Knowledge Is Key

Oh man! I have little patience with people who likes to be spoon fed all the time. One who'd rather wait for you to show them how or to do it for them, instead of trying to learn it by trial and error on their own. How would they learn??

You like to wonder in awe at how I seem to be able to do everything. Well woman, it's because I took it upon myself to learn it up on my own.

I don't go to some special school, you know. Neither do I wait for people to tell me how its done. We have internet, don't we. It's there not just for Facebook and gossips. Try Google it for answers sometime.

Of course you can ask people for advice. But you can't expect them to lay it down for you and not expect to learn from it. Just because you've tried it once and failed.

One don't just sit there and wait, and then fret about how to do it without even trying to figure it out.

Sometimes, you have to take your own initiative to learn it for yourself, use a little bit of your own imagination and think outside the box.