Weekend Snapshot # 9: Birthday Special

First and foremost, THANK GOD I FOUND THE FOLDER WHERE ALL OUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ARE STORED! Thank you, thank you, thank you God for answering my quick prayer in the car just now.

Right. Back on track.

Today's Weekend Snapshot edition is a special one. It's Mira's 4th birthday today, and we had a small celebration over the weekend. We extended an invitation to my uncle but alas, I forgot all about election. They went back to Malacca to vote. Thus, they couldn't attend our small 'do. Bummer.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

I supplied the cake and KFC, whilst my BIL cooked us his fried mee and my dad supplied the drinks. Lol.I ordered this cake from my favourite bakery, Mon Cherry. I specifically chose the Spiderman cake because it's Mira's favourite superhero.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Mira and her presents. I do not know why Kim bought the tattoo-able doll for her. Lol! I thought the plan was for them to get her a baby-doll. Well, at least now the toy-pram I bought for her last year has its use. The T-shirt was from her Atuk (grandad) and it comes with a pair of shorts. She's wearing the shorts already in this photo.

My First Scrabble was from her dad. It was recommended by my colleague to me. I think it's a good start to introduce her to scrabble as I like playing it too ;) The Ping-pong pistol was from my dad's neighbour next door.

A little trivia and milestones of my little one at 4 years old:
  • She still calls me 'bibu', calls her Atuk 'teacher', her Mak Su (Kim) and Pak Su (Kim's husband) 'Bee' even though she knows the correct form to use. However, she calls her dad Daddy, much to DH's disgust because he would prefer her to call him Ayah. Lol!
  • She prefer action-adventure films and tv shows, hence her favourite movie at the moment are Spiderman, Transformers (she pronounced it as Transmormus) and Shrek.
  • Her favourite character in Shrek is Donkey... go figure.
  • She collects Spiderman and Transformers t-shirts and PJs. Lucky for me, these are shirts found at the night market for RM5-RM20 each.
  • Playhouse Disney Channel is still her favourite channel on Astro. However, she's no longer fascinated with Barney. She now prefers to watch Mickey Mose (Mouse) Clubhouse, Thomas & Friends, Noddy, Johnny & The Sprites, Stanley and Jojo's Circus.
  • She now knows how to use 'I want' by leaving behind the proposition 'to', unlike before. If she wants her milk, she'll say 'Bibu I want susu'. Progress, yeah? Lol.
  • Speaking of which, I can now confirm she no longer take her milk using the bottle. It was all accidental, I assured you.
  • Unfortunately, she still hasn't passed her toilet training yet. Well actually, toilet training only starting from today onwards. Heehee.
  • She likes playing doctor with Manja (the cat), thanks to her Ayah who recently bought her the medical playthings. Bless the cat for not minding but rather enjoying the attention.
  • No, she don't know how to write and spell her name yet. Heck, she hardly recognize her ABCs. She's just learning to write her alphabets in school this year. She can recognize her name though, when I flash the name card to her.
  • DH said I've trained her well. When we got home, she'll take off her shoe, store it on our shoe rack, switch on the tv and open the sliding door; without being asked =)

And here's a little poem I wrote for her...
To my dearest daughter Elmira,
Know that Bibu loves you with all my heart.
You may have come to me as a surprise,
A tiny gift from God,
Perhaps to show me that there are bigger things in life,
And not everything is all about me.
Every other night when you're already in bed,
I'll slowly crept into the room to watch you sleep,
I must have done something good; I said to myself,
Because here is an angel who is so perfect and she's mine.
Happy 4th birthday my child,
May all the good things in life be yours,
Today, tomorrow, always,
And forever more.

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Carver said…
Good birthday shots. The cake looks great and your daughter is very lovely. I hope she has a great year.
SandyCarlson said…
Happy birthday to your little one!
Liza said…
That's a lovely poem. Happy birthday Mira!
Natalie said…
Awww...Happy Birthday to her! :)
Jeanne said…
happy birthday to her
napaboaniya said…
Happy Belated to Mira :P

From her milestones, I can sense your happiness from what she's has learned so far.
Beautiful and touching poem you've written for her as well :)
eastcoastlife said…
Happy birthday Elmira!! That's a pretty Spiderman cake!
Yen said…
Happy Birthday to your little girl!
Wawa said…
dia dah besar

dan muka nampak lain sangat kan lara,

oh time flies.
Bengbeng said…
Happy birthday to Elmora
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie! huhu that's a really sweet and thotful poem lara!

kiky said…
happy birthday mira
genny said…
Happy b-day to your Elmira. Nice poem... Happy WS!
Larawannabe said…
Thank you all for the wishes :)
nurminah said…
Happy belated birthday Mira..kejap je dah besar..dia kan sama birthday dgn my Iman..:)