Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The day before Syawal, Mira and I went out for some last minute shopping. Well, we tried. We couldn't find any baju kurung for her -- all sold out, vley? We ended up in Ikea instead. I wanted to check if the new catalogue is out already. Just so you know, the staff said it should be out sometime mid October.

That afternoon, Kim called to say she's in labour. She wanted me to mind Wafi but I was half way across town. All her in laws have gone back to their hometown. Luckily though, one of the younger siblings was still in KL, so she helped took care of Wafi for a while.

Kim gave birth to a healthy baby boy later that evening. It was all pretty quick. I arrived at the hospital at about 9 PM-ish thinking the baby hasn't come out yet. Lol. It was quite comical, to tell you the truth.

Can you believe it the new parents haven't prepared any name yet? What have they been doing for the past 9 months??

I started looking for names to shortlist the moment I got to know Mira's on the way. And I have a name confirmed within 3 months after that. As soon as she came out, she's already has a name. Ni tak, when I asked for the baby's name the next day I saw them at the hospital, they haven't a clue.

They don't even have a list of possible names ready, for goodness sake. Apakah?

I made one suggestion -- Wafi Aidil. For fans of Nur Kasih, I think the name was obvious, but to Kim for some reason she thought I got the name from another Malay drama (Dayang Senandung kot?). But that was Aidid lah, not Aidil :p

Besides, Aidil tu sempena hari raya la jugak kan eventhough he's not born in Syawal. But to be fair, I also searched and suggested a few other names to pair it with 'Wafi'.

They deliberated on this... for a week! I checked with them again yesterday, and apparently they've decided to name him as per my suggestion. But because they haven't register it, we'll keep it to 99% sure lah ok.

Kesian baby tu nameless for so long. I feel it's bad for the soul to wait for a long time to be named. I dunno... but to my way of thinking, a nameless soul is akin to an unknown soul roaming around without knowing what to do.

I hope they'll firm it up once and for all. And SOON! There's a due date to register child birth too, right? A week if I'm not mistaken.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

We will be celebrating Eid in 2 days. Woot! I am jealous of those who have a kampung to go back to. Mine is just sepelaung from my office (read: Kg Baru) :p Even Dad's house is just about 5 minutes drive from where I live. Kalau nak nyanyi lagu 'Balik Kampung' pun tak sempat habis.

And probably because my mom is no longer with us, Raya never feel the same.

Well, we still have a kampung in Port Dickson, though, but the people who mattered are no longer there. Except for my aunt (Dad's elder sister), but she's really ill and wouldn't even know we're there due to alzheimer, as well as Dad's older brother and wife who have moved to live with his daughter.

If there's time, we'll drive down there for a visit. But still... the feeling is not as meriah as before. It would be fun to join DH's side of the family, but most often than not, he's not keen to.

Kim's lucky to still have that with her husband's family -- the numerous rounds of Raya visits to relatives houses. It is tiring, but fun especially for the kids. I have tried to emulate the same festive feeling we had growing up for Mira, but kalau lepas pegi 3-4 buah rumah laki mak dah mengeluh, boring la kan (read: boleh jadi gaduh) :p

So, for those who still has it, enjoy your Raya.

I'm not taking any off days (because I will not be getting any pay if I do) but the office will be relaxed next week seeing most of them will be on leave. My boss and his driver as well as the GM has taken the whole of next week off.

As it is, I am nursing a cold at the moment. Uhuks.

Anyhow, Selamat Hari Raya to all. Maaf zahir batin.


Monday, September 14, 2009

No human thing is of serious importance.

I took the day off last Friday, just for fun. Do some spring cleaning on Saturday (nak raya kan). And then Sunday, went to collect my books at Uni. Some of my friends went in the morning, thinking it'll take too long if they were to come later in the afternoon.

Alas, the whole process was quick and painless. I think the whole thing took me less than fifteen minutes from start (collecting my queue number) to finish (collecting the books).

I saw one of my coursemate, though. She told me to expect our exam results to be out within these two weeks. Yikes!

Thus officially, the new semester has arrived. I'm pretty excited, eventhough we have maths this time. Ugh!

Other than that, looks like we'll have to get Mira a new set of ballet uniform next month -- coz even the shoes are getting tighter. This time she'll be getting a pink leotards with pink skirt.

I'm thinking of getting her a set of Juicy Couture tracksuit, tapi tunggu lah :)

Dunno what to have for iftar today. Any ideas?


Friday, September 11, 2009

That '70s Show

You know what's so '70s? Eating corn flakes with full cream evaporated milk and a sprinkle of sugar. That was how my mom prepared my cereals for me growing up.

But later in my teens, I'd substitute evaporated milk and sugar with low fat milk only. Blame it on all the health junket that started to come out in the late '80s and American tv shows ;)

Since I recently bought a can of evaporated milk for my jelly dessert, I also thought I'd use it with corn flakes. Gosh, it tasted just as good as I remembered it.

I introduced it to Mira and she likes it, too. We always have a bowl for supper these days. It's like our dessert dish instead of having it for breakfast.

And I'll have another bowl for sahur, too.

Now, if only they still sell Haliborange. Hehe.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

And bring me a hard copy of the Internet so I can do some serious surfing.

Oh dear god, it's so cold in my office! My nose is runny now and I am wrapped in my pashmina. My hands are exposed, though. I wish I have gloves!!  -_-

I promise as soon as I finished writing this entry, I'll take a walk somewhere. The coldness is also giving me a headache.

Last week I spoke to my boss about my work status here because my contract was supposed to end last Tuesday. He wanted to absorb me into the company and so if everything went well, my employment term with them should start in October.

Actually, this issue was first brought up by the HR of the holding company (lets call it Port from now on). She wanted to suggest we do the migration as of 1 October. So when I already got the directives she wanted from my boss, she now act clueless as what to do next. Eh.

Now we're all playing 'passing-the-buck' -- oh, how I love this game. NOT!

Because I really want this to happen soonest possible, I took the initiative to do everything -- from making queries to people in authority, to writing the proposals on behalf of my boss (I have to show him I can do proposals, right? *wink wink*).

The only thing I did not do, but am tempted to, was to march up to the Chairman's office to speak to him directly. Why? Because it seems like these people in Port are scared shitless of him.

To tell you the truth, working in an environment with rigid protocols can be rather limiting as well as tiring.

Enough on that.

Have you watched Up? Gosh, I like the movie a lot. It's so colourful and vivid and the storyline can really warms the heart. My favourite character in this movie would be Kevin the Bird. She's the new Dory in my Pixar book of favourites. Hehe.

That's Dug the Talking Dog, Kevin the Bird, Russell who's sitting on Kevin and Carl, the old man.

I went to see it with Su last week. At first, I thought of watching Orphan but at the last minute, I changed my mind. Thinking of going for another movie (The Ugly Truth) tomorrow but... Nur Kasih how??



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.

Blogger Editor looks different today. The toolbar UI has been changed, I think. Nice, though.

Last night I watched GG and I am highly amused with what's going on between B and C. Padan dua-dua tu. They make such a cute couple, don't they? ;)

Starting from this month onwards, Mira will be taking her ballet lessons from the school's Lot 10 branch. She really likes the teacher there (she's very animated) and the group of girls in that class. And as it fall on Sundays, it worked well with my tutorial schedules this coming semester.

It also helped, a little I think, when she can see the 'seniors' prancing about in their pretty pointe shoes outside. At least, she can see what she can do in years to come and be excited about it.

I've been told by the school's admin that starting November onwards, she'll have to attend two classes per week. This is to have the kids prepared for April's exam (yikes!).

The only thing I don't quite like about this is... the shopping tempation is right there as soon as you enter the mall. Lol.

I parked the car in Sg Wang to save on parking fee (Lot 10 charges RM7 per entry), and then we walk to Lot 10. Mira saw some hair clips along the way and wanted one. Then she saw a Disney Princesses dress and wanted that, too. For the record, I didn't buy it for her because dekat pasar malam ada jual much cheaper :p

After class, we still have to walk through the mall and it is a must to stop by Famous Amos for Mira wants to buy some cookies. On top of that, on normal days, we'll have lunch at the kopitiam or somewhere.

Actually, come to think of it, when I compare this 'rituals' with the one we used to have i.e. have lunch at Secret Recipe and then go to the Gardens, this current routine is much more economical. Hehe.

I think Mira's a budding shopaholic. She likes to shop! We've the Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD and she's been watching it repeatedly. It's like her favourite movie at the moment.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't these bitches know that I'm way better than them?

Isn't this exciting? We've finished up the tub full of kurma I received complimentary from the biggest boss (so many big bosses here, you know) the day before Ramadan started.

We've two more weeks to go before Raya! I haven't prepare anything and most probably there will be nothing extravagant to do otherwise.

Anyhow, good news -- Specky has been found. Thank god!

DH saw her hiding underneath the ground floor lobby staircase last night, looking petrified. He picked her up and brought her home. Mort was so happy to see her, he's practically bouncing off the wall.

He must be saying, 'Thank goodness, my kittens are saved!' :p

I have moved all the kittens to this big cage we have, and locked the mother with them the whole night. Of course, I let Specky ate her dinner first lah. I let her out this morning, too. Hopefully DH remembered to put her back in.

So much drama in my life this week, eh? Hehe.

As planned yesterday and mentioned here, I did cook up Bubur Lambuk for iftar. I think mine tasted better than both Pak Hassan (walaupun belum rasa lagi) and Masjid Kg Baru's (in response to Mum2H's query. Lol!). Sedap weii...

But the recipe I took from Maggi's website yeilds so much that I have an overdose of bubur lambuk right now. I even got to send some to my Dad for him, Kim and my brother-in-law. So my advise is, for a small family of 3 2½ like ours, just make half from the recipe.

Unless you've already prepared the minced beef and dried prawns the night before, it took more than an hour to cook this from start to finish. It was an easy recipe to do, though.

Maggi's Bubur Lambuk Cukup Rasa (cut-n-paste saja lah)

100 gm atau ½ beras, cuci dan tos
3 camca besar minyak masak
2 liter atau 10 cawan air

Bahan A
2.5 cm halia, dihiris halus

Bahan B
200 gm daging hancur (minced meat)
30 gm udang kering, direndam dan dikisar halus
2 Kiub Rusuk Maggi
6 gm atau 1 camca besar Maggi CukupRasa
100 ml atau ½ cawan santan

Bahan Hiasan
Bawang goreng
Daun sup, dihiris

  1. Dalam periuk, panaskan minyak dan tumis A hingga kekuningan.
  2. Masukkan bahan B dan goreng hingga masak.
  3. Tambahkan air, beras, Kiub Rusuk MAGGI dan MAGGI CukupRasa. Biarkan mendidih.
  4. Masak hingga menjadi bubur, masukkan santan dan serbuk lada sulah. Reneh selama 10 minit.
  5. Hias dengan taburan bawang goreng dan daun sup.

Selamat mencuba :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look who’s getting all paternal.

Guess what? Something terrible has happened. Specky has gone AWOL!

I remembered I saw her when I got home on Tuesday evening. The cats were at the door waiting for us to come in, as usual. Then I saw her eating and then she went inside my bedroom to be with her kittens.

Then DH came back. And went out again. And came home. And went out again. Etc.

Later that night, just as I was about to retire to bed, I wondered where she was but thought she must be with her babies. I didn't checked either, was just assuming.

Next morning when I woke up, I noticed that the leftover food I left for her was untouched. And when I checked the place where she kept her babies, she wasn't with them. I called her out, but she was no where to be found!

I told DH to go find out where she's gone before I left for work, but he was half asleep. Later I found out he forgot all about it.

Anyway, DH was home first yesterday, so I asked him about our 'Specky-gone-AWOL' situation. He said he has not seen her so far since he came back (duh!). We found that the kittens have been moved to a new spot, though. So, I thought she must still be in the flat.

But where?? We went looking for her again, no corner was left unturned. The cats love to just disappear like this, out of our sight; hiding in some corner somewhere. Or high up above the kitchen cabinets. We'll be setengah gila look for them and they'll come out dengan selamba from some nooks and crannies, places I didn't know a cat could crawl in to sleep.

But Specky didn't turn up when called. DH then went to look for her outside at the common areas of our apartment building. Still no sign of her.

Sigh. Did someone tell her of my past intention to give her up? Because that subject was never discussed with anyone at home. It was something I was mulling over alone.

Poor kitties. Mort was beside himself. We later discovered that Mort was the one who moved the kittens. He was mothering them, but when the kittens started to go for his teats, he balked.

It was a sight to be seen y'all! Lol.

Anyhow. Without Specky, the chances for these kittens to live is slim to none, yes? They're all still so young! Only a week old I think. I tried to feed them some milk using a syringe last night. Don't know how well that went.

If Specky does not to come home within these 2 days, what am I to do? Pening uols.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house.

I have ran out of ideas what special dish to prepare for iftar. As I said to Wawa, I'm just going to fry (ke nak buat gulai?) chicken, vegetables and some eggs.

Today, I am also going to bring back my electric oven from dad's house that Kim borrowed two years ago (lol!). Want to do a bit of experiment on something ;)

Last night, while wallowing in self pity and what-have-yous, I had an epiphany.

You reap what you sow. You can't expect a plant to grow and flourish without any care. You can't expect it to bear fruit or bloom pretty flowers for you.

Or the best example would be of an iguana.

If you don't consistently shower love to it and care for your pet iguana on a daily basis, but instead you just kept it in its cage being ignored. Don't expect it to warmly climb onto your hand when you offered it so your pet can snuggle its' head on yours.

Instead, you have no one else to blame but yourself if it ripped your finger off in return.

I am reaping what I have been sowing since 1995, but in a different context. It was the biggest mistake of my life for allowing it to become a norm not an exception. I wished some one had advised me about its repercussion back then.

But who knew by just looking at available examples that were perfect?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Once people start throwing wet stuff, I go inside.

The rain started to pour as soon as I had left my housing area. Such lovely weather to sleep in, I was contemplating whether I should just turn back and take the day off today.

But because I can't remember if there's any important matter for me to look into in the office, I grit my teeth and drove head on to the train station. All the while wishing I can do otherwise.

By the way, I miscalculated. I do not have four black kittens but FIVE of them!

And whenever I look at Specky's face, I do not have the heart to send her back to the shelter. So I am going to keep her. I'm going to take Nong's advice to castrate Mort in the mean time first. Probably I should send him to the vet this weekend.

As for the kittens... still no idea what to do with them. Anyone willing to give them a good home? Lemme know, k.