Womanizer's Official Video

Following up on it's debut single, here's the video. Watch it!

This is much better than her most recent work i.e. Piece of Me (dunno how that won a Video of the Year award, really). The beginning part reminded me of 'Stronger'. The part where she's the waitress, when they're all dancing at the bar? That's so 'Slave For You' y'all.

And when she threw the guy on the kitchen table and straddle him, that one is just like at the end of 'Toxic'. Even the nekkid bits reminded me of 'Toxic'; like this is an upgrade from wearing a see through diamante-d jump suit to total nekkidness, ya' know.

Ooohh... fun, this is like playing 'Find the Hidden Mickey'. Lol.

Actually, the whole vid has 'Toxic' feel all over it. Which is good because that's her best video IMO.

I like it :)