gewgaw \G(Y)OO-gaw\, noun:
A showy trifle; a trinket; a bauble.
I have never come across this word being used before and then suddenly, I seen it used everywhere. Lol. I think the said blogger received's Word of the Day email, too.

Last week, my Weekender pal Napaboaniya, awarded me and a couple of others with this award for cheering her up a while ago when her whole family was down with the nasty cold. Isn't this sweet? Thank YOU Elaine. I really appreciate this :)

Last week, after twice being thwarted by fate, MC and I had lunch together. We went to Carl's Jr. and my experience with said restaurant appeared to be much better this time. Perhaps it's the company. But we agreed the next time we go there, we'll share a burger instead.

And then yesterday Nong came over to my end of the world to have lunch with me. Other than to meet up, she wanted to hand over Mira's birthday present. She said she wanted to get something from Pumpkin Patch for my little girl, so I just took the bag from her to give it to Mira later.

Look what's inside the box y'all. Two pairs of pretty clothes!

Mira was so pleased. She loves the skirt so much, that when we tried it on, she refused to take it off later. She wanted to dance and twirl in it :p I like the corduroy trousers a lot though. Hehe.

Thank you so much auntie Nongie. These are such generous gifts. Muacks!

And here's my shout out to Nora on her new job. Congrats woman! When we meet in 4 weeks, you'll be 'one of us' too. Lol.



awwww... that's so sweet. thank you, thank you!