Thursday, February 18, 2010

Past Tales # 1

I thought I have posted this, but apparently it didn't go through.
Ok. In between GeoCities, Blogger and Xanga, I deleted a Blogger blog. I think it was because I do not like what I've done to it or something... *facepalm*

And then there was a period I jumped from one platform to the other. It was all very confusing. I was such a clueless kid back then.... oh, you mean I am as clueless now? So true. Lol.

This was one of the earliest entry I found written at the end of 2002. Cut and paste as is, not edited.

Yes, the earth is your dumpster...

i don't get it? didn't your parents taught you about cleanliness? or didn't your teacher when you were in school?? or you are either plain lazy or just don't care?

i cant help it, i saw it happened twice in a day. both "crime" done by kids that looks like they are old enough to know about such things. but then, both of those kids threw rubbish in the care of an adult! and the adult, as usual, just ignores it. didn't say a word, just choose to ignore it. TYPICAL!! if it were my kid, i'd ask him/her to pick it up and dispose it in the dustbin. if there were no dustbin around, i'd ask him/her to keep it until we find one.

Quote : Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them - Benjamin Disreali (1804-1881) *well said!!*


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jiwa Kacau

Bila jiwa kacau, kena tulis dalam bahasa... ok lah, mix boleh tak? Cannot think straight lah.

Sedikit (?) Sangat sibuk, itu sebab jiwa kacau. Event to be held this Friday afternoon, so many things to monitor. I am nervous, in case I miss anything.

Let it be over already!

Results semester lepas dah announced, itu sebab jiwa kacau juga.

Colours tak flying this time *sad panda*, but I shouldn't expect any better. Dah la paper 3 jam I finished in less than 2, apakes? Although result for that paper has not been published yet :-p

But I suck at Marketing. Huhu. I shall blame it on... ok ok, shan't blame anybody but myself (tapi kan, ayat belit-belit lah sampai tak paham ok) <-- oh, sempat lagi, sorry.

However, to make me feel a teeny tiny wee bit better (delusional je pun, please ignore), my 2 friends didn't do as well. In fact, they've to re-sit for the paper to improve their grade. Sigh. Although, there is a chance they'll improve and get better marks than me kan.

Dunno la whether to say 'lucky you' or not. It is like they're given a second chance.

But, I am pleased to inform I PASSED PREPARATORY MATH! Woohoo! Now, bring it on Math for Management (eksyen!).

Ini lah yang nak tulis dalam BM ni?

Yes, sah sah JIWA KACAU.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Opportunity costs and all things being equal

Swamped with work. I'm organising an event which will be held next Friday. Mostly a one-woman show :)

Lots of things to handle especially because it involves a couple of VIPs and the boss wanted it to be grand enough to catch people's attention. This event will act as our debut to the public.

Stayed later than usual and then once home, there are things to look after at home. Like Mira's school work, ballet practice, dinner, the cats, the guinea pig, my school work, etc.

Penat uols. My day usually ends at 2 AM.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let y'all know, I heard a rather amusing news from Mr DJ this evening. The lady the ex-boss hired as my replacement

I rest my case.

That is all ;)

LWB via N82

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter Weekly Update - 31 Jan 2010

  • Aw. I was ill over the weekend coz of sore throat and now it has got to Mira too. Poor girl. She's a fever. Taking her to the doctor later. #
  • Took Mira to see her doc. (@ Pantai Hospital Ampang) #
  • The blog's updated: Twitter Weekly Update - 24 Jan 2010 -- just so you know. #
  • Going to the vet for Mort's appointment after prayers. Stopping by the night market later. Wanna get some prawns for curry tomorrow. Yums! #
  • Outside meeting... soon-ish. #
  • Visiting site for a function. (@ Crowne Plaza Mutiara) #
  • - Crowne Plaza's CNY decor. #
  • LUNCH! (@ Pepper Lunch Pavilion) #
  • Busy busy busy! #
  • - Look at that! Found these while clearing out junks from my handbag :) #
  • Six AM? RT @azhari: Riddle me this: At what time maxis wakes up? #
  • I IS AWAKE! #
  • Feels like doing nothing this weekend. But have 2 get into town 4 the usual activity. Also thot of taking Mira 2 the zoo on Monday but ... #
  • Huargh! Traffic madness!! (@ Lot 10) #
  • Steamboat (@ Johnny's Restaurant, BB Plaza) #
  • Mira got her first scooter. Bought it from Toys R Us :) (@ Great Eastern Mall) #
  • No more double class on Sundays - yeay! (@ Lot 10) #
  • - Kalau melaram # 1 #
  • Hmm... maybe we should go to the zoo today instead of tomorrow. #
  • Waiting for the show to start. (@ Zoo Negara) #
  • - Is happy to report, the lake is now cleaner compared to when she last came here. Really. #
  • Just got home. Need to shower quickly. Think I brought the zoo smell with me :-p #