Saturday, September 24, 2011

And the CAT jumped over the moon...

Not the cow. But the cat. My cat to be specific, who jumped over the balcony railing to get into our neighbour's so he can chase their dog. I always thought it's the dog that chases the cat not the other way round. Tanda-tanda nak kiamat kah?

As I first mentioned here about it, he did it again yesterday. Let me show you how the balcony looks like and the distance between ours and the neighbour's.

Exhibit A

You see there? My neighbour's balcony is adjacent to ours, not even at a certain angle where you can easily jump over. We have no idea how Mort can climb up the railing to go to the other side. Really! Clueless!

This is what would happen... First, he'd check out if the dog is also at the balcony (dog's house is placed at the balcony, I think):

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Notice the skeleton of a smaller cage there? When he started to just climb over the railing for a peek, we placed it there thinking it would help to deter him from climbing. But, of course not!

If the dog or the neighbour's sliding door is open (we think Mort can smell the dog), he'll quickly climb up the railing, like so...

Maybe I should rename him Spiderman?

Even with the Astro thingy there, I still don't see how he can balance himself enough to get to the other side. And when he wags his tail furiously, that means he's ready to jump. And then you'll start hearing the dog barking non-stop.

Yesterday, when the balcony door was opened, DH was in the kitchen with Mira raiding the fridge, whereas I was in my room to charge my BlackBerry. I was going back to the living area when I heard the scratching of nails on iron and then heard the dog barking rather excitedly.

I looked at DH, alarmed and asked 'where's Momort?'... I quickly check our room (he likes to sleep under the duvet) and DH quickly went to the balcony to see if he's gone over. And true enough, he was there!

DH quickly knocked on the neighbour's door, profusely apologise and picked Mort up. Adoila! Tak boleh lepa langsung. He was sitting on the sofa with us before that. And in a split second he was gone.

Our sliding door is always shut now. Unless we lock him in the cat's cage or in our bedroom when he's sleeping. Otherwise, we'll have to selak the drapes for a clear view of that corner. But he's black so that doesn't work well at night FML.

And, because he can't go to the balcony any more without supervision, whenever he hears the dog bark, he'll do this instead...

I see you there, Mort!

Jangan kau ingat kau boleh terbang sudah. This is getting more challenging than taking care of a babe in terms of safety precautions you guys!


Monday, September 19, 2011

I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally.

Earlier this year after tendering her resignation, C went to Pangkor on a self-dicovery trip. She shared with E & I photos of her holiday and suggested for all of us to take a vacation together soon. It has been in the works for the longest time!

Decisions had to be made -- to take the kids or not, which long weekend should we plan this trip i.e. to go during Deepavali or Raya Haji or Malaysia Day; and neither wanted to utilise too many off days for this. We only  managed to confirm it last month with a date that is suitable for everybody ;-p

E has booked our room (we've decided to take the kids). Only left is for me and C to purchase our bus tickets.

So... Pangkor, here we come!


Let the countdown begins... T minus 45 days. Woohoo!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!

You wouldn't believe what happened yesterday.

My next door neighbour has a small dog. I think it's a Maltese. Her name's Donna. The Lord Voldemort (my cat), became very intrigued by it. At first we thought he's interested to befriend the dog. But actually, he was more interested to pick a fight with it! -_-'

There were many a time when the dog was allowed out at her unit's main entrance area (cordoned off by chicken wire), Mort will sit by our main door trying to smell or peep through the space between our door and the floor. Very kay-poh la pakcik ni.

Whenever the dog is at the balcony, Mort will climb our balcony railing, balancing himself on it while trying to take a peep at the dog, too. All these times, we were waiting for him to either try jump over or die trying (seven floors down yo!). Yesterday, he actually succeeded jumping over the neighbour's balcony!

DH and Mira weren't aware of this. They went out to buy lunch. While having their lunch, the neighbour knock on our door to let DH know that Mort is in their house and had chased and attacked their dog all over the place. When they tried to catch Mort, he became very defensive. So they had to call us to pick our cat up.

Luckily, no one was hurt :-p

The dog ran into her master's room. When DH went to pick him up, Mort was sitting at the neighbour's balcony like it's a casual thing to have your cat visiting your neighbour's.

Haih... macam-macam hal!