Monday, October 13, 2008

The Boiling Point

  • I had to make myself unavailable to attend my cousin's openhouse on Sunday, of which by all accounts from Kim, the buffet table was laden with sumptuous food.
  • Why? Because I have this effing boil on my upper right thigh, growing in great red and big proportion.
  • Hence, I was in pain and can't really walk much.
  • It has kinda subsided, though. Not so red and not so swollen.
  • The maid came into the office today after a three weeks holiday. Praise thee God for sending her back to us safe and sound.
  • I can't believe Garuda changed that flight to an earlier time. I wonder if people who bought tickets much earlier was made known of the time change. I wondered if they missed their flight yesterday morning.
  • I (and I think my bosses too) really miss the maid's presence. She's very able, capable, thoughtful and kind.
  • She handed me over her FD cert for safekeeping. Heh. If all things being equal, she's much more richer than I am right now. Sigh.
  • She also brought me and my assistant a packet of raw keropok from her hometown as gifts. How sweet! :)
  • I wonder what will happen to the beached whale found in Pekan. Will it survive? Will our Fisheries-people let it die, like how they just gave up on a baby dugong's life all those years ago? Or they'll be smart enough to ask for help or advise from those in the know. We've never experience this before, have we?


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