Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make your mark in the world. Or at least spray in each corner.

It is Halloween and since I've chosen this date to mark my very own Lord Voldemort's (aka Mort for short) birthday.... well, today is he's birthday lah. Hehe.

Happy 1st Birthday, Mort! You've come a long way, from being a famous Porn YouTube star (although shortlived, but famous nonetheless) to becoming a father to 5 all black kittens.

Your first birthday gift consist of a two days-one night all expenses paid neutering vacation package from me, yours truly. Muahahaha!

And of course, it comes with lots of special yummy (read: expensive) food to be enjoyed by you and the others for the night before your operation ;)

Long live Mort!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I was young I was called a rugged individualist.

TV advertisements can be your source of entertainment. That being when your kids try to reenact it for you, at their own expense. Especially those who loves to repeat every word said in the adverts.

For example, there was a time when Cukup Rasa / Pasti Sedap advert first came out, Mira love to parrot it whenever she can. While eating her McDonald's burger she'll tell me its, 'Hmmm... Cuuuuukup rasa!'. Or when she offer me food she'll say 'Pasti sedap, Bibu. Cuba lah!'.

Last night took the cake, though.

We were preparing for bed -- I had just took out her PJs and was about to turn down her bed whilst she was sitting atop the 'throne'. Out of the blue she said, 'Bibu, I love my age' (note: an advert with a couple of women prancing about holding numbers that denotes their age, while chiming how they love their age). I stopped what I was doing to look at her. Like, where did that come from? Lol.

After a pause I replied, 'Of course lah, you're only five!'

Eh, November's looming upon us. Last October I wrote that I may be ready to join NaNoWriMo this year. I actually have thought out of a storyline, theme and a plot (as skeletal as it appear, it is still a plot. Lol!), but....

Yes, BUT.

I don't think I have the time to do it. Mid term in 2 weeks y'all! I'm sure when I'm ready to start the project; someone else would have written the story. Haha.

Should I participate in NaBloMoPo instead, then? Hmmmm....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey, I woke up in a five-star floor coffin just like you, pal.

Money. Don't I just love to hate it. The more I try not to spend it, the more quickly the balance in my bank account shrunk it seem. WTF!

IggySingh and I plans to meet this Friday. If I can book the ticket online (yesterday the website was down, today the M2U tak function pulak. FML), then we will be watching 'This Is It'. If not, oh well... shopping je lah.

Last Friday, Mira was being so sweet to her Atuk. I didn't know he was unwell. Usually before we left for home, Mira will give her Atuk some kisses and a hug. But that night she went to him whilst calling out to me saying, 'Bibu, Atuk sick lah. Panas (while holding her hand to her Atuk's forehead).'

She told me to take her Atuk to see the doctor. Hehe.

Atuk said no need, but mak serba salah pulak, so I just make sure he has the usuals - Panadol, cough meds and cold meds, before we leave. We also checked upon him over the weekend, just to make sure he's ok. He's alone at home because Kim's at her in laws for her 'pantang' these past weeks.


Yesterday, for the first time ever, Mira got wallop by her Atuk. She took a black marker and drew on her Atuk's newly painted wall! Haha! Mrasa lah!


Monday, October 26, 2009

I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

We received news that my SIL has decided to call off her engagement over the weekend. DH was summoned to his aunt's house for a family meeting. No wonder DH had a hard time contacting her these past few weeks -- she was troubled.

I was told that the ex-fiance strangled her when they had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago. And it happened in KLCC. Hmmm...

Anyhow, she made the right choice. Bila dah kahwin nanti, it's not easy to get out of it. Trust me :p

Lets talk about Budget 2010. I couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, just looking for snippets here and there (my Google search: Budget 2010 simplified. Lol!).

These two points caught my eye:
  • PTPTN loans will be converted to scholarships for students who graduate with first class honours degree or equivalent, beginning 2010.
  • Netbook package, including free broadband service, to university students for RM50 per month for 2 years.
Can someone define 'students' and 'university students' for me, please. It's too vauge. In other words, mak included in the definition ke nok? Hehe.

And this makes me happy... a bit -- Individual taxpayers to be given tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012.

Also, the Government will issue 1Malaysia Sukuk totalling RM3 billion. If it is assessible enough (read: cheap), I'd like to take it up.

What else?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The average person lies 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation.

Documenting minutes is tedious, eh. I've been told by the GM that I will be required to travel down south with them for a meeting, but when I checked with the boss, he said he's still thinking if it is necessary. Talk about 'miscommunication' there.

And if I need to be there, the boss has offered me to drive down with him. Letih :p

So all those 'plans' you see me Tweet yesterday can go down the drain lah. I thought if I have to fly I can come back earlier or make my own plans la kan. Teehee.

After nearly 5 months working in this area, I actually ventured out for a walkabout over lunch yesterday. I walked by the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman stretch, part of Jalan Masjid India towards Semua House and back.

I walked in a bookstore, bought Add. Maths exercise books. I stopped by SSF and gosh! the place was quite intriguing. There were a lot of knick knacks i.e. vases, candle holders, frames, small things, big things, cushions, furnitures, tin cans, fake plants and flowers, etc. etc. etc.

I only went up to level four, I think. Haven't the time to go all the way up, but as I walked out I saw there were floors on curtains and wedding dias stuff as well as furniture, too. Phew!

The shop itself was compact but they have many floors and many things in it.

I plan to go into Globe Silk Store one of these days. Hehe. Relive the times when my late mom dragged me there, much to my annoyance (because it can get quite hectic in there with so many shoppers). I just want to go all the way up, to its cafeteria.

They used to serve nice dishes there, especially the creme caramel.

For now I am madly in love with having sliced turnip covered with red sauce, a dash of crushed nuts and sugar on one side of it, for lunch. Yummeh!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, a honk instead of a knock. Did someone order a townie?

Hmmm... Mid-term exam next month; the schedule's out. Good thing the two subjects involve falls on the weekend. Although, it kinda clash with Mira's ballet classes now. Starting next month she'll have to attend two classes a week to get ready for her test next year.

We can't miss more than a class, otherwise the school will not allow her to enrol for 2010 exam. Not sure yet if there're other classes she can join as a replacement that week. I wish I have a super power that allows me to be at two places at once. Sigh.

I'm bored... well, not really, just have this 'unhealthy' feeling due to the fact that I know I have work to finish but I'd rather play Farm Ville-Pet Society-Cafe World-etc. I so need to stop! Lol.

Ok, I promise not to play any games in FB for 2 days, starting tomorrow.

Speaking of work, don't you just hate it when you hear your name being mentioned when other people discussing work. I've been hearing mine pop up ever so often these days. They're not speaking bad of me, though. Just trying to tai-chi some tasks to me from the look of it.

I don't blame them. I'd blame their bosses. They haven't brief their subordinates about their new porfolio. It was never discussed between them, too. Thus, of course the first thing the staff will do is complain and try to think 1,001 kind of ways to not do the job.

Typical lah kan!

I couldn't be bothered; it's not like I can't do the work. I've done it all before (and then some) in the old office. Just that, if it's not supposed to be my responsibility, mak tak larat nak buat for other people la kan. Unless of course, they are willing pay me for it :p

I should bring this up to my boss. Muahahaha!


Friday, October 16, 2009

There are 3 flowers in a vase. The third flower is green.

It's been a busy week; had to prepare papers, presentation slides as well as arranging F&B for the Board to meet today. With that done, life can fall into its usual pace now.

We were invited to attend a Raya open house organised by the building management today. Food was ok. I only went for the lamb and some desserts. Hehe. Always the lamb.

Thus, with brunch this morning and now lunch, I think I can skip dinner.

I've a couple of engagement lined up for the weekend. Lets see if it'll all come to fruition.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mostly you want him asking, "How do I make this stop?"

After receiving the happy news about my exam results, I haven't done any studying this whole week! Lol. Tak pa lah kan, bagi chance. I will have to draw up another timetable for the next week or so. This is the only way I can make myself study in order to avoid doing things at the last minute. Call it a self-discipline method, if you like.

Anyway, I will be attending W's presentation event later tonight. Hopefully, I will be more semangat after that :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

The more studying you did for the exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want.

Today is a happy day :) If I were to update my mood status, it would be 'Happy' :) Serious, I'm blisfully happy and cannot stop smiling :) I can even sing :)


Because I got my exam results today, after waiting for 3 weeks for it. I checked every day last week to see if they've updated the system, but to no avail. However, when I went for tutorials last Saturday, most of my mates had seen theirs.

Apparently, they released the results late Friday evening. Ceh.

I am happy (haha, happy lagik) to say I passed last semester with FLYING COLOURS. Muahaha! But to be fair, two out of the three subjects I sat for last semester were easy lah. I was just worried for Management 1 because:
  1. I submitted my assignment late; and
  2. I studied last minute for both mid-term and finals.

Gila-gila procrastinate ok. You cannot imagine my relief when I saw my overall marks for the subject. Phew! That was a close call. I promised I'll never do that again. Lol.

They haven't announced the GPA, though. But should be ok lah kan. I'm just glad I managed to hit my goal for this semester. Now I need to figure out what to give myself for a job well done :)

Anyhow, we've got Maths this semester. Lets see how well I fare this time :p

Syukur alhamdullilah! Sigh.


Friday, October 2, 2009

They're called breasts, and yes, they are exceptional.

I have a new 'my favourite TV series' to add on my list -- Dollhouse! And right after Dollhouse, I'll also watch Burn Notice 2. You can watch them every Monday on 8tv from 9:30 PM onwards.

But before that, switch in to ntv7 for Lie to Me at half past eight. Hehe.

Such a slow week at the office after the Raya break. But seeing that there will be another BOD meeting in two weeks, I think next week things will start to pick up. As it is, with the announcement that was made a few days before Raya by the powers that be, we've started to get queries.

I hope this project will go well... so we can be paid BONUS from the profit. Muahahaha! Although, realistically we won't be able to see that so soon, but one must think positively, right.

I've got tutorials tomorrow morning and to drive Mira to her ballet on Sunday. The kittens (DH dubbed them 'the Jackson 5') are grown now, have started to poo-poo. They also prefer to be let out from the pen. And because we kept the pen in my den, the place is getting to stink. Ew, please!

If I'm not too lazy busy, I'll do something about it this weekend :p

May you and yours have a fantastic days ahead. Chaiyok! Chaiyok! (Lepas dah tahu meaning of this word from Wawa, baru boleh guna. Lol)