We had a splendid time today visiting relatives. We only got to go to three houses but those are the main ones where everyone else go to. Thus, we met most of them there.

We first went to my dad's for breakfast. We were there until Kim had to leave to make her way for their balik kampung trip.

Our first stop was to my Aunt's at Kg. Baru. Last raya, Mira received a small sling bag from her nenek. This year, she got herself a new tote that matches her ensemble. Lol.

After that we went to DH's step-mom's home nearby, where all his siblings with their children convene. We're supposed to visit my uncle's as well as the cemetary, all nearby, after that but DH wasn't feeling well. Therefore, we left for home so he can take a nap and a rest.

In the evening, we went to my Aunt's house in Cheras for dinner. I met my other cousins there as well. They're all planning to go to my cousin's SH's house tomorrow for a visit.

Looks like I'm only making my way to my kampung on Saturday. Kim have asked me to wait for her because she wanted to join too.

The more the merrier, eh?

xoxo via N82