Once people start throwing wet stuff, I go inside.

The rain started to pour as soon as I had left my housing area. Such lovely weather to sleep in, I was contemplating whether I should just turn back and take the day off today.

But because I can't remember if there's any important matter for me to look into in the office, I grit my teeth and drove head on to the train station. All the while wishing I can do otherwise.

By the way, I miscalculated. I do not have four black kittens but FIVE of them!

And whenever I look at Specky's face, I do not have the heart to send her back to the shelter. So I am going to keep her. I'm going to take Nong's advice to castrate Mort in the mean time first. Probably I should send him to the vet this weekend.

As for the kittens... still no idea what to do with them. Anyone willing to give them a good home? Lemme know, k.



Anonymous said…
yeap mort shud go first. and say babai to lean, mean kibbles eating machine for the new mort will be..... fat! hahha like my boy Paul. Yen tak neutered lagik so still lean n mean. But am praying everyday jangan la ade kittens kaler oren ard the neighborhood for am sure who the daddy is :P