Jiwa Kacau

Bila jiwa kacau, kena tulis dalam bahasa... ok lah, mix boleh tak? Cannot think straight lah.

Sedikit (?) Sangat sibuk, itu sebab jiwa kacau. Event to be held this Friday afternoon, so many things to monitor. I am nervous, in case I miss anything.

Let it be over already!

Results semester lepas dah announced, itu sebab jiwa kacau juga.

Colours tak flying this time *sad panda*, but I shouldn't expect any better. Dah la paper 3 jam I finished in less than 2, apakes? Although result for that paper has not been published yet :-p

But I suck at Marketing. Huhu. I shall blame it on... ok ok, shan't blame anybody but myself (tapi kan, ayat belit-belit lah sampai tak paham ok) <-- oh, sempat lagi, sorry.

However, to make me feel a teeny tiny wee bit better (delusional je pun, please ignore), my 2 friends didn't do as well. In fact, they've to re-sit for the paper to improve their grade. Sigh. Although, there is a chance they'll improve and get better marks than me kan.

Dunno la whether to say 'lucky you' or not. It is like they're given a second chance.

But, I am pleased to inform I PASSED PREPARATORY MATH! Woohoo! Now, bring it on Math for Management (eksyen!).

Ini lah yang nak tulis dalam BM ni?

Yes, sah sah JIWA KACAU.



nong@kween said…
hahahaha.. tapi takpe, u passed Math uols!!!