One More Day

We've moved to a room at the 'normal' ward. At least, there's TV here and I can take Mira for walks.

Fortunately, she'll be discharged tomorrow afternoon. And life can go back as normal.

Since we last stayed here, the hospital has made some upgrades. They now use cloth bedsheets compared to a disposable ones before. And everytime you asked for a fresh set, they'll charge you for it. Perhaps many people complained of their stingy-ness. Hehe.

They've revamp their food menu, too. Paediatric patients have their own set of menus, within a preset age group, too.

And free Wifi are no longer limited to the hospital's lobby at the ground floor. They've made it available to the common waiting areas in the wards as well as the rooms.

Good thing my N82 has wireless LAN. Hehe.

xoxo via N82