Of Want & Won't

Mira has just discovered the art of being rebellious recently. With that, she discovered how to use 'I don't want' and 'I want to' in her speech as well.

The first time I heard her use 'I don't want', was last Tuesday night:
Me: Ok Mira, it's bedtime. Come lets wash up.
Mira: I donwan.
Me: Whaa... What do you mean 'you don't want'?
Mira: I donwan; and continues watching Sesame Street on Astro.
Me: Come Mira. Lets wash your face, hands and feet before going to bed.
Mira: I donwan!
Me, looking at DH: Since when?
DH: *shrugs*

She reluctantly followed me to the bath after a while and fell asleep after finishing her bottle of milk. It's not that difficult to get her to bed. Most of the time, she's very cooperative in doing my bidding.

Then last night at my Dad's, while Kim handed Wafi over to me after feeding him, Mira suddenly came running to me as I was sitting down on the sofa.
Mira: I want to! I want to!
Me: You want to what? (This is SO wrong, isn't it? Lol.)
Mira: Wafi sit here (basically, she wants to hold Wafi on her lap)
She use 'I want to' again later that day, asking for her milk. So now whenever she wants something, she'll say 'I want to'. Not just 'I want', but with the preposition 'to'.

For example, if she wants a drink she'll go, 'Ibu, I want to'. And I'll have to ask her, 'You want to what?'. 'Minom,' she'll continue. I think she must have caught it while watching one of her tv shows, and she don't know how to form the following word after that yet. Lol!

She loves Shrek. She watches it everyday if she can help it. She can memories most of the lines in the two movies already!

I thought to start her toilet training today, but DH was adamantly against it. He said she's not four yet and it can wait. So, I told him he's buying her diapers supply from this day onwards because I'm not going to purchase them anymore :-p

Anyway, have you seen the teaser trailer for the Sex and The City movie yet? Here it is...

"They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change. Trends come and go. But friendships, never go out of style."

I hear ya' Carrie Bradshaw.