Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 11

My weekend started early last week, as we had to leave for our company trip to Bali on Thursday. Here are some photos I managed to shoot on our vacation.

Day 1 - Blue skies and everything nice...

Day 2 - Tanah Lot

Day 3 - The busy town of Kuta

Day 4 - It rained on our last day in Bali...

I only managed to upload photos shot on the first day here. There were a lot more of which I'll upload gradually within these few days.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Day For Shopping

We're waiting for our car to arrive to take us shopping. There're nine of us in today's excursion, I think we need a van to fit all of us in.

The plan for today is to go to Denpasar Market before heading to Kuta, eventhough Kuta is closer to Seminyak. The logic behind this is to avoid spending too much money in Kuta and not have enough for Denpasar Market (which we're told, has great bargains). Lol.

If we have time, we may head to Nusa Dua down south. Some of us have spa appointments to meet. Mine and Ai Li's starts at 6 pm. I'm so looking forward to it!

I felt as if I haven't really enjoyed my holiday yet since we've arrived. Sigh. For the past two nights, the moment I put my head down on the pillow, I straight dozed off to slumberland. It has been that hectic. I didn't even managed to read my books, and I planned to finish one book while we're here. Aiyoh!

Ok, transport is here. Laterz.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greetings From Bali!

I've hijacked the lone laptop at the lobby to give you this update. Heehee.

Our flight was good, on time and all. The best part of flying for me is the take off and landing bits. Mira was so excited she's in a plane that she couldn't stop repeating 'wahhh... plane!' from the moment we sat until we took off. She's abit scared when it was time to take off, but it was manageable.

We reached Bali on time as well. And was greeted by the hotel's staff with garlands and mineral water. So grand weii... I feel like I'm Paris Hilton sans the big sunglasses. Lol.

The drive to the hotel was rather cool. We saw lots of cool looking shops. Our hotel is way off the main road. Took a while to get here from the airport.

We're staying at The Elysian, btw. And my villa was SUPERB! The moment we stepped inside Mira straight went to the pool! Unfortunately, DH couldn't enjoy this moment too... sad sad.

I have a meeting with the bosses in an hour's time. They wanted to meet me and a few others for drinks and perhaps to join them for dinner as well. Just me, no kids allowed. So I've shipped Mira with my other colleagues who just left to go look for something to eat.

It looks like Mira's exploring Bali while I'm stuck here at the villa y'all.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Wanna Take You Away

Lets escape into the music
DJ let it play
I just can't refuse it
Like the way you do this
Keep on rockin to it
Please don't stop the
Please don't stop the
Please don't stop the music

Less than 12 hours more to go...

I haven't finished packing. Eh. I couldn't decide what to wear tomorrow -- should I wear the long batik pants or just get into the three-quarter pants straight? Hmmm...

So when you are indecisive, what do you do? That's correct, you blog.

I met up with Hermione, M and Bosley last night at The Apartment for dinner. It's time to catch up since we last see each other. The timing was just right because three of us will be away traveling. Hermione will be leaving for US of A the day after I left for Bali, whilst Bosley will be off to Bangkok the day after that.

M will be here to mind the fort. Lol.

I proposed we should at least make an effort to meet on each of our birthday month rather than waiting for yonks time to past in between each meet up. Most have agreed. The next one should be in May.

This is what happens when your ex-colleagues become your good friends. We were in the same department, in the same company as well as in the same motor treasure hunt team. We've been through so many hunts and vacations together. Ahhh... the good old times.

Anyway, speaking of my current colleagues now, those folks in the office who either couldn't join the group tomorrow or not eligible to, have been given time off for Thursday and Friday. Sweet! Mr Gadget said as we're all going for a vacation, it's only fair they don't have to come to work too.

Vacation huh? I thought this is some sort of a team building session :p

Ok lah, I'm not going to wear the long pants. Lets save that for Friday so if we have to visit the temples, I don't have to borrow someone else's sarong to cover up my legs.

On with the packing...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Notebook: The Manny

Mr DJ gave me this book for Christmas. After reading it, if it were up to me, I wouldn't personally buy it :p

I had difficulty getting on with the book. I had to start again three times because I lost interest in it quite quickly and would rather read some other book. I eventually steeled myself enough to read it right to the end.

For one, the writing was rather juvenile. It reminded me of poorly written fanfiction. I've read better written novels by amateurs compared to this! The sentence structure was atrocious, especially at the beginning of this book. There were parts that I had to reread because of the roundabout way it was written.

It's like she's writing a blog entry instead of a novel, y'know?

Secondly, the beginning part of the story was such a bore. It started to pick up when the Manny enter the scene more though. That happened closer towards the end of the book. And then, it died. Abruptly. The book has its funny moments, but its far in between.

Thirdly, I don't like the main character, Jamie Whitfield. I think her characterisation is a bit fucked up. She's told to be an accomplished part-time producer of a prime time news program. There was also a part in that book that painted her as some one with spunk. But she's not; she's weak and clueless.

She let herself be stuck with a racist, whiny and impossible husband for 10 years! And the way she babied her eldest son Dylan? Ugh, so nauseating. She's so superficial, as in she doesn't like the group of people she's acquainted with, and yet she's all kissy-kissy with them.

A term Nong used recently came to mind -- brown noser!

Fourthly, the ending sucks. Major. It was neither here nor there. I think it would be best for the author to consider writing an epilogue to tie up the loose ends. The ending was left hanging. When I reached the end, I went, 'Is that it? Wtf?'. It was really a let down.

The story is about a 36-year old Jamie Whitfield who lives on Park Avenue with her three children and her ever busy high-powered attorney husband, Phillip. When she's faced with a 9-year-old troubled son, she hires a manny, Peter Bailey who's 29. He works part time with the kids while waiting to get funding for his software business.

She's attracted to the manny but who wouldn't? He's such a great guy. I think he's the only likable character in this book. She tries to deny the feeling until she caught her husband in a compromising position with one of her friendly neighbour.

Even then she didn't take the plunge to divorce her husband. Why?? It's like everytime he acts like an idiot, she'll get all resentful of him. And then he'll turn around to say sorry, he didn't mean it, blah blah, and it's all forgiven with her. That Phillip fella is such an ass!

Peter backed off after this. He started warming up to Jamie, wearing his feeling on his sleeves. But the woman didn't get the clue y'all. She didn't know what she wants. So after she decided to see a therapist to work on her marriage problem with Phillip, Peter took a step back.

He's giving her some space to think over what she wants.

When the therapy session didn't work, she left to Aspen for a vacation with the kids. On the plane, she make a resolution to divorce her husband when she get back to NY. Peter and Jamie met again there, after that friendly neighbour hinted to Peter how unhappy and troubled Dylan has become. And because she have decided to go ahead with the divorce, both Peter and Jamie had a good time, fucking like rabbits and all (Jamie feel her action is justified because she's about to divorce Phillip. Lame!).

But Phillip came to see her there about a legal complication he's in and Peter realised she's still not ready to be with him.

Come on! Phillip still think Peter's the hired help. And Jamie didn't bother to tell Phillip that she's with Peter. If I am Peter, I'd be insulted man!

So, we were left with the fact that Phillip is in trouble, Jamie's thinking of divorcing her husband and Peter backing away again but promised Jamie to meet her again in six months time because he reckon she'll be ready then; as the ending.


As I said earlier, the writer should add an epilogue to tell us what happened six months down the road. Not just with 'And so he was' (as a way to explain that Peter will be there to meet Jamie at some place as promised, six months down the road). That was as bad as Rowling's 'All was well' :p

Colour me unimpressed.


Monday, March 24, 2008

"The" Trip

Sorry folks. No Weekend Snapshot today. There was a wedding and a birthday party that I missed on Saturday. Then on Sunday I popped over to Mr DJ's house to help him install a new network card, after which we went out and met up with JC for lunch. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos to show and tell ;)

We'll be heading to Bali in a few days. I'm trying to feel the excitement, but... I dunno. The building up feels a lil bit blah. I'm not even bothered to do my usual countdown entries. Maybe I'll get more excited the day before we depart? Hmmm...

This company trip took 2 years in the making. It was talked about ever since I came on board. We're supposed to go March 2007, but the team was so busy last year it got postponed a couple of times. It was pushed to the last quarter of last year, but the timing was bad.

So in the end, Mr G and I put our feet down for March this year. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

If you've read my previous entry, DH was supposed to join us. However, he couldn't get his leave approved. I then wanted to pull out from this trip, but my bosses insisted I come along. They said I earned it and I'll missed out on all the fun. They were the ones who suggested I bring Mira along.

After thinking about it, I thought 'heck, why not'.

This will be our first time traveling together on a long journey, to a different country; for Mira and I. We'll be gone for four days from Thursday. I hope, I'll be able to cope :p

Should I bring along her stroller? Thinking about it again, maybe not.

We'll be staying in Seminyak area. I look forward to see how the villa looks like in real life. Here's a sneak preview...

I imagined Mira and I will be spending a lot of time in our pool! Woohoo! The villa is also wired, but I've to bring along my own laptop. I'm still thinking whether or not I should. They have complimentary laptops for guests to use at the hotel's common area, anyway. So maybe not, too.

We've been given the whole day Saturday to explore the island on our own. Where should I go, what should I do? Any ideas?

On a different note, if you've read that said previous entry as well, I mentioned about some 'big B' in there. That big B, sadly, we haven't seen hide nor hair of it! I don't know what's happening. When I spoke to boss A then, he said he'll pay us before CNY. CNY has come and gone, still nothing.

When I asked boss B the week before CNY, he said to hold first because they're working on some matrix. We're closer to end of March now, still nothing. I spoke to boss A again last week, he said it has something to do with some 'A' plan that will be announced in Bali.

If only they gave us an announcement about it, whether or not we'll get any; we wouldn't be waiting for it and felt dishearten when we didn't get it at the usual time. So much for open communication, eh?

Oh well... C'est la vie!

I think I'll go pack our things. It's never too early. Especially when you're traveling long distance with a toddler! XD


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Iggy Singh - All Grown Up

IggySingh at the Vet.
Originally uploaded by Larawannabe
Look at her! She's five years old now. I can't believe how big she's grown. She could just fit in the palm of my hand then.


She intimidates me and I am afraid of her! Lol. But she's a sweety lah. Su loves her to bits and the feelings is mutual I bet :)

Do you know that an adult green iguana can grow up to 6 foot in length? And they can live for more than 20 years? Yup, it's a long term commitment to keep one as pets. So do think carefully before you adopt one from the pet store.

Visit this website and this fact sheet for more information about Green Iguanas. Iggy Singh's website is here.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Sims News

The latest expansion pack, FreeTime, was released end of last month. I haven't bought my copy yet, because I think I should upgrade my RAM first. And upgrade my harddisk space, I seems to be running out of it. And maybe a new monitor, too. I'm eyeing for Samsung's 22" Wide LCD monitor. Effing sleek!

But I digress.

Yes, The Sims 2: FreeTime hit the market late February. I've seen it displayed at my favourite game shop in Mid Valley. I'll let the others play it up first and discover all the bugs. I'll monitor the situation here. They're on "bug thread #4" now. Once the kecoh-ness dies down, I'll get my copy. Hehe.

Besides, I still haven't fully explore The Sims 2: Bon Voyage yet. No thanks to Facebook's Fighters' Club.

In this installment, your Sims will have hobbies. They can have a football toss with the family, practice ballet, restoring cars with friends or building train sets. With it, your Sims now have more ways to build skills, enhance friendships and make their lives more successful. They can also craft new and unique items to use in their daily lives including clothing, pottery and more.

Once your Sims build up their skills, they can sell their arts and crafts or see how they stack up against the competition by entering dance, food and video game contests. They can unlock their secret rewards by mastering their hobbies and advancing in the all-new careers.

What I find interesting is the ability to pick and choose from your Sims contact who you want to 'grow up' together with. Meaning, when your Sims toddler reach his birthday to grow up to the next level, his friends (I'm assuming only NPCs here - Non Playable Character, that is) can age along with him too.

That makes sense now because before this, when my Sims grow up, their childhood friends still remains as kids. It's difficult to maintain a childhood sweetheart storyline especially with an NPC. I'm really excited to explore this aspect of the game.

And then... on my birthday EA announced, officially, the upcoming new...

THE SIMS 3!!!!

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!! It's coming! It's coming! After all the talk, the gossip, the speculation! It's coming in 2009! I cannot stop using exclamation mark! Because this is just an exciting news! I'm elated! Excited! Jumping up and down in great anticipation!

What if you had to live your whole life in one location … and then one day, suddenly, you could step outside and go anywhere in the whole neighborhood?

The Sims 3 gives you the freedom to create unique Sims and immerse them in your own living neighborhood of endless possibility!

New Seamless, Living Neighborhood—Your Sims explore the living neighborhood freely.

New Create A Sim—Create any Sim you can imagine.

New Realistic Personalities—Every Sim is now a truly unique person, with a distinct personality.

New Unlimited Customization—Everyone can customize everything.

This is like The Sims meet SimCity, I think. Owh, I cannot imagine what the game's minimum system requirement will be in order to play the game with ease. Huhu. Hopefully, just a minor upgrade from the last expansion pack.

In the meantime, I've signed up for VIP pass to get more up-todate news *grins*


Thursday, March 20, 2008


copacetic \koh-puh-SET-ik\, adjective:
Very satisfactory; fine.

I had the best birthday ever! Thanks to my family, friends, colleagues and online buddies, with their wishes and kind gestures in various form and medium.

Mr DJ dropped by to have lunch with me. Then, my colleagues took me out for dinner and drinks before I head home to my Dad's and saw that he'd bought pizzas and my BIL had fried his signature mee siam dish.

I felt so blessed that day. And happy and extremely chuffed. Thank you!

DH surprised me by not giving me anything. LMAO! As if! He's becoming quite generous nowadays. Maybe because he's happy with his work... or something :p

Anyway, he bought me the Coach wristlet I want last month. I thought that was my birthday present, but apparently not. He said, 'You wanted it for anniversary kan?'. Well, how was I to know when I get the gift 2 months later :p

I LOVE my wristlet. I never leave home without it now for casual wear, especially over the weekend. I even use it just to go down to the pasar malam (night market). Lol. If I don't have to lug all the keys in the world on weekdays, I'd use it for work too!

DH asked me what I want a couple of days before my birthday. On top of my head at that time was The Sims 2: FreeTime. Luckily, I didn't say it out loud. If not, so rugi. Lol. I told him I don't know, eventhough if you check my 'wishlist' on the side bar, I have a plenty. He then asked me to take a pick -- a bicycle to materialize one of my goals, a slimming program (coz I complained I hate my passport photo) or cash, perhaps I could use it as spending money for Bali.

The bicycle idea has merit, but the slimming program has none. I'd rather have him pay for my Sims game, thank you very much. Unless, he buys me a stationary bike? Hmmm.... that's an idea.

As for spending money for my trip, I've put aside some cash of my own and I don't think I really need more. Maybe I could use it to top up to buy any one of those things on my wishlist. Hehe.

So... bicycle (stationary or not), cash, gadgets (mobile phone, upgrade my current computer, etc.) or The Sims 2: FreeTime (lol!)?


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Five and Thirty

Life is half spent before we know what it is.
George Herbert
Wow. I'm 35 today. Thirty freaking five! I wanted to be sad and sorry for myself, but I'm not actually. I'm rather happy about it. A little bit apprehensive, too to be honest.

I mean, what have I accomplished? I'm still clueless about life. I'm at where I remember how my parents were at this age, and they appeared to be more mature and collected than I am at this point in time. I also remember my long ago bosses who became one of the youngest Sr Manager and CEO at this age respectively. Whom, last I checked, the former has a teenage daughter going to college and the latter have recently taken a short rest from the corporate world.

Do you remember a tv series called Thirtysomething? I remember it vaguely. Even they seemed to look all mature and successful. So unlike me :p

Sigh. What am I to do with myself?

Lets see what exciting events happened on this day...
  • 1314 - Jacques de Molay, the 23rd and the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar is burned at the stake. Ah-huh.
  • 1850 - American Express is founded by Henry Wells & William Fargo. Coolness!
  • 1909 - Einar Dessau uses a short-wave radio transmitter, becoming the first radio broadcaster. Brilliant!
  • 1944 - The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy kills 26 and causes thousands to flee their homes. That's sad.
  • 1965 - Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes, becomes the first person to walk in space. That's hot.
  • 1989 - In Egypt, a 4,400-year-old mummy is found in the Pyramid of Cheops. That's dead.
  • 2005 - The first-ever Muslim Friday prayer led by a woman in a mixed-gender congregation is held in New York City, marking a break with a 1426-year Islamic tradition. Whatever happened to this issue, btw.
I also shares my birthday with Shashi Kapoor y'all! And whole lot of other people, too. Happy birthday to us! Lmao.

Happy birthday to me =)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 10

My 10th edition of Weekend Snapshot y'all!

Mira and Manja taking a nap.

We went out on Saturday for lunch at Nando's in Jusco Maluri. Mira and I both end up with a book each from MPH. Other than that, we just chilled out at home -- watching movies, reading and playing My First Scrabble.

How was your weekend? For more Weekenders, go here.


Saturday, March 15, 2008


gewgaw \G(Y)OO-gaw\, noun:
A showy trifle; a trinket; a bauble.
I have never come across this word being used before and then suddenly, I seen it used everywhere. Lol. I think the said blogger received's Word of the Day email, too.

Last week, my Weekender pal Napaboaniya, awarded me and a couple of others with this award for cheering her up a while ago when her whole family was down with the nasty cold. Isn't this sweet? Thank YOU Elaine. I really appreciate this :)

Last week, after twice being thwarted by fate, MC and I had lunch together. We went to Carl's Jr. and my experience with said restaurant appeared to be much better this time. Perhaps it's the company. But we agreed the next time we go there, we'll share a burger instead.

And then yesterday Nong came over to my end of the world to have lunch with me. Other than to meet up, she wanted to hand over Mira's birthday present. She said she wanted to get something from Pumpkin Patch for my little girl, so I just took the bag from her to give it to Mira later.

Look what's inside the box y'all. Two pairs of pretty clothes!

Mira was so pleased. She loves the skirt so much, that when we tried it on, she refused to take it off later. She wanted to dance and twirl in it :p I like the corduroy trousers a lot though. Hehe.

Thank you so much auntie Nongie. These are such generous gifts. Muacks!

And here's my shout out to Nora on her new job. Congrats woman! When we meet in 4 weeks, you'll be 'one of us' too. Lol.


Friday, March 14, 2008


While I'm stranded at home and waiting for DH to come with my car keys, I thought I'd post this entry.

Did you watch the Oscars sometime back? I saw the reruns and find it to be a bit blah and predictable. However, I'm happy that Ratatouille won Best Animated Picture because that movie was awesome; and sad that Transformers didn't win ANYTHING.

What lah!

What intrigued me most was this year's Honorary Award. An award that is given irregularly to mark a lifetime achievements or other categories that are not covered by existing Academy Awards.

This year's winner was given to a Mr. Robert F. Boyle. He is 98 years old. And how 'old' is the Oscars? 80. Which means he was 18 when the Oscars first started and he's seen them all!

According to Wiki, he's a trained architect. He found a job as an extra in the movie industries during the Great Depression time. And I believe has since worked his way up to become an art director for Universal Studios. Isn't that amazing?

And what was more amazing is that he's the oldest recipient of the Honorary Awards ever. Lucky for the Academy to acknowledge him when he's still alive because I think he deserves it.

Speaking of being alive, E! ran a feature on Marilyn Monroe a few days before that. It made me believe that the secret to live forever is to die early. Just look at Ms Monroe.

If she is alive today, she'd be 82 years old this June. She would look old, wrinkly and frail and eventually when she die, we'll remember and know how she look at her old age. However, she died early at the age of six and thirty. And we remembers her eternally like this and never any older.

Her death may be tragic, but her legacy lives on. This is how we remembers her and this is the look that every one tries to emulate. Madonna, Gwen Steffani, Lindsay Lohan just to name a few. Every one wants to be Marilyn Monroe with that blonde hair, supple red lips, perfect nose and sultry eyes.

Do I want to die young? Owh, I don't know. It's not like you can choose, you know, unless you terminate yourself as you see fit. I used to freak out thinking about dying because I have a young daughter and I worry about her well being if I die too soon. Not that I've stopped worrying about it, but not to the extend of getting panic attack for no reason. I'm more calmer now I suppose. Que sera sera.


Don't mind me. I don't know what I'm talking about. These thoughts have been playing in my head for the past week. I'm just being emo, I guess. You'll know why (or perhaps you can guess?) in a about four day's time :p


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mission: Accomplished

For a major Harry Potter buff as myself, I'm surprised to have missed this bit of information out. Mira shares the same birth date as Remus Lupin! Hehe.


I took the day off yesterday to settle Mira's passport application. I felt like I had gone to work because it took the whole freaking day at the immigration; from start to finish. Once I reached home, I send a text message to Nong to complain about it, growled at DH for being a petulant arse (nothing actually, I was just being a bitch), lay flat on my bed, knocked out in a few minutes and just woken up because I needed to pee.

The day, as it was, started early. Like half past seven AM early. We left home just before half past eight and reached the immigration branch in Kajang at nine, I think. The last time I was there for my passport, which was 5-6 years ago (I know! :p), there was NO queue and everything was fast and smooth.

I've forgotten about the school holiday crowd. Sigh.

After I've taken the form from counter number 2, I had to queue to get a number from counter number 1. Why can't they just give us both at the same time? When I got our number, there were more or less 70 people ahead of me. We waited for hours for our number to be called. Mira was restless. She kept on asking me to go to the counter. I guess, she couldn't understand what are we waiting for. Lol.

Our number was called sometime at noon and we had to wait for another hour or so after that to pay the fees.

I didn't plan to 'waste' the whole day there, really. I thought we'd spend a maximum of 4 hours and then probably we've to come back in 2-3 days to collect the passport. I was thinking of washing out my linens today you know. But alas, the immigration department has already made plans for us :p

They've got a new system now -- you collect your passport on the same day, 2 hours after you make your payment, whether it's a new application or renewal. For renewal, things has been made simpler by that KipPas teller thingy. As long as your passport is the chip-based one and due for renewal of no less than 1 year. You can collect your passport after 2 hours as well, on the same day.

In Mira's case, we were told to come collect it after 3.30pm. What are we to do for 2 hours in Metro Plaza lah?

I suppose, we should have watch a movie or something. There was a cinema there, something I noticed after the effect. Instead, we had lunch and then we went window shopping.

By 3pm, *I* was grumpy and tired. Fifteen minutes later, because I couldn't be bothered to wait some more, we headed back to the immigration office. I've to get another number to collect the passport. Waited for another hour or so before our number was called.

We left the building at 5pm and I was home half an hour later.

I felt as if I've wasted my a-day leave today :(


Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 9: Birthday Special

First and foremost, THANK GOD I FOUND THE FOLDER WHERE ALL OUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ARE STORED! Thank you, thank you, thank you God for answering my quick prayer in the car just now.

Right. Back on track.

Today's Weekend Snapshot edition is a special one. It's Mira's 4th birthday today, and we had a small celebration over the weekend. We extended an invitation to my uncle but alas, I forgot all about election. They went back to Malacca to vote. Thus, they couldn't attend our small 'do. Bummer.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

I supplied the cake and KFC, whilst my BIL cooked us his fried mee and my dad supplied the drinks. Lol.I ordered this cake from my favourite bakery, Mon Cherry. I specifically chose the Spiderman cake because it's Mira's favourite superhero.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Mira and her presents. I do not know why Kim bought the tattoo-able doll for her. Lol! I thought the plan was for them to get her a baby-doll. Well, at least now the toy-pram I bought for her last year has its use. The T-shirt was from her Atuk (grandad) and it comes with a pair of shorts. She's wearing the shorts already in this photo.

My First Scrabble was from her dad. It was recommended by my colleague to me. I think it's a good start to introduce her to scrabble as I like playing it too ;) The Ping-pong pistol was from my dad's neighbour next door.

A little trivia and milestones of my little one at 4 years old:
  • She still calls me 'bibu', calls her Atuk 'teacher', her Mak Su (Kim) and Pak Su (Kim's husband) 'Bee' even though she knows the correct form to use. However, she calls her dad Daddy, much to DH's disgust because he would prefer her to call him Ayah. Lol!
  • She prefer action-adventure films and tv shows, hence her favourite movie at the moment are Spiderman, Transformers (she pronounced it as Transmormus) and Shrek.
  • Her favourite character in Shrek is Donkey... go figure.
  • She collects Spiderman and Transformers t-shirts and PJs. Lucky for me, these are shirts found at the night market for RM5-RM20 each.
  • Playhouse Disney Channel is still her favourite channel on Astro. However, she's no longer fascinated with Barney. She now prefers to watch Mickey Mose (Mouse) Clubhouse, Thomas & Friends, Noddy, Johnny & The Sprites, Stanley and Jojo's Circus.
  • She now knows how to use 'I want' by leaving behind the proposition 'to', unlike before. If she wants her milk, she'll say 'Bibu I want susu'. Progress, yeah? Lol.
  • Speaking of which, I can now confirm she no longer take her milk using the bottle. It was all accidental, I assured you.
  • Unfortunately, she still hasn't passed her toilet training yet. Well actually, toilet training only starting from today onwards. Heehee.
  • She likes playing doctor with Manja (the cat), thanks to her Ayah who recently bought her the medical playthings. Bless the cat for not minding but rather enjoying the attention.
  • No, she don't know how to write and spell her name yet. Heck, she hardly recognize her ABCs. She's just learning to write her alphabets in school this year. She can recognize her name though, when I flash the name card to her.
  • DH said I've trained her well. When we got home, she'll take off her shoe, store it on our shoe rack, switch on the tv and open the sliding door; without being asked =)

And here's a little poem I wrote for her...
To my dearest daughter Elmira,
Know that Bibu loves you with all my heart.
You may have come to me as a surprise,
A tiny gift from God,
Perhaps to show me that there are bigger things in life,
And not everything is all about me.
Every other night when you're already in bed,
I'll slowly crept into the room to watch you sleep,
I must have done something good; I said to myself,
Because here is an angel who is so perfect and she's mine.
Happy 4th birthday my child,
May all the good things in life be yours,
Today, tomorrow, always,
And forever more.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

All I'm Saying Is...

People wanted the change so much, right? So if the opposition win this time, why should there be a riot? Why should I 'stay home' in a context that there'll be a state of emergency?

Shouldn't YOU PEOPLE BE HAPPY instead?

Stop saying there will be one, can??

What lah!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Movie Nights: 10,000 BC

My movie nights fell on a Thursday this time. I haven't watched any movie since January, goodness! But then again, there weren't many exciting movies to watch these past few weeks anyway.

This time, I went out with Mr DJ, JC and a friend (I don't really know his name, can? But he was Mr DJ's ex-colleague) for a movie. My usual movie buddy went up north to cast her vote tomorrow.

We saw 10,000 BC at GSC Signature at The Gardens. Before that, we had sushi for dinner and then Mr DJ treated us ice cream for dessert at Baskin Robbins (again! :p) before we proceed to the cinema.

I like GSC Signature cinemas. I like their Premiere class. It's really nice. The screen's wider too. The chairs are comfy and wide. I think it's suitable for couples though. Or if you go with friends in pairs. Because the cinema only provide twin seats.

I've been to GSC MV Megamall's Gold class. I think it's not worth the price you pay for it, at RM40 per ticket. Could be because it's not new anymore. GSC Signature's Gold class price ticket is RM60. Maybe it has more grandeur compared to MV's.

Anyway, I think Premiere class is good enough to indulge yourself once in a while. Thanks to Mr DJ, I think I'm spoilt now coz I really really like the cinema and can never imagine going to the 'commoner' cinema ever again! Lol.

Ok, back to the movie.

I have not seen 300 but I think 10,000 BC was just like the former movie. A lot of chanting, ugly villains, half nekkid men, beautiful girl (yes, just one) and there's war with lots of people in it. Just the setting was different and there were mammoths involved in 10,000 BC. Hehe.

But the story is quite interesting -- about coming of age, courage, destiny, hope and love. I enjoyed the film, but there's nothing to shout about really. I suppose you'd be better off waiting for the DVD to come out.

Oh! Oh! The guy who played the hero, D'Leh? He's Steven Strait. He's your eye candy ;)

You know, reading back this entry it is apparent that I'm writing a review about GSC Signature rather than the movie itself. Lmao!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brokeback Wallet

I stayed home yesterday, thinking I could begin searching in peace this elusive folder where I stored all our birth certs. I need them to apply for Mira's passport. I know I use it / saw it last in the tray on my work bench.

DH did a clean up a few months back and now it's been misplaced. He can't remember where he kept it either. Typical lah kan.

However, just as I was about to start, I saw Manja sleeping spread eagle on my bed looking so fluffy and cuddly. I climbed on the bed and lay next to her stroking her wonderfully soft fur, thinking I'll get working on the search later. But that was not to be because I somehow managed to give myself a nap.

I was awaken with a start when I heard an incoming SMS. It was already half past five; there goes my day. I picked up my mobile to read the message and this was what I found:

Pumpkin Patch further markdowns starting tomorrow! Items from RM9 onwards. See you at the patch for endless fashion fun.
I quickly jumped out of bed to spread the news to my girlfriends. Lol. And then I quietly contemplate whether I should pay the boutique at the Gardens a visit tomorrow.

But blast it, I can not afford to shop any more. This morning when I checked my bank balance, I was appalled to see it in a very unhealthy condition. Where has it all gone weiii??

Yes, I suppose I should know the answer to that :p

Money, oh money! I wish it grows on my tree.

Oh by the way, I went to check out their sale over lunch time today at the The Gardens. I'm sadly let down. There was no indication whatsoever about the sale. They've only these 2 isle worth of clothing which has its price marked down.

There's this 'Buy 2 T-shirts for RM39' and a few girls selection that are selling at RM29. Not much choices there.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 8

Hello mateyssssss. I'm back with my Weekend Snapshot.

I had a craving for a banana split over the weekend. I wanted the one from Swensen's but alas, their branch at the mall nearby close-shop last year. Our only other option was Baskin Robbins.

Ice Cream Treat

It was only Mira and myself, as DH went out with his friends. We had to wait a bit for our banana split because the shop ran out of bananas. Lol. Luckily there's a supermarket nearby.

Ice Cream Treat

We chose Strawberry Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream flavours with caramel toppings and rainbow sprinkle and peanuts. Yums! But I have to remind myself, yet again, to choose chocolate fudge the next time. Caramel is yummy, but it's sticky and it becomes chewy after a while.

Sorry for the crappy photos. I couldn't fit my usual bulky camera into my spanking new wristlet thus I only use my mobile phone to take these shots. Teehee.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008


garrulous \GAIR-uh-lus; GAIR-yuh-\, adjective:
1. Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative.
2. Wordy.

There were 29 days in February and I only managed to write 7 entries. SEVEN!? Where have the other 22 days gone. This does not bode well with my intention to use this blog as a journal :p

I wish I'm garrulous enough to spew more stuff here.

Anyway, I did more shopping yesterday. I went out to Leisure Mall with Mira to have some ice cream. I thought of getting her some work books and colouring books, but we walked past Speedy and had to stop there. We never made it to the bookstore right at the end though. Lol.

Mira wanted to get a Mickey Mouse video and as I was contemplating whether to get The Simpsons Movie or Stardust or December Boys, she made the decision for me by snatching up The Simpsons Movie. We paid for the two and walked over to a bank outside the mall as I need to withdraw some money out.

The WWF volunteers were there and stopped us for a chat. They're looking for people to sign up for monthly pledge donations. I normally donate once a year to my favourite causes, but seeing as they now allows donation to be made through monthly (or quarterly, you get to pick on its frequency) deductions via your bank account, I thought, why not.

So if Nong's passionate with her MAKNA, here I am with my WWF :)

We went back to the mall, went to the pharmacy to purchase the usual sundries. Then, at the spur of the moment, we went back to Speedy for me to grab the December Boys video. I just had to have it! And that's how I blew my budget on unimportant things :p

After that I quickly make our way to the car before I spend more. Lol.