The Sims News

The latest expansion pack, FreeTime, was released end of last month. I haven't bought my copy yet, because I think I should upgrade my RAM first. And upgrade my harddisk space, I seems to be running out of it. And maybe a new monitor, too. I'm eyeing for Samsung's 22" Wide LCD monitor. Effing sleek!

But I digress.

Yes, The Sims 2: FreeTime hit the market late February. I've seen it displayed at my favourite game shop in Mid Valley. I'll let the others play it up first and discover all the bugs. I'll monitor the situation here. They're on "bug thread #4" now. Once the kecoh-ness dies down, I'll get my copy. Hehe.

Besides, I still haven't fully explore The Sims 2: Bon Voyage yet. No thanks to Facebook's Fighters' Club.

In this installment, your Sims will have hobbies. They can have a football toss with the family, practice ballet, restoring cars with friends or building train sets. With it, your Sims now have more ways to build skills, enhance friendships and make their lives more successful. They can also craft new and unique items to use in their daily lives including clothing, pottery and more.

Once your Sims build up their skills, they can sell their arts and crafts or see how they stack up against the competition by entering dance, food and video game contests. They can unlock their secret rewards by mastering their hobbies and advancing in the all-new careers.

What I find interesting is the ability to pick and choose from your Sims contact who you want to 'grow up' together with. Meaning, when your Sims toddler reach his birthday to grow up to the next level, his friends (I'm assuming only NPCs here - Non Playable Character, that is) can age along with him too.

That makes sense now because before this, when my Sims grow up, their childhood friends still remains as kids. It's difficult to maintain a childhood sweetheart storyline especially with an NPC. I'm really excited to explore this aspect of the game.

And then... on my birthday EA announced, officially, the upcoming new...

THE SIMS 3!!!!

OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!! It's coming! It's coming! After all the talk, the gossip, the speculation! It's coming in 2009! I cannot stop using exclamation mark! Because this is just an exciting news! I'm elated! Excited! Jumping up and down in great anticipation!

What if you had to live your whole life in one location … and then one day, suddenly, you could step outside and go anywhere in the whole neighborhood?

The Sims 3 gives you the freedom to create unique Sims and immerse them in your own living neighborhood of endless possibility!

New Seamless, Living Neighborhood—Your Sims explore the living neighborhood freely.

New Create A Sim—Create any Sim you can imagine.

New Realistic Personalities—Every Sim is now a truly unique person, with a distinct personality.

New Unlimited Customization—Everyone can customize everything.

This is like The Sims meet SimCity, I think. Owh, I cannot imagine what the game's minimum system requirement will be in order to play the game with ease. Huhu. Hopefully, just a minor upgrade from the last expansion pack.

In the meantime, I've signed up for VIP pass to get more up-todate news *grins*