Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

I'mma rant today, without specifics. But I think you'd know what I'm talking about ;)

I am annoyed. They are making my taking leave a mockery. Thinking they'll be able to buy me back, just because they wanted to dangle a bigger juice in front of me.

Babey, please! That time? That moment? Has passed.

Should have done that a few months ago really, when I started to drop hints about it. Not now, at the last moment. It looks like you're just doing it just because, no matter how you said you've been mulling over it. Because if you really have, it would have at least happened 2 months ago. The most appropriate time was after I've carried my tasks well organizing a successful event.

Also, I don't appreciate you thinking I'm all about that. I've kept quiet for a long time now, riding with the flow. And by doing so, I've lost A LOT. FML. I think it's not fair for you to suddenly spring it on me.

As if!

If I'm all about that, I wouldn't have followed you. I would have chosen another path when there was an offer to ride another vehicle. But I didn't. I persevered thinking you'd own up to your promises and this'll be a good path to trod along.

Oh, and the joke of the day? The bigger juice turned out to be unlucrative AT ALL! A major WTF moment, right there; when the approved number was so much more. Why the hold back? If I am so good and depended upon, there shouldn't be any hesitation. Blergh!

I also don't appreciate you asking me to reconsider the end date. Just because you find it taxing to have to retrain a new person and there's a big something-something coming up next month -_-

Well, I have spoken to you at length the reason of my leaving, hence, I think you should have already guessed my answer re: the end date!

End rant y'all. And thank you for 'listening' ;)