Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bring Along Two Friends

  1. The title has nothing to do with this entry. Saja suka-suka.
  2. It rained everyday last week. But this week, I haven't seen even a drop of water from the sky :p
  3. I've been guzzling iced water every few minutes. I woke up yesterday morning thinking of preparing Milo ice for breakfast from the office pantry.
  4. After I've finished a mug of Milo ice, I make myself a glass of iced coffee.
  5. If I'm not careful, I may get sick from taking too much cold drinks.

That is all.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There's this newly renovated house down the road near where I live. Every time I passed by the house, it made me think of The Sims. I kinda miss playing the game.

I wanted to play it recently, but I couldn't find the CD for Bon Voyage. It's not in the box where I dumped most of my stuff when I moved my computer table into the smaller room aka The Den. It's not in its box case, either.

I have no clue where it has gone :(

I supposed, I could just reinstall everything upto Seasons. I'm not missing much without Bon Voyage, just the vacation bits and some new items from that pack. That's a workable plan...

I have also decided not to get the last two expansion packs -- Free Time & Apartment Life. Why? Because The Sims 3 will be released next year February 20th. Woot! I'd rather spend some moolah to prepare my computer for that instead.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

NaBloPoMo for short.

Two years ago, I discovered NaNoWriMo. I remembered whining about how I should have found it sooner so I could also participate. And then, last year... I have totally forgotten about it. Lol.

November is coming and I've been reminded about this event. But suddenly, writing 50,000 words novel in a month seems daunting. That's like writing more than 1,600 words a day!

What am I supposed to write? What's my story?

And then I remembered a blogger who joined NaBloPoMo last year. Writing a blog entry a day for the whole month should be easier compared, right? So I thought, I'd join this event for starters. Maybe next year, I'll be more confident to write my own novel :p

So, who's game to join me in this? You have three more days to decide. I think there's prizes to be won, too. Check out my member's page here.


Monday, October 27, 2008

La Vida Cotidiana

Spanish for 'everyday life'.

Mira was discharged Thursday afternoon. I took the opportunity to drop by at this school behind my dad's place on the way home. Mira's now registered to attend school there. I have to remind myself that I need to reconfirm the registration in August of 2010.

After much contemplation, we made the decision to send her to that school. Like I mentioned earlier, it's just behind my dad's house and just 5 minutes drive away from mine. Less hassle and worry about transportation and what not for us; more time and less stress for Mira's.

At first, I thought I'd send her to a school in either Taman Segar or Taman Connaught. It's still nearby, but then we have to source for a school bus to transport Mira to-and-fro. Then, there's this thing about wasting more time in transit (with the infamous traffic jam and all).

Why go through that when we have a school just a few minutes away?

Of course, if I have a money tree growing in my backyard, of which both I have none to speak of, I'd send her to the school behind OUR house :p

We had an appointment with her Paed on Saturday morning as a follow up from her recent episode. Dr Marge said her lungs are all cleared, as well as her tonsil. There's no need to see an ENT specialist for now. However, we're told to monitor it closely.

Then she checked Mira's growth chart. Apparently, Mira's rather tall but underweight (for her height). She's only 14kg now. She thought it may be due to her being ill recently. Her appetite has been increasing these past few days, though.

It's back to work tomorrow, yeah? I just realize I've no more leave balance after the 2 days off I took last week. Sigh. I have utilised a chunk of my annual leave to sort out emergency matters this year; not for going for holidays, I'm afraid.

But what to do... family comes first.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Past Three Days... Part III

Who would have thought this would go on as a three-parter? The first part is here and the second here. Please be reminded that these events happened last week, not this week ;-)

Saturday, we woke up early again. I am adamant to complete the tasks I have planned for Friday. Mira and I, sans DH coz he wanted to stay home, went to the Maxis centre in Cheras to pay our bills. I also wanted to check out their broadband service.

As well as to visit the mall next door to get the shop where I bought my phone to check my battery problem. After the last episode, I'm convinced there's something wrong with the battery. Nothing to do with N82's power consumption at all.

I paid the bills at the cash machine and took a number to be serviced by their consultant. This was where the 'adventure' begins.

We waited for quite a bit and when we were called, the girl called up three numbers at once. Fair enough it was an innocent mistake (she accidentaly clicked her mouse without knowing) but the way she handled the other customers was not very good.

I was very close to telling her what she should do, but I bit my tongue. It's not my job to tell her how to do hers :p

But really, I dunno why she should be so flustered about it. It was her mistake in the first place, she don't have to pretend it's not and try to blame it on the customers'. She should calmly apologise to the customers, jot down their numbers and ask them to take a seat while she attend to the first case (which was me).

If she wanted to request back up from her other colleagues, whom are pretty busy themselves, she may do so AFTER she has taken those steps. And do it discreetly, s'il vous plait. Instead, she grumbled aloud to her other colleagues while these customers were standing infront of her! That's not very professional, IMHO.

Anyhow, she managed to get the other two off her back. In restropect, it was an unlucky move for me to be her first customer because my goodness, she's not very capable.

I decided to try out the broadband service after being briefed by her about the product, so requested to sign up for it. She asked for my details and I assumed, called up my records from her system. Then she started fretting. Fret, fret, fret and made me wait, wait, wait.

She didn't tell me what was wrong, but seemed to be calling someone numerous time. Then she went to speak to her superior, I assumed, but I'm not sure what happened there. Later I was told I have an overdue account and she can't proceed with my broadband registration because she couldn't speak to anyone in the credit department.

That particular account was actually my staff account way back when I was an employee. When I registered for a new postpaid account back in May, I was told it'll be written off. I guess it wasn't updated in their system. I tried to explain this to her.

To my amazement, she insistently said she can't help me because she couldn't get anyone from the credit side to clarify my account. That was when I get pissed off with her. I was denied the service for a mere ten ringgit?? That's right! Ten!

In order to register for the broadband service, I've to pay RM100 upfront as handling fee. And I've been denied because I owe them RM10??


I don't understand why she couldn't just let me pay off the RM10 in the first place, why insisted on speaking to the credit department first. As it is, I am an existing customer, and I've only registered for this postpaid line recently. I shouldn't be able to register for my line back then if there was anything wrong with my credit rating, for fuck sake.

I just told her off (and eloquently tell her how incapable she was) and left. Walked back to the mall while trying to call their Customer Service to complain. They checked their system and really, there's nothing wrong with my records. If I paid the ten, I shouldn't have any problem registering for the broadband.

While I was on the line with them for not more than 10 minutes, the battery died on me. It was full before that. I quickly went to the phone shop, took a deep breath because I was fuming mad and I do not want to implicate others, and explained my problem about the phone to them.

True enough, the battery has a defect. Sadly, the warranty for it has passed (I overlooked the 'one-month warranty for batteries' part), so I had to purchase a new one. And you know what? Since then, I have no problem with the phone running low quickly on me anymore. The battery lasts for one whole day, even with my normal heavy usage. Amazing, isn't it?

Back to my Maxis debacle; I was not to be thrawted. I'm not really sure why I'm that adamant to take up this service either. Lol.

I was advised to try another centre and so I drove to The Gardens. Unfortunately, they ran out of the USB device and have forwarded me to an authorized dealer in Megamall.

Unfortunately too, I encountered the same problem with them. However, it wasn't for the ten ringgit account, but a whole different ball game altogether. It involved a fixed line account which I had a few years back when we lived in Rawang.

Yes, I am a loyal Maxis customer. Haha!

The bitch claimed it's still outstanding in her system and because of that, she can't allow her staff to proceed with my application. That was a ridiculous accusation because I HAVE paid and cleared that account a long time ago. But still, she insisted and told me to go back to the Gardens centre to get their approval first.

I went over there and true enough, the only outstanding was the staff line which I paid off then and there to just close the matter. So I got the validation, right? There shouldn't be any more problem, right? But lo and behold, the bitch still wouldn't take it. WTF, right?

Bitches are out to get me!!

She asked me to wait until someone calls me to validate my account. I waited for 15 minutes and walked back to The Gardens. The consultant there was very apologetic about the whole ordeal. She wished she can help, but she couldn't. Some was born with impeccable customer service, some just aren't.

While walking towards my car, I made up my mind to go down to i-Centre at KLCC. On the way there, a thought occurred to me. After being thwarted twice, maybe God was trying to tell me something. Perhaps, I shouldn't register for the service at all? Maybe it was an omen.

I told myself, if I still encounter problems with registration at KLCC, then that's it. I am not going to do anything about it anymore. I take that as a sign.

And you know what? There weren't the slightest of problems or hiccups with my registration. No nothing! She explained the service to me a bit, gave me a form to fill in, took my IC to copy and RM100. And a few moments later, I was given my USB modem pack.

Unfortunately, they ran out of those limited edition 'Wild' modems. I got the plain one instead. Huhu. But the 'Bolt-On Programme' for postpaid customers is still on, until end of this month.

While we wait, we even got time to take posed shots with Mira playing dressed up, assisted by one of their staff there.

So far, I am happy with their broadband service. I often get upto 3.6 Mbps from where I live. That's the highest speed using HSDPA, I'm told. The 7-day trial has passed, so looks like I'm keeping this :)

And I'm done! Nothing interesting happened that Sunday because I was just too worn out from these 2 days events. So that, was that.

Back to the normal quiet regular updates, y'all.


The Past Three Days... Part II

Right. Further to my posting here, this is its continuation (macam tulis surat rasmi pulak). I better put this out of the way first because it's way past due.

The Friday and Saturday before last was rather hectic, I must say. I had a really good plan laid for Friday but it was all screwed up due to an unforseen circumstance. I had to scrap the others just to make way for one major event that happened that day, hence it spilt over the day after.

Friday morning, Mira and I woke up early as usual to make our way to the Registration department all the way in Kajang. I have no clue where exactly is their office, but I'll just go have a drive and ask around. Kajang is such a small town, anyway. I'm sure I won't get lost.

Why were we there? To settle Mira's adoption matter, which I must admit, has been pending since she turned 2. Procrastination at it's best, yes? Lol.

We have been trying to get this done since, but there was a confusion as to which office we're supposed to go register for it. Even after searching for the proper procedure from their website, we still got it wrong. Maybe because it wasn't written clearly and in detailed?

After she turned three, both DH and I took a day off to take her to the office in Maju Junction. We were told to fill up the form and just submit it first. They'll process it and will call us for an interview at a later date, before deciding on whether they'll grant us the adoption certificate or not.

We took the form and went home with it because we do not have the complete set of documents required.

And then, we sat on it for a year. Lol.

A few months ago, I sent DH to submit the form to the same office. This time, they told him to submit it to their Kajang office instead. Inasmuch as we live in Selangor, Kajang from my place is rather far compared to downtown KL. In order to do this, someone had to take a day off from work.

The Kajang office is located at the new central bus station, just before UKM Bangi. Jauh ke tidak tu? The Income Tax office branch is also there. I also saw soon-to-be Immigration department's new office there, too. It's good to see everything will be centralized here.

What I didn't expact was to have this matter all settled in one day. They took our form and wanted to see us that afternoon as well, as there was an available slot for an interview with the head of department. If not, we've to wait a couple more weeks later.

I called DH to asked for his opinion. He thought it's best to have it done once and for all, so he applied for leave. However, I had to pick him up first from his office and drive him back to his boss' house in Sierramas to get his car.

From Kajang (more like from Bangi, actually), I drove all the way to Bangsar and then Sg. Buloh and back home so that DH can park his car; and then back to Kajang. Letih ok!

We had to wait for the HOD for a bit because we were late and he has gone to some departmental jamuan Hari Raya at another office nearby. When we met, he asked a few questions about us and such. And not long after, he grant his approval on our application.

A few minutes later, we received Mira's spanking new adoption certificate and she's officially OURS. Yeay! Syukur alhamdullilah it went smoothly. Now I can register her for primary school (the main reason for this mad rush).

To celebrate this momentus occassion, we had dinner at Satay Hj Samuri. It was a grand feast; we ordered a combination of 40 sticks of satay and five plates of nasi impit. Satay Hj Samuri's kuah kacang is to die for!!

To be continued....


Whoooaaaa... Hold It Right There!

Looking at my last post before this one, I just realize that I haven't written since *gasp!* Thursday??? This is akin to a 'WTF lunch, where did you go' moment. Where have the past three days gone?

I have things to write. Granted, I was really busy at work on Friday. But I was home on Thursday and I could have typed something Friday night, no?

So expect multiple entries from moi today to make up for it :)


What's Your Key Signature?

I haven't been doing these silly quizzes in a long while. Got this via one of my LJ Friends-List :)

Your result for What's your key signature?...

E Major

You're a sharp one, ain't ya?

Congratulations, you’re E Major, now start pumping out those root notes on the bass. Yes, the quintessential key of rock suits anything that requires loud and low on the bass, high and screechy on guitar, and open fifths on electric keyboard. With 4 sharps it’s not the best key for winds or piano, but with the tuning on guitars, it’s like the two were made for each other. That’s probably why metal, punk and all sorts of hard rock throw down to this key. E is for energy after all, it seems.

So are you, of course. Energy and noise are what you’re all about! Go for the gusto all you want, friend. Overdoing your bubbling over amount of adrenaline can be bad. And don’t run over old people. That’s bad.

SONG EXAMPLE: Pretty much anything in the genres I listed up there.


* As if to drive the point home that this is a key to be played on loud amped up instruments, E is incredibly hard to play on the ukulele.

Take What's your key signature? at HelloQuizzy

Go on, give it a try. I know you wanna ;-)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One More Day

We've moved to a room at the 'normal' ward. At least, there's TV here and I can take Mira for walks.

Fortunately, she'll be discharged tomorrow afternoon. And life can go back as normal.

Since we last stayed here, the hospital has made some upgrades. They now use cloth bedsheets compared to a disposable ones before. And everytime you asked for a fresh set, they'll charge you for it. Perhaps many people complained of their stingy-ness. Hehe.

They've revamp their food menu, too. Paediatric patients have their own set of menus, within a preset age group, too.

And free Wifi are no longer limited to the hospital's lobby at the ground floor. They've made it available to the common waiting areas in the wards as well as the rooms.

Good thing my N82 has wireless LAN. Hehe.

xoxo via N82

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pantai Without A View

Because our room has a tiny window. It's more like a pothole, actually.

Mira and I are in the hospital now. She had to be admitted into the ICU ward at midnight today. Her breathing was very shallow and she was wheezing rather badly.

After the many nebulizer treatment she had to go through for the past 6 to 8 hours, she seemed to be breathing better. Her O2 level has stabilize, so that's ok.

I'm waiting for her Paed to check on her now, as well as DH to come in. It's his turn to be here.

I need to go into the office to sort something out. It's payroll week, so it's rather crucial for me to finish it off. Nanti ada yang tak bergaji pulak, termasuk la mak! Lol.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Past Three Days...

I took Thursday and Friday off last week. Mira has no school on those days in lieu of her school concert that Thursday night. I had to get her ready and send her to school by 4pm as the bus leaves for PJ Civic Hall half an hour later.

I took Friday off to give my dad some time off from minding Mira. Even though he still has another grand kid to care for at home anyway. Lol. But at least, Kim is there.

The school concert was quite an entertainment. All the kids involved are super cute, courages, performed really well and some of their antics are quite funny. This year the EDP class of 3-year-olds participated in the concert, too. Mira's EDP class last year was left out from the repertoire.

I can attest that the EDP class has the best teacher ever! Teacher Yafi is the most caring and nurturing teacher I've ever known. It suits her nature very well to teach the 3-year-olds. She's very encouraging as well. I sorely missed her for Mira. But she still teaches the other kids in school Ugama anyway.

The kids mostly performed dances, though. It was just the antics of their parents that irked me to no end (as usual).

The school send in a circular about the concert to us parents a few days before. We were asked for our cooperation to not be at the front of the stage to take photos as it may distrupt the kids concentration. They have already arranged for a professional to film the event anyway.

But of course, there are parents who must have not gone to school before, see, because for some reason, some of them ignored this plea. Even after the MC announced it a couple of times throughout the event, you still see them hording the stage!

True enough, some of the kids upon seeing their parents there, froze up. It was either because they felt self-concious or their shyness overwhelms them or they are suddenly not confident with themself. Who knew?

And then there are those you just let their grown kids play in front of the stage (with other kids) while the school children are still performing. I felt that was a great disrespect from the parents part to the organizer as well as to other audience in the hall.

I don't understand those parents who can't seem to control their own kids to behave in public. Their kids antics not only disturbing others, but you allow the risk of your kids getting into accidents. I always have to reprimand (yes I do!) unsupervised children, say in the supermarket, who think it's ok to run across the isle like they are at the playground.

What if they got knocked down by another patron's pushcart and hurt themselves badly? Are you going to blame it on that person or blame it on the store's management, when you are the one who failed to mind your own children?

You cannot expect your kids to be obedient and behave well if you, as a parent, fail to carry yourself in the same manner. Lead by example, they say. And yet?

But I've some what digressed as usual (more like ranting, yeah?) :p

Mira's class performed a Hawaiian dance called He Mele No Lilo. I didn't get it at first, but the song was from the movie Lilo & Stitch. She performed brilliantly and wasn't afraid to do her stuff on the stage with her classmates. At one point, she even helped her other friend who forgotten his steps. Lol.

Her Ayah was very proud of her. We felt sorry her dance ended too soon, though.

This entry has suddenly became too long, thanks to the 'rant' up there. Har har. I'll update more tomorrow. Check out some photos I took of the concert here. It's not very clear because I used our old not-so-power camera, not my N82. I was saving it to record Mira's performance, but alas... the battery died on me anyway. Damnation, ok!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Make Your Own Sandwich

by Anita DeFrank

When lunch or snack time rolls around sometimes it can be difficult to keep children occupied and make the meal at the same time. Letting the children help prepare the food is an easy solution to a difficult situation. The following are some ideas of sandwiches that most children can help make themselves.

- > Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Put out some bread, peanut butter, grated carrots or cheese, raisins, sliced bananas, dried fruits, crushed pineapples. Let your child make his/her own sandwich. For a little more fun, have each child make-a-face sandwich. Cut bread into a circle, spread with peanut butter, and make "hair" and "eyes" with raisins, carrots, apple slices or coconut.

- > Broiler Sandwiches

- Peanut Butter & Honey
- Cheese in cookie cutter shapes
- Cheese, olive and crisp bacon
- Cold cuts, cheese and tomato

Have children choose their ingredients for their sandwiches placing them on top of the bread. Then you bake or broil the sandwiches.

- > Mini Pizzas

Let each child make their own pizza. Let them choose from English muffin halves, pita bread, bagel halves or bread. Let your child spread sauce on top of their choice and have them choose their favorite toppings such as mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, olives, or mushrooms. Then bake the pizzas for about 10 - 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

- > Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

Cut bread, cold cuts, and cheeses into shapes with cookie cutters.

After the sandwiches are all eaten you'll have the perfect opportunity to teach the children the importance of cleaning up the work space and how much quicker and easier things get done when they co-operate.

Anita DeFrank is a busy work at home mom who specializes in helping others become successful home business owners. Visit her site for additional help to become a successful work at home mom.

Article Source: WAHM Articles


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knowledge Is Key

Oh man! I have little patience with people who likes to be spoon fed all the time. One who'd rather wait for you to show them how or to do it for them, instead of trying to learn it by trial and error on their own. How would they learn??

You like to wonder in awe at how I seem to be able to do everything. Well woman, it's because I took it upon myself to learn it up on my own.

I don't go to some special school, you know. Neither do I wait for people to tell me how its done. We have internet, don't we. It's there not just for Facebook and gossips. Try Google it for answers sometime.

Of course you can ask people for advice. But you can't expect them to lay it down for you and not expect to learn from it. Just because you've tried it once and failed.

One don't just sit there and wait, and then fret about how to do it without even trying to figure it out.

Sometimes, you have to take your own initiative to learn it for yourself, use a little bit of your own imagination and think outside the box.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Boiling Point

  • I had to make myself unavailable to attend my cousin's openhouse on Sunday, of which by all accounts from Kim, the buffet table was laden with sumptuous food.
  • Why? Because I have this effing boil on my upper right thigh, growing in great red and big proportion.
  • Hence, I was in pain and can't really walk much.
  • It has kinda subsided, though. Not so red and not so swollen.
  • The maid came into the office today after a three weeks holiday. Praise thee God for sending her back to us safe and sound.
  • I can't believe Garuda changed that flight to an earlier time. I wonder if people who bought tickets much earlier was made known of the time change. I wondered if they missed their flight yesterday morning.
  • I (and I think my bosses too) really miss the maid's presence. She's very able, capable, thoughtful and kind.
  • She handed me over her FD cert for safekeeping. Heh. If all things being equal, she's much more richer than I am right now. Sigh.
  • She also brought me and my assistant a packet of raw keropok from her hometown as gifts. How sweet! :)
  • I wonder what will happen to the beached whale found in Pekan. Will it survive? Will our Fisheries-people let it die, like how they just gave up on a baby dugong's life all those years ago? Or they'll be smart enough to ask for help or advise from those in the know. We've never experience this before, have we?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Womanizer's Official Video

Following up on it's debut single, here's the video. Watch it!

This is much better than her most recent work i.e. Piece of Me (dunno how that won a Video of the Year award, really). The beginning part reminded me of 'Stronger'. The part where she's the waitress, when they're all dancing at the bar? That's so 'Slave For You' y'all.

And when she threw the guy on the kitchen table and straddle him, that one is just like at the end of 'Toxic'. Even the nekkid bits reminded me of 'Toxic'; like this is an upgrade from wearing a see through diamante-d jump suit to total nekkidness, ya' know.

Ooohh... fun, this is like playing 'Find the Hidden Mickey'. Lol.

Actually, the whole vid has 'Toxic' feel all over it. Which is good because that's her best video IMO.

I like it :)


Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Thanking God Today Is Friday

And, I need to hyperventilate now....

OMG! Awesomenesssssss.

And it's getting better. I checked GSC's website to see our local release date for the movie and guess what?

NOVEMBER 27th y'all!!

A week later no doubt, but 'Woohoo!' nonetheless. So Ms Iggy Singh, do we have a date?

That is all :)


Thursday, October 9, 2008


\sir-kuhm-loh-KYOO-shuhn\, noun:
The use of many words to express an idea that might be expressed by few; indirect or roundabout language.

Isn't that word a mouthful?

You know, I chose to get the N82 mainly for it's camera. The other features that came with it (It has a built-in GPS? Cool! It's Wifi enabled? Great!) are more like an added bonus for me.

Because of it's GPS capability, I have Nokia Maps already installed in the phone. I have played around with it awhile back, found it to be quite amusing.

On the recommendations from others, I have also installed Google Maps. It's just like it's desktop version, I think. So you can view the satellite imagery as well. Your mobile phone don't have to be a GPS-enabled to use Google Maps, though.

That's why my data charges went up so high that first month. I like to show the GPS-thing off to those who'd see it in action. Hehe. Nowadays, I use the internet connection mostly in order to use these two applications. It's been awhile since I last use it.

However, I don't see how this feature can be of use for me. Until a few days ago...

DH had to go to Sungai Buloh one morning and he has no idea where exactly was this place called Valencia (very Spanish uols!). I tried to look it up using Nokia Maps, but the application couldn't seem to locate the place. I managed to find it using Google Maps, which was fine and dandy.

Google Maps

However, DH only gave the map a glance and didn't study it in detail the night before (could also be because he just woke up from his nap lah). As expected, he got lost and couldn't find his way to that place that morning!

He called me asking for directions, can? I'm at home, whilst he's in the car in Sg. Buloh. Besides, I have never been there before. Lucky I have this thing with me, so I quickly search for the map again and guided him through. Cool, or what? Lol.

Anyway, Nokia Maps? I think you need to update your database :p

Nokia Maps

That area is either Sierramas or Valencia. As you can see above, it's not marked as such. No wonder the application couldn't find it when I ask.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Caught On Video

I've been trying to catch Mira's antics on video, because she's really hilarious doing silly stuff. Especially when she thinks nobody's looking. She won't repeat it for you, though, neither will she allow you to catch her doing these things.

It just so happened we were watching an entertainment show on TV this evening, when Mira started to 'perform' her own mini-concert. We pretended not to notice (it was really hard) and I pretended to be playing with my phone. But all the while, I was filming her. Hehe.

I'm so gonna show this to her Atuk tomorrow. Lol!

Her class is very busy preparing for their annual concert these days, which will be held next Thursday. I do not know what Mira will be doing. She refused to show anything to me. I've been asked to get her to school early (like half past seven early!) this Thursday as they are bringing the students over for a dress rehearsal.

I'm actually very excited to see her perform in her first concert. Hehe.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Start A Scrapbooking Business

by Mindy Benkert

Have people commented on what great scrapbook or memory pages you make? Do they ask your opinion on what they should do with their pictures? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to consider a scrapbooking home based business. People are realizing how important their memories from a wedding, birthday, vacation, or just everyday life are. Having their photos and other important memories sitting in a drawer isn’t a very satisfying feeling. Creating lasting, beautiful scrapbooks is a calling, but it isn’t for everyone.

Starting a scrapbooking business is a great way to use your talents and earn some extra money.

How Do I Start a Scrapbooking Business?

The first step to starting your business is to making a portfolio. Gather all of your best scrapbook and memory book pages together, and compile them. This will give your prospective clients something great to look at when they are considering your work. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to find clients.

You may want to consider signing up as a consultant with a scrapbook supply company as well. To ensure that your scrapbooking business is profitable, you will need to purchase your supplies at discounted or wholesale prices. Creating unique, quality scrapbook pages will require a variety of supplies including stickers, paper, embellishments, etc… Make sure that you always have a wide variety on hand to help create fantastic scrapbook pages.

How Do I Find Clients?

The first step to finding clients is to let people know about your new business. Tell all of your friends and family and encourage them to let others know as well. Consider writing and submitting a press release online and in your local community. You can also do a bit of simple advertising. Make a cute flier, and stick it up on the bulletin board at your supermarket, church, or art store. Once you have a few clients, you might want to consider giving discounts if they refer someone, or coupons for a discount off their next order.

How Do I Expand My Business?

If you want to expand your scrapbook home business, consider teaching others how to scrapbook. You can set up classes and teach them how to preserve their own memories and make them look great at the same time. Just imagine how much fun it would be to get together with a group of people and share your experience, while making a profit.

Making a scrapbook or a memory book is something that will last a lifetime with proper care. When you advertise your scrapbooking home business to prospective clients, let them know that their photos and memories will last a lifetime with your help. It should be your passion to save those photographs that are jumbled in a drawer somewhere, and create lasting memories for your clients.

If you have the talent and passion for creating beautiful scrapbook pages, you definitely should consider a scrapbooking business.

Mindy Benkert is a successful business owner devoted to helping others find their Perfect Business! Visit her website for the latest Creative Business Ideas today!

Article Source: WAHM Articles


Friday, October 3, 2008

On The Third of Eid, My True Love Gave To Me

Three slices of thosai
Two mugs of teh tarik
And a partridge in the pear tree


Raya Ketiga / Third Day of Eid

Some thoughts...
  • Why are we shown sad TV dramas for Raya? Those that will make you shed a tear (or cry buckets, depending on how sorrowful you feel at that time, provided there's no one to witness it). Shouldn't we feel happy and joyous?
  • Fauziah Nawi and Rosyam Noor are quite in demand this year. I saw them worked together as mother and son in two of those many sad TV dramas I watched over these couple of days.
  • I think between TM & Petronas Raya ads this year, TM was made of win. Hehe. Don't you agree? That guy who acted as the father was pretty convincing.
  • It is the end of our Raya food binging, we stayed home the whole day today. We had mamak food for lunch AND dinner, too. I guess, we're on 'long weekend food-binge' now, eh?
  • I have eaten too much these past three days. I think I have gained the 3kgs (and more) I lost a while back. Huhu.
  • I spoke to Kim this morning, she said Dad's having second thoughts about going back to his hometown tomorrow. It kinda make me feel a bit reluctant (read: lazy) to make the trip as well. Thus, when I spoke to Dad after dinner, I was hoping he'll say 'No'. But alas... the plan is still on :p
  • Need to iron clothes for tomorrow now.

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We had a splendid time today visiting relatives. We only got to go to three houses but those are the main ones where everyone else go to. Thus, we met most of them there.

We first went to my dad's for breakfast. We were there until Kim had to leave to make her way for their balik kampung trip.

Our first stop was to my Aunt's at Kg. Baru. Last raya, Mira received a small sling bag from her nenek. This year, she got herself a new tote that matches her ensemble. Lol.

After that we went to DH's step-mom's home nearby, where all his siblings with their children convene. We're supposed to visit my uncle's as well as the cemetary, all nearby, after that but DH wasn't feeling well. Therefore, we left for home so he can take a nap and a rest.

In the evening, we went to my Aunt's house in Cheras for dinner. I met my other cousins there as well. They're all planning to go to my cousin's SH's house tomorrow for a visit.

Looks like I'm only making my way to my kampung on Saturday. Kim have asked me to wait for her because she wanted to join too.

The more the merrier, eh?

xoxo via N82