\sir-kuhm-loh-KYOO-shuhn\, noun:
The use of many words to express an idea that might be expressed by few; indirect or roundabout language.

Isn't that word a mouthful?

You know, I chose to get the N82 mainly for it's camera. The other features that came with it (It has a built-in GPS? Cool! It's Wifi enabled? Great!) are more like an added bonus for me.

Because of it's GPS capability, I have Nokia Maps already installed in the phone. I have played around with it awhile back, found it to be quite amusing.

On the recommendations from others, I have also installed Google Maps. It's just like it's desktop version, I think. So you can view the satellite imagery as well. Your mobile phone don't have to be a GPS-enabled to use Google Maps, though.

That's why my data charges went up so high that first month. I like to show the GPS-thing off to those who'd see it in action. Hehe. Nowadays, I use the internet connection mostly in order to use these two applications. It's been awhile since I last use it.

However, I don't see how this feature can be of use for me. Until a few days ago...

DH had to go to Sungai Buloh one morning and he has no idea where exactly was this place called Valencia (very Spanish uols!). I tried to look it up using Nokia Maps, but the application couldn't seem to locate the place. I managed to find it using Google Maps, which was fine and dandy.

Google Maps

However, DH only gave the map a glance and didn't study it in detail the night before (could also be because he just woke up from his nap lah). As expected, he got lost and couldn't find his way to that place that morning!

He called me asking for directions, can? I'm at home, whilst he's in the car in Sg. Buloh. Besides, I have never been there before. Lucky I have this thing with me, so I quickly search for the map again and guided him through. Cool, or what? Lol.

Anyway, Nokia Maps? I think you need to update your database :p

Nokia Maps

That area is either Sierramas or Valencia. As you can see above, it's not marked as such. No wonder the application couldn't find it when I ask.



Wawa said…
verythe helpful one eh.

btw, have u subscribe to celcom broadband ke maxis ke?

yang unlimited punya lajh.

else you'll end up paying thousands nanti.
Larawannabe said…
u can also install it in ur phone wawa. google maps tu.

i use maxis. but i took up the 5MB for RM8 package saja. other than that first time tu, my monthly data usage tak lebih dari 2MB. so, 5MB should be more than enough la kan.