The Day We Saw Barney Up Close

When DH got to know about this two weeks ago, he was bursting at the seams to tell me about it. He wanted to bring Mira and surprise her.

The show runs from the 19th until Christmas. It has three shows over the weekend -- 3pm, 5pm and 8pm.

All are welcome, but in order for you to have your kids be in the special area closer to Barney & Friends, you've to book a ticket for it. I'm not sure whether you need to buy it or it's free.

That's the bit that they have forgotten to include in their posters, unfortunately. We found out while we were queue to get into the den but by that time, all tickets for that day has been 'sold out'.

We just hang around the area near the stage. But I tell ya, parents are such a nuisance! What a kiasu group of people they are!

There was this couple, as it is they're already at the front, right? But that's not enough it seems. Out of the blue the daddy push his way in front of me and decided to carry his daughter up. The daddy was tall, so please lah, how the others at the back to see like that?

I think the kid's parents was more excited because the girl couldn't care less. And there was this aunty who were too excited that she started to sing a-long to Barney's song (and if she could, dance to it too!) while waiting for the show to start.

However, Mira was quite turned off by it all. We have to wait for 25 minutes for Barney to appear. It's not entirely Barney's fault though. We had to 'reserve' our place because people had started to 'reserve' their spot too half an hour before.

So, when Barney came out, she went something like, 'Oh hey, it's Barney' and that's it. She was rather aloof about it all. She didn't sing a-long neither did she show much excitement in seeing the dinosaur that she sleeps with every night :p

I think my daughter has outgrown you, Barney dear.

We left after he sang one song. Went into Fridays to eat, of which DH said we are never to return again. Nothing wrong with them, just we thought the food was too boring. Should have gone for sushi instead. Sigh.

While waiting for our food, Mira was so bored that she actually dozed off and knocked her head on the table. Haha! Such a horrible mother I am, laughing at her expense, but it was funny. Lol.

We stopped by Speedy to buy movie videos before we left 1Utama. Mira picked up Shrek 3 and I bought The Order of The Phoenix because DH said he hasn't watch it yet. I'd rather buy The Simpsons actually, but no matter. Next month then.

Ratatouille can wait. I watched the movie in the cinema, like, six times I think. Transformers will be the last on my list because I already bought the VCD, and am watching it on a daily basis because Mira loves it.

But you know what? Everytime I set my eyes on Optimus Prime, the fighting scenes between him and Bonecrusher and him with Megatron, I just melt! He's just too beautiful handsome beautiful.

Le sigh.



nong@kween said…
hahaha comel la mira, kat dinner table pun boleh dozed off... shud've caught it on camera..

btw, that's another reason why i malas nak pi tgk Barney, fighting with other kiasu parents who seem to be more excited to see the purple dinosour than the kids themselves...