Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twitter Weekly Update - 24 Jan 2010

  • 500 ml #
  • The blog's updated: Twitter Weekly Update - 17 Jan 2010 tinyurl.com/ycmrer7 -- just so you know. #
  • 500 ml -_-' #
  • O-err.. 2 out of 3 subjects r MCQ. which means die-die also if u check the wrong answer, no marks for it. And no assignments 4 back up too. #
  • MCQ also means you have to read a lot. Sigh. #
  • Heh heh. Am proud that the uni used my photo from the Discourse series we attended last year in the latest newsletter. #
  • 500ml #
  • 500ml! #
  • Neither have I RT @poponthepop I can't believe I still haven't seen Avatar. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! #
  • Cars that cut queues should be pelted with rotten eggs. Or tomatoes. Or better still, balloon bomb filled with red paint! Hah! #
  • Other drivers can queue patiently, why can't you? Dickhead. #
  • A car nearly bumped into mine this morning trying to squeeze in because there was an incoming car on the opposite road. The one he's on. MF! #
  • 500 ml #
  • another 500 ml #
  • plus 500ml = 1.5L #
  • Ok 2L. With two coffees at work that's worth 500ml, I've reached my daily goal la right? ;) #
  • Dedekind... reminded me of Dudley. Haha. #
  • No electricity at work. GREAT! #
  • Other than taxi? LRT + rapid bus la. RT @diese: anyone knows how to go to Bangsar Village 2 via public transportation?!!? #
  • Yeay, electricity's back on. Now can do some real work :p #
  • Not a very good stat today -- 500ml #
  • 1L only until now. Haih! #
  • Oh well. Only managed 1.5L today. #
  • Blah. Have a meeting appointment outside at 3. #
  • Meeting their Banquet team (@ Crowne Plaza Mutiara) 4sq.com/4BKRXQ #
  • Wakakaka. I've been victimised, oh the irony! #
  • Can u smell what's cooking in the kitchen? (Of course not ;)) Roast chicken! Smells yummy, cant wait for it to be done. #
  • The blog's updated: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. tinyurl.com/ycm77b2 -- just so you know. #
  • Rain rain go awayyyy #
  • Watching Spice Girls' concert video. The one in Wembley. So nostalgic! Lol. Still like the concert they did in Istanbul tho. #
  • Ugh. Not feeling well. #
  • Tutorial 1 (@ Serdang Raya LC) #
  • Rush rush rush to Mira's ballet school! (@ Lot 10 Shopping Centre) 4sq.com/8jvZE8 #
  • Need. to. get. ready! But self just want to hibernate. #
  • Guess why I'm here? LOL! (@ Lot 10 Shopping Centre) 4sq.com/8jvZE8 #
  • Wah. I just got paid. Why so early huh? Hmmm... #
  • Watching Merlin makes me wanna go read Judith McNaught's historical romance! But that's just a distraction when I'm supposed to study. Haih! #
  • LOLOLOL! RT @diese: DAMNNNN TYPOOOOOO.... It's Bangsar laaaaaaaa.... Not Bangsat..... F#$KKKKKKK #


Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Mrasa lah, I've been very busy at work this week. Am involved in organizing an official event and once we've received the confirmation date from 'the power that be', the ball started to roll.

I think this will go on for the next two to three weeks. But I like it. Busy is good. I've been bored stiff with menial work a few weeks prior.

And the new semester has also begun. First tutorial will be held tomorrow. I reckon it will be a calm semester because there's only one assignment due.

With that, we're expecting our last semester's results to be out this week. Or probably today, yikes! I wonder how I fare this time. Huhu. Harap-harap semua ok lah!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Twitter Weekly Update - 17 Jan 2010

  • Woohoo! Search! Ok @zashreena I bet Search menang. Lol. #ajl24 #
  • Omg Kid.... dah tua pls! #
  • Ok ok, here goes #ajl24 #
  • Ala2 red carpet la nok. Lol. RT @wawaporeber: meluat la kau gi tengok pengacara tv3 ni dok cakap pasal mekap pulak #
  • Uuuhhhhh... the boss is planning for his bday party kah? #
  • Please don't rain now... #
  • The blog's updated: Weekly Twitter Update - 03 Jan 2010 tinyurl.com/ych4h8b -- just so you know. #
  • Mort is so quiet. The 2 kittens wants to play but got ignored. Maybe he's still not himself after the ops huh. #
  • Bones. New favourite tv series! #
  • The blog's updated: What Do You Know About The Deathly Hallows? tinyurl.com/y8vefgh -- just so you know. #
  • Clearly, money can't buy taste. #
  • Mort is sleeping at my feet again. Loves. #
  • Meh kita tlg answer 100110 :) RT @zashreena: COMELNYA!!!! bila awk bersalin?? RT @kakakdegil twitpic.com/xxen2 - My Lil Miss Kacang #
  • Avatar, Sherlock or Paranormal? #
  • The blog's updated: I need subtitles walking in here. tinyurl.com/yjo497m -- just so you know. #
  • F! We're locked in. DH accidently took my keys. Damnation! #
  • Bwahahaha! RT @CalliopeBlabs ohh strike one against planet hollywood.. they have a charlie sheen suite.. wonder if it comes with a spanking? #
  • The blog's updated: A meow massages the heart. tinyurl.com/y8wnkoa -- just so you know. #
  • Hanging out with Su (@ The Gardens Mall) 4sq.com/6ziYMn #
  • Ballet, as usual. (@ Lot 10) 4sq.com/6cJ3g9 #
  • Ballet. Double class for Mira today. (@ Lot 10) 4sq.com/6cJ3g9 #
  • Huargh! So boring. My 2 other ballet-mom friends have gone out to do their errands. Cant wait for the class to be over. #
  • Heading to OUM later. New semester registration and manuals collection day today. Hope that'll be a breeze too. #
  • Registration & to collect text books (@ City Campus, Universiti Malaya) #
  • twitpic.com/ygwif - The subjects I'm taking this sem. I only like one, dunno if can survive the other two :-( #


Friday, January 15, 2010

A meow massages the heart.

Ah. See. I started yesterday's entry to story-mory about what happened on Sunday and about Mort. Dunno how it became a rant about bus service. Lol.

After Mira's class on Sunday, we headed to Nong's for our first meet up for 2010. As it was semi-potluck, I brought Krispy Kreme's original glaze for dessert whilst MC brought sparkling juices. Merry forgotten her ice cream, so tak mrasa lah.

The adults were seated at the main table whereas the little divas sat at theirs. At some point, while we were busy toasting to a great year, friendship, health and what not; I noticed the girls tried to copy us.

Here they are with their apple juice. Hillarious! And cute, too! MC took the above photo.

We left after six, I went straight to the vet to collect Mort. I called ahead to check on him on the way there. The vet said all went well but he was still out. I wasn't sure if we should pick him up when he's still unconscious. The vet assured me it was fine as long as I kept him in a dark enclosure while he rest and not to feed him until the next day.

Poor cat though, on the way back home he peed in his sleep while still inside his carrier. Most of his left side was wet. Once he's in a proper cage I towel it off. Can't bathe him yet, not for another week at least. So he's stink abit at the moment. Hehe.

He woke up at about ten, just as we were about to go to bed. He straight away tried to claw his way out eventhough he was still groggy and can't even stand straight. After a while he calmed down and slept some more.

He was still sleeping the next morning when we left for work/school, so I just left a bowl of water in the cage.

When I came back from work, he was fully alert. I let him eat in peace before letting him out. He moped around for a few days, refused to play with the two kittens. You know, while he was away, the kittens went all over the apartment looking for him. Maybe they missed him :-)

And this could be just guilt but Mort just stared at me ominously from his perch. Lol.

We're ok now. He's back sitting on my tummy and sleeping with me on the bed. I think I will send Seven (formerly known as Wiggy) first to be neutered and after that I'll send Sophie pulak to be spayed. The vet's having some neuter/check-up/vaccination promotion until early Feb.

Compared to Mort (lanky), they're both round. Not quite fat but berisi lah. Sedap dipeluk-peluk -- geram ok.

However, Seven doesn't quite like to be cuddled. He's very mischievous and cannot sit still. Sophie, if she can, will eat nonstop. She likes to be cradled and it is really nice to have her near you because her body is so soft. But she has an attention spand of a 3 year old, very easily distracted by Seven.

So she may come to you for cuddling but just as you were about to let her, she'll run away to see what's Seven up to. And he's full of 'somethings'. Lol.

Will be meeting Su later tonight. Thought of watching Avatar tapi macam malas pulak.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I need subtitles walking in here.

Pejam celik, pejam celik Thursday already.

So. Last Saturday I took Mort to the vet for his surgery. The plan was to send him in the morning and rush back home to take the bus to Lot 10 for Mira's ballet class. Well, the first part of the plan went well, but the rest didn't work out at all.

I hate RapidKL's new bus route. Why did they change it in the first place? If it's for the better, well, I'm not seeing it. Before it only took us an hour or an hour and a half to reach Lot 10 but now I have to allocate more than two hours just to make sure we reach our desination on time. Madness!

As it stands, for my housing area we're only serviced by what RapidKL calls their 'Tempatan' bus that only takes you from there to the LRT station via MRR2. I'm told that the bus frequency is every 45 minutes, but that never happens la kan.

How to manage such KPI when you only give us 2 buses and each bus took an hour to just do their rounds in the whole neighbourhood? I tell you, the way they plot the bus journey is mind boggling! Apa kejadah lalu the same route TWICE? Wasting time and resources, right.

Ok then, we'll drop off at Segar bus hub to take another bus (U bus = Utama) to town. There are only 2 buses that goes to Bukit Bintang from there, which is fine because they go straight to BB from the hub. But that was before. Now, when I take either buses, it will go into Taman Segar / Kg Cheras Baru area for another round first before heading to KL.


There used to be another 'T' bus that was recently changed to a 'U' bus. That bus used to go direct to BB, too. I said "used to" because last week when I thought of taking that bus it appeared it no longer do.

So unhappily we waited for the other buses and wasted some time going round in circles and by the time we reached Pudu, it was close to 5:00 PM already. Unfortunately too, the traffic was bad that Saturday, so mak budget we wont be able to reach Times Sq in 15 minutes (Mira's class starts at quarter to five okeh) looking at the jam.

Thus, we alighted at a bus stop near Pudu LRT station and took the train back home. No use going into class 5 minutes before it ends. Sigh.

I have concluded that we shall not take the bus anymore from now on. It's too troublesome compared to before. I have also stopped taking the T bus to the train station for work. It's too unrealiable and more often than not, I had to resort to driving my car to the station because the bus was either late or was too packed by the time it reach my bus stop.

Luckily I didn't buy their integrated pass-thingy for this month, if not it will be a waste of my money! December was a horrible month. I paid for the integrated pass and yet I still had to fork out money for parking because the bus service to the station on work days suck. Not good for my economy uols, sorry.

Siapa nak jawab kat boss mak kalau mak lambat tiap-tiap hari? :p

Don't say I didn't try yeah. I would gladly use the public transport service if it's economical enough and if it means less hassle for me. Who'd want to be stuck in the traffic? Not me.

But alas, jodoh tak lama gitu.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Do You Know About The Deathly Hallows?

I've only read Deathly Hallows twice. Heh. The second time was pretty recent, a year after the book was first published.

I've read the other books multiple times until I have lost count. So what does that tells you? ;-)

Nevertheless, I still look forward to watch the movie!!

Part 1 in November. Woohoo! Part 2 in July 2011.

And then, my Harry Potter journey will be completed... the end of an era! :-(


Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Twitter Update - 10 Jan 2010

  • Mira's first day at school today :) #
  • The blog's updated: First day at school tinyurl.com/ycsj4l5 -- just so you know. #
  • twitpic.com/wpwf9 - Pancakes for breakfast! :) #
  • Gah! Why make me go through hoops when u already got someone else jumping on the other side?? Wasted my effort only wtf. #
  • I'm like, so tired yo. Had 2 look for another pair of temp school uniform for Mira. Went from Jusco Balakong to Tesco Kajang to Tesco Extra! #
  • I thought we'd avoid traffic going into KL, but alas first 2 places has no more white tee. Out of stock. Found few last ones in Tesco Extra. #
  • Mira said she dont wanna go 2 school if I go 2 work 2day. No matter wat I say (I hv 2 so I can buy her toys etc), she just refuse 2 hear. #
  • So I kinda lied. And sent her to school this AM. But when she saw Kim picked her up after instead of me, she cried! Refuse to follow Kim. #
  • Lucky I've intro-ed Kim to the class teacher yesterday, if not she might think some stranger trying to kidnap lah -_-' #
  • Ok, this is my 1,025th tweets. Kelassss! #
  • It's like, becoming a dedicated and competent PA a new resolution gitu ^_^ #
  • Dinner ordered for delivery. Waiting patiently for ... Prosperity! *hungry* #
  • Methink neighbour has a new pet dog. Hehe. #
  • Blogger boy dah bulat this season, compared to last. Hehe. Senang hati kot. #

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Twitter Update - 03 Jan 2010

  • twitpic.com/vgxd2 - Sleeping cats on my bed :) #
  • Gawd. Am I having a dream or nightmare? Dreamt I was in HSM as Gabriella singing 'Breaking Free' with Zac Efron. Hahahaha!! #
  • Having dinner at Saba. Rather easy to find the place la. #
  • The blog's updated: Sometimes, you just have to get away with the girls. tinyurl.com/y9n3dl4 -- just so you know. #
  • Just finished watching Storm Warriors. Movie was so-so la. Too much slow-mo and CGI. But saw Cloud all is well :) #
  • But is it true? He died?? :( #
  • Oh, when Wind turned evil? He became as pale as a vampire. Lol. N when he went 2 the meadow? Haha, cannot help it; I kept thinking TWILIGHT! #
  • The blog's updated: Weekly Twitter Update - 27 Dec 2009 tinyurl.com/yc8k3ff -- just so you know. #
  • Feeling accomplished :) #
  • Forced to watch Tari Tirana. Gawd, this guy Ash. Get over it already! Uwek. #
  • Ah. Ghost Whisperer. Much better ;) #
  • Ex oh ex oh... #
  • I think B has the best lines! Lol. #
  • Downloading Opera Mobile. Never knew it existed. Fml. #
  • Should stop playing to do some REAL work today. Sigh. #
  • OMG!! Are the people in HLB working today? I've been calling and calling and calling and callinggggggggg !!! #
  • Sesuatu ... #
  • Wah. Search tengah practice di Dataran Merdeka ke? #
  • Nice! Can go Bali next year y'all. RT @tunehotels: twitpic.com/vuwsx - Double room in Double Six Legian Bali hotel #
  • Guess what I'm watching? @britneyspears's Crossroad! Forgotten I have the dvd. Lol. #
  • The last day of 2009, omg! Remember the time when we were all freaking out about Y2K ten years ago? Lol. Let the countdown begin! #
  • The blog's updated: That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice! tinyurl.com/y8hep72 -- just so you know. #
  • Oh hai (@ Pernas Sogo Complex) 4sq.com/7NZPYr #
  • 'Hanya kau yang mampu' rupanya nama lagu tu. Punya lah, bertahun cari -_-' #
  • I am listening to 80s music!! Ol' skool much? ;-p #

Monday, January 4, 2010

First day at school

Mira with her new friends in a new school. No trouble getting her in class as well as her making new friends.
Sometimes I think I worry too much ;)
Parents are allowed to be in the school compound until tomorrow. After that, we're only allowed to wait at the school's main entrance gate (like beggers). Lol.
LWB via N82

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Oh hey, I survived 2009!

It has been one fuck up year to tell you the truth. Whats with the boss thing, the job thing, the exams, this and that. But what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger bitches! Bring it on.

I can't complain much, really. I still have my family, a lovely daughter who only gives me joy, good friends who's got my back, some good times here and there, and I can still indulge in a thing or two. Not that bad, eh. There are others out there who had it worst, no?

Anyhow, let 2010 be a better year for all of us... and world peace :)

Happy new year.