On The Third of Eid, My True Love Gave To Me

Three slices of thosai
Two mugs of teh tarik
And a partridge in the pear tree


Raya Ketiga / Third Day of Eid

Some thoughts...
  • Why are we shown sad TV dramas for Raya? Those that will make you shed a tear (or cry buckets, depending on how sorrowful you feel at that time, provided there's no one to witness it). Shouldn't we feel happy and joyous?
  • Fauziah Nawi and Rosyam Noor are quite in demand this year. I saw them worked together as mother and son in two of those many sad TV dramas I watched over these couple of days.
  • I think between TM & Petronas Raya ads this year, TM was made of win. Hehe. Don't you agree? That guy who acted as the father was pretty convincing.
  • It is the end of our Raya food binging, we stayed home the whole day today. We had mamak food for lunch AND dinner, too. I guess, we're on 'long weekend food-binge' now, eh?
  • I have eaten too much these past three days. I think I have gained the 3kgs (and more) I lost a while back. Huhu.
  • I spoke to Kim this morning, she said Dad's having second thoughts about going back to his hometown tomorrow. It kinda make me feel a bit reluctant (read: lazy) to make the trip as well. Thus, when I spoke to Dad after dinner, I was hoping he'll say 'No'. But alas... the plan is still on :p
  • Need to iron clothes for tomorrow now.

Have a good weekend!