Brokeback Wallet

I stayed home yesterday, thinking I could begin searching in peace this elusive folder where I stored all our birth certs. I need them to apply for Mira's passport. I know I use it / saw it last in the tray on my work bench.

DH did a clean up a few months back and now it's been misplaced. He can't remember where he kept it either. Typical lah kan.

However, just as I was about to start, I saw Manja sleeping spread eagle on my bed looking so fluffy and cuddly. I climbed on the bed and lay next to her stroking her wonderfully soft fur, thinking I'll get working on the search later. But that was not to be because I somehow managed to give myself a nap.

I was awaken with a start when I heard an incoming SMS. It was already half past five; there goes my day. I picked up my mobile to read the message and this was what I found:

Pumpkin Patch further markdowns starting tomorrow! Items from RM9 onwards. See you at the patch for endless fashion fun.
I quickly jumped out of bed to spread the news to my girlfriends. Lol. And then I quietly contemplate whether I should pay the boutique at the Gardens a visit tomorrow.

But blast it, I can not afford to shop any more. This morning when I checked my bank balance, I was appalled to see it in a very unhealthy condition. Where has it all gone weiii??

Yes, I suppose I should know the answer to that :p

Money, oh money! I wish it grows on my tree.

Oh by the way, I went to check out their sale over lunch time today at the The Gardens. I'm sadly let down. There was no indication whatsoever about the sale. They've only these 2 isle worth of clothing which has its price marked down.

There's this 'Buy 2 T-shirts for RM39' and a few girls selection that are selling at RM29. Not much choices there.



Seri Langkat said…
Lara, i think it's an epidemic! Almost everyone i know has some sort of financial crisis in some way... Sungguh misteri nusantara..
napaboaniya said…
I hope you managed to find the birth cert!! It can be a hassle to replace lost ones :(

I've got an award for you here.
julie said…
Oh,I think its a worldwide epidemic to have a bank balance not positive. Same here with me. Sigh.

By the way, I tagged you and here is the link:

Larawannabe said…
seri langkat yeah. could be because of the sales. or the increase in prices on certain stuff that you cant see or feel the pinch but it's there. tahu tahu je duit dah habis. for me this month it's becoz of my impending trip. huhu.

napaboaniya nope. the folder still remains elusive. worst comes to worst i'll get a copy from the registration dept before i head over to the immigration. wish me luck! and thank you for the award. i'm chuffed. you are too kind!!! muahs!

julie i wonder what happens if the price of goods keeps on increasing but there's no money left in the world. hmmm... yeay, tag! i've seen it and im working on it. hehe. will respond soonest, promise!