The Past Three Days... Part III

Who would have thought this would go on as a three-parter? The first part is here and the second here. Please be reminded that these events happened last week, not this week ;-)

Saturday, we woke up early again. I am adamant to complete the tasks I have planned for Friday. Mira and I, sans DH coz he wanted to stay home, went to the Maxis centre in Cheras to pay our bills. I also wanted to check out their broadband service.

As well as to visit the mall next door to get the shop where I bought my phone to check my battery problem. After the last episode, I'm convinced there's something wrong with the battery. Nothing to do with N82's power consumption at all.

I paid the bills at the cash machine and took a number to be serviced by their consultant. This was where the 'adventure' begins.

We waited for quite a bit and when we were called, the girl called up three numbers at once. Fair enough it was an innocent mistake (she accidentaly clicked her mouse without knowing) but the way she handled the other customers was not very good.

I was very close to telling her what she should do, but I bit my tongue. It's not my job to tell her how to do hers :p

But really, I dunno why she should be so flustered about it. It was her mistake in the first place, she don't have to pretend it's not and try to blame it on the customers'. She should calmly apologise to the customers, jot down their numbers and ask them to take a seat while she attend to the first case (which was me).

If she wanted to request back up from her other colleagues, whom are pretty busy themselves, she may do so AFTER she has taken those steps. And do it discreetly, s'il vous plait. Instead, she grumbled aloud to her other colleagues while these customers were standing infront of her! That's not very professional, IMHO.

Anyhow, she managed to get the other two off her back. In restropect, it was an unlucky move for me to be her first customer because my goodness, she's not very capable.

I decided to try out the broadband service after being briefed by her about the product, so requested to sign up for it. She asked for my details and I assumed, called up my records from her system. Then she started fretting. Fret, fret, fret and made me wait, wait, wait.

She didn't tell me what was wrong, but seemed to be calling someone numerous time. Then she went to speak to her superior, I assumed, but I'm not sure what happened there. Later I was told I have an overdue account and she can't proceed with my broadband registration because she couldn't speak to anyone in the credit department.

That particular account was actually my staff account way back when I was an employee. When I registered for a new postpaid account back in May, I was told it'll be written off. I guess it wasn't updated in their system. I tried to explain this to her.

To my amazement, she insistently said she can't help me because she couldn't get anyone from the credit side to clarify my account. That was when I get pissed off with her. I was denied the service for a mere ten ringgit?? That's right! Ten!

In order to register for the broadband service, I've to pay RM100 upfront as handling fee. And I've been denied because I owe them RM10??


I don't understand why she couldn't just let me pay off the RM10 in the first place, why insisted on speaking to the credit department first. As it is, I am an existing customer, and I've only registered for this postpaid line recently. I shouldn't be able to register for my line back then if there was anything wrong with my credit rating, for fuck sake.

I just told her off (and eloquently tell her how incapable she was) and left. Walked back to the mall while trying to call their Customer Service to complain. They checked their system and really, there's nothing wrong with my records. If I paid the ten, I shouldn't have any problem registering for the broadband.

While I was on the line with them for not more than 10 minutes, the battery died on me. It was full before that. I quickly went to the phone shop, took a deep breath because I was fuming mad and I do not want to implicate others, and explained my problem about the phone to them.

True enough, the battery has a defect. Sadly, the warranty for it has passed (I overlooked the 'one-month warranty for batteries' part), so I had to purchase a new one. And you know what? Since then, I have no problem with the phone running low quickly on me anymore. The battery lasts for one whole day, even with my normal heavy usage. Amazing, isn't it?

Back to my Maxis debacle; I was not to be thrawted. I'm not really sure why I'm that adamant to take up this service either. Lol.

I was advised to try another centre and so I drove to The Gardens. Unfortunately, they ran out of the USB device and have forwarded me to an authorized dealer in Megamall.

Unfortunately too, I encountered the same problem with them. However, it wasn't for the ten ringgit account, but a whole different ball game altogether. It involved a fixed line account which I had a few years back when we lived in Rawang.

Yes, I am a loyal Maxis customer. Haha!

The bitch claimed it's still outstanding in her system and because of that, she can't allow her staff to proceed with my application. That was a ridiculous accusation because I HAVE paid and cleared that account a long time ago. But still, she insisted and told me to go back to the Gardens centre to get their approval first.

I went over there and true enough, the only outstanding was the staff line which I paid off then and there to just close the matter. So I got the validation, right? There shouldn't be any more problem, right? But lo and behold, the bitch still wouldn't take it. WTF, right?

Bitches are out to get me!!

She asked me to wait until someone calls me to validate my account. I waited for 15 minutes and walked back to The Gardens. The consultant there was very apologetic about the whole ordeal. She wished she can help, but she couldn't. Some was born with impeccable customer service, some just aren't.

While walking towards my car, I made up my mind to go down to i-Centre at KLCC. On the way there, a thought occurred to me. After being thwarted twice, maybe God was trying to tell me something. Perhaps, I shouldn't register for the service at all? Maybe it was an omen.

I told myself, if I still encounter problems with registration at KLCC, then that's it. I am not going to do anything about it anymore. I take that as a sign.

And you know what? There weren't the slightest of problems or hiccups with my registration. No nothing! She explained the service to me a bit, gave me a form to fill in, took my IC to copy and RM100. And a few moments later, I was given my USB modem pack.

Unfortunately, they ran out of those limited edition 'Wild' modems. I got the plain one instead. Huhu. But the 'Bolt-On Programme' for postpaid customers is still on, until end of this month.

While we wait, we even got time to take posed shots with Mira playing dressed up, assisted by one of their staff there.

So far, I am happy with their broadband service. I often get upto 3.6 Mbps from where I live. That's the highest speed using HSDPA, I'm told. The 7-day trial has passed, so looks like I'm keeping this :)

And I'm done! Nothing interesting happened that Sunday because I was just too worn out from these 2 days events. So that, was that.

Back to the normal quiet regular updates, y'all.