Caught On Video

I've been trying to catch Mira's antics on video, because she's really hilarious doing silly stuff. Especially when she thinks nobody's looking. She won't repeat it for you, though, neither will she allow you to catch her doing these things.

It just so happened we were watching an entertainment show on TV this evening, when Mira started to 'perform' her own mini-concert. We pretended not to notice (it was really hard) and I pretended to be playing with my phone. But all the while, I was filming her. Hehe.

I'm so gonna show this to her Atuk tomorrow. Lol!

Her class is very busy preparing for their annual concert these days, which will be held next Thursday. I do not know what Mira will be doing. She refused to show anything to me. I've been asked to get her to school early (like half past seven early!) this Thursday as they are bringing the students over for a dress rehearsal.

I'm actually very excited to see her perform in her first concert. Hehe.



Wawa said…
that's cute.

i tried to do the same to Umar the other day but then he realised what i was doing and went away.

i think they are all the same.


and good luck for Mira's first concert too.
Larawannabe said…
nong kata bebudak ni pandai. they wont allow us the fun laughing at them at their own expense. hehe.