Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Your Life Balanced?

by Jenn Givler

Is your life balanced? Your life may be out of balance if you feel overwhelmed by the number of items on your to-do list; if you feel like there are so many things you want to do, you’ll never be able to do them all; if you feel like if one more person asks you to do something, you’ll scream.

A balanced life is one in which we are the master of our schedule, we do only what we want to do, and we are in control. A balanced life is having the time for all the things that have meaning to us. Sound impossible?

Here are three tips to start balancing your life:

1. Figure out where your time is going. Before you can create balance, it’s important to know what activities are zapping time out of your schedule. For two days, keep a time journal.

Write down every task you do, and how much time you spend on it. Don’t cheat! If you spend an hour surfing the net, write that down. The point of this exercise is to take an honest look at what is draining your time.

2. Determine what activities really feed your soul. Activities that feed your soul will make you come alive. They will feel fulfilling to you, and you will genuinely enjoy them. There are things we all do that drain our energy. These are activities you feel obligated, or pressured to do, or they are “mindless” activities that you might do to avoid something else.

When you’ve completed your time journal, go back and look through the activities that you spent time on. Think about each one, and mark next to it whether it was fulfilling or draining.

Now, begin the process of weeding out the draining activities. It may take a few weeks to get through what you’ve already committed to, and to break habits – like surfing the net when you should be working on a project. But, when scheduling new activities, or, when you’re on the brink of starting something that’s a draining activity, really think about how it’s going to serve you and if you truly want to engage in it.

3. Say no. You do not have to accept every invitation, you do not have attend every gathering, or accept every project. When someone asks you to be involved in something, tell them it sounds interesting, and you’ll check your schedule and get back to them.

Take some time to really think about how the project would serve you and what your intentions for participating would be. If you feel yourself only wanting to accept the project to make someone else happy, it’s a good sign that this is not the project for you. Graciously thank the other person for thinking of you, and simply let them know you can’t commit to it at this time.

Saying no is not an easy thing to get used to. But, you can do it in a way that is loving, and that is not adversarial.

Changing your life so that it is more balanced will not happen over night. It will take some time to get used to cutting out activities that drain you. But, once you feel how wonderful it is to have control of your schedule, and to only engage in activities that feed your soul, it will become easier and easier!

Jenn Givler is a Business Empowerment Coach. She specializes in teaching new entrepreneurs how to get started in their business. Jenn can help you find your passion, create your business plan, and begin effectively marketing your business. For weekly business tips and advice check out her e-zine:

Article Source: WAHM Articles


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonder Pets

That day we went guinea pig shopping, DH kept on singing this song on the way to Pets Wonderland...
Wonder pets, Wonder pets
Kami datang!
And ever since then, the song kept playing in my head. Eventually, I'll be humming the song out loud, too, while doing the laundry or washing the dishes. Mira's not exempted as well. She also makes it a point to watch the show on telly. She thinks the guinea pig in that show, named Linny, is Booboo's friend (whom she's calling Manja for some reason now. Maybe because the colouring of both are the same.).

The funniest thing happened two days ago. We're all at the living area watching tv in the afternoon. Mira fell asleep after a while, taking a nap. She was in deep sleep when out of the blue, she sang 'Telepon... telepon berbunyi'.

DH and I couldn't help but laughed. I told him, 'It's all your fault!'.

Have you watched this show before? The version we saw on tv has been dubbed to Malay. I haven't seen the English version so far, though.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have You Met Booboo?

We saw Bedtime Stories. I fell in love with Bugsy. Reminded me of Abu and Bubut (previous pet Guinea pigs), actually.

We missed having a pet. We missed Manja (the cat) badly. I missed her a lot. Still.

Thought this is a good time to get a new pet. Guinea pig is small, but they're cuddly and friendly, too. So, last Sunday, we went to Pets Wonderland in Megamall. But no Guinea pig in store that day.

Went to Giant at Connaught, I remembered there's a pet shop there. There wasn't many choices, though, just Booboo. DH wasn't sure about it. But I don't have the heart to leave him there.

We brought him home. DH cleaned up the old GP housing we have for Booboo. Mira's excited -- this is her first pet. But she's still not confident in handling Booboo. Me and him, I think we've bonded quite well now :)

He's such a sweety, isn't he?


Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm pissed off. We had a disagreement just now, DH & I, and I'm trying to cool down my temper. But it's not really working.

At the moment, I feel like I want to:

a) Sleep
b) Eat a bowl of ice cream
c) Hit something or someone
d) Scream
e) Take a long drive some where
f) Make friends with my new pet, Booboo

In no particular order.

I think I'll eat some ice cream, play with the pet a bit before going off to bed.

Sounds like a plan...

via N82

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Outdoor Games and Activities for Toddlers

by Kara Kelso

It's a beautiful day and your toddler or preschooler is begging to go outside. What to do when you get out? Here's some simple ideas:

Walk to Park
The walk alone is enough to keep them busy. When you there, of course they'll even have more to do. It's a great time for you to relax a bit and enjoy the day, keeping an eye on them while they bounce from one activity to the other.

Play Fresbie
If you have a small backyard, you might need to go to the park to do this. However, if your yard is big enough this is a simple activity you can do at home.

Another possible at home activity if your yard is big enough. All you really need is some cheap baseball equiptment (plastic ball, plastic bat) for younger children.

Walk around neighboorhood
There's many interesting things to do while walking around the neighboorhood. You can count the animals and birds you see, count certain colored cars or house, or any number of fun games.

Pool Time
If it's a nice enough day, you can either fill up the kiddie pool in the backyard, or head to the local public pool. Either way it's sure to please the kids!

Be sure to see our other ideas for things to do with your children!

About the Author: Kara Kelso is the mother of 2 and owner of several online businesses. For more ideas like this, visit:

Article Source: WAHM Articles


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

The other day, in his entry about how to use your social network to find a job in this 'trying time', Robert Scoble said to remove all LOLCats entries from your blog and online things. It'll not help you find your job when 'your future potential boss noticing that you post LOLCats all day long'.

I hope no 'potential employers' knows this blog belongs to me ;)

But anyway, LOLcats are funny and adorable. So hard trying to keep a straight face when you see these photos, really.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Plenty more where that came from. Check them out here: 'I Can Has Cheese Burger'. It helps bring a smile on your face.

Have fun! XD


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pure Euphoria

Said here, I'm gonna elaborate the euphoria I felt about this. Actually, Nokia made the announcement in early December. I saw Mike's entry about this but ignored it because I was having a tough time doing other stuff in RL. That's why my respond to it seemed late.

Like, I'm getting the joke at last. Lol.

After my Nokia N82 purchase, I doubt there'll be any other phones that can top it. The phone has everything I ever wanted. It's perfect. I know this will be the ultimate phone for me for a while yet.

Recently, I lamented that if ever there's a need to replace my current phone, I'll get the N82 again.

That was until I saw... this!

I've never been this excited about a gadget for years. I think this phone will suit my current wants (can't really say 'needs' now, can we?) best.

See, I've been eyeing this super cute netbook -- Lenovo's IdeaPad S Series. I have been missing my Tintin of late and am thinking of getting myself a notebook to replace it. It should be small and easy to carry. I don't need a super chunky one as I don't need it to do anything else other than for internet and writing. So this one works for me.

But now? Now, I can combine that 'want' with this phone and carry it around everywhere I go. Woot! One gadget less, eh?

What's not to like? I'm just going to list down what *I* like about it, you can check out the data sheet via Symbian-Guru here (PDF alert).
  • Symbian S60 Touch OS
  • Customizable home screen with widgets
  • 3.5" Touch screen
  • Slide out QWERTY pad
  • 32GB Internal Memory
  • Up to 16GB MicroSD Expansion Slot
  • Video playback with MPEG-4 VGA, 640×480 at 30fps video capture
  • Music playback -- MP3 and the likes
  • 5 MP (2584 x 1938) camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens
  • Flash: Dual LED Camera
  • WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g with UPnP support
  • MicroUSB Connector
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
  • TV-Out Support
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • A-GPS with Compass
  • One helluva powerful battery
The 'Dual LED' flash gave me a bit of a pause (because N82 comes with Xenon flash y'all), but then again, it's not that I use flash photography a lot. I suppose I can live without it.

The phone will be released sometime middle of this year and the price we're looking at would be around 550 Euro. That'll be... what? RM2,600? *pengsan* However, cost effective-wise, if I'm giving up a netbook worth RM1,600 (more or less), I just need to cough up another 1k, no? That's reasonable.


Oh, I. Can't. Wait!! And I want the white colour one, pwetty please.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

What About Him??

If someone ask one more time, 'Guys, what about Lee?', I'm going to explode! Never thought having a (yes, just ONE) vegetarian in our group would be so hard. So so hard.

The thing is, Lee is not to be blamed entirely. His other 'friends' were the ones who always ask this question, not him. Not helping is the fact that he hardly tries to blend in.

He won't order anything if we're to eat at other places, neither will he order anything remotely 'vegan' -- like salad, for instance. He just won't eat anything, if we don't go to Food Junction. I suppose some take it to mean that he's offended? But why should he?

Not helping is also the fact that there's no other vegetarian outlet in Megamall, except the one in Food Junction.

When we attended a party last month, the host catered in a lot of vegetarian food. There were so much of leftovers that we have to bring some back. But when 99% of your guests are not vegan...

Now, we're all planning to attend another friend's potluck party. Naturally, we're all discussing on who'll bring what -- just so we don't all bring the same food, right. The keyword here is POTLUCK, people.

Imagine my irritation when I saw someone add 'Guys, what about Lee?' (which lead to the creation of this entry). For fuck sake, what about him?? He can't bring his own thing for us to share? Two people have said they'll bring salad, didn't they?

But anyway, Lee won't be able to join that day.

I am, so far, able to hold my tongue. I'm not sure how long it'll last, though :p Perhaps it'll be better for me to start going out for lunch by myself.

For world peace and all that.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I've been distracted, but what's new. I thought I'd continue reading Darren Shan. Kinda stopped after Vampire Destiny because of Twilight. I've read that series a few rounds already, to tell you the truth. The last time was over the long holidays recently.

Hence, I thought I would read Vampire War next. However, Harry Potter's demanding my attention again. No, no, nothing to do with Beedle The Bard. I've no interest in reading that, tyvm. More on the fandom front over some new interesting tidbits.

You know, with this recent revelation, it kinda peaked my interest to read Deathly Hallows for the second time. We'll see...

What I'm doing now though, is reading fanfiction. I've just finished a twenty-something chapter work-in-progress. I'm hoping the writer would update a new chapter soon(er). I'm now contemplating on wanting to read Anna's Forever Knight again.

Anyway, I took back a piece of work to do at home, but it's been two days and I haven't even touch it! So many things to do, so little time! Think I'll just finish it off at work tomorrow. Sigh.

I so need to focus y'all! Maybe I need to draw up a To-do list for it :-P

via N82 (coz I'm too lazy to switch on the PC, see)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Testing Mail-To-Blogger

This was my entry for Project 365, which I'm starting this year. I'll be posting a photo daily (for now), not here but in my Flickr.

Now, how to add my usual 'xoxo' at the end of this entry? Hmm...


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I wanted to say I had a crappy 2008, but that's not entirely true. I don't think it's fair to pit the whole year against one shitty month (December, I'm looking at you). There were lots of cool things happened last year.

The highlights, of course, would be the company's trip to Bali with Mira. Although sadly, we didn't get to travel any where else after that, albeit all the planning. I blame it all on DH. Planning things around him and his schedule is like going around in circles and loops that never ends.

Maybe this year we'll do holidays just by the two of us -- Mira and I. If DH happens to be free, he can tag along :p

I ate A LOT of sushi in 2008. I wonder if I can top that this year.

I became too involved in Facebook, especially in Fighter's Club. Goodness! One good thing that came out of this was that I met a bunch of really cool new friends. I still keep in touch with some of them to this day, eventhough I'm no longer that active in Facebook myself.

I went beserk on Sausage McMuffins. I have cured the obsession since, thank god.

And then, there's the part when I met my 'one true love' ~ Nokia N82. Although, there's a plan to replace it with my new twue love, the Nokia N97. I will dedicate an entry for it soon ;-) Seriously, the announcement from Nokia about N97 was the highlight of my December!

The bosses hired me an assistant. I felt very uncomfortable at first, but now I cannot live without her. Huhu. She's now on maternity leave. I wonder how I'll survive the next two months without her help. Woe is me.

I fell in love with Edward Cullen. Le sigh.

My BFF, IggySingh celebrated her 40th birthday and I was happy to be there to celebrate it with her. We also got to hang out on a weekly basis in 2008. We ate, we drank but we didn't steal anything, fortunately.

I mended the bridge that was broken 3 years ago. Can you guess with whom? No, no. Not with either of them cows, but with an old childhood friend :)

We went to watch Mira performed her first school concert.

We had Mira's adoption certificate done, at last.

I successfully participate in last year's NaBloPoMo. What an achievement! Lol.

I rebonded my hair, the horrors! BUT, I like it better now. Oh btw, I saw Mr DJ at Cyn's Christmas party a few weeks ago. That was the first time he see me in person with 'the hair'. He likes it. However, he said the light colour doesn't suit me much and I should make it darker.

I read a lot of books and watched quite a handful of good movies in 2008.

I met up with the mommies quite often, too, this year. May our friendship grows stronger in the years to come. Group hug!

Not bad, right? I think so, too. Strangely though, I wasn't that optimistic about 2008 as reflected in my first entry here, either. Lol.

I have no specific aspirations or hopes this year. Just 'business as usual'. Life goes on. Yada-yada-yada.