The Past Three Days...

I took Thursday and Friday off last week. Mira has no school on those days in lieu of her school concert that Thursday night. I had to get her ready and send her to school by 4pm as the bus leaves for PJ Civic Hall half an hour later.

I took Friday off to give my dad some time off from minding Mira. Even though he still has another grand kid to care for at home anyway. Lol. But at least, Kim is there.

The school concert was quite an entertainment. All the kids involved are super cute, courages, performed really well and some of their antics are quite funny. This year the EDP class of 3-year-olds participated in the concert, too. Mira's EDP class last year was left out from the repertoire.

I can attest that the EDP class has the best teacher ever! Teacher Yafi is the most caring and nurturing teacher I've ever known. It suits her nature very well to teach the 3-year-olds. She's very encouraging as well. I sorely missed her for Mira. But she still teaches the other kids in school Ugama anyway.

The kids mostly performed dances, though. It was just the antics of their parents that irked me to no end (as usual).

The school send in a circular about the concert to us parents a few days before. We were asked for our cooperation to not be at the front of the stage to take photos as it may distrupt the kids concentration. They have already arranged for a professional to film the event anyway.

But of course, there are parents who must have not gone to school before, see, because for some reason, some of them ignored this plea. Even after the MC announced it a couple of times throughout the event, you still see them hording the stage!

True enough, some of the kids upon seeing their parents there, froze up. It was either because they felt self-concious or their shyness overwhelms them or they are suddenly not confident with themself. Who knew?

And then there are those you just let their grown kids play in front of the stage (with other kids) while the school children are still performing. I felt that was a great disrespect from the parents part to the organizer as well as to other audience in the hall.

I don't understand those parents who can't seem to control their own kids to behave in public. Their kids antics not only disturbing others, but you allow the risk of your kids getting into accidents. I always have to reprimand (yes I do!) unsupervised children, say in the supermarket, who think it's ok to run across the isle like they are at the playground.

What if they got knocked down by another patron's pushcart and hurt themselves badly? Are you going to blame it on that person or blame it on the store's management, when you are the one who failed to mind your own children?

You cannot expect your kids to be obedient and behave well if you, as a parent, fail to carry yourself in the same manner. Lead by example, they say. And yet?

But I've some what digressed as usual (more like ranting, yeah?) :p

Mira's class performed a Hawaiian dance called He Mele No Lilo. I didn't get it at first, but the song was from the movie Lilo & Stitch. She performed brilliantly and wasn't afraid to do her stuff on the stage with her classmates. At one point, she even helped her other friend who forgotten his steps. Lol.

Her Ayah was very proud of her. We felt sorry her dance ended too soon, though.

This entry has suddenly became too long, thanks to the 'rant' up there. Har har. I'll update more tomorrow. Check out some photos I took of the concert here. It's not very clear because I used our old not-so-power camera, not my N82. I was saving it to record Mira's performance, but alas... the battery died on me anyway. Damnation, ok!



Hasbullah Pit said…
was about to complaint why u didn't record her performance.

when i reached the last para then only i knew why.

wrong timing la kah.

too bad u can't share the dance.

Larawannabe said…
my phone battery sudah nazak. lol. padahal just before that i make sure its on full bar. once i switched on the camera part, terus dia bagi warning battery low and in a few seconds after, it died. tahpape.

once i get the cd from the school, i'll post her segment up, ya. hehe.