The Past Three Days... Part II

Right. Further to my posting here, this is its continuation (macam tulis surat rasmi pulak). I better put this out of the way first because it's way past due.

The Friday and Saturday before last was rather hectic, I must say. I had a really good plan laid for Friday but it was all screwed up due to an unforseen circumstance. I had to scrap the others just to make way for one major event that happened that day, hence it spilt over the day after.

Friday morning, Mira and I woke up early as usual to make our way to the Registration department all the way in Kajang. I have no clue where exactly is their office, but I'll just go have a drive and ask around. Kajang is such a small town, anyway. I'm sure I won't get lost.

Why were we there? To settle Mira's adoption matter, which I must admit, has been pending since she turned 2. Procrastination at it's best, yes? Lol.

We have been trying to get this done since, but there was a confusion as to which office we're supposed to go register for it. Even after searching for the proper procedure from their website, we still got it wrong. Maybe because it wasn't written clearly and in detailed?

After she turned three, both DH and I took a day off to take her to the office in Maju Junction. We were told to fill up the form and just submit it first. They'll process it and will call us for an interview at a later date, before deciding on whether they'll grant us the adoption certificate or not.

We took the form and went home with it because we do not have the complete set of documents required.

And then, we sat on it for a year. Lol.

A few months ago, I sent DH to submit the form to the same office. This time, they told him to submit it to their Kajang office instead. Inasmuch as we live in Selangor, Kajang from my place is rather far compared to downtown KL. In order to do this, someone had to take a day off from work.

The Kajang office is located at the new central bus station, just before UKM Bangi. Jauh ke tidak tu? The Income Tax office branch is also there. I also saw soon-to-be Immigration department's new office there, too. It's good to see everything will be centralized here.

What I didn't expact was to have this matter all settled in one day. They took our form and wanted to see us that afternoon as well, as there was an available slot for an interview with the head of department. If not, we've to wait a couple more weeks later.

I called DH to asked for his opinion. He thought it's best to have it done once and for all, so he applied for leave. However, I had to pick him up first from his office and drive him back to his boss' house in Sierramas to get his car.

From Kajang (more like from Bangi, actually), I drove all the way to Bangsar and then Sg. Buloh and back home so that DH can park his car; and then back to Kajang. Letih ok!

We had to wait for the HOD for a bit because we were late and he has gone to some departmental jamuan Hari Raya at another office nearby. When we met, he asked a few questions about us and such. And not long after, he grant his approval on our application.

A few minutes later, we received Mira's spanking new adoption certificate and she's officially OURS. Yeay! Syukur alhamdullilah it went smoothly. Now I can register her for primary school (the main reason for this mad rush).

To celebrate this momentus occassion, we had dinner at Satay Hj Samuri. It was a grand feast; we ordered a combination of 40 sticks of satay and five plates of nasi impit. Satay Hj Samuri's kuah kacang is to die for!!

To be continued....