In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!

You wouldn't believe what happened yesterday.

My next door neighbour has a small dog. I think it's a Maltese. Her name's Donna. The Lord Voldemort (my cat), became very intrigued by it. At first we thought he's interested to befriend the dog. But actually, he was more interested to pick a fight with it! -_-'

There were many a time when the dog was allowed out at her unit's main entrance area (cordoned off by chicken wire), Mort will sit by our main door trying to smell or peep through the space between our door and the floor. Very kay-poh la pakcik ni.

Whenever the dog is at the balcony, Mort will climb our balcony railing, balancing himself on it while trying to take a peep at the dog, too. All these times, we were waiting for him to either try jump over or die trying (seven floors down yo!). Yesterday, he actually succeeded jumping over the neighbour's balcony!

DH and Mira weren't aware of this. They went out to buy lunch. While having their lunch, the neighbour knock on our door to let DH know that Mort is in their house and had chased and attacked their dog all over the place. When they tried to catch Mort, he became very defensive. So they had to call us to pick our cat up.

Luckily, no one was hurt :-p

The dog ran into her master's room. When DH went to pick him up, Mort was sitting at the neighbour's balcony like it's a casual thing to have your cat visiting your neighbour's.

Haih... macam-macam hal!