PhotoHunt: Important

I missed last week's theme (skinny) as I was unwell. I tried to look around my apartment for things that I can present but there was nothing available. Even my cat is fat. So I just gave it a miss.

This week's theme is easier. There are many things that I deemed as important. One part of it is what can be found in my (or just about everybody's, really) wallet.

From top and clock-wise:

My national registration identity card; just to let people know that I am not an alien. I suddenly feel as if nothing is permanent in this life. Everything is borrowed. Even your nationality, isn't it? Such depressing thought.

My driver's license; although I think I may need to change mine to a new one (?). I had mine when I was 22. Unlike some of my friends who had their parents paid for their lessons and driving exam right after high school, I had to pay for my own.

Wow. I didn't realize I've been driving for 12 years already.

My bank cards; of which if they're lost or stolen, I am screwed. Lol.

My health insurance card; the most important of it all I think. Because without which, I am also screwed. Lmao! Do you know how expensive hospital fees are now?? Especially if you want the best service with the most agreeable environment.

These are mine. Check out what others deemed important here.



penpusher said…
I agree. Those are totally important documents and I'm always paranoid about losing them!

Here's my take on the theme:

Drop by sometime!

Have a good weekend :)
Zsolt said…
losing this documents is really a disaster and it takes weeks and a lot of energy to get them back, to get a new one.
sarah said…
thanks for dropping by my site!

i remember one time i misplaced my Tax Identification was crazy...

will link u up soon!
Midas said…
You're right about those. I lost my whole wallet, and what a pain in the behind that was.
All of those things are certainly important! Great choices for the Hunt this week.

Dragonheart & Merlin
Hootin' Anni said…
I D's....very important. 12 years driving? You're a youngster. I've been driving for 40+!!! LOL

Excellent choice for "important"!!!

Mine's posted, drop by for a visit if you can find time.
SabineM said…
VERy important!what would we do without all these Id's and cards!
I have been driving 23 years. WOW, I only just counted because of the comment before mine. Wow, where does the time go?!?!
Anonymous said…
those are important AND it covers last weeks theme of skinny too!
Glad you are feeling better!
Team Tabby said…
Yes, ID's are very important and more of them seem to be needed as time goes on. Our humans needed passports when they flew to the USA from Canada on 24 Jan. 2007,(new requirement started on the 23rd!) so now they have those as well to keep track of. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Moe & Mindy
Jenty said…
Nice interpretation of the theme! Mine is here...
Great take on the theme! This things are definitely important!
CRIZ LAI said…
Great idea. Just make sure you don't lose your ID or you will get "buffet" curry meals at you know where. If only they served buffets.. haha.

Mine are up…
Criz’s Sanctuary:
Insight Criz:
Have a nice weekend!
grace said…
I agree these are all important. My husband keeps on telling me not to lose my wallet because my life depends on it! :-)
Katney said…
Many would agree that each and every one of these is extremely important.