Monday, December 31, 2007

Weekend Snapshot #1

I bought a larger memory card for my camera last week, so what better way to use it by taking more frivolous photos and sharing it with the world.

While scouring the interweb for something fun to do, I came across Weekend Snapshot meme. I thought I'd join in starting from now. All you have to do is choose your own nice and clean weekend snapshot you’ve got within the week or past weeks and post it on Monday in your blog. And then you post your permalinks URL at the comment section for the week.

And here is my first weekend snapshot. May we have many more to come ;)

Enjoying my favourite cup of joe with two books over the weekend.

How was yours?


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poetic Observation

I've been away for the past few days. Other than falling ill with the usual bouts of fever and cold, I was also lost in my own world that is inside my head. I wish I hadn't had to come out of it, but real life?... has to go on.

The one thing that I hate most when I'm in this disposition is the lost of time. The battle that is with ME and TIME, will it ever end? Ah well...

Have you ever noticed how in fiction the protagonists are able to describe someone's features, especially his/her love interest, in acute details? Especially in romance novels like the excerpt below:
Smiling down at her was the largest and unquestionably the most handsome male she had ever seen, ever imagined. His eyes were the silver-grey of satin and steel, his shoulders very wide, his baritone voice rich and compelling. In contrast to his tanned face, his teeth were startlingly white, and although rugged masculine strength was carved into the tough line of his jaw and chin, his touch was gentle, and there were tiny lines at the corners of his eyes to testify to his sense of humor.

Something Wonderful, Chapter 4, Page 35
Silver-grey of satin and steel eyes? Rich and compelling baritone voice? Rugged masculine strength jaw and chin? Gentle touch? Fine lines that testify his humour?

I supposed it is for the benefits of its reader's, so that you can picture it in your own mind. It also sometimes gives you a romantic feel to it, no? -- at how observant she is towards her love interest. And then you sigh, you swoon and you wish your own love story go the same way.

But could you recall from memory and describe your own spouse or partner's feature in such detail? Even if the person is in front of you, do you notice his minute quirks or the colour of his eyes? The sounds of his voice and laughter? His features when he's angry or relief or troubled? Every scar, every mole on his person?

The ones only you know because he is the closest and most intimate person in your life?

I tried. And I can't.

I don't know the extend of DH's eye colour other than they're 'brown'. I cannot recall or tell you if there are specks of hazel in it or if it twinkles when he's happy. Or do they turn dark when he's angry. It escapes me how his laughter sound.

Or can you feel his presence when he's near you? Can you feel his stare?

I failed on that one too, although I must admit DH is good at sensing my presence sometime.

I am disconcerted to know that I cannot see anything deeper than what's on the surface. And I boast of how I've known him for 18 years and been married to him for the past 11. When in truth, I don't know him that well, do I?

However, from now on I shall try to be more observant to the people I care about. It'll be good practice for me too, when the need to describe facial features in my writing arises. Not just to fulfill my romantic notion, you understand :p


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Musical Me! Album of The Year

I've been very musical this year compared to last in which I listened to more new albums than before. I only planned on 6, but my music collection grew by the month. Oopsie!

So without further ado, these are what I've been listening to for the past 11-12 months:

Alright, Still by Lily AllenBack to Black by Amy WinehouseThe Open Door  by EvanescenceExtreme Behavior  by HinderThe Dutchess  by FergieLife in Cartoon Motion  by MikaDaughtry  by DaughtryThe Best Damn Thing  by Avril LavigneHow to Save a Life  by The FrayFavourite Worst Nightmare  by Arctic MonkeysA Collection of His Greatest Hits  by BabyfaceGood Girl Gone Bad  by RihannaMinutes To Midnight  by Linkin ParkBecause of You  by Ne-YoHand Built By Robots  by Newton FaulknerBlackout  by Britney SpearsGreatest Hits  by Spice GirlsCall Me Irresponsible  by Michael Buble

18 in total. I'm impressed!

If I am to pick five albums as my favourites, it would be these, in no particular order:
  1. Michael Buble's Call Me Irresponsible
  2. Spice Girls' Greatest Hits
  3. Amy Winehouse's Back to Black
  4. Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad
  5. Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight

However, if you were to ask me to choose only one, I'd chosen Arctic Monkeys' Favourite Worst Nightmare. The album's wicked! That, ladies and gentlemen, would be Larawannabe's Album of the Year ;-p



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Babel of Words

A murder of crows sat squawking on the clothes line as she stares into the emptiness that was in front of her. Her serene expression masked the turbulent nerves that are rapidly growing in the pit of her stomach.

'The show must go on Lara, you know that,' said The Manager softly. 'A gambol of dancers must perform. It is as stated in their contracts with us. We'd be in trouble with a huddle of lawyers if we broken off the agreement at the last minute. Not to forget an audit of accountants that we have to face,' he continued, his voice raising in panic.

She sighed and turn to face him.

'Alright,' she said, 'send me a tray of administrators and a school of clerks; get them to convene in my office. Then call in a column of architects as well as a set of designers and tell them what we need for the play. When they are all here, set them up at the conference room. I'll come over once I have a run-through with my team. Now go, chop! chop!'

She turned her back to The Manager and continued to stare at the open space in front of her. What kind of mess have I put myself into?, she asked herself. The Master had refused to continue with the show soon after he received the divorce decree from The Mistress. Lara was with him in his office when the dispatcher arrived. The shock on his face will be forever branded in her mind.

He broke down in front of her; howling to the unfairness of the situation. It was quite a peculiar thing to witness. She knows how much The Master loves his wife. This play in particular, was conceived for her and for her alone.

He walked out of his office a broken man that day.

Lara let out another sigh and turned to walk briskly towards her office. She was met with a fidget of altar boys and a wiggle of Elvis impersonator walking hurriedly past her to the opposite direction. She stopped and had to do a double take. Elvis? Are they part of the act too?, she wonders. She shrugged her shoulders and turn to continue on her way but was stopped immediately by a band of beautiful and sexy men.

She nearly swoon when one of them spoke to her. 'Sorry miss, but where is Studio 8? I'm afraid we're lost,' one of them asked her. 'Oh my...,' she gulped. 'Studio...? Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that,' she replied incoherently. He, with his sleek dark dirty blonde hair, sharp features, kissable luscious lips and the darkest blue eyes she had ever seen, repeated his question slowly for her. All Lara could do was to point them towards the right direction. They all thanked her profusely and she was left feeling dazed.

Darn, they're hot. Especially him, she mused while fanning herself. Lara quickly shake herself out of her stupor and continued on. A few minutes later, she was in her office ready to start the meeting with the administrators and clerks.

The show must go on after all.

The end.


You like? Lol.

That was just me having fun with collective nouns. My knowledge of them are only limited to perhaps 'a school of fish' and 'a pocket full of rye'. So imagine my delight when I was pointed to a list of it that can be found here.

A hoop of assholes! A congress of baboons! A shower of bastards! A bond of British secret agents! A hatchet of corporate downsizing proposals! Oh my!

Yes, I'm easily amused. I told M the other day 'I must blog about this!', and so that was how this entry came about.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Broody Heroes, My Love

I love broody super heroes. Harry Potter is broody and misunderstood (as well as blur, but that's a different story). Batman is another of them broody ones.

Actually come to think of it, they have the same background, don't they? Both are orphans, parents killed by their nemesis and both are millionaires (although it was never explicitly mentioned, many assumed Harry's rich).

Batman: Dark Knight trailer that was supposedly revealed at the beginning of I Am Legend movie.

Check out the Joker, man. He looks terrifyingly creepy! Insane creepy. All good. I hope the whole movie is as good, if not better, as the snippets we're being shown now.

Back to super heroes. I like them in red and blue, too. Superman, Spiderman, Optimus Prime (he is also a super hero, no?).

I watched Superman Returns movie recently, like really sit down and watch the whole thing in its entirety. I found something amusing about the whole Superman-impregnated-Lois Lane business. And all these musings are based upon my limited knowledge about Superman i.e. comics not included in this presumption. I only watch his movies mostly and TV serials.

The only comic I have was the one when Superman marry Lois. It's called Superman: The Wedding Album and I bought the one with the white cover.

But I digress.

It all started when the both of them were acting all bashful at the balcony of Daily Planet in the movie. If they've slept together before, why all the shyness? If Lois acted all cold, hurt and wary because he left her, is fine and understood. But why were they being shy and uncomfortable with one another. And Superman acted as if there's nothing deeper between them. Which was all weird to me.

And then, the costume thing. You have to remember that Lois slept with Superman, not Clark Kent. Superman wears his briefs on the outside. My imagination may be running a little wild here, but how do they do it? The undressing part while both of them were getting frisky to get into each other's pants?

Unlike Spiderman, whose costume was human-made or tailored and has a zip somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong); Superman's costume is 'alien', no? It's like a one-piece suit or his second skin. So how did he undress himself? Did he just vanish it off with a flick of his wand (oh hey, that's Harry Potter) by a snap of his fingers?


Or the briefs held the key to all my questions above? Lol. Just pull it down, and everything else doesn't matter.

And he's like faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... yeah, imagine his thrust, people. Woot woot!

Ok, I'm shutting up now.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Day We Saw Barney Up Close

When DH got to know about this two weeks ago, he was bursting at the seams to tell me about it. He wanted to bring Mira and surprise her.

The show runs from the 19th until Christmas. It has three shows over the weekend -- 3pm, 5pm and 8pm.

All are welcome, but in order for you to have your kids be in the special area closer to Barney & Friends, you've to book a ticket for it. I'm not sure whether you need to buy it or it's free.

That's the bit that they have forgotten to include in their posters, unfortunately. We found out while we were queue to get into the den but by that time, all tickets for that day has been 'sold out'.

We just hang around the area near the stage. But I tell ya, parents are such a nuisance! What a kiasu group of people they are!

There was this couple, as it is they're already at the front, right? But that's not enough it seems. Out of the blue the daddy push his way in front of me and decided to carry his daughter up. The daddy was tall, so please lah, how the others at the back to see like that?

I think the kid's parents was more excited because the girl couldn't care less. And there was this aunty who were too excited that she started to sing a-long to Barney's song (and if she could, dance to it too!) while waiting for the show to start.

However, Mira was quite turned off by it all. We have to wait for 25 minutes for Barney to appear. It's not entirely Barney's fault though. We had to 'reserve' our place because people had started to 'reserve' their spot too half an hour before.

So, when Barney came out, she went something like, 'Oh hey, it's Barney' and that's it. She was rather aloof about it all. She didn't sing a-long neither did she show much excitement in seeing the dinosaur that she sleeps with every night :p

I think my daughter has outgrown you, Barney dear.

We left after he sang one song. Went into Fridays to eat, of which DH said we are never to return again. Nothing wrong with them, just we thought the food was too boring. Should have gone for sushi instead. Sigh.

While waiting for our food, Mira was so bored that she actually dozed off and knocked her head on the table. Haha! Such a horrible mother I am, laughing at her expense, but it was funny. Lol.

We stopped by Speedy to buy movie videos before we left 1Utama. Mira picked up Shrek 3 and I bought The Order of The Phoenix because DH said he hasn't watch it yet. I'd rather buy The Simpsons actually, but no matter. Next month then.

Ratatouille can wait. I watched the movie in the cinema, like, six times I think. Transformers will be the last on my list because I already bought the VCD, and am watching it on a daily basis because Mira loves it.

But you know what? Everytime I set my eyes on Optimus Prime, the fighting scenes between him and Bonecrusher and him with Megatron, I just melt! He's just too beautiful handsome beautiful.

Le sigh.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Battered in Battlefield

I'm done fighting for the day. The gang I supported, LOST! Huwaaaaaaa!

It's not even my gang ok, I was just helping out. When my gang needed me the most, I was away doing my Raya rounds. Haha.

Anyhow, their members were rather slow to respond. No use announcing you're there to do a last minute jump, taunt beware bitches; and then got hit in the span of a few second :-p

Seriously, they should come in earlier. And help me hit the other party, innit? Like 80% of the opposition gang members were there.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. And make this my FIRST defeat. My all-win record tarnished sudah. Ntahpape.

And I lost a point.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have You Wonder?

I wonder how different my life would be
If I had chosen to do somethings differently
At the age of sixteen and a half
When a turn of event may have lead to a different outcome

Would I be here blogging my thoughts as it is now
Would I be meeting the same people as I have up to this moment
Would I be facing the same predicaments and problems
If I had chosen a different path in the past?

Would we still be together
Would I have married you
Would I have kept a fat cat named Manja in my life
If I had chosen a different path in the past?

Would my mother still be alive today
Would my sister be less coddled
Would I have been given Mira as my daughter
If I had chosen a different path in the past?

Would I had to face all the confusion
Would I have my heart broken twice
Would I be always uncertain of my decisions all the time
If I had chosen a different path in the past?

How different would life be
Is something I cannot stop wondering
As my next birthday comes looming over the new year
What if I had chosen a different path at sixteen?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007



term that defines the feelings of confusion and excitement people have between Thanksgiving and Christmas; the blur one feels after/during shopping for gifts in crowded retail stores with heavy holiday traffic ~
I am stuck in a holidaze, but not because of Thanksgiving or Christmas. More because of being in the whirlwind of trying to get things done and anticipate what will happen in the future before The Hotness leaves.

The bosses have left for their three weeks of holidays. THREE bloody weeks! I nearly died of a heart attack when I realized they will only be back in the office a week after new year. You know how math is not my strong point :p The first time I got to know of their itinerary, I just assumed they'll come back right after new year.

But all is well... I hope. We're off for the next few days. When I come back after Christmas, I need to list down properly things that needs my utmost attention and cleared before he comes back.

Taking a long holiday is hard work. Suddenly there are just too many things to clear before your departure date. Like as if tomorrow never comes :p

No wonder death comes as a surprise. If we're told of the exact date, I'd imagine the Grim Reaper would have a tough time just WAITING for us to finish our work and chores.

On a slightly more happier news, I've registered a LiveJournal account. I don't really need another blog / journal. I just registered because I want to be able to read a story that the writer only allow access to if you're a LJ friend.

I was told about it via this forum I'm active in, but before I managed to get a glimpse of it, she took all her stories out from there. Later on, she told us that it was because she received unpleasant and rude comments and emails from trolls.

You know how some people always like to say 'ni lah dia kalau melayu, PHD tak sudah-sudah'? Well news flash people, PHD comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Mat salleh dan lain-lain pun ada penyakit ni okeh. Not all of them are pure and white and above all that shitz.

So yeah, back to LJ.

I don't know what to do with it. There is a community there that I may have interest in joining. The goss blog (?) Oh No They Didn't community is there too. And speaking of which, have you heard the news about Britney Spear's sister, Jamie-Lynn?

She got herself pregnant! By her boyfriend. And they're like 16 and 19 respectively. From what I read, they didn't expect it to happen. Eh? Please tell me you think his condom broke or the Pill you took didn't work or something, because other than that, that excuse is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Didn't expect it to happen my arse. You know all about having sex but don't go 'not expecting it to happen' on me when you did not take any precaution. Yes, I have issues with that lame excuse because listen, we're supposed to be more smarter than our parents and in this case, a learned society are we not? We know all about cause and effect.

And yet...

Ok, I've rant enough. It's time for bed :D


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Piss On Me

Something silly that happened over the weekend as well, while I was watching Grey's Anatomy...

DH just came back from the convenience store with Mira in tow.

DH, sings to me: You want a piece of me?
Me: *stares at him*
DH: Have you heard that song before?
Me: Yeah.
DH: You know who's the singer?
Me: Of course. Britney Spears. Why?
DH: At first I thought she sang something weird, like 'you want to piss on me'. It's shocking!
Me: *stares incredulously at his back while he walks away towards the kitchen*
My husband is... funny and strange in so many level.

He knew of my infatuation over my imaginary boyfriend. He likes to poke fun at me for it, whatever chance he got.

A few months back, we were watching High School The Musical 2 together with Mira. Out of the blue he said, 'You should forget about your Harry Potter. I think Zac Efron is more handsome. Do you know he's beaten your boyfriend over some list? He's at the top now, number one. Habis la your boyfriend.'

And he adds, 'He got really pretty blue eyes kan?'

Can he be any more... gay?? Should I be... worried? ;p


Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Book With Many Faces

Over this weekend, I've been doing nothing but...

Playing Scrabulous. I've 4 boards lined up at the moment. I started playing with just the girls -- M and Hermione. But now I've even taken upon myself to play with random strangers.

Picking fights at Figher's Club over Street Credit, Money and Street Rep. It's an evil game, I can tell you that. Last night, I decided to joined in a fight supporting The Gallivanter (whom was oblivious to it all, I might add) and because I've a higher Street Credit, we were in the lead.

But then his opponent decided to call for more support. I started to 'hit' them. I am not sure if they were aware that we can do that to get each other's Street Creds down. My Street Creds was left untouched.

Eventually, the last person that came in has more credits compared to both of us collectively. A decision has to be made. I for one, do not want my Street Creds to suffer.

So what I did? I nearly zero-ed out all of them and retracted my support at the last hour. Muahahahaha! I know I played dirty but mate? It felt good!

So, is it any wonder that this nifty meter here has increased from a mere 20%+ to 31% now?? Lol!

Facebook is teh evil.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Son, Lost

My beloved imaginary boyfriend (haha!), and you must know who he is by now, was involved in the TV dramatization of Rudyard Kipling's story about his lost son Jack. It was a project he took on before HP movie 6 started its production a while back.

The show was shown on ITV1 in the UK sometime in November and we fans got to see snippet of it via YouTube (where else, really?). I saw a clip of the ending where Mr Kipling recite his poem and it touches my heart. It was a very gripping scene as it is.
“Have you news of my boy Jack?”

Not this tide.
“When d’you think that he’ll come back?”
Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.
“Has any one else had word of him?”
Not this tide.
For what is sunk will hardly swim,
Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.

“Oh, dear, what comfort can I find?”
None this tide,
Nor any tide,
Except he did not shame his kind—
Not even with that wind blowing, and that tide.

Then hold your head up all the more,
This tide,
And every tide;
Because he was the son you bore,
And gave to that wind blowing and that tide!


Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince book wasn't a favourite of mine amongst all seven books. Hence, the lack in excitement towards the movie. They've been some news; production is well on the way and there were also some updates on castings for new roles i.e. Narcissa Malfoy, Fenrir Greyback. The first official still has come out already even.

But recently I've been told that they've decided not to include Voldemort's family history and backstory, which is weird. What is movie 6 without them? That's the essence of the whole plot, isn't it? The story about the Gaunts and Tom Riddle history.

Ugh, whatever. Every time I think about Harry and Ginny making out, I threw up a little in my mouth. And this movie is going to be so FULL OF IT!

I am so not going to watch it when it comes out.


Friday, December 14, 2007

The Flaneur That I Am...

Sue was involved in a minor accident yesterday morning. She send me an SOS text to check if I'm free to come along with her to the police station after work. She wanted to submit a report against the other party because even though the damage looks minimal, it is expensive to fix nonetheless.

Surprisingly, the whole ordeal took us about an hour and a half to complete from start to finish.

It was surprising because I thought it would take two hours longer, at least. Hehe. She later took me to dinner and we lepak for a bit.

You know how I was having second thoughts about some things in my last post? Well, I decided to just go with the flow, so to speak and went to see 'the people' today for a little chat. I mean, they've flown over just to meet me, I thought it wouldn't be nice not to go.

Perhaps, it's a good thing that I did. I got a direct answer to a list of the things that contributed to my hesitation and also some additional information that was not made known to me by my introducer and the manager.

And with my list of issues cleared, it seemed to have redefined my stand. In a way lah. For one, I suddenly find it very enticing. Two, the position is good. Well no, it's better than I expected actually.

I am to expect a call from them to discuss about 'the package', because I couldn't put a price on it without knowing what is behind door number 3 :p

And now, we wait...


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Happy Joy!

My day started slow and draggy, but it progressed rapidly in to a frantic chase after lunch. So many things to rush and follow up, with so little time. Good thing all went as it should by quarter past six. I can go home without having to carry baggages.

Phew! I'm tired.

Anyhoo, the bosses have decided to close shop next Friday and Monday after that. Hurrah! I quietly asked Mr Gadget about it this morning, but he gave me a negative reply at that time. Maybe he didn't grasp the 'concept' then. But after he discussed the matter with The Hotness, the decision changed.

On top of that, they're throwing us a party next Monday. Some one must be having a good day today. Lol!

Also, I am getting what I asked from them about a month or two ago. The Fox thinks I am in need of one, and have some what lobbied for it to The Hotness this morning on my behalf. I was given the write up for a look-see this afternoon and I think Mr Gadget has posted it up. Hopefully, we'll get good, talented and pleasant ones soon.

Me? I'm excited but nervous. Excited because it is a step up; nervous for the unknown. Only time will tell how I fare in this new development.

But what to become of the supposed new place? Not that it's 100% confirmed, but I'm just wondering if I should put in the effort, you know? What if I got it, and then decided not to take it up? Because you know, Borders just opened a store at The Gardens :-p Wouldn't be fair to the other party, would it?

Why do things like these ALWAYS happens to me weii?? No wonder I'm so clueless. Sigh.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last year on my old blog, on December 26th at approximately 9:21am, I wrote:
Five more days to the new year. My resolution this year, in as much as I don't really follow and believe in them, would be:
  • to read not less than 24 books next year
  • to listen and collect not less than 6 albums next year
  • to be a vain pot coz being a vain pot is good for the soul
  • meaning that I've to figure out a new hairstyle for meself
  • and to wear coloured contacts again, but I cant figure out what colour to get yet
  • to exercise 3 times a week (!!) because lacking in stamina freaks me out more than becoming an obese :p
  • to eat more healthy food
  • to drink a lot of plain water
I'm not sure what '24 books' was supposed to mean now -- to read or buy & read that many books? If it's just to read, then I've accomplished more than my goal. Remember those Harry Potter books I read repeatly for countless of times?? That's six books times at least three read, y'all.

If it's supposed to mean how many books I actually bought and read, then I fell really short because I don't think I managed to purchase that many books this year. I borrowed a lot though, especially from Mr DJ.

As for point number 2, I've collected more than the prescribed six. I'm going to make an entry out of that and also to choose Larawannabe's album of the year ;-)

For point 3, 4 and 5 -- I've invested in your usual basic make up and have never failed to use them even to go out to the 7-11 near where I live, I've decided to keep my long curly hair but I still need to get that trimmed a bit and I've enjoyed myself playing with coloured contacts this year.

I've decided on the colour green from this moment onwards. It's subtle enough for my skin tone. Blue is a little bit jarring; while brown, honey and hazel actually looked fake on me, go figure. The colour turquoise looks good too, but it's the least colour they stock with my prescribe eye power.

Point 6 is where I'm still struggling. For the first half of the year, I managed to go to the gym once. Yes, ONCE. Lol! Then I slowly try to pick up the pace. I gave myself a weekly goal, which was to exercise three times a week. Once I got that going, I upped my regime to exercise on a daily basis. All was good and well until Ramadan came along.

I'm not putting a blame on the holy month, you understand. It's just that my routine changed since that month, as I started to cook dinner for us. And I have been cooking at home since then, which gives another check to point 7 -- eating healthily. I remember reading some where that says if you want to adopt a new habit, repeat it for 40 days and it will become one. It's true. I can not not cook our meal at home now. I'll feel as if I'm forgotten to do something.

I've even started to pack my work lunch with our leftover dinner. The only time I had junk food these days are those movie nights I have with Sue. Good thing too because now I save my lunch money towards my Tabung-O-Meter projects ;-)

Back to exercising, I haven't done any because I haven't enough time. I don't know when would be a suitable time to do it, really. I used to do it as soon as I reach home, but that time is now occupied by preparing dinner. So, yeah...

As for drinking more water, I've started to pick up the habit again a few weeks back. After the fasting month, everything needs to be readjusted. Lol.

Overall, I think I've managed to give a check to most of it. At least, this year's resolution is workable enough and I should just follow up on those that fell short.


Monday, December 10, 2007


It is still drizzling. It has been raining since morning. If I'm not careful, I'll catch a cold. I'm very prone on getting one in this wet weather. As it is, I'm feeling dizzy, lethargic, my nose feels stuffy and my throat is itchy.

I hate getting sick.

Don't you just love Monday? The time flies -- whoosh! whoosh! and before you know it, it's already noon. A few hours later, it's time to go home from work. The rest of the day in the week drags on, especially Tuesday.

Why is that?

There were times when I just couldn't wait for Monday to come so I can go to work. And this past weekend was one of them. We just couldn't go out and was stuck at home for two bloody days!

DH and I -- we're getting on each other's nerves. Lol. Man, the guy can whine and whinge! I kept on asking him if he's on PMS :-p

An elderly man who lives down the road passed away Friday night. For some obscure reason, his family had decided to construct a tent from their front porch and extended all the way to the main road in front of their gate. It blocks traffic coming and going to our place.

I could say that my apartment block is situated on a cul-de-sac. Hence, with the tent built that way, none of us can get our car out (or in for that matter) on Saturday and up until Sunday afternoon.

I wish they were considerate enough to at least let our building manager knows, so he can put up a notice for us and we could arrange for our cars to be parked outside for the weekend if one has plan to go out. We respect their need to hold a funeral, but it works both ways too, doesn't it?

Since the lot of us moved it, we faced a lot of problems with a few folks from the row of houses in front of our building that shares the same access road with us. They believe we're not supposed to be there. They believe that our area was supposed to be some sort of a forest reserved (you wish!).

A lawyer couple who lived a few floors above me, who have since moved by the way, gave them proof that the construction of our building has been gazetted all along. Like they care lah kan. They were adamant that we're disrupting their peace and have asked us to build another entrance to get into our place.

They gave us hell and was not being very neighbourly. They purposely parked their car to obstruct traffic into our place. At the peak of our dispute with a few of the neighbours, especially those who lives closer to our main entrance, it turned rather ugly.

One of the front neighbour got into a heated argument with the lawyer couple. That neighbour had parked his car so close to our main gate, the lawyer couple couldn't quite drive their car in. The husband asked the guy to move his car elsewhere, but he refused.

Argument ensued and for some reason, that guy slapped the lawyer's wife for supposedly being rude and condescending to him. The nerve! And I think the husband and neighbour got into a fight. Security had to call the police and all.

After that I don't know what happened, but the lawyer couple moved after a while. And now, years later, I see that the house at the end of this road has put it up for sale.

Who wants neighbours like that, eh?


Sunday, December 9, 2007

What's Your Dæmon?

In Lyra's world (of the Golden Compass, that is), a dæmon is an animal-form manifestation of one's soul. It lives on the outside of their body. The bond between dæmon and human is intimate. A child's dæmon has no fixed form, but as a person ages, their dæmons settle into a form reflective of the person's personality and nature.

For example, a human with a dog dæmon may tend to follow authority, whereas a person with a cat dæmon may be very independent. A person's dæmon is usually of the opposite sex to its human partner.

All very interesting, isn't it? After the movie, Sue and I discussed what our dæmon would be. I chose a cat while Sue chose an iguana. Our favourite pets, no surprises there.

I checked out the Golden Compass website and found a page about dæmons. You can even take a quiz to determine your dæmon and of course, I quickly jump in. After answering the 20 questions, the clever little thing chose a cat as my dæmon.

His name is Diodium.

However now YOU my friends, have to decide if it really matches my personality. We have more or less 12 days before it settles into it's final form. It may take a while to load though, so please be patient.

Or you can directly follow this link *bummer!*

So what say you?


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Of Want & Won't

Mira has just discovered the art of being rebellious recently. With that, she discovered how to use 'I don't want' and 'I want to' in her speech as well.

The first time I heard her use 'I don't want', was last Tuesday night:
Me: Ok Mira, it's bedtime. Come lets wash up.
Mira: I donwan.
Me: Whaa... What do you mean 'you don't want'?
Mira: I donwan; and continues watching Sesame Street on Astro.
Me: Come Mira. Lets wash your face, hands and feet before going to bed.
Mira: I donwan!
Me, looking at DH: Since when?
DH: *shrugs*

She reluctantly followed me to the bath after a while and fell asleep after finishing her bottle of milk. It's not that difficult to get her to bed. Most of the time, she's very cooperative in doing my bidding.

Then last night at my Dad's, while Kim handed Wafi over to me after feeding him, Mira suddenly came running to me as I was sitting down on the sofa.
Mira: I want to! I want to!
Me: You want to what? (This is SO wrong, isn't it? Lol.)
Mira: Wafi sit here (basically, she wants to hold Wafi on her lap)
She use 'I want to' again later that day, asking for her milk. So now whenever she wants something, she'll say 'I want to'. Not just 'I want', but with the preposition 'to'.

For example, if she wants a drink she'll go, 'Ibu, I want to'. And I'll have to ask her, 'You want to what?'. 'Minom,' she'll continue. I think she must have caught it while watching one of her tv shows, and she don't know how to form the following word after that yet. Lol!

She loves Shrek. She watches it everyday if she can help it. She can memories most of the lines in the two movies already!

I thought to start her toilet training today, but DH was adamantly against it. He said she's not four yet and it can wait. So, I told him he's buying her diapers supply from this day onwards because I'm not going to purchase them anymore :-p

Anyway, have you seen the teaser trailer for the Sex and The City movie yet? Here it is...

"They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change. Trends come and go. But friendships, never go out of style."

I hear ya' Carrie Bradshaw.


Friday, December 7, 2007


1. A petty falsehood; a fib.
Pretentious nonsense.
In all appearance, some one has been tarradiddling about something in her blog a few days back. But one has to wonder if it was all staged. Because that would be her BFF's usual modus operandi, wouldn't it.

Go figure ...

I think I'm not normal. Mentally ;-)

Could be I'm just more passionate about one thing at a time. When I like something in particular, that thing would be my constant for until I had enough of it. I guess we can call it a 'craze' or cravings.

Think of my craze towards Cadbury's Caramello a while back. I'm so over it now. Well not entirely, but I don't have to consume it on a daily basis anymore.

At the moment, I'm crazy over salads.

I've been buying a tub of it for lunch from Jusco, but it is rather costly at RM6.99 per tub. Last night I bought the ingredients and made one for myself for dinner. I even bought a bottle of cajun herbs to cook the boneless chicken strips with.

I love cajun chicken. All I did was marinate the chicken strips with the herb for a bit and then fry it over a dash of cooking oil until golden brown. No additional salt, no flavouring. Just the prepared herbs.

This morning, I've prepared myself a tub of salads for lunch as well.

Why am I blogging this early in the morning? While reading a book last night, I dozed off to sleep. It was rather early, about 10pm-ish I think. The weather is cooling and nice y'all, I just can't help it. Even Mira dozed off while watching telly with her dad.

She even missed her dinner. I tried to wake her up but she refused.

I woke up with a start at about 5:30am and here I am. Blogging. Lol.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Our 11th.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Golden Compass Premiere

Can I do this in point form? I need to jump on my husband in a minute as a reward for being sweet. He let me enjoy this movie with my movie buddy even though he had to come over himself to redeem the tickets for us.

What? Too much information for you? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!
  • Together with the invites, we each got a mini kaleidoscope as a door gift.
  • We were asked to check in half an hour before the show.
  • We're not allowed to bring in any recording device, even mobile phones whether or not it has camera / video capabilities. We're asked to leave it at the front desk. Not only that, security personnel scanned our bodies and searched our bags!
  • A box of popcorn and a bottle of mineral water or a can of Coke awaits us at our seats. That's major. The last time I went to a premiere (like yonks ago actually), we got nothing but memories :-p
  • The movie was fantastic!
  • Although I must say I was a bit lost at the beginning part of it, trying to understand what's going on.
  • The fighting scenes were the best ever. I was biting my nails and sitting at the edge of my seat! When the good guys won, I wanted to roar like the bear or clap my hands in victory.
I didn't finish reading the book in time for the movie screening and in some way, I'm glad. If not, I'd start picking on details. It's no fun, really, being THAT anal about details. I've just read a few chapters, and yet I can notice how certain scenes are not played out as it were in the book. But it's really nothing major, just details ya' know. It doesn't really hurt the entire plot or storyline.

But I must warn that this movie has no ending... yet. There are two more books and if I'm not mistaken, we've to wait until 2009 to see the next installment. Unless of course, you start to read the books first to know how it ends.

Speaking of which, Borders has just opened a store in The Gardens today. Huzzah!! I'm never leaving this place now, I tell ya ;-)

But as usual, I digress.

What I really wanted to know now is who exactly is Mrs Coulter and where her loyalty lies. Is she helping Lyra or she's with the establishment? Is Lord Asriel really Lyra's uncle or is he what as Mrs Coulter implied (I'm not telling :-p)?

I should get on with my reading then.

Anyhoo, a good movie to watch. I hope it'll do well in the box office when it opens tomorrow (or today? Whatever).


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Reunited And It Feels So Good

I am very excited to find out how the first Spice Girls Reunion concert that was held in Vancouver last Sunday went. From the looks of it, it was fantabulous and fun! Or what Victoria Beckham would aptly say, 'Major'. Lol!

Their costumes were cute although I'm not getting the shiny materials Victoria wore. She's in these corset-and-leggings ensemble, which makes her look like C-3PO some one say *snicker*. Ginger Spice in her Union Jack dress brings back fond memories of yesteryear. Muahahaha!

But how did Emma shed all her pregnancy weight in such a short time? She just had a baby recently, didn't she. Gah! I'm envious!

[Photos taken from the Spice Girls official site]

Anyway, bits and pieces of the concert can be found all over You Tube. Don't you just love them -- You Tube and the kind-hearted fans who uploaded their videos to share the moment with us who aren't able to go.

Sigh. I *heart* the internet!

The above video comes in two parts. To watch the second part, click here.

Or else, you can search other clips from the concert on You Tube here.

I don't understand though, why some people kept on saying that Victoria can't sing. She CAN sing, y'all. It could be because of her deep-low vocal range (I don't know the correct term, but you know what I mean :p), she's often given to sing the bridge part of a song and mostly to compliment either of the Mels. If we want to make a vocal comparison on who can't sing, imho Geri Halliwell would be the weakest of them all, really.

Anyhoo, enjoy the videos! Right now, I am so wishing I could catch their shows live...


Monday, December 3, 2007

The Elusive Pot of Gold

According to my... err... Life Advisor (?) Mr DJ, if I want to get my hands on the precious Bayswater it is essential that I save RM12.50 per day. I may be able to save enough to get it in 12 months time.

Sigh. So long meh?


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sweet Nothings

Leave it to Wawa to find quirky and interesting 'test's and quizzes on the interweb. This time, it's the Blog Readability Test and here's mine.

cash advance

What's yours?

I was out for most part of the day today. It felt like as if I'm going to work, but in a 'for having fun' way. As it is, I woke up early to get ready and headed out to Pavilion sometime after 9am. Met up with Nong and Nora at 10am, where some of the shops aren't even open yet. Lol.

We then went into a few selected boutiques to feast our eyes on beautiful and sparkly stuffs, trying it on and fondling it to our hearts desire. And then, we set it aside and added it onto our wishlist. Hehe. Nong however, was in a quest to find a pair of sunnies to match her handbags collect. So, we had a bit of a fun trying on that as well.

We got a call from Merry at noon asking for our whereabouts as she was already heading to Shangri-La. We have a reservation at Lemon Gardens Cafe (LG) for lunch. We quickly abandon Tangs (we only managed to walk over one floor, imagine that) and make our way there by picking up a cab. We met her and Hn at the entrance -- good timing, eh? :-)

I've been to LG on a few occasions now and at different times, and I find that they're always busy, even on a Sunday. Or perhaps busier because they put up bits of entertainment for the kids outdoor; with clowns, artsy stuff, balloons and bouncing castles.

After our hearty lunch, Nong and Nora some how managed to coerced Merry to come with us to Starhill. Lol. I don't know how that happened because I was not at the table during that time. I think I was busy picking out desserts ;-)

More window shopping ensued, where Nong found her precious and I fell in love with a Mulberry bag.

When I gushes over my love for LV and Dior to Mr DJ earlier this year, he just gave me a look of indifference and have asked me to go look at Mulberry instead. I said, 'Burberry? What's so special about them?', much to his disgust as I told him later I've never heard of Mulberry, like ever. Lol.

He loves their leather man-bags and according to him, that's the bag worth dying for. But he said they only have one boutique here in KL, which was in Starhill. Aha, no wonder I don't have any inkling about them.

I didn't see their boutique when we were there earlier this year (sometime in July, I think) but this time, we saw their boutique and we all went in. Nora was a fan of theirs, too. That was when I saw this...

Le sigh... Mulberry's Bayswater.

I think I may need to buy a lottery ticket now. Lol!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

My December

How did we come to this? December. The beginning of the last month of the year. Before we know it, we'll be celebrating the dawn of another new year.

Not that it's a bad thing. I'm just lamenting at how as the days change to months and then months to become another new year, I feel as if I've not moved an inch. Nor have I accomplished much. Not on a personal level, no.

There were so many things that happened throughout the year, but they were just chaos. I've nothing tangible to list down like this fellow here.

Isn't that sad?

Mr DJ once said, if you're not happy about something, then change it. I wanted to say the only thing I'm unhappy with is the lack of time, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I need more time to be able to do more things, but in reality that shouldn't cost so much of my time. I have to give this some thinking about.

And I've decided to try to blog everyday this month, instead of one long entry once a week. Lol.

I'm meeting up with a few girl friends tomorrow morning. It's time for me to visit Pavilion!