I need subtitles walking in here.

Pejam celik, pejam celik Thursday already.

So. Last Saturday I took Mort to the vet for his surgery. The plan was to send him in the morning and rush back home to take the bus to Lot 10 for Mira's ballet class. Well, the first part of the plan went well, but the rest didn't work out at all.

I hate RapidKL's new bus route. Why did they change it in the first place? If it's for the better, well, I'm not seeing it. Before it only took us an hour or an hour and a half to reach Lot 10 but now I have to allocate more than two hours just to make sure we reach our desination on time. Madness!

As it stands, for my housing area we're only serviced by what RapidKL calls their 'Tempatan' bus that only takes you from there to the LRT station via MRR2. I'm told that the bus frequency is every 45 minutes, but that never happens la kan.

How to manage such KPI when you only give us 2 buses and each bus took an hour to just do their rounds in the whole neighbourhood? I tell you, the way they plot the bus journey is mind boggling! Apa kejadah lalu the same route TWICE? Wasting time and resources, right.

Ok then, we'll drop off at Segar bus hub to take another bus (U bus = Utama) to town. There are only 2 buses that goes to Bukit Bintang from there, which is fine because they go straight to BB from the hub. But that was before. Now, when I take either buses, it will go into Taman Segar / Kg Cheras Baru area for another round first before heading to KL.


There used to be another 'T' bus that was recently changed to a 'U' bus. That bus used to go direct to BB, too. I said "used to" because last week when I thought of taking that bus it appeared it no longer do.

So unhappily we waited for the other buses and wasted some time going round in circles and by the time we reached Pudu, it was close to 5:00 PM already. Unfortunately too, the traffic was bad that Saturday, so mak budget we wont be able to reach Times Sq in 15 minutes (Mira's class starts at quarter to five okeh) looking at the jam.

Thus, we alighted at a bus stop near Pudu LRT station and took the train back home. No use going into class 5 minutes before it ends. Sigh.

I have concluded that we shall not take the bus anymore from now on. It's too troublesome compared to before. I have also stopped taking the T bus to the train station for work. It's too unrealiable and more often than not, I had to resort to driving my car to the station because the bus was either late or was too packed by the time it reach my bus stop.

Luckily I didn't buy their integrated pass-thingy for this month, if not it will be a waste of my money! December was a horrible month. I paid for the integrated pass and yet I still had to fork out money for parking because the bus service to the station on work days suck. Not good for my economy uols, sorry.

Siapa nak jawab kat boss mak kalau mak lambat tiap-tiap hari? :p

Don't say I didn't try yeah. I would gladly use the public transport service if it's economical enough and if it means less hassle for me. Who'd want to be stuck in the traffic? Not me.

But alas, jodoh tak lama gitu.



nong@kween said…
aiyyooo mak pun letih baca uols punya bus route ni. tak passenger frenly langsung...
Larawannabe said…
Kan? Boring tau dok dalam bas lama2. Padahal straight forward je.
mum2h said…
hr tu kemas2 purse..jumpa tiket lrt yang store value tu..baru ingat banyak lagi dlm tu but dah expired!

For my case, naik keta is better than train..parking kat bkt jalil hazab!!
Larawannabe said…
eh that store value card ada expiry date?? hampeh uols.

parking at BTS ok, kat office i parking hazab pulak, as well as the traffic jam. lol. so better to take the train.