A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.

Over the weekend, I sat for two mid-term exam papers, one of which was math. I think I've said it too often -- I HATE numbers (except money. Ha!). But, surprisingly the questions weren't that bad. I managed to work out most of them, except those 'Log' questions.

Haram jadah I ingat how to do it. Haha. So, tembak je la kan :p

And today the registration for next semester is open. I thought we'll be given a breather, but alas, there's Mathematic for Management pulak. Haih! I dunno, man, feel like dropping it but if I do, it's like admitting defeat as well as prolonging the inevitable, right?

Oh, sungguh dilemma!

Anyhow, I'm waiting what the others in my 'study group' (a term loosely used because we don't really study together) say. If all of them not picking up the subject, then I may drop it to for now. I need 'moral' support in order to get through math uols. Lol.

Moving on.

Since the parking operator at BTS Station has increased their daily parking rate by RM1, I thought it'd be best to use the feeder bus instead. Rapid KL has this pass-thingy which if you utilised it totally, was rather a good deal.

Thus, I've decided to purchase it for November and it appears to be the best investment worth RM150 ever!

They have other types of passes i.e. for LRT only, for bus only, etc. which are reasonably priced. And the best part is that over the weekend and public holidays, you're allowed to bring along an adult plus a maximum of 4 children to ride with you free!

As it turns out, now that Mira's ballet classes are scheduled at the busiest time in Bukit Bintang, I have started to rely on public transport to get us there. The pass prove to be very useful and became the cheapest way to get around. So cool, like that.

The downside of it is that we have to start our journey two hours earlier because of the waiting around, you know. Have to wait for the Tempatan bus to take us from our house to the hub, and then wait for the Utama bus to take us into BB. The journey itself only took us an hour at most.

And also when it rains, getting on and off the bus can be an arse. Like yesterday afternoon. Eventhough we had an umbrella, I was soaked (but of course, Mira was not lah)!

It was nice to play in the rain though. Hehe.



mum2h said…
dulu ms kecik2, naik bas nie mcm dah tak heran kan???

Budak2 sekarang mcm dpt apa kalau naik bas. Hr tu saja bawak anak i pg OU naik bas. Bukan main happy lagi budak2 tu...
Larawannabe said…
Yer. Dulu naik kalau i kena naik bas, which is often la sebab mak i suka berjala, macam takde class je. Kalau boleh nak naik teksi sesaja. Hahaha.

Tapi sekarang for Mira naik bas macam gah sangat.