La Vida Cotidiana

Spanish for 'everyday life'.

Mira was discharged Thursday afternoon. I took the opportunity to drop by at this school behind my dad's place on the way home. Mira's now registered to attend school there. I have to remind myself that I need to reconfirm the registration in August of 2010.

After much contemplation, we made the decision to send her to that school. Like I mentioned earlier, it's just behind my dad's house and just 5 minutes drive away from mine. Less hassle and worry about transportation and what not for us; more time and less stress for Mira's.

At first, I thought I'd send her to a school in either Taman Segar or Taman Connaught. It's still nearby, but then we have to source for a school bus to transport Mira to-and-fro. Then, there's this thing about wasting more time in transit (with the infamous traffic jam and all).

Why go through that when we have a school just a few minutes away?

Of course, if I have a money tree growing in my backyard, of which both I have none to speak of, I'd send her to the school behind OUR house :p

We had an appointment with her Paed on Saturday morning as a follow up from her recent episode. Dr Marge said her lungs are all cleared, as well as her tonsil. There's no need to see an ENT specialist for now. However, we're told to monitor it closely.

Then she checked Mira's growth chart. Apparently, Mira's rather tall but underweight (for her height). She's only 14kg now. She thought it may be due to her being ill recently. Her appetite has been increasing these past few days, though.

It's back to work tomorrow, yeah? I just realize I've no more leave balance after the 2 days off I took last week. Sigh. I have utilised a chunk of my annual leave to sort out emergency matters this year; not for going for holidays, I'm afraid.

But what to do... family comes first.



Wawa said…
i havent registered umar's school.

malas ya amattttttttt.

mira is only 14kg??

hamzah is 12kg and umar is 18kg.

i can see that she's tall from the picture.

i think she need to put on weight.

she's too pretty to be skinny.

Larawannabe said…
you wait for another year, you can register for both umar and hamzah sekaligus. senang cerita. lol.

tu lah, hamzah lebih berat dari mira nampaknya. her weight pun nak naik kemain susah. dah la makan pun takat nasi putih and telur saja (some say 'dog food'... *larriiiii). dunno how to encourage her to eat more.
Wawa said…
you ada tgk bento blog kat daily dosage i tuh?

dia prepare foods for her kids in such a fancy way.

tapi i malas lah sebab too much work.

Larawannabe said…
yes, i saw those bento boxes. so pretty. kalau i rajin buat utk anak i, im sure dia akan sayanngggggg sangat kat i kan? hehe.

apakan daya, mak dia PEMALAS jugak.

tengok la, next year maybe i'll be more rajin ke...