Friday, April 30, 2010

If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith.

The day has cometh! I cannot even end it with 'at last' because eventhough at the beginning when I first tendered, the end date seemed like soooooooo long. But now it is here. And I need at least another day to complete my tasks (!!).

I planned to have every pending things ready by last Friday -- the day I was supposed to have left. Thinking I should have an extra week to do the BOD papers at a leisurely pace. But that is not to be (no surprise there, isn't it?).

Boss decided to start working on it last week. And since then, there were additions, deletions, things to be edited, extra this, extra that... bla bla bla... We're supposed to have it finalised on Wednesday at least, but it continued until yesterday afternoon.

Since then, I've been rushing to complete the whole dossier so I can send it out today. Ugghh... stress!

So, here we are, on my last day working here, and I still have 2 - 3 more small items to complete that I had to put off to clear the papers out of the way. They are small, but tedious to complete lah.

One of it is my handover notes. I've to include procedures and protocols in it, on top of the usuals. It is going to be a long document, I tell ya!

I've decided to do it at home (what's Zip for, eh?) and review it in the morning at the office before the replacement comes. She'll drop by after lunch today. Don't think I have a lot of time to do it in the office on top of everything else because I want to leave at 5:30 PM sharp on my last day of work ^_^

(Plus I've a date with Su tonight. We're gonna watch Iron Man 2. Woot!)

Work is never ending.

On a more fun note, I've been having fun at lunch time these past weeks. Eating yummy food and drinking my favourite sour plum juice like there is no tomorrow (or like I won't be able to find it at the new work place. Lol!).

Yesterday I ventured out to EPF's cafeteria and had this for lunch...

Sweet & sour black pomfret (comel je nama ikan bawal in English) with vegs & half portion of rice = RM3.50 sajork. Sour plum drink = RM1. The cheapest lunch yet; a record!

Sigh. I will miss this place.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The word I'm searching for, I can't say, because there's preschool toys present.

Toy Story Double Feature! Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D!

Last night we went to watch it at GSC Pavilion. Ya ya, they're old movies but now in 3D y'all. In asmuch as I hate to wear the 3D goggles, but I wore it for this movie :)

DH thought we were going to watch Clash of the Titans (3D). Hehe. He was a bit unamused at first but enjoyed the experience nevertheless.

The 3D in Toy Story 1 wasn't as fun as Toy Story 2, I feel. I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 in June. I hope they'll provide 3D glasses fit for children. Mira had a hard time with the ones the cinema provided us, it being for adults -_-'

It was a 3 hours show, so it ended after 10 p.m. I thought Fridays closes at midnight, but apparently not. We ended up having sushi for supper instead. Bummer.

Anyway, check out Eclipse final movie trailer.

Three movies to look forward to in June! Yeay!

But btw, how come we'll only get to see Eclipse in July, not June 30th?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm about to projectile express myself all over your Hush Puppies.

See, I am of two minds right now -- either to finish this entry or do something else. This 'something else' has been a distraction ;) Purely entertainment.

I've been keeping myself up todate with Glee episodes. I suppose now it is official that I am a Gleek. I've watched the pilot, right up to episode # 14! All in the span of five days. Serious saiko sampai I had to upgrade my internet plan to get better speed (plus I managed to max my fair-usage-quota thingy haha).

After this I am going to go watch episode # 15 -- can't wait!

I don't know what's so intriguing about the show, honestly. It's just fun to watch. Not just for the songs but the characters, too.

For instance, Sue Sylvester the cheerleading coach -- OMG, she's derange!! In pink! Lol. Trying everything just to bring Mr Shue and the Glee club down with a vengeance. She reminded me of another character in another TV shows, but I can't recall the name. But it has the same motive -- to get the guy fired at all cost.

(Perhaps the show in question could be some malay or indon drama I've followed before.)

And then there's Terri Schuester, Mr Shue's crazy wife (or soon-to-be ex). Gosh, how I despise her!

My favourites are Puck and Brittany. Puck because he's a bad boy; don't we all love us some bad boys. He can be a jerk at times, but he's hot. Lol. I like Brittany for her comedy like 'I find recipes... confusing', or when asked what is a ballad she answered 'It's a male duck'. She's your typical dumb blonde ^_^

Oh, I like Emma Pillsbury, too. She's the guidance counselor. She's sweet and insightful, who is a phobic and a bit OCD.

I am team Emma-Will, woot!

I don't seem to have any interest for Rachel, Finn and Quinn. I find them... meh. I mean, Rachel's obviously talented but she's just so... overbearing and annoying :p Finn's your typical jock-wannabe. He's popular and sweet. Goodness, isn't he tall? Quinn, most often than not macam kayu jek lakonan dia.

So yeah. That's what I've been keeping myself busy with.

I hope internet will be kind to me so I can watch the latest episode in an hour's time. Hehe.

Don't stop believing!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

Last night I tweeted...

Am I bold enough to dismantle Zip so I can upgrade his RAM? Ememememme

Coz I was reading through myDellMini forum and there was a few discussions about RAM upgrade, which led me to watch a How-To video. The procedure looked easy, but still... what if I accidently break the bloody new netbook??

First instalment pun tak bayar lagik uols.

I thought I'll keep mulling over this for a few months, see if there really is a need. Zip's running fine at the moment, but it is always nice to have bigger RAM, no?

But that's not to be seeing how my cat has made the decision for me.

I kept Zip running for the night to download something ;)

This morning I saw that it has been switched off -- more like, it has been put to sleep. I've forgotten to reset the power-saver-thingy so after an hour it'll automatically hibernate. FML.

Frustrated, I left it as it was; went into the shower to get ready for work. When I came out I planned to pack and store it away but before I could do anything, Seven (formerly known as Wiggy -- that is the cat I'm talking about here, lol) curiously stepped on to the keyboard.

I squeeked (yes, I did) and quickly snatched him up, whilst he extended his claws. You can guess what happens next... one of his claws got stuck to one of the keys (the one with comma) and managed to pull it out cleanly. FML max!

Don't you always wish you can just turn back time for a few minutes to stop a freak thing like this from happening? Argh!

I tried to stick it back to no avail. I think something is broken.

Googled for info on how to fix it. There's nothing except to replace the whole keyboard. I called Dell, and they said the same. Sighhhhhh.

In the end it looks like I should just get a RAM upgrade as well. Why? Because now that I have to replace the keyboard, I will have to dismantle the unit anyway. The RAM slot will then be accessible to me now, like so...

Note: The green circle is the door to RAM slot. Those red ones are for HDD.
Photo borrowed from:

So, might as well :-/

Should I pay Dell technicians to do it for me? I'm told the labour cost would be between RM150-170. I can get someone else to do it, for a fee but probably cheaper than Dell. Still... it'll be just a few ringgit less.

Or, I should be brave and do it myself. I probably would ^_^

We'll see. I've to get a quote from Dell first on the keyboard price, RAM stick and labour cost before I decide.

Baru 8 days old uols. Uhuks.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If ballet were easy, they'd call it football.

Macam rajin pulak update blog. Hee hee ;)

Mira's grading exam is near. Usually, the school will allow the parents to see what's going on behind the curtained door a week or so beforehand. As per the saying of one mother I spoke to, 'to show you what your girl has learnt... and what you paid for all these while lah'.

Last Sunday, they opened the door for Mira's class, so I managed to see her perform.

They were four dancers in a group, each with a colour code for the examiner's easy reference. They've to perform the various techniques as a group and then each will have to perform a free dance called 'The Kite Dance'.

For that day, to save time they made the girls perform in pairs.

One more weekend double class, and then the exam on Wednesday. I am excited and nervous for her. Wonder if she'll be ok.

I recorded said dance, here's the video. Enjoice! :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her.

After more than 10 days since I tendered, the boss accepted the fact that I want to leave. At last! I think he seldom had people resigning under his 'reign'. The people who had worked under him in his previous job, are all interested to follow him. The only thing stopping them now is the location, I think.

To be fair, he is one of the nicest boss I've ever worked with. He's not difficult to manage and very fair in his requests and judgement. He's rather generous, too.

I am leaving not because I have issues with the boss or with the job. It's just that I found another that suits my new aspirations. Having a bigger pocket money is good, too. With 1,001 things that I've taken on these days, an increase in pay cheque is very much welcomed. Hehe.

So, last week we sat down to discuss my end date and what not. Officially, my end date is in 2 weeks, but I agreed to stay until end of the month and help complete the BOD papers for them before I leave. He's not sure if he wants to find a replacement just yet, because apparently, to find good help is not easy.

That's the thing, though. The position needs one that is mature and independant. But the pay more or less suitable for someone junior. Perhaps with a maximum of 2 years experience reporting to a senior management.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a week off before starting on the new job, but alas, that's not going to be so. Just the 2 weekends and then I start work. I hope I'll remember to drive to the new office instead of the current one when 3rd May comes. Lol.

Now, all I need is to clear up my filings and update the business cards records. Hmmm...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

When Barbie meets Ken

Two new trailers to the two new movies I'm dying to watch!

Toy Story 3

Sex & The City 2

YES! YES! YES! ^_^


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movie Night: Clash of The Titans

It's been a while since IggySingh and I last go for a movies together. On the occassion when we meet, we only had enough time for shopping and dinner. Besides, there weren't many movies that tickled our fancies then.

Last night we went to watch Clash of the Titans. The 'normal' version, not 3D. I hate that damned goggles you've to wear.

I was sceptical about the movie at first, thinking it'll bore me to sleep. I don't usually like heavy dramas, prefer comedy (especially romantic) or light dramas at least. But I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed this movie very much.

The story was a remake of the 1981 version of the same. No wonder it felt like as if I may have watched this movie before. This new version is a bit different compared to the older one. I think the other differences in this version was how Perseus came to his father, the ending and there wasn't a scene where the gods were playing chess.

I remembered the chess-playing bit very well. I wanted to have those tiny dolls to play with and ruled over, too. Lol.

OH! Maybe that's why I love The Sims so much ;)

Ok, digressing.

The film was loosely based on a Greek mythology character named Perseus. He's a demigod -- part god, part human. He's the son of Zeus.

(Hmmm... is Percy Jackson Zeus son too? Wait, wait, lemme Google.
well, he is a demigod, is named after and similar to Perseus, but Poseidon's son. Not Zeus.)

He was thrown away in a coffin with his mother (whom Zeus impregnated -- that sly old man!) and was rescued by a fisherman and his wife. They adopted and raised him.

Years later, the people of Argos raged war against the gods and in a confrontation witnessed by Perseus and his family, managed to get Perseus family killed. They were just in their ship, at the wrong place, wrong time.

And then Hades came to punished the people of Argos by telling them that they will have to sacrifies their princess Andromeda when he unleashed the Kraken in 10 days. Perseus then went on a mission to find a way to kill the Kraken.

So that's where Medusa came into the picture lah. You can read the whole story about it here. I think the version of Medusa's backstory they used in this movie to tell how she was cursed was very tragic.

The Zeus character was played by Liam Neeson, whilst Hades was played by Lord Voldermort Ralph Fiennes.

Seriously, when Hades first made his appearance and spoke in this movie, my first thought was 'why does he sounds like Voldermort?'. Lol. And I find it ironic -- Liam Neeson was Aslan in Narnia, here he's Zeus. And then we have Fiennes as the baddy (although in the myth, Hades wasn't banished, he opted to rule the underworld -- I think he thinks it's more cool to be there ;)).

All in all, we were entertained and thought the movie was great. It told a story and I liked the story very much.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stripping Zip - The Unboxing Version

The short story to a long one is -- I've procured a new gadget that I've been itching to get, thanks to my Dad's credit card 0% interest free installment plan. Muahaha! I still have to pay for it though, not free neither it is subsidised ;p

I've named it Zip... because it's tiny, see. So whenever I mentioned 'Zip' from this day forward, you know what I'm talking about yar.

I told Wawa I'll make an unboxing video but as there is too much work involved (heh), lets just do it with still photos instead ;) Same purpose, different MO.

Here goes...


Note: Cat not included ;p

There it is!

Guide, system CDs and battery charger.

Glad I chose white.

On the left side we see...

And a SD/MMC card slot.

The AC power slot at the back.

To chain it up when you get kinky ;)

What you'll see on the righthand side of Zip.

That's how wide that black colour thing is. Not as bad as I thought.

The 6 cells battery nicely enclosed inside the unit, makes it flat.

The keyboard and trackpad.

Trackpad close up. I've no problem using it so far.


Disco lights Indicator lights.

Atom N450 (1.66 GHz, 512K L2 Cache). Windows 7 Starter OS (think I wanna upgrade it to Home Premium later).

The battery. Inside it, there's a slot for SIM Card. But I'm told the module's not included in this unit.

And the fun begins!

It's time to install loads of stuff. Haha!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

I'mma rant today, without specifics. But I think you'd know what I'm talking about ;)

I am annoyed. They are making my taking leave a mockery. Thinking they'll be able to buy me back, just because they wanted to dangle a bigger juice in front of me.

Babey, please! That time? That moment? Has passed.

Should have done that a few months ago really, when I started to drop hints about it. Not now, at the last moment. It looks like you're just doing it just because, no matter how you said you've been mulling over it. Because if you really have, it would have at least happened 2 months ago. The most appropriate time was after I've carried my tasks well organizing a successful event.

Also, I don't appreciate you thinking I'm all about that. I've kept quiet for a long time now, riding with the flow. And by doing so, I've lost A LOT. FML. I think it's not fair for you to suddenly spring it on me.

As if!

If I'm all about that, I wouldn't have followed you. I would have chosen another path when there was an offer to ride another vehicle. But I didn't. I persevered thinking you'd own up to your promises and this'll be a good path to trod along.

Oh, and the joke of the day? The bigger juice turned out to be unlucrative AT ALL! A major WTF moment, right there; when the approved number was so much more. Why the hold back? If I am so good and depended upon, there shouldn't be any hesitation. Blergh!

I also don't appreciate you asking me to reconsider the end date. Just because you find it taxing to have to retrain a new person and there's a big something-something coming up next month -_-

Well, I have spoken to you at length the reason of my leaving, hence, I think you should have already guessed my answer re: the end date!

End rant y'all. And thank you for 'listening' ;)