Movie Nights: 10,000 BC

My movie nights fell on a Thursday this time. I haven't watched any movie since January, goodness! But then again, there weren't many exciting movies to watch these past few weeks anyway.

This time, I went out with Mr DJ, JC and a friend (I don't really know his name, can? But he was Mr DJ's ex-colleague) for a movie. My usual movie buddy went up north to cast her vote tomorrow.

We saw 10,000 BC at GSC Signature at The Gardens. Before that, we had sushi for dinner and then Mr DJ treated us ice cream for dessert at Baskin Robbins (again! :p) before we proceed to the cinema.

I like GSC Signature cinemas. I like their Premiere class. It's really nice. The screen's wider too. The chairs are comfy and wide. I think it's suitable for couples though. Or if you go with friends in pairs. Because the cinema only provide twin seats.

I've been to GSC MV Megamall's Gold class. I think it's not worth the price you pay for it, at RM40 per ticket. Could be because it's not new anymore. GSC Signature's Gold class price ticket is RM60. Maybe it has more grandeur compared to MV's.

Anyway, I think Premiere class is good enough to indulge yourself once in a while. Thanks to Mr DJ, I think I'm spoilt now coz I really really like the cinema and can never imagine going to the 'commoner' cinema ever again! Lol.

Ok, back to the movie.

I have not seen 300 but I think 10,000 BC was just like the former movie. A lot of chanting, ugly villains, half nekkid men, beautiful girl (yes, just one) and there's war with lots of people in it. Just the setting was different and there were mammoths involved in 10,000 BC. Hehe.

But the story is quite interesting -- about coming of age, courage, destiny, hope and love. I enjoyed the film, but there's nothing to shout about really. I suppose you'd be better off waiting for the DVD to come out.

Oh! Oh! The guy who played the hero, D'Leh? He's Steven Strait. He's your eye candy ;)

You know, reading back this entry it is apparent that I'm writing a review about GSC Signature rather than the movie itself. Lmao!