There's this newly renovated house down the road near where I live. Every time I passed by the house, it made me think of The Sims. I kinda miss playing the game.

I wanted to play it recently, but I couldn't find the CD for Bon Voyage. It's not in the box where I dumped most of my stuff when I moved my computer table into the smaller room aka The Den. It's not in its box case, either.

I have no clue where it has gone :(

I supposed, I could just reinstall everything upto Seasons. I'm not missing much without Bon Voyage, just the vacation bits and some new items from that pack. That's a workable plan...

I have also decided not to get the last two expansion packs -- Free Time & Apartment Life. Why? Because The Sims 3 will be released next year February 20th. Woot! I'd rather spend some moolah to prepare my computer for that instead.