment for things that I can present but there was nothing available. Even my cat is fat. So I just gave it a miss.

This week's theme is easier. There are many things that I deemed as important. One part of it is what can be found in my (or just about everybody's, really) wallet.

From top and clock-wise:

My national registration identity card; just to let people know that I am not an alien. I suddenly feel as if nothing is permanent in this life. Everything is borrowed. Even your nationality, isn't it? Such depressing thought.

My driver's license; although I think I may need to change mine to a new one (?). I had mine when I was 22. Unlike some of my friends who had their parents paid for their lessons and driving exam right after high school, I had to pay for my own.

Wow. I didn't realize I've been driving for 12 years already.

My bank cards; of which if they're lost or stolen, I am screwed. Lol.

My health insurance card; the most important of it all I think. Because without which, I am also screwed. Lmao! Do you know how expensive hospital fees are now?? Especially if you want the best service with the most agreeable environment.

These are mine. Check out what others deemed important here.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's Review

How much do reviews (good and bad) affect your choice of reading? If you see a bad review of a book you wanted to read, do you still read it? If you see a good review of a book you’re sure you won’t like, do you change your mind and give the book a try?

In my opinion, reviews given by an 'unknown' reviewer like those in the newspaper, magazines, et al, are biased to that person's individual preference. It could even be a marketing gimmick. Thus, good or bad reviews given by the said reviewer will not sway my choice and opinion of the book.

I normally would use book reviews to find out what the book is all about. What is the story; would I be interested to read further. Because sometimes the reviews summarize the story better than by reading what's written at the book's back cover. I have no problem in knowing how the story book ends, really. To me, what's important is the journey from chapter one to the end.

And besides, all story ends with a happy ending :)

I do however, trust reviews and recommendations made by like minded friends. Many of the books I've read these past years are recommended by friends and most often than not, I enjoyed it as immensely as they do. So based on their words, I can be swayed on my decision whether I should purchase the book or not.

Find out what others say about this here.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It Is All In The Bees

The bosses are thinking of closing the office a day earlier for CNY. It's a free day off. Unlike some company who force-deduct leaves from their staffs, which I think is unfair to those who are not planning to waste their annual leave for it.

DH suggest we go off for a holiday during that time. We may have to pay triple the usual price, but why not eh? We haven't decide where to go yet, though. Har har. Haven't even booked hotels and stuff. Lol!

The thing is, I want to go to Pangkor or Port Dickson whilst he wants to go to Penang. I'm just going to go with the flow. If it's fated that we go, we go. If not, we can go shopping. Someone still owes me an anniversary present :p

All is good because the big B will be given out before that. Muahahahahahahaha! If following last financial year's tier, I hope I will get the same marks in my performance evaluation. And in increment too. Just hoping for the best, really.

But then, I should save some for something else in March. Because right after the big B, comes another B that is this...

Our company trip that was planned since July last year, but due to the time constrain, we are only able to go this year. We are now looking to go either the second or last week of March, depending on villas availability.

The ONLY thing that may dampen my spirit in organizing this trip is that *I* may not be able to join. It is all up in the air for me right now. Sigh.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Short Break

I had to take a short break from blogging since the last entry I posted because I fell ill. Ugh! I started to feel uncomfortable last Wednesday and had fever the next day. Yup, getting sick on a public holiday!

Such a waste.

And because I did not bother with visiting the doctors for antibiotics, I had a temperature again on Friday night, and had to stay home doing nothing but rest and sleep over the weekend. Hence, no posting from moi; I couldn't even participate in last Saturday's PhotoHunter and yesterday's Weekend Snapshot :(

Now that I'm all better, we can pick up where we left off :)

Last week TeacherJulie tagged me with a 7 Weird Things About Me meme. I had done one before and that was posted in the old blog. However, that meme only asked to list down 6 weird thing though. I am just going to repost the 6-thingy here and add another weird thing about me. How's that?

This entry was first posted on my ex-blog on 5 April 2007 at about 03:54 pm.

Meme: 6 Weird Things

Ok, so while the bosses are away cleaning away their teeth, the 'Sexytary' can go play :D

I've been tagged to do this meme not by one, but two people. Oppss! DoubleAye tagged me to do it a month ago (!?) and NY tagged me a while ago. I thought I’d better do it now rather than procrastinate further.

The rule of this tagging game is this:

People who are tagged should write a blog post of six weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

The weirdest thing about me begins first thing in the morning… or the first thing I do when I wake up. It’s the way I take my personal hygiene – it has to be done in this specific order: brush teeth at the sink, bathe in the shower after making sure the water temperature is just nice, wash hair and rinse, condition hair, wash face with cleanser, rinse both hair and face. If ever I deviate from the said steps, it’ll bother me to no end until or unless I make it right again.

I even have to follow specific steps in getting dressed – towel myself dry, put on my underthings, deodorant, tone my face, moisturize it, put on my contact lenses, put on my make up, perfume, wear my clothes for the day, brush my hair and I’m done. And again, it has to be done in that order. Otherwise, I may forget to do something. Hehe.

I wash my hair on these specific days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If for whatever reason I had to wash my hair on Tuesday, I still will wash it again the next day.

I hate sweat. I don’t see the reason why we should sweat other than at the gym working out. Therefore, I like to sit or stand near a fan or air conditioner at all times.

When I brush my teeth, I brush it to the melody of The Flight of the Bumblebee. No joke. Thanks to a Darlie ads a long time ago, it has now stuck to my brain for the rest of my life. Oh, laugh all you want! I'm not talking to you. Nyeh-nyeh.

I arrange my books in alphabetical order but the sequence starts from right to left instead of the proper reading way around. Even at work, when I'm arranging my files, folders or books. It annoyed the hell out of Mr DJ. LOL!

Well, that's it. My 6 weird things. I *hope* you enjoyed it :p

Let's see who shall I tag... hmmm... can't decide. I'll update this tonight from home. the readers of this blog who haven't dish out their weird stuff on the net yet. Bwahahahahahaha!

And to my dearest cousin SH, I've signed up with This is my page. If you have one too, please 'befriend' me. I'm such a loner over there. Haha. And this applies to the readers of this blog, too. *ehem*

Now, on to my 7th weird thing...

I think I have what I call a 'biological fads'. It's like a crave, but not quite. For example, a few months ago I had a major addiction to Cadbury's Caramello chocolate that I have to eat at least 2 tubes a day, for weeks on end. After that 'fads' subsided, I picked upon a new one -- Ceaser Salad. Lol!

Well, at least that's healthy ;)


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Notebook: A Kingdom of Dreams

It's been a while since I last do book reviews. I thought I would start again on those books I've read recently. But then I found a website that do book reviews far better and with more wit compared to mine. I enjoyed reading ALL of them and thought you would enjoy it too.

So the plan is I shall just put my simple take here and then just forward you to the specific link of the said book review to that website.

It will all be uncovered towards the end of this entry, I promise.

A Kingdom of Dreams tells a story of Royce 'The Wolf' Westmoreland, an English warrior and Jennifer Merrick, a Scottish countess who has a scheming father, unkind clan and step brothers issues. The story was set in the 1400s so there was a lot of reference to King James, King Henry and castles.

The story is full of drama, angst and poignant love. Towards the end of the book, I actually cried because it was so heart wrenching. I cried for Royce, not Jennifer by the way.

There was this scene; where during a friendly tournament and joust fights, Royce was badly injured because he had promised Jennifer he will not hurt her family, like, ever, before.

However, he accidentally killed her favourite step-brother a few months before. Thus, that became an issue to Jenny. During the tournament, she believes that Royce would slaughter all her family. See, coz Royce is all brutal and might and she knows he can take care of himself. He is a warrior and King Henry's best as it is.

Jennifer didn't know how badly shaped he was in by then because she decide to return to her bedchamber. Until Royce's brother, Stefan come and get her...
She jumped as the door to her bedchamber was flung open and crashed into the wall. "Get your cloak," Stefan Westmoreland snapped ominously, "you're coming back to that field with me if I have to drag you there!"

"I'm not going back," Jenny countered, turning to the window again. "I have no stomach for cheering while my husband batters my family to pieces, or --"

Stefan grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, his voice like a savage whiplash: "I'll tell you what's happening! My brother is out there on that field, dying! He swore he'd not raise his hand against your kinsmen and, the moment they realized that during the tournament, your precious kinsmen massacred him!" he said between his teeth, shaking her. "They tore him to pieces in the tournament! And now he's jousting-- Do you hear that crowd jeering? They're jeering him. He's so badly injured, I don't think he knows any more when he's been unhorsed. He thought he'd be able to outmaneuver them in the jousts, but he can't, and fourteen more Scots have challenged him."

Jenny stared at him, her pulse beginning to race like a maddening thing, but her body was rooted to the floor, as if she was trying to run in a nightmare.

"Jennifer!" he said hoarsely, "Royce is letting them kill him." His hands bit painfully into her arms, but his voice broke with anguish. "He is out there on the field, dying for you. He killed your brother and he's paying --" He broke off as Jennifer tore free from his grip and started running...

A Kingdom of Dreams, Chapter 25, page 419-420

How could you not shed a tear for the selfless warrior??? Royce, I love you!

Royce and Jennifer are the fore bearers of Clayton and Stephen Westmoreland, by the way. He was also the first Duke of Claymore.

So anyway, to read a more fascinating take on the book, please click on this link. It'll bring you to Rip My Bodice's dot com; where rakes do it better ;-)

I've started read Remember When now. Cole is about to proposed a 'business proposal' to Diana.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #2

My Weekend Snapshot for the week.

Mira's goes back to school starting today, and thus we were just busy preparing for it over the weekend. You know, the usuals; ironing her school uniforms, making sure her shoes are cleaned, her socks are lined up, her water bottle, school books and bags ready, et al.

After all the hard work, I took her out for a little bit of groceries shopping at Giant CMC. Between a choice of Pizza Hut and A&W, she opted for the latter. It reminded me of the time when I was a wee girl myself and how much I love A&W. They're the equivalent of McDonald's for me at that time. My parents never fails to bring me there at least once a month.

I'll have their Baby Bear burger (that was what their beef burger was called back then) which was served in a basket with french fries on the side and their Rootbeer served in tiny glass mugs. My late mother, on the other hand, will never fail to order her waffles with syrup and butter. My dad will order for one of their deluxe burger with his Rootbeer float.

The good old days, huh?

More Weekend Snapshots to be found here.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Movie Nights: Enchanted

Our first Friday movie nights of the year! I'm glad we decided to watch this lighthearted movie instead of the serious ones. A good way to start the year, yeah?

Enchanted is about a cartoon Princess who was thrown down a magic portal to a place where there is no happily ever by an evil Queen in order to keep her stepson (The Prince) single and thus remain queen.

Yup, your typical fairy tale. This is another one of Disney's Princesses actually, because this movie is a Disney movie. And a musical as well.

But for me the real fun (and laughter) started from the time she appeared in New York city. There are just so many things that are so cliché, and if you've grown up with fairy tales, you'll get the jokes and the references.

The woman who played Giselle, the soon-to-be Princess, Amy Adams, was perfect for the role. She was very believable and she sings well too.

James Marsden who played the role of Prince Edward, was as charming and dimwitted as a prince should be. Queen Narissa's henchman Nathaniel, was played by Timothy Spall, the actor who played Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) in Harry Potter, whilst Susan Sarandon was the Queen in all her evil glory.

Mr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was the cynical divorce lawyer Robert, who took Giselle into his apartment despite believing that she is a little crazy. He has a daughter named Morgan and a girlfriend who he's about to proposed marriage to.

Patrick Dempsey looks different in this movie. It was either his hair or they did something to his eyes. But something is definitely different. But I digress.

Who can resist a Disney Princess, yeah? To cut it short, all of them lived happily ever after :p

I like this movie. I'd watch it again and I'm including this title to my DVD wishlist. If you can still catch it in the theater near you, I'd recommend you to do so. You'll enjoy it as much as we did. But be in a look out for these cameos:
  • Paige O'Hara, who provided the voice of Belle in Beauty & The Beast, was casts as the Soap Opera character, Angela
  • Jodi Benson, who provided the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid, was casts as Sam, Robert's secretary
  • Judy Kuhn, who provided the voice of Pocahontas, was the pregnant woman with kids that Prince Edward met while he was looking for Giselle in an apartment complex
Cool eh?


Saturday, January 5, 2008

PhotoHunt: Delicious

Another photography meme. I sure am putting that extra memory on my camera to good use. LOL!

On New Year's Eve a few of us went out to have a little celebratory lunch with Mr DJ. We ordered three cakes for dessert, and this Mixed Fruit Meringue was my choice. It appeared to be the best amongst the others.

That's Chun eyeing for my cake deliciously! Lol!

He's so gonna kill me for this exposé.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

5-Book Meme

Because I am suddenly inundated with books, here's a fun meme I found from Lost (and Found) Memes site!

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 -- first sentence
3. Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 -- final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph:

Fifteen servants wearing the traditional blue and silver livery of the Earl of Cameron left Havenhurst at dawn on the same day. Dammit! Have you forgotten how you felt when you lost Jamie? By the time he'd found the right length and width, Alexandra had already removed her bonnet and pelisse. That was not going to be true on the majority of cases at the ball, however. He told her that with a laughing groan as her hand drifted lower.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Romance Is In The Air

I hate impulse purchases. It always makes me feel rotten afterwards, whether or not it's a good buy. I will still have a tough time nursing my guilt :p

An idea formed in my head awhile back that I thought I'd blogged about it. I wanted to look for a suitable quote to use as an example for the said entry. The best are to be found in romance novels, especially regency ones. Looking at my bookshelf, I saw only three regency era romance books.

I thought I had more.

I couldn't muster any interest to read Lisa Kleypas's Devil in Winter, neither was I up to read Judith McNaught's (JM) Whitney, My Love. Simply because the latter is a 577-page hardcover book. A little bit tedious to just flip through, you know. So I chose McNaught's Something Wonderful instead.

However, it wasn't an easy task. To get the best, you need to read the whole story, yeah? And so I did just that. And then I got pulled into reading more regency romance novels. I couldn't get enough of it, really.

I love regency romance stories. There's just something about the whole era setting that appeals to my foolish imagination. The ball gowns, the soirées, the carriages, the Dukes, Marques and Viscount, oh my!

However, you got to be selective because most authors writes very explicit sex scenes bordering to porn. They're very graphic and you know how powerful our mind and imaginations are ;) I prefer to read something non-apparent but seductive and sexy. More artful lah.

So far, JM's books are the safest bet.

Thus, I paid my first visit to Borders last Wednesday to purchase another book by JM, Until You. To tell you the truth, I've read all of McNaught's book except her latest two books. Most of them I read from books that I borrowed a few years ago (that Mobile Book lady). The only copies that I've purchased myself are Whitney, My Love and Something Wonderful.

I finished reading Until You in two days. But I need perhaps one more to satiate my hunger for regency romance.

Inasmuch as I had resolved not to shop anything from MPH, it'd be a little silly of me to not use the RM5 voucher given by Mr Gadget before he left for his holidays. With that in mind, I visited that store on Friday to look for another book from JM.

It just so happens, I chose the wrong entrance. I used the one which has a 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free' shelf right smack at the entrance. It's the first thing you see, really. And the promos that they're running now are for books by JM and Julia Quinn (I think, can't exactly remember now. Could even be Jude Deveraux's).

Oh. My. Gawd!

How could I NOT buy the lot of them? I went in with an intention to purchase ONE book, but I came out with FOUR! Bloody hell. Impulse purchases are teh devil!

So yeah, I am happy that I got all the four books that can keep me occupied over the weekend, but it officially made me broke. A hundred ringgit doesn't bring you far this days, have you noticed? I tried so hard to control my spending but at the end of the day, it's still gone just as fast.

As the the norm, I especially like to read my favourite books repeatedly. Just like if you were to purchase a movie on video, don't you watch it again after some time? The only difference is, a movie might just take you two hours to complete whereas a book takes a longer time.

Rereading a book felt like you went visiting an old friend. I had fun meeting my favourite characters again. They're all dark, notorious, rich, smart, brooding, misunderstood heroes (which always are in a regency romance novels) namely Jordan Townsende, the Duke of Hawthorne in Something Wonderful; Stephen Westmoreland, the Earl of Langford in Until You; Jason Fielding, Marquess of Wakefield in Once and Always and Ian Thornton, Marquess of Kensington in Almost Heaven.

I can't decide who I like best -- Jordan or Ian.

And the heroins, whom the stories revolved around them -- strong willed, courages, free spirited, witty with quiet beauty. Alexandra Lawrence, an innocent country girl; Sheridan Bromleigh, an American teacher becomes hired companion; Victoria Seaton, Countess of Langston and Elizabeth Cameron, Countess of Havenhurst, respectively.

Out of all four of them, Victoria is my favourite. She's the only one amongst them who has the ability to think with logic and not act on impulse when presented with hearsay :p

I was surprised, though, to find a touch of comedy in Almost Heaven. I don't remember it to be such when I first read it years ago. It has quickly becomes my favourite book so far in regency romance category.

Of course, my other all time favourite JM book would be Paradise.

Her infamous Whitney, My Love; not so much. I'm not really fond of Whitney, but the hero Clayton, is a different story altogether. Hehe.

Now, I'm on the my next book -- Kingdom of Dreams. A story about the Westmoreland's forebearers, Royce and Jennifer Westmoreland, the first Duke and Duchess of Claymore. Although, I so like to read Almost Heaven again...

Oh! And MrDJ gave me a book as my Christmas gift, Mr Manny. Isn't he the sweetest?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Requisited New Year Post

No shit, it's 2008!

I am thankful to the Almighty that I am still here to observe another new year. I am also thankful that we didn't managed to bomb the whole planet off, that is one thing for sure.

For some reason, I wasn't as ecstatic as last year in ushering this new year. I couldn't feel the 'promise of the new year' vibe. No sunshines and rainbows. Blame it on the rain?

It felt just like another day to me. Another year. Another day off. Nothing much to look forward to this year I reckon. It will be the same old, same old gripe.

Have I become more cynical throughout 2007? *shrugs*

Resolutions? Let's see...
  • Read more, as usual.
  • Listen to more music.
  • Watch more movies.
  • Write more. Blog more.
  • Pick up a new habit, exercise maybe.
  • To strike out all the things on my wish lists.
Yup, gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme MORE!

Anyhow, happy new year to you! May your year be better than mine :D